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Class Updates From 2007

That Was the Year That Was

This past year we lost three classmates- Warren Hechinger, Arlene Trimboli and Debby Miller. They will live on through this website and in our hearts. Many of you lost parents, spouses or children in 2007 and have our deepest sympathy for your loss. Several of you have entered into the world of retirement and are planning trips or moves to fit your new lifestyles. We wish you the best. Congratulations to those classmates who became grandparents in 2007, especially those of you who experienced this joy for the first time.

Once again we had an opportunity to meet as a group. The class picnic on Long Island was a great experience made even greater by some classmates who had never attended one of our functions before. It is always heartwarming to see how this group welcomes everyone into the fold.

It was a good year for finding lost classmates. In 2007 we found Doug Gibson, Michele Axeman, Jessica Joseph, Faye Kaylor, Regina Kerr, Kathy LoMedico, Annabelle Quigg, Judith Kreischer, Arlene Samet, Linda Smith, Anne Greenblatt and John Simonelli. So twelve new classmates have joined our ranks and reconnected with old friends and memories. With luck, 2008 will bring more missing folks to our doorstep.

Thanks to every one of you who sent in pictures or news, updated your new addresses and email changes, or shared your thoughts with us. That's what keeps others coming back to check in and see what's new. In 2008 I hope more of you will share some news.

A very happy and healthy New Year to all of you!

Via Email 12/31/07

Hello Marcy,

It's Elsie Schmidgall for LMHS 1961. I've been looking over the web site from our school and graduating year, Wow. Sure brings back great memories. It's been a long time, where did it go. As I was browsing I came across the class pictures and I found my third grade class that Iris Kogel Chapman had sent it in. She got quite a few names and I have one more, Henry Burnor. He's in the first row, 3rd from the right. I'm surprised I remembered that, and there are a few more that look so familiar but can't place the names. Those senior moments.........

Life's been good, just celebrating the newest grand-child's first Christmas. It was great. Hoping to retire next year, We'll see.

Elsie Schmidgall

Via Email 12/30/07


Thanks again for all the work you do on our class web site.

Access to the site my photography is on has changed. All that is necessary to see my work is to go to:

Regards to everyone and

Happy New Year!!
Steve Bitel

Via Email 12/29/07

 I have sad news from Kathy LoMedico. After viewing our yearbook page with all the addresses, Kathy set out to contact old friends with Christmas cards. She sent one to Arlene Trimboli and she received a reply from Arlene's daughter telling her that Arlene passed away unexpectedly on October 4, 2007. In her card she said that her mother had fond memories of her high school days. Arlene's daughter is named Eileen Lafata and can be reached at 14 Marta Road, Centereach, NY 11720-2843.

Via Email 12/28/07

Hi Marcy,
I was just looking at our beautiful website and want to thank you again for all your hard work. I have a little update - I retired from my job Oct. 15, 2007 and I'm thrilled with retirement! Please include my e-mail address,, my home address: 70 Bayview Street East, Massapequa, NY 11758 and my phone number, (516) 795-8301 in my yearbook profile in case anyone wants to reach me. Also, my birthday is January 25th. Another piece of news, I finally became a grandmother on June 7, 2007! My daughter Christine and her husband John had Julia Anna and she is such a pleasure. We are really enjoying her.

I will be sending another donation soon. I hope you are having a great holiday season!

Regards to All Our Classmates,
Judy Cottrell Wolter

Via Email 12/28/07

To all our dear friends:

A Very Happy Christmas from Jerusalem
and to all a good night!

Doug & Trudy Greener

Via Email 12/24/07

Thanks to all my wonderful classmates who gave me loads of morale support this week. I'm afraid I'm still a little numb--you know that it's coming, but for the life of you it's always a surprise. I appreciate your kindness and caring. You're all in my prayers.

Toni Salometo

Via Email 12/17/07

 Hi Marcy,

 Here is an update to my entry on

 Norman Rheaume
 3435 Pondview Ln
 Charlotte NC 28210
 Web site


Via Email 12/17/07

Hi Marcy

Just a few words for the update section. I'm married almost 42 years with 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren (3 girls and 2 boys) ranging in age from almost 9 to 18. The 2 oldest girls will graduate from high school in June 2009 and the youngest granddaughter will graduate into Junior High in June also. One grandson has been playing basketball since he was 6 and is on his junior team and the youngest is still into Star Wars & pirates. All are great students. P. S. Have not heard from Honey, Liz, or Al Hoppe. If you like you can give my E-Mail to Honey. Will send picture some time soon. Happy Holidays to you ALL.

Kathy LoMedico Polcari

Via Email 12/16/07

Condolences to Toni Salometo on the passing of her ninety year old mother last evening. For the past ten years Toni has been her round the clock caretaker. Please keep Toni in your prayers. She can be reached at

Via Email 12/13/07

Best wishes to Phil Smith who is recuperating at home after an eight day hospital stay for a burst appendix. Phil can be reached at

Via Email 12/12/07

Thanks for the birthday wishes. To you and the class of '61 Happy and Healthy Holidays.
Steve Weissman

PS. Joanne and I are purchasing a condo in Littleton, (Denver) Colorado and besides Sandy (Parrish) Duvall do you know of any classmates living out there? SW

Our other Colorado resident is Betty Delvers Hurt, a retired teacher who lives in Denver. Betty can be reached at

Via Email 12/9/07

Hi Everyone

I got a lot of positive feedback from a lot of you regarding the pictures I took this summer at our class picnic. I have a fledgling photography business and have been a vender at a couple of Arts & Crafts fairs. I'll be at the Melville Marriot this coming week end. (See attached file). So if you're in the area and are looking for something to do on Sat. or Sun., come on over.


I'm on this website:
Left Side of Page
Click on : Artists
Click on: B
Click on Bitel, Stephen

Check from time to time for updates.

Incidentally, if anyone wants a quality print of any of the pictures I emailed you, let me know, I'm reasonable and disregard the prices on the web site above. I'll do better for my old classmates.

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Steve Bitel

Via Email 11/21/07

Hi Marcy,
Thanks again. I spoke to Regina Kerr this morning and she said she spent an hour on the computer yesterday looking at the site and was going to say thanks to you. I had a chance to look at the pages and took down some names and email addresses. If you would like to use my email address go ahead. I will also give you some info on what as been happening to me in the last 40 or so years. If that's ok with you???? Let me know. I will get in touch with Honey Murway, Betty Zeitler, Arlene Trimboli, & Al Hoppe. They were all my neighbors. So was Dennis Foley. If any one finds him please let me know. Thank you so very much.
Kathy LoMedico Polcari

Kathy's email is . I have not been able to find Dennis Foley. There are too many in the Chicago area where he was last known to be. If anyone knows his wife's first name, I could try to find her. Let me know if you remember her name.

Via Email 11/20/07

Happy Monday!!!
Hi Marcy,
Always great to chat with you....
A very Happy, Healthy, and Safe Thanksgiving to all my classmates....
"This Thanksgiving, may you have plenty to be thankful for."
Love ya!
Brad Scott

Via Email 11/20/07

Another successful people search! I'm glad to say I found John Simonelli in Farmingville, NY. John was delighted to be found. He said he was looking in Newsday this past year hoping to see a reunion announcement. We did have ads in Newsday and the Levittown Tribune about our class picnic, but he must have missed it. John would love to hear from any classmates who remember him at his wife's email  He is pretty much confined to the house while he awaits a kidney transplant. He goes for dialysis three times a week, five hours at a time. He is looking forward to seeing the website and had a thousand questions about many of our classmates. He has an exceptionally good memory and would love to reconnect with his old friends.

Via Email 11/18/07

And another!!!! I found Judith Kreischer in Tampa, Florida. She was already aware of our website since she has been in contact with Susan Amrhein all these years. She said she will send a picture for our then and now section. Judith can be reached at

Via Email 11/16/07

Busy, busy week! I found Anne Greenblatt in Port Orange, Florida where she moved after retiring from the Manhasset School System. On the weekends she sells tickets at the Daytona International Speedway and loves doing it. She too, has promised a picture. Checkout her updated information on the Yearbook page.

Via Email 11/16/07

You really are amazing. Already found and contacted Kathy LoMedico!

Honey Murway Cottrell

Via Email 11/16/07

 I think I'm on a roll! I found Linda Smith Stanwood in Delray Beach, Florida. We talked for quite some time. She has not been in contact with anyone in all these years and has not seen any classmates since the ten year reunion. She promises to send a recent picture by snailmail for our then and now section so that I can scan it to my computer and she's looking forward to seeing the site since she lost her yearbook years ago. I will continue to do more searches since this was a lucky week.

Via Email 11/15/07


Just wanted to thank you for the info on Regina and let you know I will definitely be in contact with her. Your work finding classmates is amazing - I don't have your patience or perseverance, but if I can assist you in any way, please let me know. I remember the good feeling when someone would contact me through Classmates and could be added to our class spreadsheet. Take care, and thanks again for all your hard work.

Honey Murway Cottrell

Via Email 11/15/07

Another classmate found! Thanks to Regina Kerr I got a married name for Kathy LoMedico. Regina thought she was in California, but I found her in Nevada, where she moved from California. Unfortunately she does not do "computer stuff", but I will add her information to our yearbook section in case anyone wants to call or write. Like Annabelle, she said she was going to look for her yearbook when she got off the phone. I'm working on others in the missing list and hope to find more this week. If anyone knows the married name of any female on that missing list, please email me so I can try and locate them.

Via Email 11/15/07

Hi Marcy,

I'm still enjoying our high school site that you have put so much effort into. It is just wonderfdul . . . it truly is taking me hours to really go through it as well as enjoy it!

I'm sure we ALL take off our hats to you . . . . . . . GREAT JOB!

At this stage of my life - I am only aware of 2 birthdays . . . . . mine & Carol Mannings! (My husband & children of course, however they did not attend school with us!) My brain quite actually resembles SWISS CHEESE!

Mine is September 24th, 1943
Carol Manning is November 2, 1943!''

Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!''

Always, Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

Both birthdays have been added to our database and I'm hoping if we don't have yours that you please drop me a note so I can include it on our monthly list. We don't need the year-just the month and day.

Via Email 11/14/07

Every time I find a missing classmate, it gives me motivation to keep at it and find more. Faye Kaylor had given me the married name of Regina Kerr some months ago, but I was never able to reach her at the number I had. I had forgotten about it until finding Annabelle Quigg and decided to dig up my files and try the number again. This time I was lucky and reached Regina in Greensboro, North Carolina. I gave her our website and she gave me some information on Kathy LoMedico another classmate several people were asking about. So Kathy will be my next project. I'll be looking over that missing list again and hope to find more folks. Regina can be reached at She says she will send a picture for our then and now section and I'm looking forward to that.

Via Email 11/14/07

Hi Marcy !
I was on the site this AM and saw the article about John Lomas. Funny how small the world is. Dori and I were up in Stowe Vt. the past long weekend and stopped to look around John's store. We spent about one hour talking to him and admiring his artistic creations. I just happen to need a dining room set and John can make one that will fit my needs.

I wish I had seen the updates before I went into John's store.
Don't know if you have ever been up to Stowe. It's a great place to ski and the area is filled with creative people such as painters, glass blowers, wood carvers and of course ' Ben & Jerry's" ice cream..

Hope all is going well with ya and talk to U soon....

Stu Smith

Via Email 11/13/07

Dear Marcy,
It was great talking with you last night as well. I seem to have to put LMHS in the back part of my memory, although it is still quite present. Reflecting this morning I realize I only experienced two and half years there so the roots weren't too deep. I will find a picture and send it off to you, my computer is so ancient I'm lucky it functions. This morning I went looking for my LMHS year book, I know I have it somewhere - just need to find it. We have moved around so much nothing stays in the same place for long. Although we have been in our current home for 15 years, that is a record for us.
Not quite sure about the birthday list, I'm trying to allow myself to take 10 years off my chronological birth date, I don't think I want to be reminded, maybe sometime down the way.
Thank you for doing all your research to reconnect folks, it really is special to see how our former classmates are doing.
I'll keep in touch.

Via Email 11/13/07

 It's always great news when another missing classmate has been found. I found Anabelle Quigg in Massachusetts and she was delighted to hear we have a class website. She's been in Massachusetts for twenty five years and lived in Europe before that. She has not been in contact with anyone since she left high school so she's eager to look over our website and see where her friends have settled and what they are doing with their lives. She said she will send a recent picture soon and update us on her life. Annabelle can be reached at . She spends part of the winter in Naples, Florida and I'm hoping she will get to see Susan Amrhein while she's down there.

Via Email 11/11/07

I thought you might enjoy this article on John Lomas, who is the son-in-law of Celeste Vives Holden. As Celeste says, " the man has got immense talent and I'm glad he's finally being appreciated in such a way."

Click below to see the article:


Via Email 11/7/07

A big surprise took place this morning for two unsuspecting classmates in Surprise, Arizona. Pat McCauley Mangels and her husband Rich were returning from a trip to the Grand Canyon and pulled in to an RV park to spend the night. A few spaces away was a familiar looking RV and she commented to Rich that it looked like Jerry Murphy's. The next morning she noticed that the back of the RV had a black pickup truck and a motorcycle. This she thought, could be no coincidence. Sure enough, there was Jerry standing out front talking to another camper. Needless to say, he was shocked too. Neither knew the other would be in Arizona. They spent some time talking, but the Mangels were on their way home and wanted to get back on the road. The Murphys were staying there a few days before taking off for Florida. Neither thought to get a camera out! You just never know when a classmate will take you by surprise.

Via Email 11/6/07

 I know. I know. I was so flabbergasted that I didn't even think of a camera. Amazing huh?
I've called Tom a couple of times and left him messages but I think he's out of town. I'll catch him when I come back this way. Oh well, we're off to Florida.....


Via Email 11/7/07

Our classmate Debby Miller Isaacs passed away last night. Condolences to her family and to our classmate Chickie Goldberg Dennis who had lost her oldest and dearest friend. We will be moving Deb's name to the Gone But Not Forgotten Section and welcome any memories you may have of her. The family's address is in the update below this one.

Via Email 11/3/07

 As some of you may know, our classmate Deb Miller Isaacs has been battling colon cancer for quite some time. Chemo treatments were unsuccessful and the cancer has spread to the lungs and liver. She will be leaving the hospital on Friday and will be under hospice care at home. She has refused a feeding tube for the last few days or weeks of her life and is no longer able to swallow, but is alert and surrounded by family.

Her address is:

Debbie Isaacs (husband is Stan)
86 Birch Lane, Valley Stream, NY  11581

Debby has two grown children, Lori and Kenneth as well as two grandchildren. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through her final days.

Via Email 10/31/07

Hey Marcy,
Getting ready to hit the road again Nov. 1. We're taking the slow boat to Florida with numerous stops along the way. First Phoenix and then Texas. Hope to see Tom when I'm in Phoenix.
I was just looking at the website, specifically "schooldaze", and noticed no one seems to have a picture of the Wantagh Annex. There were only three school rooms and I only remember a few kids that went there with me. If you could post this and see who else went there that would be neat, especially if they have any pictures. I remember Edie Diener, Lillian Caparell , Doug Castoldi and my cousin John Picarelli who later went to Chaminade. I sure would be interested in knowing who else went there.

Jerry Murphy

Via Email 10/30/07

Hi Marcy,
Don't know how it happened, but our great LMHS'61 website is gone from my favorites.

Would you please send it to me when you have a chance?

Have you heard how Pat and Rich Mangels are doing with that awful fire? I called them a few minutes ago (Fri 1 PM their time) and
was happy to get their telephone answering machine, which I hope means their home is OK. What about Gino Lynch, any word? and Jerry Murphy?

From the map, Pat and Rich are on the outskirts and a little distance away from the fire, but it's very close - we hope everyone is OK.

Thanks a lot for getting back to me.

Judy Cottrell Wolter

Jerry says that Gino is fine and he and Irene are safe too. They had lots of smoke and wind, but the Santa Ana winds have now stopped and so the danger has been minimized. As it happens they have been on the road this past year and were home in October to see family before taking off again on November 1 for Florida. They will be staying not far from Susan Amrhein Mulligan and her husband John and plan on a visit some time this winter.

Via Email 10/29/07

 I received a phone call from Pat McCauley Mangels today. After being deluged with emails about their safety in Sun City, California, she wants everyone to know she is fine and so far out of danger. The wild fires that are raging in California have not reached them, although the strong smell of smoke has compromised her breathing and keeps her indoors. Rich is busy cleaning up more than an inch of dirt that has covered their walkway and every part of their property as a result of the Santa Ana winds. Fortunately they replaced old windows and the dirt and sand has not come into the house. They take off soon for a trip to the Grand Canyon in the RV so will be out of the area in case the fires do reach their area.

Hi Marcy, I'm sure everyone and his brother is sending you this article, but I couldn't resist. Such beautiful nostalgia -- and for only $400,000 a pop! You're doing a great job.

Doug Greener

NEW YORK REGION | October 13, 2007
Click Link Below
Change Blurs Memories in a Famous Suburb
Sixty years after the first families moved into Levittown, N.Y., a historian looking to preserve one of the original homes is having trouble finding one that hasnt been altered.

Via Email 10/18/07

Hi Marcy!

Hope youre doing well. You continue to do a spectacular job with the website! I cant tell you how much I enjoy it. Do you know if the classes of 62 and 63 also have websites? Im trying to track down two people. Thanks.

Harvey L. Pearlstein

Via Email 9/25/07

We are the only LMHS class of the sixties that has a class website. However, I do have class lists from all the other classes if anyone wants to locate people in those classes.

Dear Marcy,

Thank you again. I just checked the website. I can't describe the feeling of being back where I belong. No more the limbo of being uprooted from LMHS at such an impressionable age, and never having time to establish comfort --moving mid junior year-- in a new high school setting. Your generosity in finding a place for me means so much--that you put me back among all my classmates is the most wonderful feeling. I look forward, if some remember me, to hearing from them and catching up on our lives.

Very sincerely,
Jessica Joseph Gest

Via Email 9/24/07

Prayers would be most welcome for Valerie Garofalo, wife of our classmate Joe. Many of you know her since she is a regular at our class functions. Val was diagnosed this past summer with breast cancer and had three surgeries to remove all cancer cells. She started her chemo on September 17th, and so far has been fortunate to have very little nausea. She does have some tiredness and much to her amazement an incredible appetite! She reports that Joe has been a rock, considerate, thoughtful and loving. No surprise to those who know him. Valerie can be reached at  We are all rooting for a complete recovery and an easy time with the chemo treatments.

Via Email 9/23/07

Well, hi to all. This has been a hoot looking at the website. Marcy McNally called me last night. Several weeks ago Jessica Gest and I decided to look for everyone, but thought we didn't get through. Jess is in New Jersey and we have been good friends since high school. She is a retired teacher. I'm still working. Am a physical therapist - my website is I'm still loving what I do. This is a second marriage to William Keleher. We've been married 23 years. We raised 4 of my kids and 3 of his and now live in Slingerlands, New York (Albany area). We have 5 grandchildren, scattered all over - California, Maine, Florida and here.

It was so much fun to see everyone's faces and to hear that so many of you have kept up with friendships. Let us know when you get together again and please do contact me and certainly visit if you are in the Albany area. I have a daughter in Oakland, Calif. Anyone there? Also 2 sons in Florida, a son in Maine. We travel as much as we can.

