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December Birthdays

1 Philip Campanaro
1 Anthony Campanaro
5 Mark Michaels
7 Andrea Gilmore Brannelly
8 Larry Carballo
9 Steve Weissman
12 Diane Halpern Althoff
14 Carol Lee Eckhardt Daniels
17 Bob Lent
18 Craig Shafer
19 Susan Amrhein Mulligan
21 Carol Anchor Zachmann
21 John Hughes
22 Ernie Brodsky
22 Margie Mennette
22Mary Mennette
22Marilyn Chotiner Currier
24 Marcy McNally Fall
26 Allen Garber
29 Ken Sitomer
30 Ann Greenblatt
31 Jeffrey Chasan

December Anniversaries

There are no December anniversaries


Richard Carballo requested we post the following on our site.  
In case you are on this page but were living in a bubble for the past 6 months. All Panthers from 1960-69 are invited for memories of a lifetime. On July 19, 2019 we are having a Panther family Reunion. We have 275 attending so far. Come and party with your siblings and friends to be followed by the LMHS annual Barbecue on Sat the 20th.  For more information email Honey.Cottrell@gmail.com

These are the people who have sent deposit checks for the reunion. Once a month this list will be updated. The names will be in order of when payment was received.

Steve Ross 2
Brad Scott 2
Leslie Abel Fleming 2
Jeff Chasan
Frank Curtin 2
Stu Smith
Honey Murway Cottrell 2
Ginnie Faul Coolie
Bob Levine 2
Ernie Brodsky
Louise DeNardo Cassano 2
Audrey Pettit O'Donnell 2
Larry Carballo 2
Helene Doctoroff Erb
Rheva Mason Thomason
Jerry Murphy 2
Steve Bitel
Barbara Bockmann Ippolito
Pat Pandolfi Cox
Dotty Dorsa Read
Iris Kogel Chapman
Joel Chesnoff 2
Sandy (Parrish) Duvall 2
Paula O’Connor Warmuth

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Please send me your birthday or any other classmate birthday and we will post it on the appropriate month. Thanks- Marcy

That Was the Year that Was

     Another year has passed and it seems like the older we get, the faster time flies. Most of us hit the three quarters of a century mark in 2018 and the rest will be catching up in a matter of months.
    This past year we added five new names to our Gone But Not Forgotten page- Bud Ebert, Maria Claps Hartranff, Maxine Broad Hill, Tom Ruggiero and Joan Frisch Little. It’s hard to believe that we have 70 classmates on that list. Those are just the ones we know about. I’m sure there are more but we are unaware of who they might be.
     Pat McCauley Mangels, Carol Manning Del Prete and Honey Murway Cottrell organized a mini reunion for our Florida classmates this past spring. It was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended. These ladies went all out decorating and bringing nostalgia to their classmates. There is talk of doing it again in a couple of years.
      Condolences to Barbara Bockmann Ippolito who lost her 95-year-old mother this past year. They were very close and so it was especially hard for her. I’m always amazed that we have classmates who still have living parents. What a gift you have been given.
      I am very grateful for the hard work of Frank Curtin and Honey Cottrell. They spent countless hours this past year calling classmates to update information for our yearbook page. We discovered that a lot of addresses and emails were out of date. They were also able to find out anniversary dates as well as a few classmate birthdays that we didn’t have. I’m sure you know by now that there is a reunion for all the classes of the 60s on July 19, 2019. Some of you have bought your tickets already. It’s not too late to get on board. Contact Honey at honey.cottrell@gmail.com if you want to sign up.
      Bob Benson has been maintaining this class site for the past 13 years. We are so indebted to him for his part in keeping us connected as a group. Bob is retiring at the end of December and so we will be moving the site to another location. Starting in January we will be located at www.lmhs61.com. It is actually the same name as the old one except that we are now .com instead of .org. With the help of her brother, Honey is tackling the huge job of posting our news and pictures. We ask for your patience as this is a work in progress. She is trying to salvage as much as she can from the old site so the pictures will not be lost. Bob says there are over 40,000 folders on that site so it is a big time consuming job. Not to mention that she is learning as she goes. Honey is my new hero!
     In the future you can send your news and photos to either Honey or myself.
     As always, we are deeply grateful to Bob Benson, our boosters and all of you who have been sending us news. Wishing you all very happy and healthy new year. Stay in touch!

Time for my annual "Thank you for all you do" message. I'm sure I speak for everyone who follows the website in saying how much we appreciate your efforts.

Things here are good. My health is fine and I stay busy. My oldest grandson is going to Indiana U. next fall.

 I don't know who's going to miss him more.....his parents or me.

 My younger grandson is a Freshman in high school and playing football. His school's varsity team won the State Championship this year!

I spoke to Bob Levine a couple of weeks ago and his recovery from heart surgery is going well, but too slow for Bob.

My very best wishes for a great holiday and a happy and healthy 2019.

Harvey Pearlstein


I received a phone call from Gino after Larry Caraballo called him. He confirmed that he is safe and sends his best to all who asked about him. I heard firsthand of the horrors he went through earlier this year when the fires were so close to is home. He spent most of his time sitting on the roof with a hose watering everything down. I can’t even imagine.
Carol Dunne Creal reports that she is safe in Irvine California. I was concerned about Audrey Pettit O’Donnell in Los Angeles. She said that she was in no danger from the fires but that they are dealing with the smoke from the Malibu fires. I have not heard from anyone else. Let’s hope that the worst is over.v  From Marcy

I received the note below from Larry Carballo. I gave him Gino’s phone number and I’m waiting back to hear from Gino’s brother about what’s going on in California.
Fortunately Jerry Murphy moved to Arizona a few years ago so he’s not in any danger. Larry said he will keep me posted if he hears anything from Gino.
If any of you California residents are reading this, please let us know you are OK. From Marcy on 11/13

Hi Marcy , it’s been a while since we’ve communicated and that is my fault. I just seem to let time slip away from me.
I have been thinking of and praying for our classmates that may live in California. I hope you can give me. current contact info for Gino Lynch and Jerry Murphy.
Also any posts to our site to let us know how other classmates in Ca. are doing. I hope to see you in July. Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Larry.


Hi Marcy. Hope you're doing well.

Just wanted to let you know that Bob Levine is home after successful quadruple bypass heart surgery at Yale University. He has some challenges ahead on his road to recovery, but seems to be doing well. I'm sure he'd like to hear from any classmates. 519 Putting Green Lane, Oxford, CT 06478. His email is pblevine@ix.netcom.com.
I'm doing fine and spending time with my grandsons. The oldest is a senior in high school and narrowing his college choices. My younger grandson is loving his first year in high school and playing Freshman football.
My best to you.

Dear Marcy, I know I said I would send pix of myself and wife on our 21 anniversary.  Unfortunately  she was in the hospital having a battery of tests after some severe chest pains.  Luckily everything was normal, so no pix... although she looks good in a hospital gown.
STEVE  Weissman
      Happy to hear she got a clean bill of health. There’s always next year for the anniversary picture.

I found a web site that offers school clothing- even High Schools, including LMHS.
I have purchased some hoodies and have found them very comfortable. The sizing is a little
small, so I would suggest the next size for sweat shirts.
Steve Ross



 As many of you already know, Honey Cottrell and Frank Curtin have been making calls to classmates trying to update email addresses that are no longer working. The downside of this is finding out that more of our classmates have passed away. Frank spoke to Eric Hogling in California who told him that Tom Ruggiero passed away several years ago.
Honey found out that Maxine Broad Hill died in August of 2014. I'm so glad she was able to make our 50th reunion and reunite with Maria Claps. We just recently learned of Maria's passing. So sad that they are both gone now.

Honey also found out that Howard (Bud) Ebert died in May of 2012. We will be moving these three classmates to our Gone But Not Forgotten section in the next few days.

We are discovering that many classmates who used to be online are no longer and therefore have no email addresses. Making things even more difficult is the fact that people who used to have land lines are now using only their cell phones and finding cell phone numbers is almost impossible. For these reasons it is so very important to update your information with us.

I can't thank Honey and Frank enough for all their efforts and the time they are spending making phone calls and doing people searches.

Bob has been busy updating all this information on the yearbook section. Finally, I would like to thank all of you who have sent your new addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. It makes our job so much easier. 04/05/2018

 I will be moving into my new home on March 8th. This move has been much anticipated. I expect to find some wonderful surprises when I unpack. I haven’t seen most of my stuff for 17 months! I just found a really nice sweater......

Carol Lee (Eckhardt) Daniel
113 S. Monroe St.
Moscow, ID 83843

   On the first of every month from now on we will be posting the names of the 1961 classmates who put a deposit down for reunion tickets. This is extra work for the person who is collecting the money for all the classes, so I will not burden her more than once a month. But it will give us an idea of who might be going. Thank you JoAnn Bongiovanni for so graciously doing this.
   We also owe a big debt of gratitude to classmate Frank Curtin who has spent hours this week calling people to ask for their updated email addresses. 41 emails were returned to Honey on the day she mailed out the invitations to the reunion of the 60s.        Frank was successful updating much of our information on classmates. Honey will be sending out snail mail invitations to those that could not be reached. I am so very grateful to all of you who do forward me their new information when it changes. It makes our recordkeeping so much easier. Bob spent a great deal of time yesterday just changing the information in the yearbook section.
   Brad Scott will be mailing out the second half of the invitations and I only hope he has more luck than Honey did. Thanks to everyone who is pitching in to make this work.

        From Marcy on March 1, 2018


These are the people who have sent deposit checks for the reunion. Once a month this list will be updated.

Steve Ross 2
Brad Scott 2
Leslie Abel Fleming 2
Jeff Chasan
Ann-Marie Adamec Coady
Frank Curtin 2
Stu Smith

 Apologies to all of you who have recently sent me pictures for the "Informal Gathering" section and have had to wait before they could get posted. That section is 12 years old and filled with pictures (1,200 Pictures in 17 files). It just stopped working! Bob Benson has been working on it for days and the solution is to create a new section for 2018. It's now called "Informal - 2018" accessible only from the "Home" Page. The old "Informal Gatherings" is still available to look at and it is now called "Informal History". All of the new pictures for this year will go under the 2018 link. Thank you for your patience and thank you Bob for working tirelessly on this.   Marcy   2/19/2018

 One of the downsides reaching out to classmates before any reunion is finding out that another classmate has passed away.

Frank Curtin has been helping me by making phone calls to people with outdated email addresses. He reached the home of Maria Claps Hartranft and spoke with Maria’s daughter. He learned that Maria passed away on December 22, 2016.

I did a search and found her obituary. We will move her soon to the gone but not forgotten page. RIP Maria. I’m so glad I got a chance to talk with her at our 50th reunion. She remained just as sweet as she was in high school. Whenever we would communicate by email, she always spoke about her grandchildren.

If you did not get an RSVP/Registration, please let Honey (honey.cottrell@gmail.com)  or Brad know.
 Forty one emails were returned to Honey yesterday.
Check our yearbook page and make sure your information is updated.

Just sent in my RSVP/Registration for the 2019 Reunion.
Started my "Reunion Diet” today.
Hope we can have a great turnout for our class.

Steve Ross

 I am sad to report that our classmate Joan Frisch Little passed away on December 10, 2017. Joan was married to our classmate Lou Little. I'm glad she was able to attend our 50th reunion. RIP Joan. In the near future we will move her to the gone but not forgotten page.

From Barbara Steinman Bengels

Where to begin? OK, I'm starting my 51st year teaching English and Comp at Hofstra and I've loved almost every minute. This semester, for example, I have my first student from Iceland! How cool is that (pun intended.) I'm always learning from the kids and thoroughly enjoy their company (though I am a tough teacher--and not appreciated by students who had no intention of working!) That's my "day" job. Three other days a week my beloved husband and I babysit for my extremely adorable youngest grandchild, Louie, now a bit over 2 1/2. He's here three days a week because his mom sleeps here when she works as Global Manager of Latham and Watkins, a big law firm in NYC, but she lives with her husband and 7 year old daughter the other days in East Hampton where she works from home. The only job I love more than teaching is playing with my grandkids!

My other daughters are both middle school teachers, one on Staten Island and the other in NJ. My NY daughter has given me two grandchildren, a 17 year old graduating now from the HS of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center--in opera!--and a 13 year old boy graduating from middle school at some professional kids school on 48th St in NYC. (I'm not that good a grandmother that I can keep track of the names of their schools.) Greggy has applied to technical high schools but his heart is in the arts, so we don't know where he'll be in the fall. His sister really plans to major in opera and is still getting acceptances from a variety of colleges so we don't know where she'll be in the fall either. My middle daughter has taught in an enormously successful Gifted Program for many years until her district decided to "save money" (not taking into consideration the amount her students brought in in grants.) She's now teaching French,serving as musical director of in school and many little theater productions throughout NJ, and going for a PH.D in Holocaust and Genocide studies. She's just won her second grant to study in Israel this summer-and is one of the busiest people I know.

Because of our getting older (and maybe wiser), we've sold a log cabin in Vermont which we'd had for 40+ years; that's been a big thing in the past year or so. We still go to Vermont but have found a motel which accepts dogs--and always has heat, running water, even tv, not all of which we had in the cabin. No maintenance! I love it. We travel less, but did get to the University of Kansas last summer where I was part of a program to honor my mentor of almost 40 years, Jim Gunn, a Grand Master of Science Fiction. Yes, I'm still involved with SF and taught an Honors seminar in it at Hofstra last year. I had inspiring students and again enjoyed every minute. I'm also still obsessed with theater--viewing, not participating--and thanks to Facebook have actually gotten back in touch with actors whom I knew in West Side Story when I was 15!

It's always a great pleasure to get together with old LMHS friends and I consider myself lucky that I can regularly play Words With Friends with Barbara Van Valen ElSherbini, have lunch with Marilyn Blumenthal Jacknow, and Fb with Ellen Kobrin and her sister Claire.

Life is good--and I send my love to everyone.

Pat McCauley Mangels met with Honey Cottrell and Carol Manning Del Prete to plan a get together for any interested classmates in the Florida area.
Pat's email address is: mangelsrich73@gmail.com Anyone who is interested please let her know. Thanks.


Hi Marcy,

It was a great visit, Honey will send pictures to post.

Here is the invite:


APRIL 28, 2018



If anyone wishes to stay over, there are 3 local hotels and we
can furnished prior to Get Together.

When we have everything set, we will put out another notice out
by March 1st. Then monies can be sent to Pat (McCauley) Mangels,
2035 Hartlebury Way, Sun City Center, Fl. 33573. This is being
organized by Pat Mangels, Carol (Manning) Del Prete, and
Honey Cottrell.

We look forward to a good turnout and there will be a few fun
reminisces for all. Please bring your yearbook for signing.

Thanks Marcy, Honey and Carol. Will talk soon.

February 2, 2018

Hi Honey;

   Here is a check for the website. I have been somewhat out of touch with our
class. I came across the website quite by accident yesterday. It is amazing that so
many of our classmates are still involved after nearly 57 years. It was great to see
some of the class pictures from elementary school. Although I did not recognize
him, I was happy to see pictures of Mr. Gallo's classes at Abbey Lane. It was Mr.
Gallo who got me interested in mathematics which led to my future studies in
college. Aside from mathematics, I was the recipient of Mr. Gallo's chalk. He
would throw it with some force at any student who was caught talking. I could
never control my sense of humor when I saw something funny. I think I was his
favorite target.
   I moved to Sarasota two years ago. Many of the mementos and class pictures are
still in boxes. One of these days, I will start going through them and send you
anything of interest.
   I tried to retire twice. I had my own software company which I closed in 1998.
That was my first retirement. I took a job as a computer programmer with Mt
Sinai Hospital on Miami Beach. I tried to retire from that job in 2014. They
wouldn't let me go. Since 2014, I work from my house (including Sarasota) linked
to the Hospital in Miami Beach via the internet.
   I am about to celebrate our 49th year wedding anniversary. We have three
children: 2 daughters and a son. I have seven grandchildren. They range in age
from 4 years old to my oldest who is 21. My son lives in Sarasota with his wife and
4-year-old daughter. That is the reason we moved here from North Miami Beach.
They needed grandparents to help out.
   I will try to find some items of interest from the old days. Be well and take care.

Joel Chesnoff

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, 8:45 PM, marcy fall <marcyfall@yahoo.com> wrote:

I received this note from Barbara Steinman Bengals. I sent her Phil’s information. I reminded her that we can look up any classmate on the yearbook page and find their address or email address. Wouldn’t it be great if one of our classmates made the hall of fame? I definitely think Phil qualifies as a New York Times best-selling author.

Hello old friend,

I thought you might like to know that according to Newsday there's a Levittown Hall of Fame competition for oldies like us. The website is levittownschools.com. I tried to nominate Phil Margolin yesterday but don't have his address to give to them (and to let him know I've done so.) Could you possibly send that to me?

Right now I'm living temporarily in a motel because the last storm caused our boiler to crack so we're having the furnace (or something?) replaced next week. We've been without heat on and off since that early January storm. I will try to get back to you soon with more information about what I've been up to--but I think I may have also said that awhile ago! How are you?

Fondly, Barbara

I read a note in Newsday today about a Levittown Schools Hall Of Fame.
  If you go to levittownschools.com you can see the info
   If you nominate someone, you will have to get a CV from them and add it to the online form to justify your nomination.
Steve Ross  01/27

With permission from Pat McCauley Mangels, I am sharing her Facebook post with her classmates. She can be reached at mangelsrich73@gmail.com. We wish her a speedy recovery. Get well soon Pat!

Hi Everyone! Yesterday was a horrendous day for me. What started out as a day to honor our Vets by the Governor, turned into me having a heart attack. Yup! Not something I had ever expect would happen to me, but here I am. So I will be changing a few things in my life so this doesn’t happen again. I had to have Angiogram and angioplasty because I had 90%blockage in one artery, there also was a clot so they also put in a stint. There are 2 more 60% blockages which they will watch. I am feeling so much better, hope to go home tomorrow and start my new way of living. Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayers. My Cardiologist and staff here at Brandon Regional Hospital have been fantastic. I expect to go home tomorrow and start over again to stay well.

It's time for my annual "thanks for all you do" email, so "thanks for all you do" in keeping us up to date on what's happening with our classmates. We really do appreciate it.

Hope you're doing well. Things here are good. My grandsons keep getting a little older and a little taller and I keep getting a little older and a little shorter. It's hard for me to believe that my oldest grandson is narrowing his list of potential colleges. Where did the years go?

My best wishes to you for a great holiday and a happy and healthy new year.

Harvey Pearlstein 12/14/2017

That was the Year 2017 that Was

 Another year is coming to an end and this one marks over twelve years since we opened this website for class of 61 members. It has been a rewarding experience for me. I've come to know so many of you so much better than I did in high school. We've all become so much closer. This was apparent when hurricane season was in full force. I received phone calls and emails asking how our Florida residents were doing. I was grateful for Facebook as many of you were able to post how you fared. Many declared themselves safe on the Red Cross Facebook feed. Quite a few people evacuated not knowing what they would find when they returned. One by one people would post their status when power was restored. Amazingly some never lost power. The most memorable story for me was Honey's. She lives in Tampa which was hit hard. But she was worried about her ninety six year old mother who lives in a mobile home park. Not a safe place to be when a hurricane hits. So they went and picked up her mother before the storm hit and brought her back to Tampa with them. When the hurricane had finally passed Honey was without power for days. Her mother wanted to go back home and survey the damage. Would you believe that the entire mobile home park was untouched? Not only that, but they never lost power. So Honey and Tom stayed there to avoid the heat without air conditioning in their own home.
It was heartwarming to see that power companies from my area and many other places sent trucks and linemen down to affected areas. There were long lines of them on the New York State Thruway headed down to Florida to help speed up the power restoration. Such an improvement from the last big hurricane a few years back where people went weeks without power. With all the horrible things happening on the news to make us sick, it helps to see how we reach out and help our fellow countrymen in times of need.

We added three more names to our gone but not forgotten page this past year. That brings our total of deceased classmates to 64. Terry Blair, Terry Beitel and Kevin Kinally will all be missed. I was touched when Kevin's daughter told me that he checked our website every single day.

As you may remember from last year, we ended 2016 in good financial shape. We shared that good fortune by donating money to the Levittown Historical Museum located in the basement of our former school. Once again our boosters came through with some very generous checks in 2017. We half expected amounts to be less this past year. Ironically some boosters gave more than their usual amount and once again we made enough to give something back to Levittown. This was a milestone year for Levittown and events were in place to celebrate its 70th birthday. The chairman of this huge undertaking was none other than our own Louise DeNardo Cassano. If I remember correctly, she also chaired the 50th birthday celebration for our home town. The donation check we sent Louise was in memory of our three most recently deceased class members, one of whom lived in Levittown (Terry Blair). Other classes of the sixties also donated to this event. Considering our high school no longer exists, I think that's pretty impressive. We also sent a check to the Houston Food Bank after watching in horror the footage of boat rescues and food shortages following the hurricane there.

Sometime in January or February of the new year, there will be emails or letters sent out to all the members of the classes of the sixties regarding another possible reunion in 2019. No firm date has been set as yet but a tentative target would be the first or second Friday in July 2019. Honey has only heard from a handful of you who are interested in attending. There were also a few not interested people because of distance or home circumstances. I would really appreciate everyone responding to the questionnaire that will be going out. They can't chose a place until they have an idea of the number of possible attendees. If you have friends or siblings in other classes of the sixties, please tell them about this. Not everyone is on Facebook and we need to spread the word. I know I ask this every year, but this year more than ever, it is important that you check your contact information under your picture in the yearbook section. If your address, phone or email has changed please let me know. For those of you on Facebook, you can follow the progress on the group LMHS Reunion 2019. If you want to be a member of this group to see the daily feed, just let me know and I will add your name.

Thank you to all of you who contribute your news and pictures. A very big thank you to our loyal boosters who continue to support us year after year. Special thanks goes out to Bob Benson for maintaining this site since the onset. New programs and changes in technology have not made his job easy. I appreciate the time and trouble he takes to work out the glitches.

Wishing each and everyone of you a very happy and healthy 2018. Please continue to send your news.

Marcy on 12/08/2017

Here is the latest on Gino from his brother Robert:

My Brother Gino, the Cat, and the house in Casitas Springs are fine. He stuck it out and didn't leave. All of the other neighbors evacuated - he policed the street watching for looters and and hot spots that may have appeared. But, geez, I wouldn't want anything to ever happen to him or any of his possessions. Thank you all for your prayers!!! 12/07


Prayers are needed for our classmate Gino Lynch. His brother Robert posted on Facebook that the fires in Ventura County, California have reached Gino's neighborhood. The power is out as well as the water, but he did get to hose down his roof. The house across the street from him, formerly owned by Johnny Cash has burned to the ground. Robert can't reach him by cell phone, probably because he can't charge without power.

I saw on the news that there is a mandatory evacuation for his neighborhood. I hope he complies with this. Robert will keep us posted if he hears back from Gino.

I received a letter from Gino just two weeks ago and he reported that the fires in his area were under control. Some strong winds changed all that. After dealing with a mud slide several years ago he shouldn't have to be facing another threat of this magnitude. We are all pulling for him. He is a survivor.

Another Related Message

I received this from Honey. What a small world this is.