I have been looking for Jane Asti and Ellen Kappy, if anyone has their info. Just a very big Hello to everyone.

Michele Axman Keleher

Via Email 9/17/07

I'm pleased to announce another name has been removed from our missing list. Toni Salometo checks the Classmates website and looks for new members who sign up for our class. She noticed Michele Axman had joined and found out her married name was Keleher. That enabled me to do a people search. I found Michele in upstate, NY where she works as a physical therapist and called her. She was happy to be found and said that last month she had a visit from Jessica Joseph (who left LMHS our junior year but remained friends all these years with Michele) and together they signed up for classmates in the hope of finding lost friends. An hour later I received a call from Jessica in New Jersey, who got my number from Michele. I passed on the email of Rob Carpenter class of 62 who was looking for Jessica. It is always a pleasure to find lost classmates and bring them into the loop. Now that she has our website, Michele will be emailing some people and she looks forward to renewing old friendships.

Dear Marcy,

Your birthday greeting was a wonderful addition to what has been a perfect day! The weather has been ideal, I spent the early part of the day with neighbors, and the afternoon with my daughter and her family. Thanks so much for keeping me on the list! By the way, did you ever find Arlene Samet? I saw her in the late 60's-early 70's when our children were toddlers, but haven't heard from,or about her, since then. Her married name was Di Scala, and she lived in Kings Park at that time.

Laura Allen (Lally)

Armed with a married name (crucial to finding the female classmates), I did find Arlene in Huntington, Long Island. I passed her address and phone number on to Laura, who says she will call Arlene and touch base. Hopefully we will have another classmate in the loop after that phone call. Once again, please share with me any married names of the females on that missing list. I love finding missing classmates, but my hands are tied without that last name.

Via Email 9/3/07

Our website is celebrating another milestone. Can you believe it has been two years since we first came into existence? Amazingly our class website has had well over 18,000 hits. In that time we have added quite a few new sections and countless pictures. This past year the concentration was on building up the then and now section to include recent pictures of all classmates. We want everyone in the class to be a part of us. So please send a recent picture if you haven't already done so. Presently we have 125 of you there and reminders will be going out again for those of you who have escaped our clutches.
Perhaps we don't say it often enough, but the success of this site is a tribute to all who have kept it alive with news, pictures and suggestions. As one recent picnic attendee said, " it is not so frightening going to a class reunion when all the older faces are familiar and you know a little something about old classmates. We are no longer strangers."
A huge thank you to all those boosters whose contributions have helped us to meet our monthly bill and enabled us to update on a basis that far surpassed our wildest dreams when we began this venture. You are our backbone and our strength and have our undying gratitude. Special thanks to Bob Benson, class of 59, for his prompt service, which helps to keep our news current and enables us to get word out on class events and get-togethers. Since our big reunion in 2005 there have been many more gatherings than ever before in our class history. We are all closer as a result and at each new event, there is always a few new faces. It doesn't get any better than that!

Marcy, Tom, Russ & Jerry

Via Email 9/1/07

Hi Marcy - As John and I are getting ready to head back down south, I thought it would be good to list our Florida address since so many of our classmates also head down there for the winter. As always, thanks for your help.

Susan Amrhein Mulligan

October to May
2230 Chesterbrook Court, #202
Naples, Florida 34109

38 Grove Lane
Levittown, NY 11756

Via Email 8/28/07

Hi Marcy - here are some photos from the picnic . I think the smiling faces indicate how enjoyable it was! My thanks to you as always for your endeavors on our behalf and a special thanks to Helene for handling the arrangements for Friday's dinner and Saturday's picnic with such professionalism that she made it appear easy... hugs to all
Susan Amrhein Mulligan

Via Email 8/17/07

What a treat to be at the Reunion with the "upperclasspeople!" Getting to thoroughly enjoy each and every person and get together. What an "exceptional" group of people. Very loving and accepting. A truly good grouping. Glad I have been including by Patty and ALL!

Love and Blessings,
Jeanie Pandolfi

Via Email 8/16/07

Kudos to Steve Bitel, who just found out that one of his photos, Boy on a Net, has been accepted for exhibition at the Long Island Center of Photography. Some of his work is also being shown today (August 14th) ay a Newsday press conference as a prelude to the Oyster Fest on Long Island this October 13th and 14th. Anyone going to this event should look for Steve there and say hello.
By now you have seen the quality of his work in the amazing photos that he took at our class picnic. It's no wonder that others recognize his talent with a camera.
Click here for a glimpse of Boy on a Net.

Via Email 8/14/07

I hope your picnic was a huge success. Your group seems to get together often. What fun.
Please note the changes in my e mail addresses: personal website
How are all of your children and babies doing?


Via Email 8/13/07

Thanks for the website pictures, both Diane and I had a great time.
Ken Marcus

Via Email 8/9/07

Thank you Marcy....It was great seeing everyone on Friday night....It looks like everyone had a wonderful time on Sat....Keep up the good work........Regards, Marilyn Lerner Workman

Via Email 8/9/07

Better late than never! Our picnic weekend gave some folks the chance to give me some old pictures for way we were and some two year old reunion photos. Thanks to Barbara Bockmann Ippolito for the old shots and Sandy Parrish Du Vall for two CD's of the 2005 reunion. It's never too late to add to our photo gallery. Many thanks to the picnic attendees who are emailing me their photos. Doug Gibson, Stu Smith and Carol Cooper McComiskey did a great service getting them to me so fast. We welcome more so if you have them, send them in.


Via Email 8/8/07

Marcy thanks for the pictures- will download my picnic pix to disc and send to you tomorrow by mail. Sorry to be so slow!
The picnic was great and you and Helene did a great job for all of us!!!!
Sending hugs
Sandy Parrish DuVall

Via Email 8/8/07

Just wanted to write and say what a great time I had at the picnic--it was just the pic-me up I needed.
Helene did a great job. The area was wonderful, trees, a cool breeze, good food, great company--it couldn't have been better. She put a lot of work into it and it showed. Friday night was very nice and the company was great Sunday brunch was also nice. Hope everyone got home safely. Took about an hour more to get home, thanks to the Belt and Coney Island Ave., SI Expressway?, and the merge on the NJ Turnpike!!!! I swear that I made it in Mapquests 1:59 minutes to LI. I think I was just very lucky.
Talk to you soon.


Via Email 8/7/07

Hi Marcy, We are in Georgia around Stone Mountain. I thought you would like
some pictures so here goes.

We really had a great time Friday & Saturday. Sorry we couldn't stay for
the Sunday brunch. Good thing we left since we saw a lot of traffic going

You and Helene did a wonderful job for the Picnic. Glad we were able to

Will talk to you soon.
Carol Cooper (McComiskey)

Via Email 8/6/07

Pat & I had a good time. It was so very nice to see old classmates. Thank the organizers for their time & effort, especially Helene. Enclosed are a few pictures.

Thanks again.

Doug Gibson

Doug sent fourteen pictures. We have a lot, so be patient. A few will go up each day.

Via Email 8/6/07

"Breaking" News
I received a phone call from Sandra Findlay today, who is in the hospital and having surgery for a broken kneecap. She tripped over her dog! As she says, she wishes she could report a glamorous story like Sandy Parrish told about her Dancing with the Stars accident, but those are the facts. Some of you may recall that last summer at my house, Sandra tripped over Jerry Murphy's dog. I'm thankful that at that time she just had a few bruises. She says her dog is depressed! Naturally she will not be at our picnic and sends her best to all who she'll be missing. While we were talking they came to get her for the surgery and she will call tomorrow with a full report and send a picture after she gets home. She's hoping that will be Sunday. Sandra can be reached at If anyone is interested I can give them the phone number of her hospital room. She will definitely be missed at our picnic!


Check out Levittown, New York: Real Estate, Schools and News

Click on the video , and check out those house prices these days!!

 Rona Selsky Class of 1965

Hi Marcy -

Thank you for your e-mail. Nick (Ernie) said that posting the info on the
website is fine.

He had the quadruple bypass on Friday, June 29th and was released from the
hospital on Thursday, July 5th. Although complete recovery from open heart
surgery takes a while, Nick is improving every day.

Hopefully, he will feel much better by August 4th. See you at the picnic!

Jo-Ann Brodsky

Ernie Brodsky, known these days as Nick Brodsky, underwent quadruple bypass surgery at Saint Frances Hospital on June 29th. We wish him a speedy recovery and we're truly pleased that he still plans on attending the class picnic. Ernie can be reached at:

Via Email 7/8/07

The following is an article from the Hartford Times sent to me by Dee Gross. Dee's real name is Carolyn so that is her quoted in the article. Her father Dan is the subject of the article. She wanted it shared with all of you since some have parents still living and none of us are getting any younger ourselves. Dee's father is back in his Levittown home.

     Locked up and drugged, Daniel Gross celebrated Independence Day in a nursing home last year, another one of the thousands of people each year whose rights are stripped away by our probate courts.
     Gross would still be there but for a couple of crusading lawyers who won freedom for the 87-year-old. Largely because of his ordeal, we have a new law that reins in probate court, forcing judges to think twice before approving an "involuntary conservatorship," where strangers can succeed in revoking all liberties of an elderly or ill person.
     "I'm thrilled that something changed," said Carolyn King, whose father got sick and ended up "conserved" in a Waterbury nursing home.
     "I'm just grateful my dad survived. There are so many people that don't," said King, who fought the probate court for nearly a year before her father's release.
     Approximately 2,000 times a year a probate judge in Connecticut appoints an "involuntary" conservator. This means the person did not choose to give up what we take for granted - like where and how to live.
     Most of these 2,000 people are probably so frail or out of it that the court should step in. They may be incapable of managing their affairs.
     But let's say 10 percent of these decisions - made by strangers in obscure courtrooms lacking even a transcript to keep things honest - are like the case of Dan Gross. That's 200 people.
     "I think everybody under a conservatorship should go back to court," said Veronica Halpine, a lawyer with Connecticut Legal Services. With the new law, she now believes Connecticut has some of the strongest probate protections in the land.
     "The requirement now is limited and you must justify what you are taking away. Everybody should go back and see what should be restored."
     Judges now must have "clear and convincing" evidence a person faces "immediate and irreparable harm" if a conservator is not appointed. There must be detailed and specific findings and a person's "present and previously expressed wishes" must be respected.
     "The important thing is there are rules and there are standards and there is an enforcement process," said James Lawlor, chief probate judge.
     Lawlor, vilified by some probate judges for his proposals, saw the legislature give overwhelming approval for the reforms he lobbied for. We still have too many courts, too little supervision and a system that elects judges who can have no relevant experience, but the changes will finally shine some light on the closeted probate world.
     Still, the probate system remains headed for bankruptcy. Eventually, this will force consolidation and creation of regional courts similar to Judge Robert Killian's exemplary model in Hartford.
     Under the new reforms - which begin this month - at least courts will be open 20 hours a week and proceedings will be recorded.
     Significantly, it is now easier to get a case transferred to a new court - a big deal when an intransigent, uninformed judge is the problem. That's what left Dan Gross in a Waterbury nursing home until an outraged Superior Court judge finally stepped in.
     Lawlor told me he expects a new probate court to emerge. "The courts are now much more aware of what our authority should be," he said.
     Today, Gross is at his Long Island home "living completely on his own. He manages his own affairs," his daughter told me. "People should have the freedom to decide how they want to live."
     One day, maybe all probate court judges will understand this.

With Law, Justice Is Conserved
Rick Green
July 3, 2007

Via Email 7/6/07

Hi Marcy!
     My friend Dale (DAHS 62) sent this article from Newsday to me. We could all move back to Levittown and try to get "senior" passes in town, hang out at South Village Green Pool and so on. Don't need to drive either! If it wasn't for the income restrictions, LMHS 61 could take over this place!! Click here to view Article.
                                                                                                  Pat Pandolfi Cox

Via Email 7/2/07

Best wishes to Brad Scott who is joining the retirement ranks after selling and closing on his business yesterday. He started it sixteen years ago and called it his second career. We wish him the best and look forward to seeing him at our picnic. He's bringing his 50's music to put us in the mood.

Via Email 6/26/07

Hi Marcy,
Thanks so much for acting so quickly and changing my contact information.. I haven't looked at the site in so long that yesterday I took my time and really looked and you are doing such a great job. It's a wonderful site. I'm glad you liked the Myrtle Beach pictures. We had such a good time. I think we have a picture of us getting together maybe 25-30 years ago. I can't find mine but I'm going to ask Marilyn to send it to you. You'll get a kick out of it.

When I looked at the 'then and now' page I noticed that for the now side of me you have Mary's picture and for Mary's now side you have Mary's picture so please let me know how I can send you a current picture of myself so the 'now' of each 'twin' will be 'the real thing' :-)
Thanks a bunch.


Will the real Menette twin please stand up! It's ironic but I did change Margie's picture only hours before she sent this. Not because I realized I had Mary's picture under Margie's name, but because the picture was from 1996 and I wanted to make her current face more familiar to picnic attendees. Marilyn Lerner had sent me a group shot that I cropped to show Margie as she is now. I also used a recent photo she sent me of Betty Csontos to change her "now" shot. The pictures I use come from many places and classmates. I also realize that many of the "now" shots are from the 96 reunion and should be updated. If there is one of anyone that you would like updated or changed, please let me know. Just send the new picture to me and I will gladly make the switch. I would love to get that old group shot of the Myrtle Beach group and use it next to the recent one in our then and now section. Marilyn, do you have it?

Via Email 6/25/07

Hi Marcy,

I guess I ought to send some kind of report to you concerning the Warren Hechinger memorial service. Well the service was on Saturday morning out of Ports O'Call, San Pedro, Ca. The Neptune Society had handled the service which was only a boat ride of maybe a half hour out into the ocean, the service, which took about twenty minutes and then back to the dock. I called Nick (Ernie) Brodski on my cell so that he could hear the service and what people were saying. There were eight or nine people there, each person to represent a different part of Warren's life. Obviously I represented his younger days. I brought tulips, thinking that the tulips were all the same but slightly different, kind of like us, all the same root, but all slightly different. The sky was overcast and the boat left the dock around 10 AM. Each person had a full bag of the ashes and a bag of Warren's dogs ashes. Each person took their time in saying something and then pouring the ashes into the ocean. Personally, I wanted Warren to fly so I tossed the ashes into the air and the wind took the ashes and swirled the ashes into a circle and then the ashes spiraled into the air higher and higher. Actually that was really impressive to me. After the service was over and the boat had returned to the dock, the group wanted to go to lunch at one of the many restaurants there, but I had at least a three hour drive and that drive was only going to be escalated by the noon time traffic. As it was I didn't return back to my studio until after four o'clock. For the rest of the day I was rather quiet and reserved, but once I got into some of my pottery work, and continued some paintings, the rest of the day went along as expected. Quiet with no interruptions. Talk to you later.


Via Email 6/22/07

Hi Marcy,
I'd like to update my phone # and e-mail address I have moved and they have changed to 516-804-0617, cell 516-659-7997 and e-mail thanks :-) and thank you so much for your efforts on this site :-) It is wonderful.

Thanks, Margie

Via Email 6/22/07

Hi Marcy just discovered these (class) photoshow much fun!

This is strictly from memory
2nd row me, Judy Baggett, Lois _____?,Kathleen Scottoregio(sp)
3rd row Sandy Jack, Lynn (maybe Hudson?), Sandy Findlay (of course) and Sally Ann Banks
Do these match up with any other?


Susan Amrhein Mulligan

Note - Click here for Class Photos

HI Marcy,

My Mom passed away peacefully in Sebring Florida. I was with her at the time she died and had been with her for the preceding weeks. We had good times together over the last five years in particular since she spent so much time with us after my dad died five years ago. Since she had prearranged everything, I was able to fly home yesterday. My sister is there clearing out the room at assisted living--that is what she wanted to do for Mom. The mass and service is still a little up in the air ( date wise) but her wishes were to be cremated without a viewing and we will do exactly as she wished. I'm very sad but also I know I was blessed to have her for so long. She died at 91 years of age.


Our condolences go out to Barbara O'Connell Lawrence on the loss of her 91 year old mother. Barbara can be reached at

Via Email 6/4/07

 Condolences to Frank Curtin on the passing of his brother William Patrick Curtin last week. Billy was an LMHS alumni, one of the five Curtin brothers known for their sports activities in Levittown. Frank can be reached at

Via Email 5/14/07

Hi Marcy,

I stop by the web site from time to time. Good job and it's nice to be able to get caught up. It's been a looonnng time. I'm attaching a couple of pix. Both of them may raise some questions, but that's the fun of it. If neither of them are suitable, let me know and I'll come up with something else.


Bob Weybrecht

Via Email 4/18/07

Warren Hechinger's grandson (Charles Jack Melin or Charlie) was born on April 11th- two weeks early. He weighed six pounds five ounces and was seventeen point five inches long. Dena and David can be reached at:

1304 Shady Lane
Turlock, CA 95382-7267

Via Email 4/17/07

Wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Passover and a Wonderful Easter.
Do you all know that April is JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH?? Aren't there any other jazz lovers out there?? I can't be the only Class of '61 graduate who is into the jazz scene!

If you are a jazz lover, you will know the answers to these questions!

1. The REAL Scott Hamilton is: a) an ice skater b) a tenor sax player c) a presidental aide
2. BIRD is a) Larry the basketball star b) Charlie Parker c) Claudia - a 1961 LMHS graduate
3. CHEROKEE is a) an Indian tribe b) a Charlie Parker tune c) a type of Jeep
4. A vibes player is a) Michael Jackson b) Milt Jackson c) Andrew Jackson
5. The REAL Alexander Haig is a)a retired US General b) piano player c) a golf pro

Yes, "b" is the correct answer to all questions! Take a break from the Golden Oldies and try a little jazz!!

Regards to all,
Pat Pandolfi Cox

Via Email 4/8/07

I have been busy sending individual emails to classmates who have no current pictures on our then and now section in the hopes that some will come through and send a picture. Unfortunately quite a few have been returned to me because the email address is no longer valid. I'm hoping that some of you may be in contact with these people and know their current emails. Please let me know if you have a current email address on any of these classmates so we can update our files:

Barbara Rome; Maxine Broad; Bill McNiff; Jerome Suriff; Gwendolin Widman & Carol Lutz


Via Email 4/7/07

Hi, Marcy.

Ill try to get you a photo soon. I may have to scan one also.

Ill check out the website and see if I can make the picnic. How many responses do you have so far?

I dont know who is responsible for updating addresses, but I believe mine is wrong. It is now 1630 Aidenn Lair Road, Dresher, PA 19025.

Ill be in touch soon.

Roberta Witlin (Hirsh)

Via Email 4/7/07


Hi - I am writing again to ask for your prayers. My brother Michael is 52 years old and has been diagnosed with brain cancer. What they see can be cured, but he has to have a pet scan (body picture) to see where it has started. He will start radiation this week and continue for a period of 3 weeks all the while taking other tests. It is very scary and there are so many unanswered questions. Prayers are very powerful. Thank you.
Love and God Bless you...........

Mary Menette Mattson

Mary can be reached at

Via Email 4/3/07

Dear Marcy,

Just a fast note because I'm SO tired. Right after I saw your website, I wrote to Edward Zoll, who happened to have been one of my absolute favorite teachers of all time, though I had actually had him for 9th grade math (algebra) at Salk. I didn't think he'd still be alive but it didn't say he had died so I took the chance. I just got a beautiful note from his wife saying he died three years ago--but I think she appreciated hearing from me anyway. He was such a zany teacher--and I adored him even though I was the world's worst math student. (I'll never forget his throwing the eraser at the clock in the room because the period was over.)

Have a great holiday!

 Barbara Steinman Bengels

Via Email 4/3/07

Ed. Note: Thanks Barbara for taking the time to alert us. We will update the faculty section and list him as deceased. In order to keep this list current, we need folks to share any information they have.

Helene Doctoroff wants you to know that the price of the children tickets for our picnic has been changed from $25.00 to $18.00. We will start posting the who's going list this week and indicate those who have already paid. Please let me know if you are planning on attending (and the number attending with you) so I can add you to the list. Thanks.


Via Email 4/2/07

If the now picture of Beth Shapiro in the new "Then & Now" posting looks familiar to you, it's because she is the nationally known Sarabeth Levine who is a pastry chef, restaurant owner and has appeared on TV and in many newspaper articles. Check out her website at It's amazing to see what our classmates have accomplished in their lives.

Via Email 3/27/07

Dear Marcy,
I just spoke to my daughter about how she found the website--and it is a peculiar story. She put our address (23 Tremont St, Garden City, NY) on Google--and your website came up. WHY was she doing that, I asked--and the answer was completely understandable: she had a paper to write for school and was procrastinating.

I've been doing the same thing this evening--going over the website and enjoying every minute. In fact, I just wrote a letter to my favorite math teacher now that I have his address. Incidentally, after Richard Hawkey retired (from Division after LMHS closed), he went on to teach English with me at Hofstra for many years, just finally retiring completely last year. (Think about that!!!) In his Christmas note, he wrote that he and his wife now have more time to go to the theatre with Ray Kavanaugh and his wife.

Barbara Steinman Bengels

Via Email 3/25/07

Al Chase died last night from cancer at his home with his wife, Paulette, and his daughters and friends by his side. As Harry has told you, about ten days ago he and I learned that Al Chase had advanced melanoma and was at home receiving pain meds and a last attempt to boost his immune system. Al first was diagnosed with a melanoma around 1998, had it removed, and then it reappeared a few years back and he had it treated again. Last year it came back with a vengeance and metastasized hitting some vital organs. He was recently in Sloan Kettering for a period of time and then came home about three weeks ago.

I live in the same village as Al and his wife and so drove over to spend some time with him. At 73 he still looked like he could take Frank and then some! He was in good spirits and said he was ready to go and not afraid. He wanted to see as many people as he could. He told me the doctors had given him about two months to live but that he was hopeful the immune system treatments could prolong that. Well apparently he took a sudden turn for the worse about two nights ago and last night he died. His wife, Paulette, called me at work this afternoon to share the sad news with me.

Paulette indicates there will be a memorial service for Al at the Old Field Club, 86 West Meadow Road, Setauket, NY., this coming Monday afternoon, March 26th, at 4:30 pm. I told her we would let as many of the wrestlers Al coached at Memorial know as we were able. It is short notice and she realizes many of the men live at a distance and will be unable to attend. For those of us who live here on the Island though, I think it would be wonderful if we could plan on attending. The Old Field Club is about 10 minutes from our house in Stony Brook. Should you need directions do not hesitate to call me at home (631-689-3522), or at work Friday (631-941-1560), or on my cell (631-332-8765).

If you Google the address you will get good directions. Essentially you take the LIE east to Exit 62 (Nichols Road north) and then take Nichols Road north to the very end and go under the LIRR bridge to the light on Rte. 25A (Main St.). Make a left at the light and go west to the first light at Quaker Path. Cosmos and Dunkin Donuts on the corner. Make a right on Quaker Path and go north until you cross over Christian Avenue. Just after Christian Ave. the road will spilt. Take the left fork and stay north for a mile or two until you reach West Meadow Road. Take a left at WMR and the club will be around the bend on your left. It is on the beach just off the Sound.

You may also send Paulette Chase a card at their home at 2 Valley Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790. Her home phone is (631) 751-7065. I think she would welcome calls from people. Al has four daughters and no sons. He told me that he considers all of the boys he coached his sons. I don't know about each of you, but next to my father, Al had the most influence on my life in terms of setting an example for me about persevering in life, treating people with respect, giving youngsters like us a chance to try things and fail and get up and keep going, a chance to lead when I did not know the first thing about being a leader (I'm still working at that one). He will be missed. So drop his wife a note and share a memory or two about the Coach that meant a lot to you.

And by all means please forward this to other men from Memorial who you are in contact with who remember Coach Chase.

May God be the strength of our hearts and our portion forever.

Tim Cromwell

I received this from Jeff Katz, class of 1962. For those who don't remember Al Chase was the football and wrestling coach at LMHS

Via Email 3/24/07

Dear Marcy,
I was so excited when my daughter forwarded the LMHS web-site on to me last night--and think it's terrific that you people have put the time and effort into doing this. However, I have one problem and that is my e-mail address is wrong. Could you please have it corrected to That would be great. Thank you so much.

Barbara Steinman Bengels

Via Email 3/23/07

Oh my.....I just never thought of THEM as getting older, too. Gee, that's a reality check for you, huh? Thanks for sharing.
Lois Christensen Bish

Comment on the "Beaver" pics.

Via Email 3/18/07

I think we all look much, much better!!

Sandra Findlay Xanthaky xoxoxo

Comment refers to the Then and Now pics of Leave it to Beaver stars.

Via Email 3/18/07

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to one and all!

Via Email 3/17/07 from the Website Committee - Marcy McNally, Tom Tierney, Russ Mulroy & Jerry Murphy

 I check the website for interesting morsels and when Bob changes the date on the homepage I figure there is something new.  So I keep checking until I find it. 

 M -I- C- K- E- Y   M -O- U- S- E---Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse................ 

 I've heard of this second childhood thing but never witnessed it firsthand--I love it. Truth be told, I have my personal set of ears that I got at Disney World in the late '70's.  And, I might add, look absolutely smashing in them. 

 Now it's time to say goodbye to all our family-- 

 M- I -C- K- E -Y   M -O- U- S -E 

Toni Salometo

 Ed. note:

 In order to make sense of this email, you need to scroll down to the bottom of our homepage and see what she is talking about. I wondered how long it would be before someone noticed. I was wrong.  I guessed April. Toni- bring those ears to our class picnic. We'll have some fun with the camera.

Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end,
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.
And I never see my old friends face,
For life is a swift and terrible race,
He knows
I like him just as well,
As in the days when I rang his bell.
And he rang mine but we were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men.
Tired of playing a foolish game,
Tired of trying to make a name.
"Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on Jim
Just to show that I'm thinking of him."
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And distance between us grows and grows.
Around the corner, yet miles away,
"Here's a telegram sir," "Jim died today."
And that's what we get and deserve in the end
Around the corner, a vanished friend.

I received this poem from Sally Pittman-Smith. I can't think of a better reason to be at our class picnic in August!

Via Email 2/28/07

Dear Marcy,

Hope all is well with you. As I recently wrote I will not be able to attend the picnic this summer. Also to let you know that you should be receiving a picture of me with my prom date (Laura Allen Lally) both then and now. I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with her and her husband Dick last week at her "winter" home in The Villages (Ocala, Fl). Her neighborhood was devastated by the recent tornado with many homes completely destroyed. She and Dick were very lucky only to lose a few windows. For not having seen her for 46 years it was as if the years in between melted away and reminiscing was a blast. Lastly, I am having trouble accessing the web site at and wonder if it has changed or others also having trouble. Hopefully it's just my computer and the site is still viable. I sent a check to Russ Mulroy to help keep it active. Let me know what, if anything, I'm doing wrong. Lastly, I emailed Lew DeWeese at his Deland, Fl. email address and it was returned. Any news on his whereabouts?

Steve Weissman

We were temporarily "off the air" this morning due to a snowstorm in Pennsylvania where the server is located. I called Lew DeWeese and he no longer has a computer so is no longer available by email. His address remains the same and I gave him Steve's phone number so they can reconnect that way. Naturally I'll expect pictures if that reunion does happen!

Via Email 2/26/07

Hi Marcy,

Hope all is well with you. I read in today's obituaries in Newsday of the death of Warren Hechinger. Cause of death wasn't stated, but did mention he was a grad of LMHS Class of '61. Thought you'd like to know.


Via Email 2/21/07

Chances are not good for me to make it this summer for the picnic as my wife and I are planning a second home purchase in Colorado and will be traveling there until we settle on a place. Since it will be a second/vacation home (probably at the base of the eastern slope only an hour to Copper Mtn. and 1 1/2 to Vail) it would be a great stopping off point for any grads who still have it in them to be able to ski! My mind says I'm still 17 but the body seems to know it's 63!

Steve Weissman

Via Email 2/15/07


Hope all is well with you and your family and that your weather has not been as bad as it looks on TV.

Sorry that I will not be able to attend the Picnic in the Park in August. There always seems to be something going on. I thought retirement would slow life down, but it is busier than ever. I wonder how I fit in work before.

Take care
Honey Murway Cottrell

Via Email 2/14/07

 Hi Marcy,

Val and I had planned to attend the party for Warren in January, but Val's 93 year old mother took a turn for the worse just after the new year and we couldn't travel too far from home. She passed away on January 18th.

Best wishes to all, see you at the picnic in August.

Joe Garofalo

Via Email 2/14/07

Dear Marcy,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but my wife of 38 years passed away on the day you sent it. My birthday is April 20, 1944 and you can copy the biography on the website for the alumni page. I'm glad you enjoy my books. Phil

We all send our condolences to Phil Margolin on the passing of his wife on January 8th. Phil can be reached at

Via Email 2/13/07

Hi Marcy,

Just viewed the Website after quite awhile. It looks great. Having recently retired (1/2/07) after 43 years with the same company, BAE SYSTEMS (originally Fairchild Camera and Instrument through stints as part of Loral Electronics, Lockheed Martin and finally BAE).

I find myself with more time to play on the computer. I am attaching a few files you might like to include on the web site, one for "Way We Were" has a few classmates and some underclassmen (in the yearbook) and the other three for "Then and Now". As I said with more time to spare I'll be checking the Website more often. Looking forward to "Picnic in the Park".

Ken Marcus

Via Email 2/12/07


We had a wonderful time in CA. Husband Michael and I could not stay for the Sunday party, therefore I was not in any of the photos of that night. But I will send some pics that we took on the other days with our new digital camera so that they also can be mounted on the website. If we have a summer get together in NY, we plan to drive up.

Eileen (Wolff) Turner

Via Email 2/5/07

Dear All,

Just wanted to let people know I am O.K. in The Villages. The tornado touched down on the "other" side of Route 466, about 5 miles South of where our villa is. Luckily, it just caused some property damage. Many, many HOMES were in its path, as well as, 2 recreation centers and one major club house. Every one is pitching in to take care of the "aftermath." I personally haven't wanted to see any of it. There are enough pictures in the newspapers and on TV to keep me away.

Hope everyone is O.K. where they are. Love and Hugs,

Love and Blessings,
Jeanie Pandolfi

I received this from Jeanie Pandolfi, younger sister of Pat. (LMHS 65) She had been up to Long Island for her father's funeral and returned home to face a tornado. We are fortunate that all we know are safe and suffered very little damage.

Via Email 2/3/07

Dear Marcy,
Thank you for your ( and Tom's) concern: We are in the worst hit area, but were very lucky to only get 3 broken windows, and some relatively small-sized debris on our lawn. Two blocks away, homes were rippped, and many have holes in their roofs. Neighbors who had less mess than we came over to help pick up the stuff, including small pieces of roof trusses from nearby villas. We didn't realize that central FL was tornado country! It's good to know that LMHS people are out there!

Laura and Dick Lally

Ed. Note: Yesterday Tom Tierney contacted me asking if I had heard anything about our classmates in the Villages in Florida. As you may have seen on the news they were hit by a tornado on Friday. I called Jeanette Kozlick and was able to get through. They had minor damage, mostly shingles that came off the roof and debris in their yard. However six or seven homes in her neighborhood were badly hit and she said it was a very frightening experience to wake up to the noise without any prior warning. I was unable to reach Laura Allen by phone since the circuits were all busy due to the emergency in the area. Thank goodness for email because I was able to get through to her that way. Her reply above was most welcome news.

Via Email 2/3/07

Hi Marcy,

I thought you would appreciate this article. I am sure I will be going to the LI Museum at Stony Brook when the exhibit opens. It's probably similar to the one at the Levittown Historical Museum at Memorial.
Hope all is well with you! Your class website is pretty awesome!! I check it out about once a week to see what you've done.
Checkout this article in Newsday re: Levittown's 60th Anniversary:,0,2858435.story

Rona Selsky
LMHS class of 65

Via Email 1/28/07

Our hearts go out to Pat Pandolfi Cox on the passing of her father on January 21st. Pat was fortunate to be able to be with her father when he died. She will remain on Long Island for another week to be with her mother and then return to New Hampshire. Pat can be reached at

Via Email 1/27/07

A very Happy New Year to all my classmates in the class of 1961.
Brad (the elf) Scott

Via Email 1/12/07


Hi Marcy,

I met Phil Smith for breakfast this past Saturday and he said something about a get together on Long Island this summer. Just let me know when it is and I will be there..

Stu Smith

PS: Youze guy's (Brooklyneeezzzzzz) are do'n a "GREAT" job with the website. I give ya an A+++++++..Keep up the good work....

Ed. Note: Nothing is definite yet, but we put in a request for one of the Long Island parks for this summer. The requests are on the lottery system and they will notify us sometime in late January if we are chosen and what day (we asked for August). A section of the park would be sectioned off for our class and we asked for a park with a pavilion just in case of rain. Helene Doctoroff Erb is doing all the legwork and contacted a catering company that would supply a catered barbeque lunch for a fee and that way no one gets stuck with all the cooking. When or if we get chosen I will put all the information on this site. They require a minimum of fifty guests but I'm sure we can fill that based on previous attendance at other get-togethers. I will probably need some help with telephone calls to the classmates that are not online and won't see our website updates. We will also look into hotel information for those who want to come from out of town. But as of right now, nothing is set in stone as we have not been officially notified that we have the space. As soon as Helene hears from them, we will spread the news here. Keep your fingers crossed.

Via Email 1/8/07

Hi Marcy,
        It was so nice talking with you on the phone.  As you suggested, I went through the website and to my surprise I came across a note in the old updates about Phil Margolin.  What a surprise to find out that one of my favorite authors is also a classmate.  It took my breath away.  I was so excited, my husband wanted to know what was I getting myself so worked up about.  It will take me awhile to get over this piece of news.  I have read almost all of his books.  I never would have made the connection that he was a classmate just from reading the jackets of his books.
       After reading some of the comments of classmates concerning reconnections, I also concur, that it is wonderful to have a second chance at making connections with those you only knew slightly in those four years.  It's great to know that we have a second chance at making new/old friends and knowing how everyone turned out, even if they aren't famous.
        I definitely am going to pay more attention to the website and the comings and goings of my classmates.  Thank you Marcy for making this all possible and also accessible to old and new friends.
        I think I am calming down from this new revelation! My husband will be glad...

Talk soon,
 Pat (McCauley)Mangels 

Ed. Note: Both Pat and Sandy Parrish Duval contacted me yesterday and asked for the website address after misplacing it. It's not uncommon for me to get a few such requests every month. I don't mind passing the info along but at the same time I have promised myself to share a hint that some of you may find useful. You can make our website available at all times on your desktop if you follow these steps: Once you are on the homepage of our site, put your mouse anywhere on that page and RIGHT click. One of your options will be "set as desktop item". Click on that choice and an icon for our site will be right on your desktop along with your other frequently used programs. Just double click on that icon and you will go directly to our class site. I hope this will be a help.

Via Email 1/7/07

The recent location of Doug Gibson makes me prouder to say I belong to the LMHS Class of '61. Doug was a good friend and teammate during high school who always had focus and determination to graduate with honors, go to med. school and become a doctor. It doesn't surprise me that he has accomplished each of those lofty goals.
I'm happy he's now a part of our '61 site. He's always been a class act!

Russ Mulroy

Via Email 1/6/07

Dear Marcy,

So glad to hear from you. What a GREAT web site for LMHS '61. I spent hours catching up on the where abouts of so many great people. My up to date info:

address: 80 Jackson Cove Road
Oxford CT, 06478
home: 203 888 7628
cell :203 577 9932

In the near future I will send some photos & brief update. I will also be forward a donation to Russ Mulroy.

Again a great job & god bless.

Doug Gibson

Via Email 1/3/07

I'm happy to announce that I found another classmate! Doug Gibson is no longer missing. Warren Hechinger asked me to find him but there were too many listed in the country. Then he told me that Doug was a doctor and that narrowed down those possibilities to just one. I found Doug in Connecticut and will add his information to the yearbook page. He's still working and can be reached at his wife's email address: What a great way to start off the new year. Taking names off that missing list is a great joy.


Via Email 1/3/07





Via Email 1/1/07

Once again I will say how wonderful it has been connecting with all of you! I wish everyone a happy, healthy new year. Can't wait 'til the next reunion!!
Pat Pandolfi Cox

Via Email 12/28/06


Class Updates From 2006

There will be no new postings on the site between December 24th and January 3rd while Bob is on vacation. For that reason I had him put the January birthdays up early. You can still send me any news or pictures but don't expect to see them until after Bob returns. Naturally, the site remains up for viewing. Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday and an early Happy New Year.


Via Email 12/22/06

Another talented classmate who makes his own Christmas cards is Gino Lynch.
Click here to see his card cover.


Via Email 12/22/06

On January 14th Warren Hechinger is throwing a little party In a restaurant in Marina Del Rey, California. Several people from our class are flying in and it's one more opportunity to get together with old friends. If you are going to be in that area, or want to travel there and are interested in attending, please contact:
Tom Tierney (TELEPHONE: (480)892-7131
FACSIMILE: (480)892-7096
MOBILE: (480)694-7802
E-MAIL or Warren at 310-305-1897. (afternoons and evenings only Pacific Standard Time)
Click here for map

Via Email 12/20/06

What is it about our class and the way we connect to one another? Frankly, I don't know. After more than forty five years, why should anyone care? These are some of my thoughts this holiday season.

I loved the story of those three elves who traveled hours to pay a visit to a friend. The elves spent the day, putting up a tree and making merry, sharing the season with the gift of their time and caring.

When you tracked me down, God only knows how, and discussed a reunion that was planned for 2005, I kind of said OK, maybe, OK, but I had a foot in and a foot out. I asked about a few classmates and discovered that my first Levittown friend, Liz Sucher, had passed away. I cannot describe the sadness I felt, like I had lost family. I decided then, that I would make the reunion before I lost anyone else.

We are all part of each other's history, our pasts are connected, and in the last few years our present lives are connected as well. I've welcomed back old friends and discovered new ones and my life is richer for it. So, in this holiday season, let me wish all my old and new friends in the class of 61, a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Toni Salometo

Via Email 12/18/06

It never ceases to amaze me that we have such talented people in our class. If you are on Phil Smith's Christmas card list, you know he makes his own cards and every year he paints a different holiday scene for the cover. This year I decided that you all should get a glimpse of his artwork and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Click here to view Phil's card!