One of my California cousins lives in Ventura and had to evacuate due to the fire. Her very close friend lives in Casitas Springs and also had to evacuate. Oddly enough (small world) her friend lives next door to Gino. I asked Barbara (my cousin) to let me if her friend (Margaret) has any updates. I think Casitas Springs was saved but will keep you posted.....

From Marcy on 12/06.

  Hi Marcy,

Greetings from hot Arizona. We are still very warm here, but more in the 90s now than the 100s! Sure hope you have decent weather in your hometown!

I am sending you a link, that perhaps you have already seen, from the Wall Street Journal about Levitt houses that have had luxury makeovers. One house sold for over $600,000 recently. I know when my brother was in Levittown this past year for his reunion, he took pictures of our old house which has now been expanded every which way. It is huge and looks nothing like it did. The crabapple tree is still in the front yard tho. AND, the house next door is still an original Levitt Cape Cod. What a difference those two houses are sitting next to each other.

I thought you might get a kick out of this article. I did.

Hope all is well with you. And, thanks for all you do on the website. It's one of the best websites I've ever visited!!!! Best wishes, Lois Christensen Bish




   From time to time one or more of you will ask if there are any plans on the horizon for a 60th reunion. It just doesn't seem that it will happen. I hesitate getting anyone's hopes up, but there is a possibility that there could be a reunion of all the classes of the sixties. It started as a Facebook conversation on the group LMHS classes of the sixties. Richard Carballo (brother of Larry) started a new group called LMHS Reunion 2019 to assess interest and find coordinators for each of the classes. At present, he still needs a coordinator for 1960, 62 and 69. Honey has agreed to be our class representative. Once that is in place, they will pick a place and set a date. It was decided that the year would be 2019 since you need two years for the planning. So far the organizers and class representatives are all out of state, so a Long Island resident is needed to do the legwork. This is in the very early stages at this point, but I'm sharing with you because it might help if you could let Honey know if you are interested and if not, we'd like to know that too. Send her an email (honey.cottrell@gmail.com) with your thoughts. If you want to follow the progress, you can join the Facebook group LMHS Reunion 2019.
     There was talk of using the same Marriott that we used in 2005. Our class had a large turnout for that one. I don't remember what their minimum number was, but it was large. So there has also been talk of making it a reunion of the classes of the fifties as well if we don't make the minimum. As you can see, it's important for Honey to know how many interested people we have. I am aware that many of you are not on Facebook so I will try to keep you updated here if any significant news takes place.
   This is the next best thing to a 60th reunion. The best way to not let it fizzle out is to express your interest.
Marcy - September 18, 2017

MARCY, It’s been a while since I was on the site and delighted to find my prom picture with Laura (Allen)Lally. Also the sports article I wrote (I was the Sports Editor) about attendance at our team games. It was also fun to see the cartoon above the article. This was drawn by my brother (Class of ’58) Joel who passed away March 2015.

It has also been a while since I contributed to the site upkeep. Please send my the name and address where to send a contribution.

Somehow I missed the 50th. Hopefully we’ll be around if we have a 60th!


Steven Weissman

Palm City, Florida

Lakewood, Colorado

I sent Steve the address. I had not been on the older postings in way we were in quite some time. I forwarded the article to Ron Emmrich since I'm not sure if he ever saw it. There is a weath of information and memories on these pages!

From Steve Ross (Me)

I just posted this on my Facebook Page. It is a true experience. If you feel appropriate, you can share this on the LMHS 61 page.

I recently visited my dentist. .
While sitting in the waiting room ,took out my iPhone and accessed Facebook., A women in her late 40”s sat down next to me and decided to chat.
Women: “Sure is hot today-when will it break?”
Me: “Next week.”
Women: “What about this weekend?”
Me: “Rain”
Women: “How much?”
Me: “Nobody really knows.”
Women: “What time is it?”
Me: “12:45”
Women then takes out her cell phone, calls a friend and relays my weather forecast
Women: “You look pale, do you avoid the sun?”
Me: “Yes.”
Women then proceeds to show me tan lines on her arm.
Women: “Do you still have all your teeth?”
Me: “Yes”
Women then describes her needed dental work and how much it will cost.
Me: “Cheaper than a home repair visit.”
At this point I am praying for the dental chair, and concentrating on my iPhone screen.
Women: “I am surprised that you are using an iPhone . Old people are not good with technology!”
My prayer is then answered, and I am taken to a secure location, the exam room.

Honey received this from classmate Kathy LoMedico Polcari. Kathy asked her to share this update with the website. Kathy and Honey were neighbors back in our high school days.

Hi Honey, Just checked our school website and so many are gone. Just wanted to give you an update on my family. This May our last grandson graduated from high school. and will go on to college in Sept. Our oldest grandson Taylor was married in January and will be a father in September. We will be great grandparents. We also had two other graduations in May :our oldest granddaughter Brittany Ann from Law School & our new granddaughter in-law from nursing school with a BA. The last granddaughter Sara is at college in Arizona State studying to be a C.S.I agent. Gary & I will be married 51 years on Sept. 17th. We dated for 4 1/2 years so you can say we have been together for almost 54 years. I'll be 75 on July 15th I will try to send some pictures Our other granddaughter Brittany Leightann lives & works in New York in the Fashion business. Take care. Hi to Mom she looks great .
Kathy LoMedico Polcari


We lost another classmate at 11:11 A.M. today. (June 21) Kevin Kinnally died at his daughter's home after a long illness. We will be moving him to the gone but not forgotten page. RIP Kevin.

 Congratulations to Lou Chanin on his retirement. It's sad that he's leaving my neck of the woods, but I know he'll be happy in a place he can golf for most of the year.

Hi Marcy --

Thanks for all the good wishes. I retired last Wednesday after 50 years.. We are moving to our Myrtle Beach home the end of next week and we are in the mist of the fun "The Packing" and all that goes with moving.. I have a 20 yard dumpster in the driveway and it is full!

5133 Casentino Court
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

No phone change yet. Using my cell phone.

Take care -- Lou


   I am sad to learn that our classmate Terry Blair passed away on August 11, 2016. We have been reaching out by phone to classmates whose emails are no longer working. Honey left a message on Terry's phone in February to call her back, but she got no reply. Terry's brother is cleaning out the house and just played the message machine. He was nice enough to call Honey and tell her the news. He will email her the obit. In the meantime we will move him to the Gone But Not Forgotten page. We welcome any memories of Terry that you would like to share.


I am extremely saddened to hear that Terry Beital (Richman) has passed away. I remember Terry as a wonderful gal with a great personality --- and very smart. We sat next to each other in Mr. Noble’s 1st period Solid Geometry class the last half of senior year. Mr. Noble was an excellent teacher and would discuss the starting lineup for the baseball team’s games. What a great way to start the day!

I was also friends with Ted who lived a block away from me, Ted on Wishbone Lane and me on Wing. I’m sure Terry will be missed by all who knew her.

Lou Chanin

April 25, 2017

Hi Marcy,

Hope all is well at your end of the world. And, hope you did not get toomuch of that snow that seems to have blanketed the northeast this week. Can
you believe we were 89 degrees here yesterday? I couldn't....that broke arecord I hear.

Janet moved last week to a senior community apt complex and told her I would send you her new address:
Janet Columbia
8170 SW Vlahos Drive, #223, Wilsonville, OR 97070
Her only phone is her cell phone: 503-388-8783
The email remains the same

She has already joined several activities going on there. Plus, meals are now provided so no more cooking for her, unless she wants to, of course. I
am rather jealous!!!! I'm over the cooking thing and housework too!!!! Ha.

Hope you are doing OK. Love, Lois Christensen Bish on 2/12/17

 At the end of every year I make a plea to classmates to check their yearbook pictures and update their personal information. It usually provides us with several much needed updates. Since January we have been able to update three new addresses, one phone number and three outdated email addresses. These changes come from people who view the site. I'm aware that not everyone does so from time to time I would like to mention the names of classmates whose email addresses are no longer valid. There's always the possibility that one of you might have the most recent email address. We still have no email for Betty Delvers, Ken Sitomer, Terry Blair and Carol Cooper. All of these people at one time had a working email address so I would assume they are still online. If anyone out there is in contact with these classmates please contact me. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks from Marcy on 2/11.

I'm sad to pass on this news from our classmate Ted Richman. He was married to our classmate Terry Beital Richman. For those who may wish to
reach out, Ted's email is under his name. We have moved her to our Gone But Not Forgotten page.

Hi Marcy- Terry passed away quietly on January 27. The note below was sent by our daughter. Obituary attached for your records. Thanks for all you good work.

Ted Richman

Dear Friends, January 28, 2017

Please forgive the mass email but we thought it was the best way to reach all of you.

The last 3 weeks have marked a very quick and great decline in mom’s (Terry’s) health. She went from going to book club and eating with the family, to sleeping all the time and not eating.

She passed away quietly yesterday afternoon.

We are grateful that her 3+ year battle with breast cancer was not the 1 or 2 months as first diagnosed. Every day was a gift and all your cards, support, prayers, meals and love helped along the way.

Some of you may be wondering about final arrangements. Ever the crusader, mom is donating her body to a medical college, so students may learn and hopefully cure others. She is really hoping for a Nobel prize from these students some day.

We will be sharing memories at Ted and Terry’s home (810 John’s Orchard Lane, Wilmington NC) from 1 to 4 Saturday and Sunday, February 18th and 19th as she wished. A brief remembrance will occur at 3pm Saturday the 18th. If you like, please bring pictures and stories.

She wanted this to be a joyous celebration with laughter and music, but no cold sausage balls – she was very clear on that point.

Again, we are very sorry to tell you this way and that we have not communicated before this but the last two weeks have been quick and ever changing.

Thank you all for your support and love, and please take a moment to hug and tell the people closest to you that you love them. Mom would want that!

Lisa, Ted and Dean


Hi Marcy: Please note my latest address is 2729 Craven St SW, Holden Beach NC 28462. I hope all is well with you and that people have an idea what a pain in the butt it is to run something as wonderful as this website. Our class was in many ways unique in its verity and muticulturalism probably because of the war which united our parents. Thank you and the others for all your hard work...warmest regards.

 Andy Alweis

That Was the Year that Was by Marcy Fall

In September we marked the 11th year of this class website. The day after the 2005 reunion a bunch of us were sitting at a table having brunch at the Marriott in Uniondale. The topic of conversation was centered around how we could share our reunion photos so that everyone could see them. No one knew anything about setting up a website. I did agree that if they found someone to do it, I would handle all the news and pictures that came in. For the next couple of weeks several people made calls to find a website person who would agree to do it. Russ found Bob Benson who was already doing one for his own class of Levittown 1959. Bob agreed to do our site and four of us sent in the initial fees to set it up. At the time we were just hoping to keep it going for a year. The idea was to get everyone's address and emails posted and share the reunion pics. Bob suggested the booster idea so that we could enlarge the site and possibly carry it for longer than a year. That worked out above and beyond our wildest dreams. Loyal boosters keep sending in year after year and because of them we are still up and running. Anyone who has ever sent a picture or news to us is also a big part of our success. My hope for 2017 is that the news keeps coming.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who searched through boxes in the attic or basement for wedding pictures. They are now being enjoyed by classmates, most of whom didn't attend your wedding. If I didn't ask you for a wedding photo, it could mean that I don't know your marital status. Don't be shy about sending one in just because you didn't receive an invitation to do so. I can save it until the appropriate month before posting. Looking through the list of wedding dates I do have, it appears that Arlene Brambora Campbell is married the longest followed by Honey Murway Cottrell. Both are coming up on fifty four years. I realize that others were married earlier than this but the death of a spouse ended anniversary celebrations. I remember Judi Loewe got married the day after our graduation. If her husband had lived, I think she would be the longest married from our class.