Via Email 12/13/06

Hi. Before too much more time passes I wanted to wish you and the entire class a very wonderful, peaceful and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. It's really a lovely feeling knowing everyone is out there sharing one common bond due to events that happened so many years ago. I still can't get over how easily we all just melded together considering the time span, so it must be true when you hear that people come into your life for a reason - some for a moment and others for longer periods of time. It's great and I, for one, relish it. Those of you who were pains in the a__ back then still are, and those of you who weren't have learned to be. All is right with the world!!! I love you all.

Celeste Vives (Holden)

Via Email 12/12/06

Hope one and all have a great Holiday season.
Steve and Joanne Weissman

via email 12/12/06


You did a great job on the website. I like the holiday home page--you've outdone yourself, music and snow!!! Now you've made those snowbirds in Fla. and Hawaii jealous for the great white stuff.

Toni Salometo

via email 12/6/06

 Hi Everyone,

We have gone high tech, fiber optic. Our new email address is

Pat McCauley Mangels

via email 12/5/06

Thanks for including my photo in the Then and Now - love the site-Honey sent it to me today - I live in Florida now - near Honey. JUST GOT THE NEWS ABOUT ROSE - I'M SICK WITH THIS NEWS...I will miss her and remember her forever - may her dear sweet soul rest in peace-
Since we moved from Virginia her hubby and everyone else did not have our new address on the net so we were not informed......

Judy Schwartz Rubin
anniversary 11/3
July 31 , 1943 Birthday

via email 12/1/06

I received this email from Tony Moors, LMHS class of 1960. It was sent to him by Terry McMannus, another class of 60 member.


I thought you might want to know and to share with other classmates the sad news that Sue Dennis Clifford passed away last month. She and Dick had been married since shortly after high school and had been living in Florida for the last 15 years.

For those who knew Sue and Richard and would like to send a condolence Richard's address is
5107 Santa Rosa Ct. Cape Coral, Florida 33904

via email 11/16/06

Hello Marcy:

Thanks so much for your note. I visited your class web site, and am quite impressed. I enjoyed browsing through the various photos, both Yearbook and recent activities. (And it does seem your classmates are all quite active!)

Yes, I will try to submit something on Nancy for your Gone But Not Forgotten page. I can't do this very promptly or easily, but I will do it. I'll also suggest it would be good to include deceased classmates in the "regular" Yearbook page of photos. (You could just note "deceased" with the photo, and link to the "Gone" page.) A site visitor looking for a particular classmate might easily miss the "Gone" link at foot of page, if just zipping to the alphabetical space looking for a person.

[One person I see no reference to at all is Jessica Joseph. Not Yearbook, not Gone, not Missing. She was a friend of Nancy's and they corresponded from time to time. I tried but was unable to locate her upon Nancy's death. Is she not in your yearbook?]

I am gratified to learn that Jeff Katz has not fallen off the face of the earth, as had seemed. I had tried to find him several years ago, even trying to locate his brother Arthur via the Class of '59 reunion folks. Perhaps if you are in further touch with him, you would ask him to email me. (Don't tell him who--at first; ask him who it was he attributed "Dieu et Mon Droit" motto to.)


Ed. Note: I received this from Robin Carpenter LMHS Class of 1962. I recently learned from Jeff Katz that Robin is the brother of Nancy Carpenter and so I wrote Robin asking him if he would do some sort of tribute to his sister on the Gone But Not Forgotten Page. We put these classmates on a different page from the regular yearbook so that it would lessen the download time for those who still have dial-up. There is no Jessica Joseph in our yearbook or in our graduation program. Nor do I remember her from previous years. If anyone does and knows her whereabouts, can you contact me so I can pass that info along to Robin?

via email 11/6/06

Marcy, Hello. Got your note asking about my birthday and mine is March 27th. I saw the picture of my old house in the way we were section when it went up, and couldn't get over it that was my house in the picture. Enjoyed it very much.

Have you ever heard about Bella & Cass that lived next to your old house? They were such nice people.

The school site is looking so good, you are doing a very good job. It must take up a lot of time. Keep up the good job. Enjoy the Holidays.

Carol Cooper McComiskey

via email 11/6/06

Marcy, I hope you're having a pleasant fall season. I've been busy settling in at my winter home in The Villages, FL. E-mail stays the same, but home phone is now (352) 350-2795. Thanks again for all the work you do for LMHS.

Laura Allen Lally

via email 10/31/06

For the next six months Bill Gluck and his wife will be doing the snowbird thing and wintering at their Florida home. For anyone trying to reach him before next spring, his Florida email will be:

Once he returns to New York in the spring, he can be reached at his regular email.

via email 10/30/06

Hi Marcy,
I have been sitting right next to Pat while she is discrediting my fragile sanity!!! I have been driving her and Rich crazy with all the picture taking, but everything just has to be captured on my camera or I'm not happy. My husband Glenn makes a VCD out of my pictures and adds music, and the last two have come out really well, and I have to give him enough material to work with! (That's my excuse!) It's been a lot of fun, and Calif is so beautiful and different from LI - don't want to miss a thing. Rich has been very considerate with my picture taking, he pulled over so I could get some great shots and we almost had a pile up on the one lane road in the Cleveland National Forest (up, down and sideways roads, very exciting!) Rich would stop so I could take pictures of everything! Pat and Rich have been just great and I've had a wonderful time visiting with them.

I will send you my pictures when I get home and have a chance to sort them out - only about 250 pics or so!

The website looks just great - they are doing a terrific job.

Talk to you soon.

Judy Cottrell Wolter

via email 10/29/06

 Hi Marcy,

Well here are some pics for the web site. Please let me know how they get to you, as I have not used my photo program in some time and have no idea how they are going to come out on the other end. If they are ok, I will send another album page with the rest of the pics.

We are having a great visit and Judy says "Hi". Yesterday we did San Juan Capistrano and today was San Diego and La Jolla, both were very exciting for Judy, it was oooo's and aaaa's all over the place. It was a 1st for Rich and I doing the Seal tour which goes on the land and sea. Judy loved meeting some new friends, there was a crowd to greet her on her harbor tour. There was one fellow that kept barking at her (Sea Lions). Anyway, I think if I don't keep her tied down a little, she will be taking pictures as she is getting on the plane and will want to tell the pilot, "Please just one more picture"!

So, if they arrive to you and are acceptable for the website please let me know and then I will send along the rest of the pictures. I also have the pictures from Rich's and my trip north with the grandsons and our working on the riverboat.

Look forward to hearing back from you soon. Well I had better go check on Judy as she may be out taking more pictures and of course it is dark outside, so who knows what she will find, but I can hear her with her ooooo's and aaaaa's


Judy Cottrell Wolter (Long Island) is visiting Pat McCauley Mangels in California. Pat sent lots of pictures and I chose a few to put on the Informal Gatherings section. If anyone wants to see more, contact me and I will email them to you. This visit is yet another offshoot of our big reunion last summer. Prior to that these two classmates had no contact for 44 years. For those who attended, the rewards have been just incredible.

via email 10/29/06


Thank you so much for finding me and hooking me up to our site. Looking through that old yearbook was truly a trip down memory lane. And yes, putting pictures and names together, I remembered a lot more than I thought I would. No luck on Candy Weinberg's married name.

Thanks also for the info on Judy Burger. I'll start making phone calls and hopefully I'll find her.

My husband and I are going to try to make it to the reunion next summer if you have one . Hope to see you there!

Phyllis Peckman Purkey

via email 10/28/06

I'm happy to announce that another name is now off the missing list. I did a people search to find Phyllis Peckman since she did list her married name when she registered at I called and she was delighted to be found. She actually said that I made her day. She is living in Maryland. Phyllis can be reached at

via email 10/25/06

Hi Marcy,

Richie Mattson (known as Ollie in high school)..was diagnosed with brain cancer in June. It is so deep in his brain that an operation is not an option He has been through chemo treatment since then and now the doctors say that he is in remission. They say chances are that it will return, maybe not in his brain but somewhere else. He can not be cured, but it can stay in remission for 2-5 years. We divorced last year and have been separated for almost 5 years. So we still need prayers. The power of prayer is one of God's blessings. Our thanks goes to all of you for the prayers you've sent to help heal this awful tumor. Everything went so fast and I felt the days just ran away with themselves. I didn't get much time to get onto the net. I love hearing from you....

Mary Menette (Mattson)

via email 10/23/06

LMHS ' grads......I have had a couple of emails from Barry McMichael's wife that I thought I might share. Because Barry was 'one of the guy's' who is no longer with us I wrote to his family to share some old some old photos I had and to let them know he is still in my thoughts when I come across very old pictures of Levittown. If you would like to take a few minutes to share a "Barry" experience with his wife, Linda just reply and I will forward a copy of our correspondence. Or. You might just want to say 'Hi" and let her know you knew Barry..................Linda McMichael

 Later...................Tony Moors '60

via email 10/21/06

Hi Marcy !!
I'm feel'n "TIP TOP" and ready to get back to Cycling again.. The support that I've gotten from the LMHS folks has been the best !! It's nice to know there are still some wonderful people out there !!

Stu Smith

via email 10/19/06

Hi Marcy,

Thanks for your thoughts. You probably already know that when the earthquake hit Tom was not here yet...and neither was I. He called me to see if all was well and I was still in Arizona just a few miles away from him. It was very funny. Anyway, we had no damage except one teacup broken in my china cabinet. My husband and son were fine. My husband didn't even feel it...he was driving at the time. Probably had the radio blasting and thought it was alot of bass in that song....I'm just making this up! How are you?

Love, Iris Kogel Chapman

via email 10/19/06

For those who have asked about Phil Smith and how he fared with the two feet of unexpected snow in October that hit Buffalo last week, I am sharing some of what he had to deal with. Those of us who stayed in the north know that October snow plays havoc because the leaves are still on the trees and that extra weight causes limbs, entire trees and power lines to fall down. Sounds like he's handling it all better than most of us could.

Tuesday 10/17

Hi Marcy,

So you heard about our lake effect event. Have been without power for the past five days and of course it had to get cold. The day it started I had an arborist here to look at some trees I wanted pruned and fertilized. Actually I wanted some big branches removed some thirty to forty feet up on one walnut tree. It was a rain / snow mixture at the time so he said he'd write up an estimate and mail it to me. If the weather held out he could probably get some done at the end of the month. So our predicted three inches turned into six, then twelve, eighteen, and finally twenty four. Had rained for two days straight prior to the storm, then the temps plummeted and high winds moved in. The night was spent listening to trees, branches, and power lines snapping and coming down all over the place. I no longer have a need for an arborist. The destruction up here is mind boggling. As I'm writing there are still 170,000 folks without power. There are 600 power crews from ten states and Canada and they figure they can have all power restored by next Sunday. The National Guard made it's appearance today and will help in removing all the debris. Some three to four hundred thousand cubic yards or more. Said it may take a month or more to clean it all up, cut down damaged/ unsafe trees and widow makers. A day or so after the storm temps rose and melted a good deal of the snow causing major flooding and with no power thousands of homes couldn't, and still can't, pump water from their basements. For the most part I closed off the solarium using the fireplace for warmth, cooked on the gas stove upstairs and had oil lamps for lights. Most of the stuff in the frig we put outside in the snow. Just like camping. Actually with all the down trees and limbs it actually looked like the woods. Fortunately no damage to the house except to an awning and its supports. Unfortunately I didn't move my car in time and a roof slide from my neighbor's house crushed the roof of my car again. I was in the car trying to move it forward as Sue just finished shoveling in front of it. I was still getting hung up, sliding sideways and yelled to her to get on the side door step. As she did the snow came down crushing the top of the van and dumping four feet of snow right where Sue would have been standing. Only took a split second.

Hired two men to cut, remove, and cleanup the yard. Took them a little over seven hours. I now have a debris pile seven to eight feet high, five feet wide, by the length of the front of my property. The yard and garden areas are pretty much non existent as everything was trampled down and is covered with three to four inches of mud, small broken pieces of bark, branches, and leaves. Change is good! So I've been told. Ha! Ha! So I have to go from a mostly shade garden to a very sunny one. Can't wait until spring!!! Overall the city and the surrounding towns are in pretty sad shape, but at least folks still have their homes, their possessions, and not many people died. When you compare it to something like Katrina, this was just a little annoyance.

Well I see it's quite late so I'll close for now and try to be a little more prompt in my correspondence. Will send it out tomorrow morning. Stay well.

Phil Smith

via email 10/18/06

Ed Comment: How fortunate for us to know that one important (to us) Buffalo resident now has his power back.

Hello Marcy,
We were in touch a few years ago and I had sent you some class photos from Gardeners Ave Elementary. I was not a graduate of LMHS but knew lots of the alumni. I recently got an email announcement from classmates and since I am not a paying member could not access it. It was from Margaret Cirillo Librizzi. I would love to get back in contact with her but the address that was
given on the LMHS homesite is no longer valid. I was wondering if someone knew her whereabouts and could get me back in touch. Her email address or phone # would be great! I check into the Homepage every so often and it's great. Hope you can come up with something for me and thanks ahead for trying!!! I guess she has not seen the LMHS site since my email is listed.

Regards, Susan Arluck Bloomer down in NC

via email 10/18/06

I had no luck tracking Margaret down after several people searches. I will ask Toni Salometo to contact her on Classmates because Toni is a paid member. I'll see that your message is forwarded to her with your email so Margaret can contact you directly. Once you hear from her please get her new address, phone number and email address that we can update it in the site. When we got Margaret's address years ago she had no email so she doesn't know about the site. Hopefully that will soon change. Let us know when you hear.

I was thrilled to read Stu Smith's news, Marcy, it actually brought tears to my eyes (as opposed, I guess, to my ears). I dropped him a note to wish him continued good news. And then I saw Larry Carballo's fiancee - what an adorable gal. She's so cute. I also dropped him a quick note to wish them both happiness forever onward. Such good news from both of them!!! With all the garbage going on everywhere you look, nice happy stories about our classmates are a breath of fresh air. Also excellent news about our Hawaii group. There are many, many, many folks in and around Buffalo who still don't have power, which isn't good. Talk to you later.

Celeste Vives (Holden)

Via Email 10/18/06


Remembering the Slam Books was a treat. How many times in high school we would have to hide them so a teacher didn't see us writing in or reading them. Too funny.

When my granddaughters were teenagers I actually made a corsage for each of them one year. Since they were such nostalgic girls (always loved to hear about the "old days") I thought they would enjoy wearing lollipops or dog biscuits to school on their birthday - so I was very surprised when instead of a "thank you" all I got was a look that said 'you have GOT to be kidding'. We never discussed them again, but I wanted you to know that page of the website really brought back a lot of memories of my 'good old days'. Thanks for the all the walks down memory lane.....


via email 10/17/06

Has anyone heard from Tom and Patty? I hear the earthquake did some damage to the main highway in Maui but not as much as on Oahu or Honolulu. How about Iris? Any news at all?

Celeste Vives (Holden)

Tom leaves for Maui today as originally planned. He did learn that he had no property damage. Iris is still in Scottsdale but plans to return Tuesday. Other than something falling down in her china cabinet, she was spared damage too. Tom's daughter goes to school on Oahu. She is fine but without power. Isn't it amazing how small our world gets once we reconnect? I'm grateful all is well with these two. I'm still waiting to hear back from Phil Smith after Buffalo had a record snowstorm of two feet. I suspect it will be a while since news accounts say there is still no power there.

From Marcy

via email 10/16/06

I'm happy to announce that we now have one more classmate off the missing list. I noticed a Cynthia Roberts Kaylor on the LMHS class of 1959 list and took the chance that she might be married to the brother of Faye Kaylor. I emailed Cynthia and she promptly answered with Faye's phone number. I called Faye and she is happy to be back in the loop. She's a retired teacher living in Northport, NY. Faye can be reached at

via email 10/13/06

To update.... I married my wife, Nancy in 1970... we just celebrated our 36th anniversary... We have 2 sons, Matthew, age 30... and Brandon, age 26. Matthew and his wife continue to live in Commack... Brandon is down
here in Fort Myers, and will be helping me in the ministry here.

In 1970 I open an advertising agency on LI, and operated that for 19 years... closing that in 1989... I began to pursue my faith, and became ordained in 2001. In 1995 I opened The Christian Life-Times, a monthly Christian newspaper which serves Long Island and NYC. With my move to Florida, I will be going on staff at a church here, and will be opening our second paper which will serve the Southwest Florida region.

My birthday is August 3rd...

Thanks for serving the class in so many ways... it is nice to be able to keep current on old friends.

Many blessings,
Brad Crook

via email 10/9/06

Congratulations to Larry Carballo and his fianc Peggy Aiello! They are getting married on October 27th. Those of us who went on the Vegas trip met Peggy and we think they make a perfect couple. Larry can be reached at

via email 10/2/06



via email 9/23/06

A little update Perhaps some of you viewed the timely news yesterday regarding wearing crocs while riding on escalatorsas you know, thanks to the generosity of Tom Tierney, John received a pair of lime green crocs to help with his rehabilitation (and we have no thoughts that his intentions were anything less than honorable in fact, Tom purchased a pair of baby blue crocs for himself). Unfortunately, John and I viewed the health alert regarding crocs while waiting to see his foot surgeon (after he had an incident earlier in the day on an escalator!) Be careful Tom and all our other friends

Thanks for all the smilesmore to follow

Susan Amrhein Mulligan

via email 9/22/06

Hi Guys !!

I just got the results of my Bone Marrow test back yesterday and the Cancer is gone !!

I still have to go into the hospital on September 26th for cycle # 4 and then a rest.
After a rest of a few months I will be doing a maintenance program for 6 months.

I feel great and the past treatments have been very kind to me..

Well, got to run.. Will talk to ya soon,

Ed. Note: Some of you are aware that Stu Smith has been back on chemo when new more agressive cancer cells were found a few months back. The good news is that the new chemo he's been on has an eighty five per cent cure rate. That new chemo, prayers from friends and an incredible upbeat attitude on his part all played a role in making his good news happen. Stu can be reached at What a pleasure to spread such wonderful news!

via email 9/20/06

A quick note to say thank you to all who have prayed and sent cards (Marcy, Celeste, Pat, Tom, Honey & Tom to name a few) regarding my injuries. The doctors say I might be able to speak by Christmas (gorilla glue on the lips). My feet show definite signs of improvement. As I told Tom, I am sure the crocs that he sent me will have me on my feet by Easter. Once again, thank you for caring

Yours truly,

John Mulligan*

*husband of Sue Amrhein and current out patient at the Sister Mary DeChantel Hospital for Lip and Foot Impairments

Ed. Note: This email will only make sense if you read the events (below) that led up to the outpouring of cards for John that have been coming in from classmates all over the country. It all started with that crazy picture of John wearing the toeless socks. I'll try to recreate the events here for all to see. Who says old folks have no sense of humor?

via email 9/19/06

If you start at the bottom of the page you will see the practical joke that Tom Tierney is playing on John Mulligan- husband of Susan Amrhein. There's a picture of John on the barbeque 2006 section of the site wearing toeless socks. Those socks were sent to him by Russ Mulroy- another joke- because John rarely wears socks. Tom then bought some socks and cut them up and mailed the toe section only to John. It gets better. Read below.