We lost five classmates in 2016: Kenny Marcus, Mark Harris, Steve Strauss, Bob McCarthy and Maddie Kline. That brings our total to 61 deceased members of our class. It is never easy to report these passings. This year Honey and I discussed a way to ease the feeling of loss. We had a very successful year financially. We never wanted to make a profit on the website. So with a healthy balance in our account, we decided to make a donation to the Levittown Historical Society Museum in the name of our five departed classmates as well as former teacher Richard Hawkey. Those of you who went to our reunions know what a worthy cause this museum is. It took us all back in time to the homes of our youth. Future reunions of LMHS classes will no doubt visit and enjoy it as much as we did. In addition there was enough to give Bob Benson a Christmas bonus for the first time since we started. There is no greater joy than giving and we owe it all to the our very generous boosters.

Several times this past year I heard from classmates by phone or email asking me to send our class site link. Sometimes computers crash or favorite websites mysteriously disappear into cyber space. I want to emphasize that I never mind responding and sending the site back to you. It's always good to hear from people. However, I would also like to let you know that we are pretty easy to find with a simple Google search. Type in Levittown Memorial class of 1961 and you will see the links to our site.

I know that I can sound like a broken record at times, but I would ask once more for each of you to check your personal information on our yearbook page. There have been a number of moves this past year and I'm grateful to those of you who sent me the updated addresses and emails. We are aware that a number of emails are outdated because of returned birthday greetings from Honey or myself. Sometimes we are lucky enough to contact classmates through Facebook and get the updated information that way. In the past these end of the year requests have produced some results and we were able to update those who got back to me.

Condolences to all who lost parents or spouses this past year. Best wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy new year in 2017.


First, a very Happy Birthday (a day early). Second, Happy Holidays to you and your family. Third, my annual thanks for the wonderful job you do with the website. 

Things here are good. As you know, I was back East a couple of times to visit family and friends, and to wolf down some NY pizza, which I miss a whole lot. I also made a couple of trips to Vegas to visit my money and I visited an old work friend in Minneapolis a few times. Most of the rest of my time seemed to be spent at my grandsons' various sporting events. Jack played soccer, football, and basketball, and Sean was into baseball and basketball. I always have a great time with them.

You may already know this, but Carol Lee (Eckhardt) Daniels was moving to Moscow, Idaho to be closer to one of her sons. I also hear from Dick Broder, who is still in Arizona. He's doing ok but his wife, Sue, is dealing with some serious health issues.

Again, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, and thanks for all you do.



Hi Marcy...sad to tell you Maddie Kline passed away in August...she dealt with heart issues for some time...she was living in southern California...I know her sister came down from Oregon and had one day with her before she died...Maddie and I were good friends since 6th grade at Gardiner's Ave school..Gail(Siegel)Jamison
     We will move Maddie to the Gone But Not Forgotten section. I remember a few years back when she was recuperatng from two heart surgeries we posted her email and phone number on this site. She was truly touched by the number of classmates who sent her well wishes. For those who did that, thank you. I have not been able to find an obituary but I will keep trying. 12/07

Hi Marcy, please post:
I send our class of 1961 a happy healthy Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ Chanukah season and a good start to 2017 from our Atlanta family to yours.
I have shared over the years the milestone birthdays of my dad...he passed away March 17, 2016 at the age of 102. Can you imagine 224 people attending a 102 year old man’s funeral? It was truly a celebration of his life.
In 2016 we took our family of 10 on an Alaskan cruise. Our favorite day was the private fishing boat tour when we caught 37 salmon. Our freezer is still full, despite all the dinner parties.
If you travel thru Atlanta, give us a call.
Roni Cojac Mintz

I received this note from Barbara Steinman Bengels about the passing of Richard Hawkey, who taught English at LMHS. Underneath the note I am including a posting from his daughter that I saw on Facebook. RIP Mr. Hawkey (9/19/2016)

I just heard from Dick's daughter that he just passed away and his wake will be this Tuesday. I'm personally heart-broken as I'm sure I wouldn't have become an English teacher without him. I even went to observe his teacher service course when I was hired to teach at Hofstra. I still find it hard to refer to Mr. Hawkey as Dick, but after he retired he came to Hofstra for 10 years to adjunct in the English Department there. What a thrill to become his peer! I am so pleased that I spoke to him just a month ago and was astounded by his memory and our lovely conversation about Florence Foster Jenkins. I will miss him tremendously. If anyone wants to write to his family, drop me a note and I'll get an address: profbengels@gmail.com.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for our classmates. So soon after losing Bob McCarthy and Mark Harris, I am sad to report that Steven Strauss passed away today (May 19, 2016) from complications resulting from a gall bladder surgery two weeks ago. We have moved him to our gone but not forgotten page. We now have Steven's Obituary (CLICK HERE). I remember how happy he was to be found several years ago and how much he enjoyed looking at our class site.

I received this sad news from the wife of our classmate Mark Harris. I heard from Mark in late December, but he did not mention being sick. He just wanted to update his contact information. I'm thankful he had us on his list of those to be notified. His wife Lynn can be reached at harris8g@gmail.com. We have moved him to our gone but not forgotten section.

To let you know that Mark Harris passed away on Saturday, May 7, of pancreatic cancer. He had the LMHS website listed as one to be notified. Here is a link to his obituary.

Lynn Harris

I received this from Rona Selsky (LMHS 65). I checked the funeral home listing and Bob died on April 29th. He is being waked at William E. Law Funeral home on 1 Jerualem Avenue in Massapequa, NY. Monday 7 to 9 p.m., Tuesday 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. The funeral will be at Maria Regina Church 3945 Jerusalem Avenue, Seaford, NY at 10 a.m. His Tribute Page is HERE

Hi Marcy,

Friend of mine from Levittown, Terrence McCarthy, class of 66, wrote that his brother , retired FDNY. Robert McCarthy (LMHS 61) passed away the other day ... Cancer related to work at Ground Zero. If you look at Terry's FB page (Terrence M McCarthy) you can see the link... Nycfirewire.net
Not sure how to share the FB link with just you other than emailing it to you.
Thought you would want to share with your classmates.


Click at This for Link to "Levittown on PBS on April 19"

Louise DeNardo Cassano posted this on Facebook. On April 19th PBS will air a show on Levittown. In New York it's scheduled for 8:00p.m. PBS airs in all 50 states so you may want to check your local listings for times. It should bring back a lot of memories for most of us.

Hi Marcy,

Sorry for the delay. How are you?

As you wrote, Trudy and I will be married 47 years on March 23. Unbelievable. So, attached is a photo from our wedding in 1969, and one from two summers ago. Pretty much up-to-date. We haven't changed much since then.

In February, I visited my mother in Deerfield Beach, Florida, who just had her 98th birthday. There's also a photo of the two of us on one of the colder days in southern Florida. My mom recently suffered two falls and is not in good physical shape, but she gets much enjoyment from life by reading, watching television, and eating her favorite foods.

Thanks for being so observant and attentive.

Doug Greener

Dear Marcy, just returned from a "Book Mania" lecture at the local High School in Jensen Beach, FL. where there was a discussion by mystery/suspense novelists. In an ad they listed the participants, one of which was Phil Margolin, class of '61, who discussed his 20th novel. Also there was David Berger. Approaching Phil I asked if he would sign two books for me, his latest novel, and was surprised when I handed him our yearbook. He gladly signed both. He and Dave are both well and we spent just a few minutes catching up.

Steve Weissman

I asked Steve if he took any pictures, but unfortunately he did not have his cell phone with him. Darn!

Hello Marcy:

It must be five years (or ten?) since you invited me to submit a sketch on the life of my sister, Nancy Carpenter who graduated LMHS in 1961. Well, here it is (at last). Thanks for your work in maintaining the Class of '61 web site.

Robin Carpenter

Robin is a member of LMHS class of 1962. I believe I contacted him sometime after the 2005 reunion when we were just starting up this site. He did promise to write something up for Nancy's gone but not forgotten page, but I long ago gave up hope of getting it when I didn't hear back. I love being wrong! I'm grateful to have this tribute to Nancy. Better late than never.

I sent Steve Ross a get well greeting after I heard he had heart surgery. I didn't share the news on this site because it didn't come directly from him. However, his reply may be a wakeup call for others. Steve can be reached at s.i.ross@ix.netcom.com.

My younger brother suddenly passed away. I went for a CT Cardiac Angiogram as a precaution. Had No symptoms!. Had excellent lipid tests, and was taking Lipitor and cardiac favorable supplements as well. Both of my parents lived into their nineties. Failed the test, Failed the Cardiac Cath, and ended up with bypass surgery. Have done well, and now my favorite foods are history. You can share this with the website as a "you never know what the fates have in store for you".


Hi Marcy,

It was very sad to read about the death of Mr Lutri. I was in the concert band for all three years at Levittown Memorial; a rehearsal a day for three years ! It was the highlight of high school; never to be forgotten.

I am planning to write a tribute, but in the meantime want to send condolences to his daughter. If it all possible, please send one of her home addresses or her email address.

Even writing this brings back great memories.

Thanks for your help.

Paul Allen
Doing all those people searches for reunions came in handy. I was able to find an address on Mr. Lutri's daughter and sent it to him.

Best wishes to Lou Chanin who is undergoing back surgery on February 17th. He says it's no big deal, but at our age, getting back to normal takes a little longer. The doctor says he will be six weeks recuperating. His birthday is February 24th and I'm hoping he will be celebrating at home and not the hospital. Lou can be reached at ljchanin@yahoo.com.

For those of you who don't know, the ninety four year weightlifter in this video is Edith Trainer, mother of Honey Murway Cottrell. That explains where Honey gets the stamina for all her globetrotting. Long live Edith! CLICK HERE for the Video!

Hello Marcy
I am sad to tell you I just got an email from my sister informing me that Kenny Marcus passed away on December 31. My sister and Kenny's long time companion Diane are very good friends. Kenny was truly a great guy. We were both on the track team and football team all through high school.
Richard Smith

With sadness, we will move Kenny's name to the Gone But not Forgotten section. Please feel free to share any memories of Kenny you may have and we will include them on his page. Many of us had a chance to spend time with him at the class picnic in 2007.

That was the Year that Was

When I look back on the past year, I feel so grateful. It marked the tenth anniversary of our class website. We wouldn't be still online today if not for the generosity of our boosters who come through year after year. Those of you who share news and pictures are the heart of our class. Without your updates, there would be no reason to keep coming back to check the website. I'm also thankful for all of you who send your address, phone and email changes. I'm aware that some of those emails are no longer working. Please check your information on the yearbook section and forward it to me. Being able to reach everyone is crucial if there is ever to be another reunion. Thanks to Bob Benson for maintaining our site. He's been doing that for ten years and we have always worked well together over the years. I get many thank you messages from classmates for my part in sharing the news, but the truth is that it takes more than one person to keep us up and running.

Russ Mulroy has been our treasurer since we started this site. He has deposited checks and sent Bob a monthly check since the onset. That's over 120 checks, not to mention bank runs to deposit booster checks. I am so grateful that someone was willing to handle this aspect of our venture. It has given me freedom to concentrate on the news and not have to worry about finances. When Russ decided that it was time for him to step down, I was concerned and just a little worried that I would have to do his job myself. I am eternally grateful that Honey Cottrell was willing to step in and fill Russ' shoes. She collected our reunion money so I knew she'd be the right person for the job. My concern was that I knew how much she and Tom enjoyed traveling. With modern technology and electronic transfers this will not be a problem.

Thinking back to when we started makes us so aware of the changes in technology over a ten year span. Most of you had dial-up internet back then which tied up your phone line and was much slower than the high speed internet we know today. Many of you snail-mailed me photos to scan for the site. I would then have to put the originals back in the mail after making a copy. Gradually folks learned how to email pictures which made my job easier. No one was emailing me photos from a cell phone, which is how I get most of them today. It makes me wonder what the next ten years will bring.