Can you guys humor Tom and send a get well card to John? Anything with a foot injury theme would be perfect, but any get well card would do- and a message that you hope his foot problems are on the mend. Here's the address and thanks!
John Mulligan
38 Grove Lane
Levittown, NY 11756




via email 9/14/06

I read that a few people live in my neighborhood (Colorado), so here's the address: 6961 E. Girard Ave., Denver CO 80224, Tel: 720-941-3844, email: It was great fun to see all the pix of then and now. Loved the photos of Gardiner's Ave. grade school classes.

Betty Delvers Beverly Hurt (outlived two husbands)

Via Email 9/10/06

I'm happy to announce that Toni Salometo has found another missing classmate on Since Toni is a paid member of, she can contact anyone listed on that site. She found Betty Delvers, directed her to our site and I heard from Betty through the site. I just loved her subject title "I'm not missing". See above and her listing on our Yearbook for details.

Via Email 9/10/06


Well here it is my first day back at work. I dropped you a note in the mail a couple of days ago.

I had a wonderful time at each function!! You are a saint for having done so much for us, how in the world could we ever thank you. You were right about everyone being so welcoming and I have to admit that I wish I could go back to school and befriend all again but with more involvement.

Left NY a couple of days earlier than I had anticipated due to the hurricane coming through Williamsburg. A good thing because I was without power, telephone and cell phone. My son hooked up a generator so I did not lose food, the most important thing. I know NY has had so much rain during the summer that you must feel like there wasn't even a summer.

And, I loved the website and how you termed the unexpected attendance. Rain and all, it was the best 'garden party' that I have attended in a long, long time.

Hope you are catching up on much needed rest. I know so many of us think you are awesome, so always keep that in mind.

Take care for now, Love

Gloria de Lama Sciole

Via Email 9/5/06




Via Email 9/5/06
Ed note: Lots of folks said they would love to host another one next summer. I'm in wherever!

Our 10th & newest grandchild, Carly Grace Mulroy was born August 29th weighing in at 5 lbs. 10 oz. & 19" long.

This now makes 5 granddaughters & 5 grandsons. Girls against the boys full court!

Russ & Carole Mulroy

Via Email 9/3/06

Thanks you for a lovely weekend--the "Fall Inn" was beautiful. What a lovely area you have, and you truly have a green thumb or maybe the whole hand.
You did good kid--I hope you don't get stuck making it an annual event.

Traffic on NJ Turnpike was a little gnarly, but rest of trip was uneventful--which I like.
Thanks again.
Keep the faith.

Via Email 9/3/06

Today is the first day back to school for more than a million-and-a-half Israeli kids. Maybe some of the older ones are weary of the routine and resent this abrupt end to the summer vacation -- even if it was marred by a brutal war which put civilians on the front line.

But for those 127,000 first-graders really beginning school for the first time, this must be the most exciting day of their young lives. As they walk towards the unknown, their imaginations run wild, fear and exhilaration mix, and for many, everything that is happening will become their earliest memories -- as they did for me.

In September 1948, I walked with my mom down Eastburn Avenue in the Bronx to P.S. 70. It was the longest walk down our steep sloping street across 174th Street. We were joined by my friend Myrna Landau and her mother, walking through the schoolyard, into the big red brick building and then into my kindergarten classroom.

What a horrible sight and sound greeted us! All the other kids were crying hysterically, grasping their mommy's hand to keep her from leaving. Horrible shrieking like I never heard filled the classroom. Myrna and I had entered the room happy and naive. What did these other kids know that we didn't?

In those days, working mothers and pre-school education were practically nonexistent. What decent mother wouldn't raise her own child at home? The first day of kindergarten was the first time mother and child were ever separated.

The teachers -- Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Lauricella (how I still remember their names!) -- went around speaking to each child but nothing helped. One-by-one, the breaks were made as mothers forcibly pulled their child's hand away and left the room -- leaving their little ones screaming in fear. Why couldn't the mothers stay for this first class? I don't know. Maybe that was the educational theory in those post-war years: a clean, sharp break is healthier than a lingering illusion.

After our own mothers left, Myrna and I pledged not to start crying. I remember thinking, "What are they crying about? This should be a happy day. All these other kids got it wrong."

Myrna and I kept our straight faces, not wanting to be the first to break our pledge. Myrna looked into my eyes and said, "I see a tear. You're crying." I vigorously denied it. There was nothing to cry about.

I guess the room slowly quieted down, but I don't really remember that. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Lauricella, two patient and experienced teachers from that generation when teaching was far more than a job, slowly worked their magic. One-by-one, the others stopped crying and our educational experience began.

But that's another story.

Doug Greener
September 3, 2006

Via Email 9/3/06

Check out the new website for Rich Madri's business Whether or not you are into cowboy gear, it's always interesting to see what classmates are doing with their lives. Anyone else who would like to share their website with us?

Via Email 9/3/06

Dear Marcy,

Just wanted to thank you once again for all the effort you put into the "Garden Party." I felt right "at home" at your home!! Can't believe it is STILL raining a week later!!! Just had the time to visit "THE WEBSITE." What treasures you have on those pages!! Even as a member of the class of "65, having met some of the "graduates of "61" and remembering some of them from my "Junior High" days and being the "little sister" I thoroughly enjoyed seeing people "THEN and NOW!"

What a treat to get to spend more time with you at P&G's and, then, at your house. YOU ARE A GREAT HOSTESS and the Class of '61 is lucky to have people like YOU and Tom and Russ and Jerry to keep things going!!!! You are an incredible group of people. Thanks for sharing so much (with an "underclass person").

I'm sure a great time was had by all.

Love and Blessings,
Jeanie Pandolfi

Via Email 9/2/06

Hi Marcy,

I just listened to the birthday song and would love to hear that while celebrating my birthday in Florida this December 19th. Its terrific.

Hope you are finally relaxing after all that work!

Amrhein (Mulligan)

Ed. Note: The birthday has been added to my birthday organizer book. I have a pretty good collection now for all twelve months but don't have everyone's birthday. Please send me yours if I haven't asked you already. You are sure to hear from classmates on that day- even ones you may not know.

Via Email 9/2/06

It's hard to believe that it's been one year since we began this website for the class of 61. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for tuning in, contributing emails, news and pictures to keep us an active site. Thank you to all who took the time to write up bios for our alumni pages. And we especially want to thank the boosters who have contributed financially to our monthly bill. Without your support we could not continue to add new material at the rate we do now. Lastly, thank you Bob Benson (LMHS 59) who posts our news and pictures in a timely manner. All of you have made this site the success it is. We wanted it to bring us all closer together and it has done that in a big way.
Your website committee.
Marcy, Tom, Russ and Jerry

Via Email 9/1/06

Marcy, thank you so very much for hosting our wonderful party last weekend. Judging from all the smiles I'd say each of us had a ball, and can't wait to see each other again. What a good group we are. I almost feel sorry for other classes who don't seem to enjoy each other the way we do. We truly are blessed.

Celeste Vives (Holden)

Via Email 9/1/06

Marcy, I've been meaning to write to thank you for the gathering last week. I'm so glad I was able to attend. You did a great job in all regards...but what did you ever do with all the extra goodies? Thanks again for a delightful afternoon.

Laura Allen Lally

Via Email 9/1/06


I can't thank you enough for the wonderful time I had. It was really neat. I hope I didn't talk too much or offend any one.
Thank you for the pictures. I may even print them! :-)

BTW, Googlemoon isn't as good as GoogleMars. No color! :-)

Thanks again,
Ed Thomas

Via Email 8/31/06


Since I was at a slow pace today, decided to check out the LMHS Website - enjoyed looking at the gathering at the Fall Inn - bet you were ready to Fall Out. Looks like a great time was had by all. That's the main thing. Saw the e-mail about Chickie being in Cherrywood at Kwong Ming Restaurant. If I speak to Barbara, I will mention that to her - she's only around the corner from Cherrywood. We haven't made any contact lately, leave messages, but never get to talk - maybe tonight we can connect. How many folks showed up for the gathering? Saw it rained in a few photos, but all in all was the weather good ? I bet it was hot. I heard on the local news (Atlanta) on Saturday AM, that Massapequa was hit by a Category "0" tornado. Things are really changing around this world. Well, work is waiting, but glad your party was a hit. Will talk one of these evenings.

Love ya,
Carol Anne Anchor (Zachmann)

Via Email 8/31/06

Spontaneous lunch get together

Thanks so much.
We'll meet at Kwong Ming which is in a strip center across from Cherrywood Shopping Center on Jerusalem Av just south of Wantagh Ave. My cell is: 404 384.0274. I'll be in NY Thursday morning.
Great photo. So many familiar faces. We never age, do we? The class of 61 just gets better & better!

Have A Delicious Labor Day Weekend!
Lee Dennis
Enchanted Gourmet

Via Email 8/30/06

Dear Classmates - 1961,

This Friday, Sept 1, Lee (Chickie) Goldberg will be on Long Island. For those of you that live here on the island, or can get here; there will be a luncheon at KWONG MINGS Chinese Restaurant, 3342 Jerusalem Ave. Wantagh. (across from Cherrywood shopping center: Levittown/Wantagh) South/west side of Jerusalem & Wantagh Avenue.

This will take place at 1PM this Friday afternoon. Debbie Miller will be there also. It would be wonderful if you could respond one way or the other, but should you just wish to POP-IN - that would be wonderful too!

If not, have a happy & healthy Labor Day weekend.

Regards & love to all

Lorraine (CUOMO) Schibani

Via Email 8/29/06

Best wishes go out to Gloria Russo Key who will undergo surgery on Thursday, August 31st for a detached retina. Gloria can be reached at:

Via Email 8/29/06

Hi. First chance I've had to drop you a quick note to say thanks so much for all your hospitality. I had such a great time and wish I could have stayed longer to have had the time to have dinner with you all yesterday. It poured rain for most of the trip home, but I still made good time. I stopped for gas up the street from you and then once around Albany I stopped to get a drink and made it home by 6:50. Not bad at all.

Thank you again for your accommodations and I'll make sure that I let folks know about the Marcella Fall Lodge for future visits. Keep well.
Celeste Vives (Holden)

Via Email 8/28/06

Ed Note: I think a better name is the Fall Inn!

We had a wonderful time

Thank you for the picture and also for a great visit with old friends. John really enjoyed meeting you allcant wait till the next party!

PS The ride home went very smoothly on 84/684 Russ and Carol were happy!

Susan Amrhein (Mulligan)

Via Email 8/28/06

Thanks for the picture & especially for hosting one of the best times we've ever had. You did a great job! Thanks!

Russ & Carole Mulroy

Via Email 8/28/06

Hi Marcy !!

Just wanted to send you a BIG thanks for your warm reception and the country hospitality. You were so kind giving up your home this past weekend and all the culinary delights supplied were superb! You're the best !!

Talk to ya soon,
Stu S.

PS: I got home in 1 hour and 55 minutes on Saturday night!

Via Email 8/28/06

Sonya Schrednick Sherman has a new grandson: Jake Austin Sherman. He was born August 27th- 8lbs 9ozs 22" long. Congratulations Grandma !

Via Email 8/28/06

More sad news.  This time from Brad Scott whose father-in-law died on August 17th. Condolences to him and Cindy. Brad can be reached at .

Via Email 8/22/06

We are saddened to learn of the death of Frank Curtin's mother-in-law this past week. Condolences to him and Rona on this loss. Frank can be reached at

Via Email 8/18/06

Toni Salometo has done it again! We now have one more name to take off our missing list. She found Jerry Handlesman on Classmates, contacted him and heard back. Jerry is living in South Florida and can be reached at .  Come on Toni. Find us some more!
     Hi Marcy -

put some pics together - hope not too many (mailbox) - I will search for earlier pics - sending a 2nd email with more pics

Anyway - Home address is:

2253 SW 131 Avenue, Miramar, FL 33027

BD: July 30

I worked on the yearbook taking pictures with Gary Stein. He went to Hofstra, I was going to go there until I visited U of M. Beautiful sunny Miami.

Hope to write again soon.


Thanks so much for sharing the cabin pictures.  Looks like we really missed a fun time.  What a beautiful 'cabin' and the location looks like paradise.  If our children weren't here for such a short time we would have loved to join the party in AZ.  
I also enjoyed the picture you posted having lunch with Frank and your grandchildren.  Very cute photo.  Both children are so cute.  Of course, you and Frank are cute also!
Take care,
Honey Murway Cottrell

Here is a link provided by Russ Mulroy regarding some potential changes to our old stomping grounds - LMHS!

Via Email 8/11/06

I'm happy to report that one of our "missing" classmates has been found. Toni Salometo diligently checks the Classmate website for new listings. She even checks out classes close to ours for siblings. She noticed the name Kozlick in the class of 1963, sent that person an email asking for information on the sister. The sister forwarded the message to Jeanette Kozlick, who wrote to Toni with updated information. I encourage all of you to do the same if you notice a name that could possibly be a sibling. As many of you well know, I found some of you through siblings. Jeanette Kozlick Arceo can be reached at ..


Hi Marcy,

It was quite a shock to hear from Toni...I got her e-mail at 5:00 a.m. and responded...she called me at 6! What a great pleasure...I often wondered what happened to those in our class. My address is correct. The Villages doesn't have a post office of its own, so technically it is in Lady Lake. However, the residents here use The Villages...and the post office knows where we are! Anyway, use The Villages as the city.

You have done a wonderful job on the is amazing to see where we all are. I'll dig up a picture and e-mail it to you. As the person in charge of the digital camera, I rarely get into the picture! I know that I'll spend some time reviewing the site and enjoying catching up with everyone. Thanks again,
Jeanette Kozlick Arceo

Via Email 8/11/06

As many of you know, our classmate Doug Greener lives in Israel. He has shared this update on life there with us. Anyone wishing to respond can reach Doug at

Dear Friends,

Some of you have already written to Trudy and me, and we've written to others, but I think it's time to update you all on what's happening. Please excuse the impersonality of this broadcast e-mail.

We are all fine. Anyone watching or listening to the news knows that Jerusalem hasn't been attacked with missiles. I used to think the Hezbollah didn't want to risk killing Arabs, but that's now seen to be ridiculous. It's just a technical question. We don't know if they can reach us!

Eitan got call-up orders on Saturday night (midnight!) and is now on some base on the Golan Heights. He says he will be "training" for the next two weeks. I don't know what that means. Eitan did pretty well on his SATs and is registered to begin the university prep course in biology/chemistry.

Aharon and Melanie were here working for the summer. He spent his last week in Israel doing reserve duty on the West Bank. He was let off for a day to defend his thesis at Bar-Ilan University -- which he did 100%! He had a terrible flu throughout (no connection with the military), but he was released in time to catch his plane back to NY. He then went immediately to Philadelphia where he organized and ran another educational dig for the community center. (See ; After that's over, he wants to go down to Florida to visit my mother, and then meet up with Melanie on the West Coast for a little vacation before the school year starts in Boston. Melanie is still in Israel until August 21.

Ami is still waiting for a job offer in NYC! It has not been going well for him, even though he's been enjoying NYC life. He is quite depressed with the situation. I believe that if he does not have a job by Labor Day, which is when the owners of the apartment he's staying in come back from their vacation, he will return to Israel -- though this is far from certain.

As to current events, it's no secret that since October 2000, my political opinions have, how shall I say, moved in a direction different from the dovish viewpoint I held previously. When my country was attacked from Lebanon on July 12, we had the right to fight back with all the power at our disposal. It has not been easy and military mistakes have been made -- but they have been mistakes in using too little power and too late, not too much power. The role of the EU, Kofi Anan, and the leftist media like the NY Times, CNN and the BBC has been to get us to stop fighting back, through lies and distortions. They ignore that Hezbollah has been firing more than 100 rockets and missiles every day at our cities with the expressed intent of killing as many non-combatants as possible. Yet, our self defense is called "disproportionate," "collective punishment," "war crimes," "humanitarian crimes," and "human rights violations." Bush, Bolton and Blair have been outstanding figures, standing up to big business and vested interests to say, simply, that we have the right to defend ourselves. They are the heroes, perhaps more than our own politicians and generals.

I think I represent the overwhelming majority opinion in Israel when I say that the home front has tremendous strength and can weather Hezbollah attacks as long as we have to (not that we Jerusalemites have had to!). We're much more sensitive, however, to the deaths of soldiers. The one question I have to the military and political bigwigs is, why are the soldiers being sent in to built-up areas where the Hezbollah is waiting for them very prepared, as we know? I want to ask them why these villages which are sheltering Hezbollah have not been flattened so that no brick is standing on another. It's not that air power alone isn't enough. It's that not enough air power has been used!! Nothing get me angrier than hearing the generals say, "We're the most moral army in the world" and "We even endanger our soldiers to prevent civilian casualties." How do you think this makes me as a father feel? Anyone who thinks this has no place in the army. This isn't a PR exercise; these are the lives of our sons we're talking about. I notice a large number of individuals expressing my opinion in articles and letters, but so far no politician or journalist has even raised it.

Those are my thoughts, probably not Trudy's. We both hope that the fighting ends soon with a clear defeat for Hezbollah and its backers, and the boys can come home. Don't hesitiate to write.

Via Email 8/4/06

Has anyone heard if the fires in California has effected Gino or any other classmate? We all know of the mudslide problems he had a few years ago. If anyone was effected and needs assistance we should post it on the bulletin board so others can help.
I feel very fortunate that although being in the "eye of the storm" for Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances (2004) and Hurricane Wilma (2005) we only suffered minor damage to trees and our pool enclosure.
Steve Weissman

Thanks for the inquiry. I am fine and no fires around me. Thanks,

Via Email 8/4/06

Marcy, thanks for forwarding Steve's message. I'll email him directly. My new Florida address is 389 Society Hill Circle, The Villages, FL 32162. We're usually there from mid Oct. to Mid May. Summer address is 1725 Shady Bend Lane, Skaneateles, NY 13152. I had a call from Celeste Vives, and a nice chat. She mentioned other mini reunions. It is nice to reconnect. I look forward to checking the LMHS website occasionally, 'though I couldn't do much last month due to my mother's sudden decline and death. I will get back to it now, when I can!
Laura Allen Lally

Ed Note: When I saw Susan Amrhein's response and the Skaneateles summer address for Laura, I emailed Celeste because I knew she lives about ten miles from there. I had no doubt she would pick up the phone and call Laura. It's amazing to see the networking that takes place among our classmates.

Via Email 8/1/06

We are sorry to learn of the passing this past week of Laura Allen Lally's mother. Laura can be reached at if you'd like to send her a condolence message.

Via Email 8/1/06


Hi, Hope all is well with you. My wife and I recently spent a week in Colorado looking for a vacation home and probably my ultimate retirement home. I'm still working and still travel the state of Florida. I heard that Laura Allen Lally (my prom date) recently moved from Naples to Ocala and I would love to see her on my next sales visit to that aea. Does anyone know how to reach her at her newest location?
Hope all have a great summer.
Steve Weissman

Ed. Note: Laura moved to The Villages. She did not send me her new address, but her email ( ) remains the same. Her married name is Lally, if that's any help. I'm forwarding your email to her as well as to Susan Amrhein, who recently met with Laura. Hopefully you'll get the information that way. If you do get it, please pass it on to me so I can update the yearbook page which has her old address in Naples.