This is the first time in ten years that we have not lost any classmates. If there were any passings this past year, I have not heard about them. It's a good feeling and hopefully we can continue to keep that "Gone..." list free of new names for some time to come. We did add a couple of names to the gone but not forgotten page when we heard after the fact that they died previous to this year. It saddens me to know that fifty six members of our class are no longer with us. Condolences to all of you who have lost spouses, parents, and siblings this past year. Hats off to those of you who have become caregivers for sick spouses.

As most of you know, I have been gathering anniversary dates from married classmates and including them in the monthly updates. Please don't wait until the actual date of your anniversary to share with all of us. I can store wedding or anniversary pictures until needed for posting. At present we have no anniversaries for the months of February, May, July and December. Surely some of you must celebrate a date during one of these months. Send me the details now even if it's months away.

I miss the days when finding our missing classmates was a real possibility. From time to time. I check Facebook and other sites to look for them, but I've not had any recent luck. There was no greater feeling than finding a classmate at the request of another classmate who wanted to reconnect. I'll just have to hold out hope that one or more of them finds us while searching the internet. That's happened a few times and it's always a pleasant surprise.

Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy new year. Please continue to share your news!

Hey Marcy. Merry Christmas and a very Happy Birthday. Hope you're doing well. I wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you do in maintaining our class website. It's great to keep up with what's going on with many of our classmates.

I'm doing fine. It's been a challenging year but my daughters are close by and they have been a great support. As you know from the photo you posted, I was just out in Vegas and had a chance to meet my favorite LA Dodger, Clayton Kershaw. It was a great trip. I spoke to Bob Levine the other day and he's doing well. After 40 years in the same place, he and Pat are seriously thinking about moving out of Manhattan.

Again, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas and my best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy 2016.


Hi Marcy,

The class of 1961 website continues to bring me happy memories. Please wish the LMHS class of 1961 a Happy Healthy New Year. It it lovely to see classmates celebrating 50+ years of marriage and celebrating birthdays as we enter our 70’s.

It seems like yesterday that I was putting rollers in my hair to keep the curls, now it is hair color to keep it red.
I do hope our classmates are making the most of each year. At 102, my dad still looks forward to everyday, despite any aches and pains. Hopefully I have inherited that zest for life.

Atlanta is lovely at this time of year, cold but not too cold for us to enjoy long walks by the river.
I hope everyone can end the year grateful for whatever is in your life and enter 2016 with the joy of whatever makes your day have purpose.

Roni Cojac Mintz

After ten years of acting as our class website treasurer, Russ Mulroy is stepping down. He asked me to find a replacement before the end of the year.  Honey Cottrell is the first person I thought of because of the great job she did collecting money for our 50th reunion. Honey graciously accepted the job and I couldn't be happier to have her help. An account has been opened in Florida and Russ will be forwarding our balance to Honey after he pays the November and December bills and closes out the account in South Carolina.

Booster checks for the new year will go to Honey's address in Florida so please note the address change on our homepage. I can't tell you how grateful I am to both these classmates for their help. Russ gave us ten years and my hope is that Honey will give us another ten!


Condolences to classmate Steve Ross on the passing of his brother Paul. Steve can be reached at s.i.ross@ix.netcom.com

It is with sadness that I must report the sudden passing of my younger brother Paul on 10/29/15..
He graduated from McArthur in 1966, was a periodontist, and lived in California. He was
a Photoshop" Maven", won many awards, and a tribute to him can be seen at Freakingnews.com.

I received the email below from Lois Christensen Bish. I asked her if it was okay to share with classmates and she gave me her permission. Lois mentions the school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. Bob Benson (LMHS class of 1959), who does our posting lives in Roseburg and I called him the minute I saw the news playing out on CNN. It's a small world. As classmates, we are spread out all across the country. Places that were once unknown to you, now take on familiar rings when you know someone who lives there. I'm grateful that Lois and Bob escaped the danger that came so close to their lives.

Hi Marcy,

Wanted to write to you last night and give you the anniversary info, but was too spacey after a harrowing day as Roy and I got caught in a shoot-out here in Orlando. Was quite an experience, and turned out pretty well for all the people trapped while bullets went flying.

Roy and I were on our way home from the dentist (where poor Roy had 3 hours in the chair and is undergoing major repair work) when we got caught in a shoot out here in Orlando between a really bad guy (with a long rap sheet) and the police. We were stopped at a light on a main road, when the whole thing started to the right and left of us. And because we were eye witnesses, we became part of the crime scene so were held up and interviewed several times in the 3 hours we were there. The police really impressed us, though, with how quickly they got this under control as the bad guy (who was just released from jail) was shooting wildly trying to hit the police. The bad guy and his lady friend, who also ran from police and was caught, were in a stolen car and had been linked with many robberies. The police (from two counties, three towns and the City of Orlando and the Florida Highway Police) really were incredible to watch....and since we were trapped we sure had a view of everything. We are very fortunate that this turned out as well as it did - especially for those sitting in their cars. The police first came to us to ask if we had been hit by any gunfire, and fortunately we were not. The news teams tried to interview us, but the police shoo 'd them away from us, thank goodness. I did not want to see myself on TV, although our car is sure on TV surrounded by crime scene tape!!!! This is the first of the Orlando Sentinel's report....


We were interviewed by two detectives who used a tape recorder to record what we saw. Roy was watching what was happening to our right with the gal being arrested, and I was watching to my left the shooting by this lunatic at the police. He was firing his gun wildly so it's a miracle no one who was trapped in their stopped car was hit. The police kept checking on us, offering us water and I said to one officer, "if I drink any water I will need a bathroom" and he laughed and said they had taken over the church there and would escort me to the rest room if I needed one. Fortunately, I did not. I sure did not want to be escorted to the bathroom by the police!

Anyway, quite an afternoon and we have been watching it play out over and over on TV, along with the awful shooting at the college in Oregon. I think we have gone mad, absolutely mad - and this Orlando is like the wild west. Today, in that same area, a armored truck was robbed, but the guard onboard opened fire and got one of the robbers. I'm thinking I should be armed too....kidding.

Love, Lois

To Send Flowers or Add Memory or Add Condolence please use the following address:

Obituary of Thomas Workman
Thomas Workman, 73, of Stuart, FL, passed away on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at the Martin Hospital South, Stuart.

Born in Freeport, NY, he had been a resident of Stuart for 11 years coming from Jupiter, FL where he resided for 3 years. He came to Florida from Coram, NY.

He was a veteran of the US Army.

Before retiring he was the owner of Thrifty Beverage in North Bellmore, NY for over 20 years. He was a member of the Miles Grant Country Club, Stuart and was an avid golfer.

Survivors include his wife of 50 years, Marilyn Workman of Stuart; his daughter, Karen Weich and her husband, Kristopher of Amityville, NY; his brother Richard Workman and his wife Billie Jean of Leighton, PA; his sisters, Linda Clark and her husband John of Calverton, NY, Lisa Marciano of Lake Luzerne, NY and Gwen Fallacara of Brooklyn, NY; his brother, Christopher Fallacara of Levittown, NY and his grandchildren, Jordyn Weich and Jakob Weich.

Visitation will be from 2:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 to 8:00 PM on Monday, September 28, 2015 at the Forest Hills Funeral Home, Palm City. There will be a service at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 in the funeral home chapel. Entombment will follow in Forest Hills Memorial Park, Palm City with military honors provided by the US Army.

For those who wish, contributions can be made to the Miles Grant Country Club Philanthropic Fund, 5101 SE Miles Grand Road, Stuart, FL 34997 in Thomas’ memory.


Condolences to Marilyn Lerner Workman on the passing of her husband Tom Workman on September 24th shortly after 4:00 p,m, Tom and Marilyn were just nine days short of celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary on October 3rd. He was a member of LMHS class of 1959. Our hearts go out to her. Marilyn can be reached at wworkmanmarilyn@aol.com.


On August 23, 2015 we passed the 10th Anniversary of your website. In that time we exchanged about 9,950 emails resulting in 10,717 files in 705 folders. All the memories that are saved in this project are available to see anytime your Classmates or their families take a walk down the this Memory Lane. This could not be accomplished without the support of Tom, Russ, Jerry, the faithful Boosters and your exceptional dedication to the LMHS Class of 1961!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Janet Columbia. Janet had back surgery months ago, developed complications and was in rehab until last week. She is home now and hopefully will mend enough to resume her normal life. Janet can be reached at nonna711@live.com.

Cosmo – A Levittown Legend
For those who remember if you'd like to reach out
Living, Long Island News on April 16, 201

Ask any Baby Boomer who grew up in Levittown about their favorite memory, and they will most likely tell you that it was the time that Cosmo the Ice Cream Man would drive through their street. Oh, surely there will be memories of kickball games in the street, or Kick the Can, or Hide and Seek, where you didn’t come in until your parents called for you. For the most part, however, memories linger about an ice cream man who drove a little truck that had the most memorable jingle – it was a real set of tinkling bells.

Cosmo Commisso, or “Cozzie” as he was fondly known, drove his Little Boy Blue truck through the streets of Levittown for over fifty years. The Italian immigrant had a warmth about him that radiated to every single child that waited on those long lines to purchase something from his truck. He was genuine, and had a deep concern for every child on his stop. He allowed some to purchase, paying on credit. He remembered birthdays, holidays, and even knew every single child by name. It was amazing – one had to wonder how he kept track of so many different children. The only thing that I can attribute this to is an overwhelming love for what he did.

When Cosmo drove through our block at 7:45 sharp every evening, my sister and I grappled over each other to get to the truck first. You see, the line was as legendary as the man, and nobody really wanted to wait in the lingering heat of the day. However, Cosmo was patient, and he allowed each child to take their time to make a choice. He placed all of the coins he received in a shiny coin belt that dispensed change with a few clicks. That coin belt was as shiny as his shoes, and I remember Cozzie as being warm, real, and one of the nicest people I ever knew. You could say that his personality shone, as well.

I loved how Cosmo remembered everybody’s name. Every time my sister and I ran up to his truck, he beamed broadly and greeted us with a “Patty! Chreesy! How you doin’ today?” Sometimes, my parents would ask us to bring something back for them, but mostly, Dad’s change was spent on the two of us. I got whatever I felt like at the moment, as I was a huge believer in variety. My sister always got her favorite treat, which was a Cremesicle ice cream that came in a plastic cone shaped container. She always relished in the fact that, after my ice cream was long gone, she still had the bubble gum ball at the bottom of the container to enjoy. I secretly was delighted in the fact that the gumball usually turned her lips, teeth and tongue a deep purple, and it was kind of difficult to remove. She never departed from her choice, although there were so many wonderful Good Humor treats that Cosmo sold that it made it difficult for me to stick to one thing. I wanted to try everything, including the Italian ices that used a running Roman as their icon.

By the time I had exited high school, I remember Cosmo as he continued to ride through the blocks in our neighborhood. He was getting on in years, and I realized that soon, this wonderful Levittown legend would become a part of my most memorable past. There were many who tried to imitate, including several ice cream men who waited outside my high school. The service was never the same, and I never frequented his vehicle, nor did I run down to chase the Mr. Softee truck that could be seen in our neighborhood after dark.

I’d heard that Cosmo had since retired, in order to devote his attention to another of his favorite hobbies, which was growing tomatoes. Cosmo had grown tomatoes for over 64 years when Newsday ran a story about him in 2010. His beefsteaks were the largest around, and he grew them in his backyard in Bethpage. I was pretty happy to see the article, as well as to know that my old friend was still out there and thriving. A few other words that described Cosmo were his tenacity for living, as well as his longevity; longevity in sticking with something for the long haul. He’d done that with serving the public with his wonderful personality and delicious ice cream, and he’d continued that tradition with his tomatoes, as well as his devotion to family. That’s what legends are made of.