Reply: Hi glad to help. Laura is presently in Skaneateles, NY and will be returning to Florida in October. Her current number is 315/685-5554. I loved visiting with her and her husband in Naples and am sorry she wont be there when we go down in October. Have fun getting together!

Susan Amrhein Mulligan

Via Email 7/27/06

I meant to tell you that I saw Phil Margolin's latest book listed this past Sunday on the New York Times best seller list for fiction. The book was number 11 (I think!) and of course, I can't remember the title!!!
Pat Pandolfi Cox

Ed. Note: Phil's latest book is Proof Positive. For those of you who don't know, Phil is a member of our class and New York Times Best Selling Author. I just finished Lost Lake, his 2005 book now in paperback. It was suspenseful, fast moving and worth the read.

Via Email 7/26/06

Our sympathy to Lois Christensen Bish, whose father passed away on June 27th. Lois is now staying with her ninety year old mother in an assisted living nursing home until they can find a place for her with more care and help in the same facility. Lois can be reached at Thank goodness they have internet so we can reach out to her. It's been a rough year for her. Keep her in your prayers.

Via email 7/21/06

Congratulations to Irene and Jerry Murphy on the birth of their newest granddaughter Ellie Kate. She was 7 pounds 4 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Smart child. It looks to me like she's reading Grandpa's shirt. Click here for picture!

Via email 7/17/06

Warren Hechinger did a Google search in order to find Skippy Orr in Virginia. Skip was not a member of our class, but a teammate to many of our classmates. Those who wish to contact Skippy can do so at or at his work email . Warren says he would welcome hearing from those in his past.

Via email 6/24/06

Checked the website and as usual saw "What's New". Loved the new Then & Now, and as I sometime do, looked at how we all have changed. I think it's one of the best parts of the website, giving us an opportunity to keep up with our former classmates. I know it's sometimes difficult to get updated info, but, to be honest, I haven't seen a new picture that I haven't smiled and remembered those simpler, less complicated days. We were so young....and maybe a little nave, but we're still smiling at 62,63,64....
Keep up the good work. (We pay you how much for all this work?)
Keep the faith.
Toni Salometo

Note from Marcy:
I get paid in classmate smiles. They are more valuable than monetary rewards.
Via email 6/22/06

Hi Marcy,

 Many months ago you asked for a recent picture that you could add to the LMHS Then & Now section, and I promised I'd send one as soon as I could cajole someone with a digital camera to take one. Anyway, we haven't forgotten, that day has finally arrived, and I'm attaching a photo taken today to this note. Please let me know if you have any problems with it, otherwise, ok to post.

Best regards,
Mark Harris
Via email 6/5/06

Hi Marcy,

Just looking over the Way We Were and saw Mr. O'Donnell's son in that picture that was recently added....with a question about the unknown face. He did not go to our school and did go with us on the trip as his Dad was on the trip as well, of course. Would be nice if he could see himself .....anyone know where he is these days? I sent you an email with the picture and what was written next to it....but wasn't able to send this message with it. Great job on the pics, Marcy....really incredible the prices of those two Levittown houses. Boy, am I ever sorry we didn't keep that one of my parents and just rent it out all these years. But, who knew???? Ha.

 Lois Christensen Bish
Via email 5/25/06

Just a note from a happy momma to let you all know Matt is back on American soil and will be stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX...the excitement is building as the clock winds down to the 2nd of July when he and Risa will
be married in Las Vegas....thanks for all your prayers for his safety and for all our military...don't know how long he'll be at Ft. Bliss 'til his next deployment but appreciate your continued prayers...praise God for He is faithful and true! love and kisses,

Gail Siegel Jamison
Via email 5/21/06

Our best wishes go out to Celeste Vives Holden who had emergency gall bladder surgery last week. She is home and incredibly back to work after eight short days. Celeste can be reached at

 Marcy Fall
Via email 5/18/06

Hi Marcy,

I was so surprised by Joel's email....especially the puppy part. We did have a dog when I was in third grade but I could not remember if she had asked my folks, who can't remember what they had for lunch, and my father said, "don't you remember....Inky Paws had puppies in our bed and none of us knew she was going to have puppies"?, I didn't remember!

Part of my memory problems is that I adored that dog, and my parents gave her away the next year when my mother was pregnant with my sister. My mother did not want the extra work with an extra kid in the house. So, maybe I erased all memories from my poor, sad, childish hoping it comes back to me. BUT, it is amazing to think that puppy went on to have 18 years with Joel and his family....and am sure they were happy years. Amazing, too, that Joel has our third grade picture. I think the teacher was Mr. Montel who I also adored....or maybe he was 4th grade? Oh brain hurts from trying to remember all these things.

I'll be anxious to see Joel's pictures when you get them up on the website. I've bugged Janet again about a picture. I know she said she had one on her home computer. Have not heard back from Arlene. I also asked her to send in a recent picture. I spent some time going through the "Then and Now" on the website and it's really wonderful. You've done a great job and I love looking at all the wonderful photos of everyone. Thanks a ton for all your hard work. Have been meaning to send a check off to help with the effort....will do it tomorrow (if I don't forget....nah, I'll write myself a note). Also, the tribute to Rose was wonderful. Sounds like she had a very full life, although it was cut way too short.

Thanks for sharing Joel's email and all you do to help keep us all connected.

 Lois Christensen Bish
Via email 5/7/06


Thank you so very much for giving Rose a tribute on your class reunion web site. I am her sister-in-law, Jo Ann Antigiovanni, married to her brother Alex who was a fellow classmate (not sure what year '60). Anyway, please keep Alex on the reunion list...I so wanted him to join Rose last year at the reunion. It was just not good timing for us.

Life at not good timing. Rose is and will be missed by so many but her family is feeling the loss tremendously. We will go on because she taught all of us that.

Again thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

Jo Ann Antigiovanni...San Diego, CA
Via email 5/6/06


I just went out to the LMHS61 website. It is an amazing tribute to our class. I have some old pictures including a third grade picture from Abbey lane school that includes Lois Christensen. When we were in the third grade, Lois gave me a puppy from a litter that her dog had. That dog lived for eighteen years. How do I get the pictures on the website?

Perhaps it is a little late, but I just want to say thank you for all the work done on last years reunion. I was a little overwhelmed by meeting all these people that I had not seen in 44 years.

Joel Chesnoff
Via email 5/6/06

Hi, again, Marcy,
What a great network you've established and what great opportunities technology affords us in communicating with people all over the world.

I'd love to be featured in an alumni page. I'll send off info to you in a few days.

I'm sure you probably saw the page Honey Cottrell set up for the LMHS Class of '61 on I sent her the following info, which you may want to put up on the website:

Levittown will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary beginning around October, 2006 and running culminating with a large parade in October, 2007. Any Levittown or Island Trees graduates interested in getting involved with the planning should contact me at the Anniversary e-mail address, which is Sponsorship opportunities from $25 to $1,000 are available. A calendar of events is in the planning stages. As soon as that's completed, I'll send it along.

Louise Cassano
LuCas Communications
29 Lilac Lane
Levittown, NY 11756
"Projects & Progress Begin With A Plan"
Via email 5/5/06

I told a gal pal of mine to check out our LMHS website and she thought it was fantastic, and nothing like what her class did. Then I realized that I hadn't checked things out for a while either and much to my glee (yes, it's a word) I saw the Then and Now photos and I was transported back to 1961. What memories, Marcy. That must have taken you hours to do, and I for one thank you from the bottom of my heart for those invaluable day dreams. I loved it.

Anything more on the July get together?
Celeste Vives Holden
Via email 5/5/06

Hi Marcy,
Was on the class website today and was amazed at how it's grown. It's a tremendous resource for the Levittown community as well as a wonderful way for the alum to keep posted.

Please pass on the word to all involved in keeping up this site.

In reading the obits in Newsday this morning, I found the notice of the death of Horace Gridley.

Thought you'd want to add this to the website.
Louise (DeNardo) Cassano

Louise Cassano
Via email 5/3/06

Passing of LMHS Former chairman of the business department - Horace H. Gridley. He was Carol's typing teacher.

GRIDLEY-Horace H. of Massapequa Park on April 30, 2006 at the age of 87. Beloved husband of the late Aldeane. Loving father of Thomas (Christine) and James (Patty). Cherished grandfather of Jonathan and Christopher. Longtime teacher at Levittown Memorial High School. Avid Bowler and Golfer. Reposing at the Massapequa Funeral Home Inc., 1050 Park Blvd. (At Clark) Massapequa Park, NY. Funeral Mass Friday Our Lady Of Perpetual Help RC Church, Lindenhurst, NY, 11AM. Interment St. Patrick's Cemetery Oneida, NY.
Published in Newsday on 5/3/2006.

Contributed by Carol Anchor Zachmann
Via email 5/3/06

Classmates: I received this sad news today on the passing of Rose Antigiovanni Salerno. As some of you may know, Rose has been battling cancer for quite some time. I'm so happy she was able to make our reunion last July. It meant a lot to her and to those of us who were able to spend some time with her.

It is with a very saddened heart that I write you to let you know that Rose passed over today at 8:40 pm. She was surrounded by Larry, Chris, Laura, family and friends.

Thank you all for your very kind words and prayers.

I will e-mail you tomorrow with funeral arrangement details. At this time, we are hoping for a Wednesday viewing and a Thursday mass with a reception to follow.

Larry & Rose's home address is 1052 Agate St, San Diego CA 92109 her own time schedule..did join our heavenly father in his kingdom very peacefully.

Subject: Arrangements
Rose's funeral arrangements have been made:

Viewing Thursday, April 27 4 - 8 pm

Pacific Beach Chapel - El Camino Memorial (across from St Brigids church)
4710 Cass Street
San Diego, CA 92109

The rosary will be said at 6:30 pm at the chapel
This will be an open casket viewing

Mass Friday April 28 11:00 am

Saint Brigids Catholic Church
4735 Cass Street
San Diego, CA 92109

Immediately following the mass there will be a courtyard service and then a reception in the church hall...all are invited

There will be no graveside service .. Rose will be cremated at a later date and another service will be at Fort Rosecrans sometime in August.

Larry has requested that in lieu of flowers a contribution be made in Rose's honor to The American Cancer Society. I hope to have envelopes available at the viewing.

Rose's corneas were donated and now two very fortunate individuals will be able to see life through Rose's eyes.

I can be reached at 858.270.2303 or my cell at 858.699.1339 or, of course, by this thing called e-mail.

We thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers. This is a difficult time that is made so much easier by the love we share with family and friends like you.

Love, Jo Ann
Via email 4/24/06

 Our hearts go out to Pat McCauley Mangels, whose mother passed away last month. Anyone wishing to send their condolences can reach her at
Via email 4/22/06

 Our condolences to Ann Marie Adamec Coady on the recent loss of her mother. Anyone wishing to send her a note can do so at
Via email 3/22/06

My grandson has arrived!
Atticus Schembri
Born March 5, 2006  10:28 a.m.
8 pounds  21 inches long


Congratulations to Marcy and her family for this great blessing! Click here for picture
Via email 3/5/06

Left-Click Here for a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane sent by Lois Christensen Bish. Worth the read!
Via email 2/24/06

Hi Marcy,

How are you? I was just wandering around the internet....googled my co editor in chief of the LMHS yearbook of 65, whose name then was Barry Schonhaut, now it's Barry Rivers. He is the director of the Maui Film Festival, quite a well known guy in Hawaii by reading the accounts. I know you have classmates in Maui, so I thought you would let them know of the connection. Small world, huh?

Hope all is well. New baby yet???

Take care. Rona

I sent this email from Rona Selsky (LMHS class of 65) to Iris Kogel Chapman in Maui.. Here is her response:

Hi Marcy - Barry and his wife Stella are very good friends of ours. We met in 1987 when we first moved here and soon discovered our LMHS connection. I tried my best to get him to come to the reunion in July but he didn't want to. Am also friends with his sister, Ellen, who lives here. Also lving here is Dave Mogilefsky who was G.O. President of the class of '60. He was planning on coming to July reunion for a while but then changed his mind. We see each other practically every day when I am walking my dog and he is doing his walk. So there are lots of schoolmates to see when you come here!! I hope soon...I'm starting to have withdrawals after Las Vegas trip. I'm very excited about Tom and Patty coming in March and I have a feeling Tom will be able to rally you guys to come and visit here. How are you?

Love, Iris
Via email 2/24/06

Congratulations to Andrea Gilmore Brannelly and her husband Jack on the birth of their seventeenth grandchild on February 20th in Tennessee. Virginia Mae Hale is the fourth child of daughter Tara and weighed in at six pounds, thirteen ounces. I have a feeling that if we had a prize for the classmate with the most grandchildren, Andrea would win. Anyone know of someone in the class who could top that record?
Via email 2/24/06

Congratulations to Irene and Jerry Murphy who are expecting two additional grandchildren this year- one in June and another in September.
Via email 2/24/06

  I was looking at the "Then and Now" photos. I recognized some faces in the photo submitted by Sandy Parrish. The photo is the Wisdom Lane 1952-53 photo. The blonde girl in the front row is Carol Stagg. I see Sandy Findlay in the second row. The girl in the third row with the glasses is Peggy Tuohey.
  I could spend forever browsing the website! I did send a short message to Irene Murphy today wishing her well. I don't think I met her at the reunion. Also, I plan on sending a birthday card to Bob Fallacara and wonder if he was at the reunion. Didn't see him in the photos and don't recall talking to him. Whatever!
  So delighted that you got to see Toni and had dinner with her. I am so pleased that she was able to get out that day and enjoy some time with you and Frank.
Talk to you soon.

Pat Pandolfi Cox
Via email 1/12/06

Hello Everyone,

Celeste, thank you for sending the Senior Trip photo as it is a shocker to me as well!!

In the background sits yours truly (Gloria de Lama Sciole) with Al Hoppe.

I will have to dig out our table photo that also included Diana Genna and Dennis Foley and pass it along to Marcy.

Now where did those years go?? Thank you so much for keeping me in mind as I want so much to stay in the loop of what is going on as well as making one of the travel get-togethers in the future.

Hugs, Gloria
Via email 2/7/06

Jerry Murphy's wife Irene had successful hip replacement surgery on February 1st. She is expected to get out of bed and make her first attempt at walking on February 3rd. We wish her well. Jerry would like to thank all classmates who said prayers for a successful surgery.

Hi Marcy

Just couldn't help but notice that one of our classmates has become very delusional. I thought that I was involved in most everything during the Vegas trip.

Was Jerry hiding Russ and his lovely wife in the basement of that big RV?? If so how come he never let him out? Well at least his wife.?? Russ you need to get a grip. Check your credit card. It will convince you. That you weren't all there.

It was a great time. I still can't believe how great it is to be around these old people. Looking forward to our next trip.

Your classmate & friend

Frank Curtin
Via email 1/30/06

 Ed Note: Frank is referring to Russ' recent letter to Updates. Russ was unable to make the trip and wrote the email as a joke to see if anyone was paying attention. Looks like Frank was paying attention but more to the point he knows Russ and his sense of humor well. Frankly (no pun intended) I'm surprised no one else noticed that the letter writer who lost at Black Jack was not in attendance.

Hey hay Marcy,

Being that it's the end of January it must be cold in New York, but I hope that you are staying warm and healthy. This is just a quick note since I have to get out of here and do some art work at one of the harbors. What I want to tell you is, during our stay in Las Vegas, we saw around noon a Las Vegas treat and I'm not sure that everyone really got the importance in what we were seeing - SNOW. Now, I know, that to you all, who live in a place where snow is an everyday occurrence during the winter, but the last time it snowed in Las Vegas was 102 years ago, so I have just learned. Just something that ought to be brought out on how special our trip to Las Vegas was. Talk to you later.

Via email 1/30/06

Marcy Note: This was mentioned in the section where we put the Vegas pictures on the third paragraph down. On the news that night it did say that it had been more than a hundred years since it snowed or hailed in Vegas. The worst part is that we were all dressed for spring like weather! But Gino is right. Our trip was special in many ways.

Marcy.....Thanks for the information on your website. I sent it out to my class. It went out to 105 email addresses and I got 9 replies that the email was no longer valid. Will see if anyone will respond. Looks like your Vegas reunion was a repeat of the '05 reunion. Almost all the same people. Because I have a dial up service provider, it took a while to get the pictures and even then my server timed out on me. One suggestion would be to include a list of all who attended in case some didn't make it into the pictures. I missed Edie Diener at the '05 party. I would have liked just to say hello to her.

Later........Tony Moors
Class of 1960
Via email 1/28/06

Hi Marcy,

Just wanted to tell you it was great to read your report on the Vegas trip and that freak storm. And loved looking at all the photos. Wish I could have been there.

Say, has your new grandchild arrived yet? Know you will be busy helping out....glad you got your trip in before you start losing sleep here. You will be walking the floor to help out the parents right???? Best wishes,

Via email 1/26/06

Notice that I'm as tall as the guys in the back row, well I was standing on top of my helmet, and speaking of helmets, check out those helmets, a concussion waiting to happen. I remember that day as if it were yesterday, notice Beekman putting the horns on Randy Burgner's head. Fun times! Talk to you later.

Via email 1/24/06 - Comments re: the Football Team picture on "Way We Were" page

Dear Marcy,

Vegas was a great time. Glad I could meet up w/ everybody again. Carole & I were pretty busy so we didn't get a chance to say hi to everyone. I lost some money at blackjack but so what!!

Russ Mulroy
Via email 1/24/06

Yikes! That Blue Man picture from Vegas was like seeing a photo from the night before on the morning after!
Thank you.....The whole weekend was such a good time. I'm glad I got to sit with you sometimes so we could talk some.

 Love, Iris
Via email 1/24/06


John and I are back from buying a condo in Naples, Florida the same weekend you had the reunion in Las Vegas. I am so sorry to have missed it but am very thankful for your commentary and accompanying photos. It looks like everyone had a ball. We are so luck to be able to meet again and have fun together. We hope to be there the next time.

With appreciation,
Susan Amrhein Mulligan
Via email 1/23/06

Hi Marcy,

Please don't quote me on this, but I believe the unidentified person in the photo is Hugh O'Donnell's son, who may've been a junior that year( I think he attended a Catholic high school) . Did he perhaps accompany his dad on your senior trip?

Jeff Katz

p.s. I just came across some old b&w photos of a sit-in at New Paltz; but I can't remember if it occurred in your senior year or mine. Those were the days...
Ed Note: Jeff is correct. The unidentified person in the new way we were photo is Mr.. O'Donnell's son. I checked it against another one on this page sent by Lois Christensen and taken in Washington.

Via email 1/23/06

Class Updates From 2005

Hi Marcy, Russ, Tom and Jerry,
I received the beautiful LMHS sweatshirt with the very clever panther embroidered on it. I was very surprised to receive a gift but I am most appreciative. Would you please thank Russ for sending it to me and the committee for thinking of doing such a thoughtful thing. I'm sorry it took so long to thank you all, it arrived before Christmas amidst general chaos at my house.

I hope our website survives all time. It gets better every time I look at it. I have a lot of old pictures, when I get a chance, I'd like to send some to you also.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays so far, and will have a Happy, Healthy New Year. Viva Las Vegas!