Cosmo was asked, in 2010, to appear at one of Levittown’s class reunions, the class of 1975. His photo was taken on a bench at Eisenhower Park, and that same light shone from his eyes then that was ever-present when I was a kid. True to form, his grace, warmth and genuineness radiated from that photo. He’s, as Reader’s Digest used to call it, “My Most Memorable Character”, someone who made a difference in my life. He’s even got a Facebook presence, which holds memories of other Levittowners who remember him fondly.

Cosmo is presently in a nursing home on Long Island. A Facebook movement started, asking that those who remembered Cosmo write him a letter or card, expressing their gratitude for all his years of service and memories of him. If you’re interested in sending a card or note to Cosmo to brighten his day (as he’s brightened so many of ours), you can address it to Letters to Cosmo, c/o The Fitness Hub, 3713 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown, NY 11756. Thanks for all of the memories, Cosmo. You definitely made a difference, especially in my life. Sending much love and hugs to you!

Hi Marcy,hope you are doing well. I love the web site. I go to it as often as I can. I cant believe next year is 55 years since we graduated. Time goes by so fast. I was wondering if we were going to have another reunion next year? I would be glad to help with the preparations. I want to thank you again for all you do. I am sure everyone appreciates this wonderful site. I have friends that wish they had one from their school. Hope to hear from you soon. Audrey Pettit O'Donnell

Two or three others have asked about possible reunions or class picnics next year. To my knowledge, there are no plans out there. Every summer there is a LMHS alumni picnic at Eisenhower Park (the former Salisbury Park). It is organized by Steven Telano. This year the date is July 18. The classes of 65, 66 and 67 have a reunion the evening before so they will be heavy in attendance. They expect more than 300 people. If you have friends in other classes and can get a group together from our class, it could be an opportunity for meeting up with old friends. I can forward the details on the picnic to anyone interested. Other than this, I'm guessing that we will have to wait for a 60th reunion.

Condolences to Bonnie Schatz Gladstone on the loss of her mother Ruth the day before Mother's Day. Ruth was 98 years old.

Condolences to our classmate Carolyn Nelson on the passing of her mother. Carolyn can be reached at 44pepper@gmail.com

Dear Friends,

My Mom, AnnaMae Ewald Nelson, passed away last night at Hospice She was 92. The wake is Friday 10 am at O'Shea Funeral Home in East Islip. The burial will follow at Pinelawn Cemetery. She will join Dad who died Dec. 1975 I miss her already.

Love, Carolyn

I received this info today, and think you should pass it on to the website guy.
Steve Ross

A variety of WordPress blogs are buzzing about a security vulnerability that was found in many mainstream plugins. To avoid any issues I encourage you all to backup your site's files and database, then proceed with updates through the WordPress dashboard.

You can read about the vulnerability here:


Highlighted effected plugins:

WordPress SEO
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Aesop Story Engine
My Calendar


Condolences to Steve Weissman on the passing of his brother Joel (LMHS 1958) last month. Steve says that Joel's popularity and involvement in school activities paved the way for him when he entered LMHS. Steve can be reached at stevenweissman43@gmail.com

Condolences to Laura Allen Lally on the loss of her brother Ira on March 31st. Ira was a 1959 LMHS graduate. Laura can be reached at lauralal43@gmail.com.

I just learned from Russ Mulroy that Barbara Matjasinski (Thurber) passed away last August. We will move her picture to the Gone But Not Forgotten section with her obit. Please feel free to add any memories you may have of her.

I am sad to report that I just learned quite by accident of the passing of classmate Roger Friedland on July 17,2011. I got a reminder on facebook that it was his birthday and so I went to his page to send a greeting. Once I read the other birthday greetings from his children, I realized that he was gone. I will move his picture to gone but not forgotten and as always we welcome any tributes or memories you may have of Roger.

Dear Marcy,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well, warm, and happy--and that the snows have been melting there too.

I think what's prompted me to write is that I recently heard some news about Richard Hawkey, my beloved 11th grade English teacher without whom I would never have become an English teacher. I normally correspond with Dick a few times a year but got very nervous when I didn't hear from him at Christmas. A few weeks ago I did get a letter from his daughter saying that Dick had tried to call me (my phone number was changed after a fire in my house) to share the sad news that he'd lost his wife. I've since spoken to him and despite his 90+ years he sounds just like the Mr. Hawkey I knew and loved. If anyone would like to reach out to him, his address is 7 No. Nancy Place, Massapequa, NY 11758-1912. (His friend Ray Kavanaugh--my 12th grade teacher--had the awful experience of having his house explode during Sandy when a power line came down on it. Ray amazingly survived but there was nothing left of his home, and he has since been moved by his sister to an assisted living home somewhere on the Island.)

So far as I'm concerned, yes, I'm still teaching at Hofstra (how amazing is that?!) and still enjoying it. I occasionally publish an article here and there (I had a series of articles published in The New York Review of Science Fiction over the past few years, based on interviews with 50+ SF writers about their childhood, and just had an article on Henry James's The Turn of the Screw accepted in a literary journal.) Besides teaching, my husband Dennis and I spend 3 1/2 days a week babysitting (12 hours a day!) for our delightful 4 1/2 year old granddaughter who is soon to have a baby brother. (We're hoping to still continue our "job" after our daughter goes back to work, following her three month maternity leave.) We do a lot of running around--but it's so much fun!

Our three daughters also give us much joy. Our eldest, Elizabeth, is an English teacher also, but her special love is playing violin in the New Amsterdam Orchestra. Her two children, Juliet (14) and Gregory (10) both love the arts too. Juliet just began high school as a vocal performance major at La Guardia High School for the Arts and her brother has just gotten a call-back from the Professional Children's School. (I'm SO proud of them all--because first and foremost they're really nice kids.) My middle daughter Emily just came back from the Shoah Foundation's ceremonies in Poland commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. She was one of twelve teachers chosen to go from the US and obviously it was a life-changing experience for her. Just before she left on the trip, she was honored with being Teacher of the Year from her school in NJ. My youngest daughter,Jessica, besides producing another grandchild for us, was just promoted in her law firm to the Managing attorney for NY and the USA. (I might get to do a LOT of babysitting!)

I consider myself enormously lucky. For one thing, my husband and I are still here to enjoy all this. I am lucky to still be in contact with old friends, Roberta Witlin, Barbara Van Valen ElSherbini, Marilyn Blumenthal, Ellen Kobrin--and to have this resource which you run so well. Thank you again for keeping us together.

Fondly, Barbara Steinman Bengels

P.S. Emily and I visited Ellen Kobrin just before she moved from NY to Alabama a few months ago--and on the way home, Em asked if we could stop at my old house on Haven Lane. We did--and she got up the nerve to knock on the door. The "new" tenants graciously invited us in--and it was quite an experience to see the "old homestead." I was particularly pleased that the children living there now also have a 10 year age difference like my brother and do.

Honey Cottrell reports that Steve Bitel underwent hip replacement surgery on March 6th. Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out his way. Steve can be reached at SBitel@aol.com.

Just a shout-out to each & every classmate who over the years has included a letter, card or a simple note along w/ their donation to our website. These personal “thank u’s” are appreciated & brighten my day every time I receive one. They are special & so are each of you.

I received a note from Arlene Brambora Campbell telling me that our classmate Gail Donahue passed away on August 3rd, 2014. Gail had called Arlene in June and told her she had been diagnosed with cancer and had only six months to live. Unfortunately she didn't get the six months. I found the obit and a picture online and we will move her to our gone but not forgotten section. Any tributes to her may be made and we'll put them on her tribute page. Sadly, that makes two losses for us in 2014.

Condolences to Neil Rose on the loss of his wife Jill on December 31st. Neil can be reached at gestrsm@aol.com .

 That Was the Year that Was

Another year has rolled by and I'm happy to say that this website is still holding its own. I never know when an email will come to my box with news or pictures, but it continues to happen month after month. It's always a pleasant surprise when I hear from one of you with news. I hope that never changes.

   We had one classmate find us on the web so Carol Dunne Creal has now joined our ranks. Our missing list is dwindling, and I never give up hope of finding more. I spent a few hours on Facebook one day looking for missing classmates. I sent private messages to the ones I felt might be classmates. I did hear back from George Cornwell so now we have his information and a recent picture. And he has yearbook pictures to look at since he lost his years ago. My goal for 2015 is to find at least a few more. I am also hoping to get more classmates on our "Then and Now" page. There are almost 200 of you included there but some of you have shared contact information but no pictures. Please send one if you are not on this page. If you're still not proficient with technology, have a friend or one of your children do it for you.

   We lost Tom Tierney this past year, but his spirit lives on on this website he helped to create. There has not been one year since we started that I haven't had to move at least one picture to the Gone But Not Forgotten page. It's always a sad thing to do but some hurt more than others and Tom's was a painful one for many of us because he always found the time to reach out to classmates with a call or visit.

   There were quite a few 50th wedding anniversaries in the past year or two and it was great sharing them with pictures on the site. If you have one coming up this year please let me know. It doesn't even have to be 50 years- any anniversary is newsworthy.. Please don't be shy about sharing these dates. Nothing makes me happier than posting good news. I am still looking for pictures of veterans. For those who said they would look, please continue to look. I know there are many veterans in our class and they deserve recognition.

   It was a very cold winter for those of us who live in the northeast. I do hope that this coming winter will be a little easier and a little dryer. So far that has not been the case. We got hit with a snowstorm before Thanksgiving and it snowed again on Thanksgiving Day. My family was fortunate to be able to cook the turkey. None of us lost power, but many in my town did lose power and had to put Thanksgiving dinner on hold. A week before Thanksgiving I was surprised at the number of emails I received asking if I was okay after news coverage of the storm in Buffalo hit the news services. Although I do live in "upstate New York", Buffalo is eight hours northwest of me and we had no snow at that time. But it does prove to me something I've known for years. We do have a very caring class.

   Condolences to all who lost parents, siblings or spouses in 2014. We wish you healing in 2015. Continued thanks go out to our boosters and all of you who share your news with us. It keeps us bonded even after more than fifty three years have passed. So please continue to keep us posted. Lastly, thank you Bob Benson for posting our class doings for over nine years. On more than one occasion Bob has told me that he feels he knows our classmates as well as he does his own after years of working with our pictures and news. We could not have done this without you.

Marcy.....Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing well.

It's also time for my annual "thank you" for the wonderful job you do with the LMHS website. I'm sure everybody else in our class who follows the site is as appreciative as I am for all your hard work. It's great to keep up with classmates through the site and to reconnect with friends we've lost track of like Carol Lee.

The 5 months since my wife passed have been very difficult, but my girls are close by and they have been a tremendous support, as has the classmate I have known the longest, Bob Levine. As you would expect if you know Bob, he has been a real friend through these tough times.

Again, Happy Birthday and have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015.

Harvey Pearlstein

Dear Marcy, at this time of year my thoughts often go to family and friends who help make life a better place and help to create wonderful memories that sustain us during good and not so good times. With this thought in mind I want to wish my Levittown Memorial Class of 1961 a happy holiday season and a healthy 2015. I wish you all a 2014/15 time spent with special people who enhance your life at the moment and become memories for you to cherish.

Quick update: I continue to work at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, now P/T in Family Services. Alan and I recently returned from a land/cruise to Turkey and Greece. Alan continues to be involved in multiple volunteer organizations. My dad turned 101 this month. He still drives, facilitates current events discussions which he researches on his computer, has a cell phone and a full head of hair! Our children and their spouses have careers/jobs and the grandchildren keep us busy with their school and sporting events.

I enjoy reading about what everyone is doing now that we are in our 70's!!!! and wish more people would join in and share. Thanks to all who keep the website going.

Roni (Cojac) Mintz

Hi Marcy
It is so great that you keep all this going. Steve Ross put me back in touch.
My new email is carollee15215@gmail.com
My birthday is December 14th, so I am looking 71 in the face. It's hard to consider all that has changed so far in our lifetimes.

Thanks for all you do.

Carol Lee Eckhardt Daniel

This month we celebrate Veterans' Day (November 11) and I would like to remind our Veterans that I'm looking for pictures in uniform to add to the "Our Veterans" section of this site. I sent out requests to several people I knew were veterans. Some emails went unanswered and others answered saying they needed time to find pictures. We have only five classmates in that section and I know that there has to be many more who served this country. So please look for those pictures and send them in. I have no idea if we have any female veterans, but that would be a great addition as well. Thank you in advance for doing this.

Hi Marcy,

How are you?

This is Dr. Jonas Salk's birthday. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have had a polio vaccine, nor a junior high school to go to.

I was having a discussion on Facebook. Do any of my old classmates remember wearing a block of camphor around their neck on a leather thong to keep away polio? This is what I remember we did in the Bronx during the summers before the vaccine. Is my memory crumbling, or can others confirm this?

Doug Greener

I have no personal memory of ever seeing or hearing about this. My mother's fear of polio kept us away from the beach and crowds on hot days. Despite having classmates and neighbors who wore braces on their legs from polio, we kids were willing to take the chance and go to the beach, but were never given the opportunity during the height of the scare. A neighbor who was confined to a wheelchair for life from polio contacted it after a day at the beach.
Your memory is not crumbing Doug because I did find several references to this online. Parents did whatever they could to protect their kids. I never fully understood my mother's fear until I became a parent myself. It would be interesting to see what memories classmates have of this period.

   It is with profound sadness that I pass along the news that our classmate Tom Tierney passed away on September 25th just a few days after his 71st birthday. It's been almost three years since he had brain surgery and since then he has fought a courageous battle. He was fortunate to have his wife Patty, who is a nurse, by his side during his illness. Tom is also survived by a son Seth and two daughters Kristy and Heather. He was also a very proud grandfather.
   He was a truly remarkable person and one of the most caring people I have ever known. He was always there to give a helping hand to others and very modest about his charitable endeavors. Tom was one of the driving forces in getting this website up and running nine years ago. His enthusiasm for the project was boundless.
   Please click HERE or below to send condolences. With a heavy heart we will move Tom's picture to Gone but Not Forgotten. We can post any memories you have of Tom there. Here is the full obit address :



Congratulations to Kathy LoMedico Polcari and her husband Gary who will celebrate 48 years of marriage on September 17th.

Congratulations to Louise DeNardo Cassano and her husband Mauro who will be celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on September 20th


 Best wished for a speedy recovery go out to Ann Marie Adamec Coady. She had full knee replacement surgery, followed by two weeks in a rehab facility. She is still in a lot of pain and swears she will not have the other knee done, but I've heard that before from friends who did go on to fix the second knee. The beautiful part of this story is that another of our classmates, Pat Lachat, who lives in North Carolina, was waiting for Ann Marie in Georgia when she got back from rehab. She is still there helping out. Do we have a great class or what? Friendships formed in LMHS seem to last a lifetime. 8/25

Hi Marcy, I was on the web site of 1961 www.lmhs61.org. It was some time since I was on and found new pictures of Al Hoppe & Betty Zeitler. It was nice to see them again. If you hear from them please tell them that I said hello. I am not much on the computers as you know so I am going to you for help. By the way thank you for my birthday card. I turned 72. My husband and I will be married 48 years this September but we have been together for over 50 years . We dated for 4 l/2 years before we got married. I tried to reach Betty & Al with Christmas cards but no answer. So please say hi for me Take care and have a great day . K

I received this note from Kathy LoMedico Polcari. I did forward it to Al Hoppe because I have his email address. I am not in contact with Betty Zietler and as of a few years ago, she was not online. So if you are in contact with Betty, please forward Kathy's message. They were neighbors years ago and I know she would love to reconnect. Not everyone does Christmas cards these days and that may be the reason Kathy got no responses. Maybe one of you can help. Thanks.

Our condolences go out to Larry Carballo on the passing of his mother on July 21st. Click on the link below to see her obituary.



Condolences to Harvey Pearlstein on the loss of his wife early this morning. Both of Harvey's daughters were with him at his wife's bedside when she passed. Harvey can be reached at harvlp@aol.com . This beautiful picture of the couple cutting their wedding cake was taken in 1968. We are all so very sorry.

Hi, my name is Carol Dunne (Creal). I haven't been in touch with anyone, since I moved to California shortly after graduation. I came upon Levittown's yearbook page by accident. I'm so pleased to see the yearbook as mine was lost over the years. If you could add my information next to my name I would appreciate it.

Thanks Marcy,
I was just on the site and saw the updates. You run a good shop! I think Bob Benson worked in Computer Systems at Grumman when I was at the company. Want to come out of retirement a work with me ??
Good news, I found a bunch of shots of me in my combat gear but, I don't want to post them. I did find one picture of me on my motorcycle in Saigon (1966) at our new undercover location after the VC blew up our old Battalion HQ 2 weeks before this pic was taken. They found us one month later, attacked us and we were on the run again. I had to sell the bike when we got shipped up north to the DMZ. If you Google 6th PSYOP Battalion (Vietnam Order of Battle for Psychological Operations) will find an article on the attack(s) All of us PSY war guys had a price on our heads and that’s why we were on the run. I will try to get the picture mentioned above out to ya this weekend Ma'am !!

Stu Smith


I did work for Grumman in the Cold Flow Test Facility where we designed and tested the propulsion system for the LEM from 1962 to 1965. I met and worked with the original NASA Astronauts in the LEM Simulator inside the big Grumman "bulb". After that, I worked for Honeywell as a Computer Repair Tech at the beginning of the Computer Revolution.  Thus began my 40+ year career in computer hardware and software.


Memorial Day 2014

I saw two pictures on Facebook that made me stop and think that we have many classmates who served this country in various Military Branches. I would like to create a new link "Our Veterans" and invite all our classmates who served to send me old pictures of themselves in uniform for that section. I will start with Gino Lynch and Steve Ross whose pictures on Facebook inspired this idea. Please help us make this new section one we can be proud of by sending those pictures. If you know any classmates that are Veterans, please let me know who they are so I can contact them or their families to request the pictures. Thanks.

CLICK HERE to visit page

The following email was sent to class of 1959 members by Max Pozin. Some of you may remember Sue, who was a cheerleader for LMHS.






Condolences to Tom Tierney on the loss of his mother this past week. Some of you may remember her as the school nurse at Center Lane School.

THOMPSON - Eleanor Tierney passed away.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014, at the age of 92. Long time Levittown resident where she lived with her first husband, the late Thomas Tierney, who was one of the original members and former Chief of the Levittown Fire Dept. Eleanor was also an auxiliary member, officer, and the first female to be elected a Levittown Fire Commissioner. Dedicated school nurse at Center Lane Elementary School and MacArthur High School. In 1980 she married Howard Thompson and moved to Sun City, AZ., until Howard passed away in 2001. She is a loving mother to five children: Thomas, Timothy, Susan Fontecchio, William, Patricia Campanelli, her step daughters Diane Brooks, Eleanor Hargleroad, the late Marion Exner, and their respective spouses. Cherished by her 24 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, please make donations in her memory to the American Cancer Society (516) 921-6016. Family will receive friends Wednesday, 7-9 pm at Charles J. O'Shea Funeral Home: 603 Wantagh Ave. (Exit 28N SS PWKY) Wantagh, NY. Mass of Christian Burial will be held Thursday, 10:00 am, at St. Bernard's R.C. Church. Interment to follow at the Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY. www.osheafuneral.com

Guest Book
"My sincere sympathy to the Tierney family on the loss of..."

View Sign

Dear Friends,

I was recently named the "Guest Curator of Artisanal Beer" on the Curated Israel website. This is a New York-based site specializing in Israeli design -- jewelry, fashion and accessories, judaica, art, and food.

That means that I get to recommend Israeli craft beers to go with the recipes presented on the site. In other words, food and beer pairings. You can read my first attempt here: http://www.curatedisrael.com/blog/diane-kaston/guest-curator-of-artisanal-beer-doug-greener/

I think it could be very frustrating for readers outside of Israel, since only very few of our craft beers are available abroad, and that is only in major cities. In fact, many of our excellent craft beers are not even available everywhere in Israel!

Here's hoping that changes soon, and beer lovers all around the world will be able to buy Israeli craft beers in their stores and restaurants as easily as they buy European and American imports.

Best regards to all,
Doug Greener

Congratulations to Steve and Phyllis Ross on the upcoming birth of their first grandchild in September. Steve's son and his wife are both attorneys in the DA's office. The only thing better than becoming a first time grandparent is knowing that the grandchild will live nearby as this one will. I will expect a picture in September for our website!

Hi Marcy, please share...
It is a fact Atlanta was paralyzed! It a fact that at 3AM on Tuesday 1/28 the expected snow arrival changed to yes...we will get snow!!

In my opinion, the major mistake was school should have been closed Tuesday AM.
Around 12noon it became apparent schools were dismissing students from 12:30P on. Parents ALL went home from work to meet the unplanned dismissals, students were placed on buses, snow started sticking and GRIDLOCK happened.

I was so fortunate, packed up my bags and left work at 12:40P arrived home at 1:40P, usually takes 30 minutes.

HOWEVER, my husband Alan...not so lucky. No golf, so a group of the guys decided they would go to the golf club and have lunch. They left at 12:50P. It took Alan 5hrs to travel what normally takes 25 minutes. He made 1 pit stop, traveled more to then stop at an Assisted Living 3 miles from our home. We decided it was best that he stay overnight. After all, the ratio of women was 25 to 2 men! About 3 others slept "with" him in the lobby...all 75 and older. He came home 8A Wednesday and confirmed the bacon and eggs were fabulous but WE are not ready for Assisted Living!

Our daughter walked 2miles at 5P to get one of her son's who might have been sleeping on the bus!

There were many more stories, fortunately everyone we spoke with was safe...some with minor car damages and some walked miles.

TODAY, school is closed and the snow is melting.

Warmest regards,
Roni Cojac Mintz

Hi Marcy, It was difficult for me being only 16 yrs old in my Senior year. Now on the website I read that the 1944 babies will be all turning 70 in the beginning months of this year. I won't be 70 till September. When I started my senior year I was still 15.
Hope you are warm.

Sincerely, Carolyn Nelson

Apologies to Carolyn for aging her before her time! I made an assumption based on what I knew, but obviously I didn't know all the facts. I'm guessing that Carolyn is the youngest member of our graduating class, but I could be wrong about that too. If there's anyone out there turning 70 after September, please let me know. When I put out a request for birthdays to post every month I never asked for the year- just the month and day. So for now Carolyn, you hold the title of youngest class member!

 I received a phone call from Tony Moors LMHS class of 1960 with the sad news that Lillian Caparell passed away on November 5, 2013 of ovarian cancer. She was survived by her sister in New York. Lillian lived in Alpharetta, Georgia. Tony said that she had Hospice at the end but went very quickly. We will move her picture to the Gone But Not Forgottem page and welcome any tributes you may want to post there.

Congratulations to Valerie and Joe Garofalo on the birth of their first granddaughter after four beautiful boys. Nora Clare entered the world on January 19th at 4:45 a,m, weighing in at eight pounds three ounces, 20 inches long. They report that she is just beautiful!

That Was The Year That Was

2013 was a banner year for most of our class. Most of us were born in 1943 and so we hit the 70th year of our lives. We still have some 1944 babies who will turn 70 in the early months of 2014. But they're not far behind us. Like most of you, I wonder how those years went so quickly.

We lost one classmate, Lorraine Cuomo Shibani this past year. It's always a sad job moving a classmate's yearbook picture to the gone but not forgotten page. I can't believe how that section has grown since we started this website in 2005 more than eight years ago.