Judy Cottrell Wolter
Via email 12/27/05

Good morning Marcy,

Hope you are staying warm up there - we are freezing, well maybe not really freezing, but quite chilly....

I noticed on the website that Jeff Katz from the class of 62 was interested in contacting people from 62 & 63 and since I lost most of my stuff from the previous computer problem I no longer have those spreadsheets that may have helped him. I'm hoping you still have them and were able to help him. Also lost the photos you sent me when some of our classmates visited your home. Gino, Phil, Frank. If you still have easy access to any or all of them I would love it if you send them to me.

Hopefully the weather is warming up in LV - but still think I will take warm weather clothes...

See you soon.


From Marcy,
Honey is the other coordinator for the class of 61. Together we had spreadsheets for all the classes of the 60's which we used before the reunion. I should have stated that I was able to help Jeff and give him both class lists that he requested. He in turn sent the latest picture on the Way We Were section. If anyone else is interested in seeing the spreadsheet for any of the classes of the sixties, contact me and I will forward it to you. I know many of us had friends in other classes.

Via email 12/27/05

Marcy and Classmates,

Merry Christmas ya'll...for 11 years I've dressed as an elf and handed out Whitman's samplers to all of my clients. These pics are two years old...thought you'd get a kick out of these.

Love ya,
Brad Scott

Via email 12/22/05

 Bob is our web developer (LMHS class of 1959) Thus the remark about feeling two years younger in a 61 sweatshirt. He makes all the magic happen on this site. Without his expertise we could not pull this off. We are truly indebted to him and to Russ Mulroy for finding him for us. We had a dream and Bob has made that dream possible.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Benson []
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 11:28 AM
To: Marcy Fall
Subject: Thank You

Marcy, Tom, Jerry & Russ,

I had an interesting visitor late yesterday - the UPS delivery driver. He brought me this really neat embroidered sweatshirt. Not only does it keep me warm here in the Pacific Northwest but just putting it on makes me feel at least two years younger :-)

Thanks all!!

 It has been fun working with you in 2005. We'll see what 2006 will bring. Have a great Holiday Season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

-- Bob Benson, on 12/22/2005
Via email 12/22/05

Dear Marcy,

I got your name off the LMHS 61 website, thanks to Bob Levine, who contacted me through a daisy chain of connections that sprouted after the recent big reunion. Im Jeff Katz, LMHS 62 (which doesnt seem to have a website) and New Paltz 66. To help stir up a possible recollection of who I am, you can find my picture in the 61 Panther Yearbook on pp.61, 85,92, 129 and 171,
and in the 66 Paltzonian on p.215 .

I have a picture of Roni Cojac, Ilene Tetenbaum, Diana Jenna, Patricia Lipp, and Debby Miller in their gymsuits for a photo that didnt make it into the yearbook; to whom should I send it for possible posting on the website?

Id also like to contact a number of the members of the classes of 62 and 63 whom I recognized in the reunion photos that were posted for a while. Do you know if 62 and 63 have sites, or how I can contact the people I recognized? And, if you dont have the 62 64 Paltzonians and youd like to see them, let me know. Im only about 90 minutes away in Scarsdale, and it would be my pleasure to zip up there with them and to gape at all the changes in the town and campus.

Mt best wishes for the holidays! I hope to hear from you soon , and thanks for all the time you put into the website.

Jeff Katz
22 Sprague Rd.
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Via email 12/21/05

Dear Marcy, Russ, Tom and Jerry,
I arrived home last night to a special surprise. A package from the web committee! I was so excited to see the beautifully embroidered sweatshirt. Of course my wonderful husband Joe was jealous and wished he had one too. I'm sure he'll be sending you a donation next year. (He's hoping you'll still have some left by then.) Your generosity is much appreciated but it's all of you that deserve a gift. Your efforts and time have brought much joy to us all. Your gift of yourselves is immeasurable. Thank you all so much for your devotion to our website and the fabulous shirt. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday.
Ardy Clay Oley
P.S. Congratulations on your retirement Jerry. Enjoy your travels.
Via email 12/21/05

Congratulations to Jerry Murphy, who is retiring from Boeing on December 22nd. He and his wife Irene plan to tour the country with their new RV. Jerry's work email will no longer be available after the 22nd. You can reach him at after the 22nd. We wish him the best of luck and much happiness as he travels and fufills that dream he's so often talked about.

Via email 12/20/05

Hi Marcy

Nothing was wanted or expected for the donation. But I sure was suprised. A great Web site, and a Levittown booster sweat shirt. You website committee guys floored me. Thanks. Great shirt. Great Site.

Frank Curtin
Via email 12/19/05

Dear Friends,
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a new year filled with health and happiness. I appreciate all of the work that the committee did to plan the reunion. I am also grateful to the website committee. It is wonderful to be in touch with "old" friends either through phone calls or e-mail. It's great to keep updated on the latest by checking out the website. Love those photos of the informal gatherings. Looking forward to seeing some of you "in person" in the new year!

Pat Pandolfi Cox
Via email 12/19/05

Hello All:

I wanted to wish you all the Merriest of Christmases or the Happiest of Chanukahs, or whatever your particular holiday happens to be. I think we all got the best present we could have hoped for in our Reunion proving how blessed we are. Keep well all and keep in touch, and a special thank you to Marcy, Tom, Russ and Jerry. All your efforts are so much appreciated. Hugs for now.

Celeste Vives Holden
Via email 12/17/05

 Congratulations to Ronnie Meringer Weisz who retires from Bae Systems on December 15th. Ronnie's email is a work email which will no longer be functional. She hopes to have a new email address set up for home within the next two weeks. We wish her all the best on this new and exciting journey into retirement!

From Marcy
Via email 12/15/05

To Marcy, Russ, Tom and Jerry,

Thanks guys for my beautiful sweatshirt. It's fits perfectly and it's particularly useful this time of year. I have already worn it on an awful chilly day. It was my pleasure to support the website and I didn't expect anything but the fun of keeping up on my classmates and the old pictures, etc. I'll be sending another check in Jan. I know that the site doesn't come free. So, keep up the good work, I enjoy it all.

Toni Salometo
Via email 12/14/05

It was a thrill to get the sweatshirt yesterday. Just in the nick of time. It's "cold" here in south Florida today (woke up to 53 degrees - eat your hearts out all you northerner's) and I'm wearing it with pride. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year to all and thanks to the website committee for the shirt.

Steve Weissman
Via email 12/13/05

Hi Marcy and website committee members

Have been meaning to write but things here are still chaotic! BUT, had to write to you tonight to tell you that I so surprised and delighted by the LMHS61 Booster Club sweatshirt. And the timing could not be better as it's dipping into the low 40s here tonight with tomorrow promising to be very unFlorida-like weather - so I know I will get to use it immediately. I do feel rather guilty as I do not deserve such a gift, as YOU and your web committee have done all the work. I have only enjoyed your efforts! However, rest assured I will be proudly wearing my new sweatshirt often.

In fact, I just got word that our son is leaving for Iraq in the next couple of days (probably to bring troops back right after the election) and it looks like he won't be home for Christmas. He asked that I go up to Delaware to be with his wife and kids which I hope I can do. Of course, it will be way colder there than here, so will take along my new sweatshirt.

Please pass on my thanks to the other committee members for the wonderful sweatshirt.....what a lovely Christmas gift. Thanks so much.

 Lois Christensen Bish
Via email 12/13/05


Had to write this note to all you guys on the website committee. I just received the nicest surprise in the mail. The booster sweatshirt. It is so great! I plan to wear it in LV. Thanks so much for sending it to me.

Via email 12/12/05

Thanks to all on the website committee for the "cool" booster sweatshirt! I will wear it with pride!!!

Pat Pandolfi Cox
Via email 12/10/05

Hi Marcy,
I just noticed that you have my old work phone number in the website year book. Is it possible to change it to my home number 973-875-6703? Thank you. By the way I don't know where you find the time to spend on all the class related activities but you're doing a great job. I know that all of your classmates really appreciate it. I certainly do!!!!
Thanks again.
Joe Garofalo
Via email 12/12/05
Editors Note - Phone # Changed.

To my classmates,
Thanksgiving is here, probably my favorite holiday, because it asks us to stop and think about all the things
we have to be thankful for. Not just the material things but the laughs that lift our spirits and the
communicating that keeps us connected. Some of you, I have just reconnected with after a very long time,
and this is even more special to me. So on this blessed day, eat too much and know that you are in my
thoughts and prayers.
Toni Salometo
Via email 11/24/05

 You know you are from Long Island if:

 You live in the shadow of the greatest city in the world, but you almost never go there. 

When you're away from Long Island, you love it and when you're there, you don't. 

You think if you're not from Long Island or NYC, you're not really from New York. 

You know the exact point at which Queens turns into Nassau simply on intuition. 

You don't go to Manhattan, you go to "The City".

 You never realize you have an accent till you leave.

At some point in your life you've gone clamming. 

Either your parents or your grandparents lived in the city. 

You'd pay $8.50 for a movie.

You don't live in Long Island. You live ON Long Island.

 You know where the Commack Motor Inn is.

Your distant future might involve the state of Florida.

You can correctly pronounce places like Hauppauge, Commack, Quogue, Islandia, Massapequa.

 You know the location of 6 malls and a dozen McDonalds and 36 7-11's.

 You never, ever want to "change at Jamaica..."

 You've tried to find the Amityville Horror house.

 No, you don't want mustard on that burger!! 

Each one of your diverse friends mercilessly makes fun of his own background

 You've had a seagull crap on your car. 

You or someone you know has fallen asleep on the LIRR and ended up in one of these three places; Babylon, Port Washington or Speonk.

 You went to an elementary school that promoted dodge ball as the number 1 game among children 7-13.

 You know White Castle is terrible for you and the food sucks but you periodically "Get the Crave".

 You want the Yankees to stay in the Bronx, but would probably go to more games if they moved to Manhattan.

 You've missed that "Drunk Train", the 2:42 out of Penn and had the dreaded wait until 5:30.

 You or someone you know has owned an animal that came from North Shore Animal League.

 Quick! Who's the Suffolk County Executive? Don't know do you?!

You've never taken an MTA bus.

 The Long Island Expressway isn't really as bad as everybody thinks.

 You don't associate Fire Island with gay men.

 You know which parts of the Godfather were filmed on Long Island. 

You've said stupid things like "Strong Island".

 You curse. A lot.

 You've paid a $10 cover charge to get into a bar, but got nothing for it.

 You miss wiffleball and running through sprinklers.

 You think Islip MacArthur airport is cute and you enjoy watching it grow up.

Billy Joel said it best, "either you date a rich girl from the North Shore, or a cool girl from the South Shore".

You don't really see the big deal about the Hamptons, unless you got smashed at the Bordy barn.

When people ask "where are you from?" you answer Long Guy Land and automatically assume everyone in the world knows that answer means New York.

You've always liked Billy Joel and you own several of his "records"

Is it just me, or is every girl from Rockville Centre a bitch?

The Belt Parkway sucks!

Your parents took you to Nathan's or Carvel (on the way home from the beach).

 News 12 sucks.

You know where at least one strip club is.

 Regular gas - $3.39 and you still pay it!!!

 You hate paying tolls.

 Block parties...

 You don't have to go far to see your family.

 You remember Grumman

 You've gotten drunk on the bleachers of some high school

 You know the color of the water at Jones Beach is not BLUE!

 You can pinpoint the day that you realized that Adventureland sucks. You are nearing the day that you realize that Great Adventure sucks.

 You have a friend who knows a guy who has a friend whose sister knows this woman whose daughter sat next to Amy Fisher in 10th grade Social Studies.

 You were upset when all the Roy Rogers turned into Wendy's.

 You can spout off all the LIRR stops between Penn Station and Ronkonkoma

 Paying $35 for a haircut doesn't sound so crazy.

 You've been to Utopia at least once.

 "I'm going to the park."

 You know what pool-hopping is

 You think the people from Brooklyn are "da wunz dat tawk wit a accent"

 Sledding in the sumps

 You knew of Massapequa before the Amy Fisher-Joey Buttafuoco nightmare

 You thought going to Queens was a hike

 The first time you heard the term "Long Island Iced Tea" you were somewhere else and you laughed.

 When you live somewhere else and are astounded to see that people actually stop at yellow lights.

 When you just sort of presume that wherever you live, you'll be able to find good delis, good pizza, and good bagels.

 You can name at least three bands that came from Long Island.

 When you walk in the city and you see two men holding becomes normal to you.

 No word ends in an ER, just an AH. 

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Long Island.

Lois Christensen Bish
Via email 11/24/05

Just wanted to wish all of my LMHS friends and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is a blessing re-connecting with so many friends!
Pat Pandolfi Cox
Via email 11/24/05

You won't believe this

Well Marcy guess what??? Tom and Pat Tierney met us at the airport in Puerto Vallarta!!  I told them to look for us with a cat carrier...and they did!! And Tom had the porter take a picture of us 4. I can't imagine how I look as we were up at 3am and got the first leg of the flight at 7....yikes...anyway, he should be sending you a picture as promised...gosh he's good!! haha. They came to the airport early so they could meet us - but our ride also was there and we could not spend much time with them ....but what a hoot to see them and how sweet they made extra time for us!!

Happy Thanksgiving
Sandy Parrish Duvall
Via email 11/18/05


Just got back from Puerto Vallarta. Met with Sandy Parrish & Del at the airport. We were leaving as they were coming in for a few weeks. Sending a picture of us all at the PV airport. Sandy looks absolutely great. Also sending a couple of pictures of the villa we rented. Patty liked it because we contracted with a cook to come in & prepare most of our meals. Patty, however, did not like it when we paddled a canoe across an estuary to get to a small town with a restaurant. We ordered fried fish & you should have seen her face when the fish arrived with the head and tail still attached. What's new??

Tom Tierney
Via email 11/17/05

We have a new alumni page for view on the yearbook link. Please visit our new page by clicking on Honey Murway Cottrell. The feedback I'm getting is that you want more of these but I can't give you more if I don't have the bios and pictures that make these pages so special. I hope more of you will take the time to write a few words and send a few pics. If it's easier for you, items can be sent to me a little at a time until you have it all complete. My dream is to have one on ALL of you!
Via email 11/16/05

Hi, Marcy,

I just went over all the new items on the web site and really enjoyed it. It reminded me that we had a little reunion of our own in June 04. I found a few pictures to send on to you. I'm including the names that go with each of the photos. We rented a condo and had a four-day pajama party! Please feel free to use what ever you want and if you need more info, storyline, etc., just let me know.

I believe the girl in the center (The way We Were/class photo of Wisdom Lane School) in the plaid dress is Kathy LoMedico. She lived near me on Saddle Lane and we used to walk to Wisdom Lane School together. I don't know what happened to her. I'm not sure she graduated from LMHS. Great web site.

Thanks for all your work.
Betty Csontos Schuste
Via email 11/14/05


Update on our hurricane status in Fort Lauderdale. It's Saturday, November 5th -  We are still without electricity at Jeanie's house and my business. We are running on generators, plenty of gas and no lines. Each day gets a little better. We found an open Italian restaurant last night so along with good food and wine we had Air Conditioning.. WOW!!

Our best to all
Richard Burger
Via email 11/05/05

Hi Marcy,

I spoke to Rheva today and she IS coming to Las Vegas in January so her name can be added to the list. Is everyone you know of staying at Circus Circus?  I was in Phoenix last week and saw Tom and Patty. It was great to see them and I'm really looking forward to lots of contact when they have a home here.

How are you doing? The web site is really fun. Thank you for all you are doing! Talk to you soon.

Love, Iris
Via email 11/05/05

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to inquire about us during WILMA.  David and I rode out the storm at home. Our damage seems to be very minor in comparison to those around us who are still without power, etc.. We will not be able to make it to Vegas in January but hopefully will join you for the next one. I had a wonderful time at the reunion and continuously tell everyone whether they care to listen or not. Now that "SEASON" is about to begin I do hope we have some visitors from L.M.H.S..

Rheva Mason Thomason
Via email 11/01/05

Thanks for your concern. We were hit pretty hard at Jeanie's house, a 50 year old mango tree came down and crushed her svt lightning pickup truck, and a corner of our screened in patio. Our metal shed garage is gone along with most of the fence. It's 9:oopm Friday and still no electric. Gas lines are 4 hours long. We are under a boil water in order to drink it. FEMA is handing out ice and water but the lines are long. I have a generator and thanks to a friend who drove down from Vero Beach 50 gallons of gas to run it. We have pictures but no place open to get them developed. I will send some when we can. Publix grocery is open but running on generator so no perishables...But we are both safe and healthy.

Thanks again for LMHS support
Richard Burger
Via email 10/28/05


Part 1

Thanks for thinking of us. I was at a trade show in Houston when all hell broke loose here. My wife was alone as we didn't expect anything stronger than a tropical storm or cat 1. Wilma never lost strength as she came across the state to our side. Finally hit our house with winds in the 120 range. Damage was to the exact spot as last year so we lost part of our pool enclosure. "Only" another $3500. I'll have to figure out how to redesign so it doesn't happen again.
   We once again were spared a long power outage only losing power for 13 hours. My flight home was changed to Orlando so my wife had to drive 2 hours up to get me. Finally retrieved my car this am from the Palm Beach airport and have spent the past two days cleaning up the yard and helping friends remove their shutters. Power will not be fully restored to the state until the middle of November so I may be on a forced vacation. I only have enough gas to go 135 miles and Joanne has enough for 75 so we will conserve and stay close to home. Stores in the area have no power so all perishables have been destroyed. Fortunately we have a full freezer and should be OK for a while.
   All in all we are miles ahead of thousands of people having to stand on lines just to get water and a little food, so we feel blessed.
Regards to all and thanks again for thinking of us.

Part 2

I'm not very computer literate so if you can forward this to the update page I would appreciate it.
  Thanks to all who have inquired about our experiences with Wilma. As I mentioned I was in Houston at a trade show and Joanne was "home alone" although she had many friends and neighbors staying in contact. We never expected a hurricane to travel across land and not only maintain itself as a Cat 2 but actually increase to a Cat 3 as it entered the Atlantic. We live about 35 miles north of West Palm Beach and Wilma's "eye" once again found Palm City. I guess she wanted to say hello to Jeanne and Frances both of whom visited last summer. Lost several trees and part of my pool screen enclosure. We lost power for only 13 hours as we are on the same electric grid as one of the shelters.
After arriving home (finally) at 2AM Monday (Tuesday AM Joanne had to drive 2 hours to Orlando since our airports were all shut down) she said that reports stated we were hit with winds about 120 - 125 mph. Many people are still "in the dark" and might be until mid-November. After living all around Florida for 35 years and never experiencing a direct hit I guess my time was up. Maybe it's my turn at the lottery!
If anyone gets in touch with Reva have them tell her that if there is anything we can do to contact me at 772.463.0769. Also I remember from the reunion that Richard Bugner lives in Margate (just northwest of Ft. Lauderdale)...has anyone heard from him? Joanne and I feel blessed that once again we were spared any major damage or damage to the house. The screen will take months to get rebuilt because of the numbers of jobs these guys have but fortunately the bug season is over.


Fondest regards,
Steve Weissman
Via email 10/28/05


Just checked the website and looked on the missing list. I do know that Steve Slevin passed away many, many years ago from cancer. He lived across from the high school. Our dear friends the McPartlands were the Slevin's next door neighbors. I think Steve was in his twenties when he passed away. He has an older brother Charlie and a younger sister. I can't recall her name.

Pat Pandolfi Cox
Via email 10/27/05

Whenever I have to news to share with you on one of us I will use the update section to do so. Shortly before our reunion in July, Sandy Parrish was diagnosed with breast cancer. She could have cancelled out and stayed home to wallow in self pity but felt that it was more important now than ever to reconnect. That big smile we all know so well was evident all weekend long at the reunion. Few knew she was going back to Colorado to face surgery and possibly chemo or radiation treatments afterwards.
   This week will be her last radiation treatment and she says in her usual upbeat manner that she is beginning to
glow in the dark. She still faces five years of pills, but will soon start feeling stronger as soon as the radiation starts to leave her body. She has given me her permission to share her news. In her own words, "this is not a loner's disease". She believes in the power of prayer and I'm sure would welcome messages of support from classmates. I admire her guts to come see us all at such a painful time in her life and the upbeat manner in which she has handled all of this. Her sense of humor will lead her down the road to a complete recovery with a little help from her friends. You can email Sandy at Thanks.


Via email 10/24/05

Hi Marcy,

Well today we went to visit Gino, it was a wonderful afternoon. My husband and I were overwhelmed to what Gino has gone thru with the mud slide. It is amazing how much cleanup he has done by himself.

We chatted for most of the afternoon and Gino made a nourishing vegan lunch for us. I also went home with one of his remarkable pottery casserole/soup bowls. When we get home the beginning of next month, I will send the pictures. There is one of he and his darling dog. I am going to enlarge it for him and give it to him framed at the reunion in Las Vegas. He is such a giving person, so rare.

Jerry Murphy and his wife are in Nashville getting their new motorhome, we are so excited for them, we were in their place last year. We will be seeing them again when they return.

Once again Marcy, you did a great job of getting us all back together at the reunion, and the fruits of your labor is showing in how everyone is keeping in touch with one another, it's great!

Pat McCauley Mangels
Via email 10/22/05

Hi Marcy,

I went to the Levittown Memorial web site tonight to catch up on what you've done...and oh my, it's better than ever. I cannot believe all you've is so incredible...especially the list of songs and listening to Dream Lover on the juke box and Rock Around the Clock....what a treat!!!!

Sure hope I can somehow get to Vegas in January. Am sure it will be a last minute decision, but would love to catch up with you all in person. Thanks again, Marcy....really appreciate the phone call and the emails.
Lois Christensen
Via email 10/20/05

Hi Marcy,
I was just looking at your bio page on our LMHS website and noticed what a darling granddaughter you have. Can't you get a nice close up of her to put on the page, you can hardly see what she looks like. Just a suggestion, she really is a cutie.

Hope you are doing well.

Via email 10/17/05

What grandmother could resist a request like this one? Another picture will go in shortly. Did you know
you can click on the picture of her that is there to enlarge it? Although I suspect he may have been teasing me, Tom Tierney suggested that I include a sonogram  picture of the expected one due in February. Rising to that challenge, I will add the sonogram. Theresa  and Paul have chosen not to know the sex of the child so we can all be surprised at the delivery.


Thanks, Marcy for sending in the pictures you have of me for my alumni page. I've also snail mailed a few additional photos you to use. I like the idea of having the updated info on the classmates in the yearbook section. I checked out Celeste's place on the internet and it looks so beautiful. Would love to get up there perhaps at some point over the coming summer. I mentioned it to
Jeanie. We can try to get a group of the "girls" together. Something to talk about.

Pat Pandolfi (Cox)
Via email 10/13/05

Note from Marcy:
Pat's alumni page is ready for viewing. Go to yearbook and click on P for Pandolfi. I'm looking for more volunteers. Send me your bio and some pictures. I will return any sent by snail mail once I scan them into my computer. This is your website. We need your help to make it interesting. I'm also looking for more reunion pictures or old photos of the past for Way We Were. Thanks to all who have contributed.

Thank you Marcy for the reunion picture.

By the way, I never told you how much I appreciated all the work and hours that you and Louise put into this reunion. Your
heart for people is evidenced through the generous giving of your time to bring us all together. My heart was warmed as I
saw each person. As a teenager I never knew how much I would treasure the people of LMHS.

Go bless you and thank you again,

Vic Sassone
Via email 10/13/05

Congratulations to Honey (Murway) and Tom Cottrell on the birth of their grandson Nolan Miles Cottrell at 7:26 a.m. on October 3, 2005. He weighed in at eight pounds and is twenty inches long. Check out the photos on Honey and Tom's website:,%20Dana%20&%20Nolan.htm

Honey's email address is here if you want to send her your best wishes.

Via Email 10/6/05

Class of 61,

My long time friend Carol Manning DelPrete, sent me the new web. I am so surprised to see how quickly all the names came back to me, We had some great year's, I hoped followed by even better year's for everyone. Thank you for putting all this together. I live in N.C. --but have moved a few year's ago to a new development. 629 Lanvale HIlls Cir, Leland N.C. 28451----( just outside of Wilmington N.C. ) 910 371 6422. Our E-mail is Who knew a native N.Y. person would move to the south. I have three grown children, who all live in N.C. with in a close driving distance. and six grand children. My husband Ed is a retired NYPD, and we really love being down here. I will be in touch, thanks again for great work. Please send out a general idea of the $ for us to kick in.

Joan P. Gale (Wilson)
Via Email 9/26/05

Hi Marcy

   Thanks for forwarding these photos. Tom didn't mention that he and I were standing in front of the painting Gino did for me. After the reunion Rheva and I went into the city for a few days and Gino came in one day and we went to museums. At the Guggenheim there was an exhibit of the works of Hilla Rebay, a woman who painted just after the turn of the century (20th) and was one of the first to paint abstract, flowing, soft depictions of the world. (At least this is what I remember about her...I hope it is somewhat accurate!!) Anyway, I loved this painting, bought a post card of it but accidentally left it with Gino. So as a surprise, he did a copy painting of it. Tom and I posed in front of this pic so that it would be included.
   How are you doing? I can see you are still very busy coordinating things into web site! Is there anything you would like me to do re Las Vegas? I will be glad to get in touch with anyone or do whatever is needed to help out.
   I love the new photos on web site. After seeing all the get togethers that happen, I am hoping that classmates will be planning trips to Maui and maybe have mini reunions here OFTEN. It was so great to see Tom here on Maui. We had some time to drive around to some beaches and beautiful places. Must go, but I look forward to hearing from you.

Iris Kogel (Chapman)
Via Email 9/26/05
From Marcy: The painting by Gino that Iris is referring to can be seen in the Extra-Curricular Get-Togethers next to the Hawaii icon. Some day we will have to have link for Gino's artwork on here.


I just got around to really going through our website and to say I was impressed is putting it mildly. You, Tom, Russ and Jerry are doing one fantastic job, and I know I speak for the rest of us when I thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a labor of love and how so very appreciated it is. I'm sorry to have to miss the Las Vegas trip, but I'll be at the next one, whenever and wherever. Thank you again!!! I loved the trip down memory lane almost as much as I loved the reunion. Catching up is wonderful.

 Celeste Holden
Via Email 9/21/05

Tom & Marcy,

Tommy Lambert has been located! He and his wife are in Florida and right now I do not know if they have been back to assess any of the damage. Thank God that they are well.  Thank you all so much for helping in the search. I know that your prayers and concern for their welfare were heard.  There is another dangerous storm on the way. I pray that all of your friends and family are in a safe place.

1961 Alumni   Mary Mennette  (Mattson)
Via Email 9/21/05

Hi Marcy,

I just visited the website and was surprised to see ALL those photos in the Way We Were! I thought you would use ONE...but just wanted you to see all the rest of those photos. You are all doing the most amazing job - and really love the little pieces of history you've added, like the Lucille Ball pic! Very well done.

By the way, if you are able to change any of the printing on the website with the names, I would ask you to change the spelling of my last name as it's Christensen. Tis no big deal at all, so don't worry about doing it, but just thought you might like to know.

Thanks a bunch for all you are doing.
Via Email 9/19/05

Note from Marcy: The spelling of your name is my error. Apologies on that. The Lucille ball pic (and others) was the brainchild of Russ Mulroy. In the interest of space we didn't put ALL pics in that you sent, but I enjoyed every one of them. Thanks for sharing. Will return your originals soon.

Hi Marcy,
Great job on the web site. Lost my year book, and this makes up for it. I wish I could express how great this reunion was for me. Most events like this are anticlimatical, like Christmas as a kid. With seeing Gino before and the ride to and from with two of my finer classmates, including the reunion itself, (a most wonderful moment) a web site keeps the good time and the great feelings fresh. Thanks Marcy and Board

Admiringly yours
Frank Curtin
Via Email 9/18/05


The website is fabulous.

Barbara O'Connell Lawrence

Hi Marcy,

See you've been even harder at work than I thought. Received an email from Tom T. about a new LMHS site, but couldn't open it. Working on changing the format so I can see what it's about. From all the emails passing back and forth I assume you had a good deal of input into its organization. If it's anything like the reunion it should be a masterpiece. Remember reading somewhere along the line about costs in setting it up. Know it can't be free, so clue me in ($) and I'll send a check to whom ever and eventually I'll get to view it.

Hope your out in the garden enjoying this beautiful weather. Hate to see the summer go, but kind of looking forward to autumn.

Phil Smith



I just finished looking at the site. It is outstanding!!! You have done a fantastic job - both on the reunion and now this. I am very impressed. Please let me know how much to send to keep the site going? What is the annual cost? The class of 61 rules - (sorry, expression from grandchildren) - it is true though - we are there for each other at all times.

We spent the past 5 days in San Antonio at a Navy reunion. Had a wonderful time. So sorry that I missed our reunion in July - but do plan on being in Las Vegas in January.

Again, Marcy, you guys have done an outstanding job and if I can help in any way, in addition to the $$$, please let me know.

Honey Murway Cottrell

Via Email 9/8/05

Great web site, and thanks for putting the yearbook photos on, with the contact info. I was at a family reunion in Kentucky and could not make the LMHS reunion so it will be great being able to look at the photos of today and "yesterday".

Betty Csontos Schuster
Via Email 9/8/05

Dear Committee Members,
I have always been amazed at the incredible spirit the Class of '61 has. It continues as exemplified by the perseverence in getting the job done and the quality of the website. What a wonderful job you did in setting it up and getting it done before the "glow" of the reunion waned.

Thanks to the committee for your great work on this. It is absolutely beautiful - nostalgic, upbeat, very user friendly
and useful.

The one omission that stood out to me was the names in the Yearbook section of deceased classmates. It's as if
they never existed. Could we include a special section, perhaps, at the bottom of that page dedicated to them?

Louise DeNardo Cassano

Via Email 9/7/05

Webmaster Marcy's Note: There are three additional pages accessible from links directly under the alphabet within the Yearbook section - Missing, Faculty & Gone but not Forgotten. We would never forget any of our Classmates! If you have additional info on any classmate, please let me know.

Dear fellow Alumni,

This may have been the worst storm ever! We are praying for the safety of the survivors and for the people that we have not located. One of our classmates Tommy Lambert lived in Slidel LA for many years with his family. I have tried in vain to find out if they are ok. I am sending this out in the hopes that the large network of LMHS friends can find out something. Please share what you can and let us know if there are any other alumni that we should know about that may need our support. thank you.

Mary Mennette (Mattson)
Via Email 9/7/05

Hi Marcy,

I checked out the web site, fabulous, wonderful, it couldn't be better. There is a picture of on the Saturday night section of the
reunion with Louise DeNardo and her husband, the other man in the picture is my husband Richard.

Look forward to talking to you soon.

Pat McCauley Mangels

Via Email 9/7/05

Hey, hey Marcy,

 I just now returned from a back packing trip to the high Sierra's. Climbed to the middle of a snow peak, some twelve
thousand foot level, and foot skied down the peak, to where I was camped at a beautiful glacier lake. I'll tell you more about the trip
when I get some rest. The web site looks great and what ever everyone else is donating money wise count me in. Plus, I'll be making my reservation this week for the Las Vegas trip. Also remember that, for the skiers Brians Head Utah is only three hours away, so something else to do. for a day and still be back for the reunion.

Gino Lynch
Via Email 9/7/05


WHAT a fabulous job you guys have done on the new website.....I am so impressed and had fun looking at where all the classmates are living with the updated addresses. I did notice that my phone number is off by one number so if possible to change the correct number is 407-345-0053. Thanks. And it was a hoot to look at the old photos of the way we were.

I'll send a check off right away to help with the cost....but the amount of time you have all spent on this is absolutely PRICELESS! Thanks for taking this on.

Lois Christiansen
Via Email 9/7/05


This is terrific. Of course I would love to send in a donationdoes anyone have an idea of the the expected monthly/yearly costs ($100 or $1,000) so I can best make a contribution to the upkeep of this site?
Susan Mulligan
Via Email 9/7/05

Hi Marcy,

It was beautiful going through the website.  Great work!  I still have a few pictures in my camera which I will send to you as soon as I finish the roll of film!  This is crazy.  I've got to go digital eventually.

Best wishes,
Doug Greene

Via Email 9/6/05


Marcy - IT'S GREAT!!!

No other ways to tell you guys--you done good. It's chuck full of info, pictures are great, the yearbook section is wonderful and it's
flexible as anyone can make it. You are all to be congratulated for your hard work and perseverance. I don't think this site was easy.
Your hard work shows--I can't think of anything I'd add.

OK, MY CHECK WILL BE IN THE MAIL--this amount of work didn't come cheap. Whatever, it was worth it.

Toni Salometo
Via Email 9/6/05

Hi Marcy,
Thanks for much for all the pictures! Gino's artwork is amazing - I had no idea he was that good! Your picture is
just beautiful!

I will send you the pictures I got from Steve Bitel. This reunion has been such an amazing experience! I'm still
enjoying it so much, thanks to you! Thank you again!

I'll keep in touch.

Judy Wolter
Via Email
August 14, 2005

 Thanx so much for everything. I had a ball at the reunion! Please send me most current list of names etc. for class of '61.

Rheva Thimason
Via Email
August 11, 2005

Marcy......first, it was great to see you again. Second, thanks for the pictures. I really enjoyed them. Third, I know
putting the reunion together was a very big undertaking. You guys did a terrific job. Everything went so well, except
that we all got old. Couldn't do anything about that, huh?

Again, thanks. Take care.
Harvey Pearlstein
Via Email August 07, 2005

Hi Marcy,

Thanks for forwarding the pics. I have to get my friend to come over and teach me how to open so I haven't seen them yet. And a great big Mahalo for all the work you did getting so many of our classmates together and making the reunion happen. It was so wonderful to be with our class. I think everyone felt a strong heart connection with each other. I know I felt so much love and welcoming and acceptance for everyone and from everyone. It was the best! And if you hear of anyone from our class who is planning a trip to Hawaii, especially Maui, Please make sure they contact me. I would love that.

Iris Chapman
Via Email August 01, 2005

Hey, hey Marcy, Gee I really don't quite know where to start in thanking you for bringing us all together again. I had such a good time that only I really know what I was experiencing, and to express my feelings to someone else just will not do. I know that I'll fall short in trying. The time spent with Frank and yourself before the reunion will be remembered in the highest esteem. And spending time with the Mulroys after the reunion will always be a warm spot in my heart. Plus, Russ and I ran down Artie Clark and had the best time one afternoon with him. Dancing with Iris Kogel, literally melted my heart, and laughing with Gloria Russo and the old game brought me into a place of yesteryear. Thanks again.

Gino Lynch
Via Email
July 30, 2005


It was great to talk to you this afternoon. I am so glad the reunion was such a success. You did a wonderful job, and I
would venture to say when it came down to the wire you were the one that made it happen.

I am thinking a 50th for the class of 61 would be great!!! Do you suppose we will have to be brought there from our nursing
homes????? Scarey thought, huh???

I look forward to speaking with you again next week and hearing more about the fun you all had. Unfortunately it has taken me
all these years to realize how much I enjoy keeping in touch... I hope one day we can get together in person to reminisce.

Congratulations on the new addition. I know how happy you must be as I know how happy we are.

Thanks again for all the photos, I have really enjoyed them also.

Love, Honey Cottrell
Via Email July 29, 2005

Hi Marcy,
ust wanted to thank you for sending me these pictures all us girls had a great time, thanks for all the hard work you have done to make the night a great success, it was great seeing everyone.

Carol Caporale
Via Email July 29, 2005

Dear Marcy,

The reunion was wonderful thanks to you and all your hard work. I hope you got to enjoy it as much as everyone that attended did. I wanted to talk to you that night but you were always busy every time I saw you. You pulled our class together with a greater attendance than any other year of graduates. Thank you, thank you. You did an amazing job. Joe and I were so pleased to receive those wonderful pictures you sent. Again, we thank you for your thoughtfulness. We booked a cruise for December to go to Cozumel and I remember you saying you had just returned from there. When you get a spare moment (which I know will be difficult with your continued work from the reunion), we'd love to hear of the places to visit while we are there. Thinking of you and all your kindness.

Love, Ardy Clay
Via Email July 29, 2005


Just wanted to congratulate all of you on the splendid job you did organizing the reunion for the classes of the 60's. I had a really good feeling about the entire evening and I'm glad we did the tour in the morning. It gave an opportunity to some who didn't or couldn't come to the dinner to meet with others and a chance for some more intimate talk.

I thought I had met with so many of my classmates, but the next day, when I went through the list of people who paid, I realized there were so many people I didn't get to talk to and in many cases didn't even see.

Thanks, again, to all of you for developing a seed of an idea into a beautiful event. I hope you all feel very proud of what you accomplished.

Thanks again, everyone.

Louise Cassano
Via Email July 28, 2005

Dear Marcy,
Thank you for all your efforts to help make our class reunion a great success. What a turnout!!!.

Carolyn Nelson
Via Email July 28, 2005

Hi Marcy - I didnt see you before I left Saturday night. Thank you very much for a great reunion!

Susan Amrhein Mulligan
Via Email July 27, 2005

ust sent 47 pictures minus some family ones, in 3 batches. Hope you received. I also want to commend you for facilitating a wonderful event that will have warm memories for me as long as I'm still alive.

God bless you in everything you do.

Jerry Murphy
Via Email
July 25, 2005

I sent out the photo link to my class and have received several responses saying the Yahoo picture site is 'perfect' for viewing, and very easy. I just got a few more pictures from Ray McDonough and will add them now so keep checking the site.

Thanks for your pictures. How great to see Edie after all these years. Also thank you for all your work in getting so many of your class to show up. If it wasn't for your work we would never had enough signed up to pull it off. It would not have happened!!! Clem asks what your secret was other than your winning personality to get so many to come so far.
> Later.......Tony

Tony Moors
Via Email July 25, 2005

Dear Marcy,

I am so happy that I was able to see you. You and your team did a great job. I would love to keep hearing the news about our classmates and maybe find a few more. It was a great night. Thank you so much Please keep us posted if you hear of anything and I would love to help if I can... Keep in touch. Mary Mennette Mattson. Please tell Charlotte Carr that I missed her. So did a lot of people.

Via Email July 24, 2005