Thank you Bob Benson for maintaining this site from its very beginning. There was so little there when we started and I'm still amazed how much the site has grown. Everyone who has ever sent in a picture or shared news with us deserves recognition for that growth. Our boosters also are an indispensable factor in our success. Year after year we are fortunate to receive the funding to pay our monthly bills thanks to their generosity.

There were many moves this past year. The part most of you don't see is the never ending updating of our yearbook page. Not only do email addresses change, but so do mailing addresses and phone numbers. I am so grateful to all of you who send me that information. I love hearing the stories behind a move, whether it's to be closer to the kids and grandkids, an escape from the cold, high taxes or yard work, the need to downsize and cut down on cleaning chores or needing a place without stairs. I think what surprised me the most is that many of you are doing this now years after retiring. It makes sense though- by now we know what we need and don't need.

Our informal gatherings page is a testament to our lifelong bonds. Year after year, no matter how old we get, we make the effort to visit and reminisce with our old LMHS friends. I am so grateful to those of you who think to capture the visit with a camera or phone and pass it on to our site so all can share in seeing the visit. It's almost as good as having our own visit from a classmate.

Best wishes for a healthy coming year. How meaningful those words become as we get on in years. This past year a perfectly healthy classmate told me that she gave my email address to her daughter as she prepared a "who to notify in the event of my death" list of instructions for her family. Preparing my own list of who to notify will definitely be on my 2014 resolutions.

Please keep the news, pictures and address changes coming. The only reason this site has stayed alive is because your efforts have kept it alive. I hope you always continue to do so. Happy New Year!


I just checked for some Website stats as of 12/31/13:
1) There have been 9,371 emails between you, Russ and me since we began this adventure.
2) There are 6,571 images in 564 folders in the database.
3) There are 10,269 files in 654 folders totaling 224 MB of data.

There is no way to count the number of hits the site has had over the 8+ years, but your website has certainly been special for your Class of 1961!


With Honey's permission, I am sharing her end of the year greetings. It sounds like the year of two thirty year olds and not two senior citizens! Wishing all of you good times with family and a very happy 2014.

Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year!

Frohe Weihnachten und Ein Gluckliches Neues Jahr (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year) to all our loved ones and friends. We hope all have had a great 2013 and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2014.

2013 was a great year for the Cottrell’s. In January son Thomas accepted a new position within Hilton International as Director of call center operations for the Asia Pacific market. He now lives in Honolulu Hawaii, spending half his time between the Honolulu center and Tokyo Japan (and occasionally in Korea). He loves the new challenges and is enjoying acclimating to life in Japan.

March brought our 50th wedding anniversary and to preclude anyone trying to “surprise” us we decided to throw our own Surprise 50th party. We were blessed with 20 friends and relatives enjoying the evening with us. The real surprise was that Thomas flew in from Hawaii and of course brought tears to Honey’s eyes the minute he appeared.

In April (for Honey’s 70th birthday) we treated ourselves to a Viking River Cruise along the Danube River. We flew from Tampa to Budapest where we boarded the ship for seven days along the Danube. Along the way, we enjoyed visits to Slovakia, Austria (Vienna) and other ports along the Danube. The journey ended in Passau Germany where we ultimately were bussed to Munich. We spent two wonderful days there before taking the train on to Bitburg and Michael and family whom we visited with for an additional 10 days. As always, was a fun time. Nolan is growing up so fast and is such a fun kid. He is fluent in German, well, as fluent as a 7 year old can be in any language. But definitely holds his own in conversations in that language.

Our annual NCVA Reunion was held in Savannah, GA in May. Was, as always, fun. Saw many old friends from different duty stations. It is always a very enjoyable few days. Visiting different cities each year gives us the opportunity to see places we may not have on our own.

Since we were already on the road, we decided to take advantage of the fact we had a rental and proceeded north to the Blue Ridge Mts. to Washington DC. Along the way we visited Mt. Airy NC. (best known as Mayberry RFD). Aunt Bee’s café, Floyd’s barber shop, the 5 & 10, and Barney Fife’s patrol car are still going strong. Well, at least until 5PM when the town closes up for the night. But what a great afternoon back in time. The next day, on our way to DC we stopped for lunch in (what else??) a German restaurant off the beaten path. The owner was so pleasant and visited with us, and the food was excellent.

Our two days in DC were great. We took advantage of the Hop on – Hop off and toured the entire city, stopping at the monuments along the way. Had a wonderful experience at the Arlington Cemetery. Not only did we see the changing of the guard, but since it was approaching sunset, we also witnessed the lowering of the flag. A very moving experience. We also used the opportunity to visit with dear friends Sonia and Delon Hampton.

The kids (Michael, Dana & Nolan), as usual, returned to their summer home (Florida) for their eight week vacation before returning back to Germany in August. Was a very busy summer for them and the weeks flew by for all of us. We did manage a family get together at our house for my Mom’s 92nd birthday. Unfortunately Thomas was back in Hawaii/Japan but we did video conference with him.

In September we decided to splurge and visited Thomas in both Japan and Hawaii. It was great – worth every penny, and yes, very expensive. But what’s money for if not to spend. He was able to secure some exceptionally beautiful hotel/resorts for our stays in both places, at unbelievably inexpensive prices. We did a lot of train traveling and must say the trains in Japan are amazing. Not only clean but punctual within 6 seconds. We took a day trip up to Northern Japan where we had lived on an Air Force Base from 1968-1971. Was very nostalgic and glad we all did it, but nothing like it was. Guess the old saying, things never stay the same, is very true. It was like a ghost town both in and outside the base. We have no idea where all the people were. No one on the roads. Very different.

After returning to Florida mid-October, unpacking and settling in, we starting planning our December trip to Germany, where we are spending Christmas. We flew into Munich and took a train to Garmish-Partenkurchen, where we visited the tallest mountain in Germany, which is also the 2nd tallest mountain in Austria. Right on the border of both countries. Absolutely amazing. The weather was beautiful, sunny and damn cold. We spent an amazing two days enjoying Bavaria. Christmas Markets, Bratwurst, Gluhwein (hot red wine) and hot, hearty soups. Was fun.

Took the train from Garmish, with three train changes, but made each one with minutes to spare, to Trier, where Michael picked us up. Dana had a delicious Chicken Piccata and Pasta ready and waiting for us when we arrived at their home. Since then we have enjoyed many walks into the town of Bitburg for lunches, dinners and just to walk around.

Michael took us to the Netherlands yesterday where we visited caves with beautiful sand sculptures and other caves with Christmas Markets inside. It has been another amazing vacation and we will remain here until December 30th, when we will take the train to Frankfurt, spend the night at the Airport Hilton and fly back to Tampa on New Year’s Eve. It has been a wonderful year for us and hope the same for you and yours.

Best wishes for a great 2014

Tom and Honey

Hi Marcy,
It's been a long while since we've been in touch, but I do check the alumni website from time to time. I hope all is well with you.

I'm not sure if anyone has been in touch with you yet, but Lorraine Cuomo Schibani passed away, very suddenly, on Thursday, October 17th. There is a one day viewing (today) and a funeral at St. Frances deChantal Church in Wantagh tomorrow.

The cause of her death is unknown, but heart failure is suspected.

I don't know if you still have a way of reaching classmates by e-mail, but if you do, would you please send out an e-mail.
Louise DeNardo Cassano

Louise Cassano
LuCas Communications
29 Lilac Lane
Levittown, NY 11756
"Projects & Progress Begin With A Plan"

Russ Mulroy informed me of the passing of our classmate Lorraine Cuomo (Shibani) on October 17th. We have moved her picture to the Gone But not Forgotten page and her obituary from Newsday as well. For those still living on Long Island, her services will be Monday and Tuesday. Lorraine was at our 50th reunion and a frequent picture contributor to this site. The last time I heard from her was this past June when she told me her 50th wedding anniversary would be on June 30th. I'm glad she lived long enough to celebrate that. As always you are welcome to share your memories of Lorraine for her page.


Dear Friends,

Of course, our family is very happy to be hearing the sound of the shofar bringing in the New Year 5774. Aside from any personal reasons for being happy, as a family we have gotten through the old year in pretty good shape. We are doing what we want to be doing and are with those we want to be with, enjoying building our careers or winding them down, taking pleasure in our family ties, and, though we live in a very tough neighborhood, are looking towards the New Year with some optimism.

Let's take a look at what we're all up to.

Over in Washington, DC, Ami is building his travel business, Greener Travel (http://www.costaribbean.com/index.html), while girlfriend Gabby is working as a lawyer for the Department of Justice. The both of them recently spent a week in Chicago, where they explored the city and Gabby got to show Ami her old campus at the University of Chicago.

Ami just got back from leading his seventh Jewish group adventure trip in Costa Rica. He saw a week-old humpback whale off of the Pacific coast, where the whales come to mate and give birth. While we're on that subject, Ami is starting to get into the honeymoon business, providing newlyweds with amazing vacations in Costa Rica. For himself, however, he says that he wouldn't think of honeymooning in Costa Rica -- too much like a busman's holiday! (At least, let's get to that bridge!)

Aharon and Melanie recently bought their own home in Modi'in, a lovely spacious apartment with lots of room for Amitai and Yadin, for an office and guests, and even room to grow. The family spent the blazing summer in Modi'in by the pool and beach, packing and unpacking. Now with the beginning of the school year, Amitai and Yadin began their respective preschool and nursery.

Amitai is a caring older brother who loves to hug and kiss Yadin, except when Yadin tries to take his toys. He has many friends and loves to play with his dinosaurs, watch Fireman Sam, and search for insects (which he very gently examines). He progressed admirably with Hebrew in the past half-year and is now bilingual, with the occasional Greek word still popping up.

Yadin crawls around the world seeking adventure. This, along with his newly acquired skills of clapping and eating by himself, makes him immensely happy. He will soon celebrate his first birthday with his family, with Bubby Joyce and Uncle Ami visiting from North America.

Melanie returned to her job at Kenes in June, after a maternity leave of nearly nine months, but she is seeking new professional opportunities. Being a full-time working mother does not leave much time for anything else, but occasionally she finds time to swim, meet with friends, and continue writing her book.

Aharon is now concluding his Ph.D. thesis in Archaeology for Bar-Ilan University, intent on finishing by the end of 2013. He is also busy searching for a post-doc position for next year.

Eitan and Dalit are approaching their first anniversary, and are both students. Dalit has completed her second year in nursing at the Ruppin Academic Center with flying colors. She is looking for a part-time job in the nursing field for the coming school year, which will also include hospital shifts, hopefully in Haifa, in addition to her classes - a busy year ahead.

Eitan finished his first year in bio-chemical engineering at the Technion, the Israel Polytechnic Institute. He found the Technion classes a great challenge, but finished the year successfully. Dalit and Eitan had such heavy study schedules that they rarely had time to visit Trudy and Doug in Jerusalem. It's a good thing we're living in the age of skype!

The past few months have been pretty routine for Trudy, continuing with her volunteer jobs and babysitting stints. She and Doug alternate between quiet weekends and those that are filled with sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. Trudy signed up to be in a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta in the fall, hoping to get back into her old singing mode, and is looking forward to returning to folk dancing after the summer break. Odd editing and translating jobs pop up here and there as well. Her biggest challenge, of course, is learning how to live with a 70-year-old.

That would be Doug. As the world celebrates its birthday on Rosh Hashana, so does he. Seventy sounds old, but he doesn't feel it. Most systems are working and he still looks forward to getting out of bed in the morning. His days revolve around a little working (advertising and fund-raising), reading and writing, pumping iron and jogging, cooking, being a grandpa to Amitai and Yadin, going places with Trudy, and meeting friends for some good food and booze. He enjoys the many cultural and entertainment attractions that Jerusalem has to offer. A few weeks ago, Doug's friend Len visited from New York and they attended some sessions at the 16th World Congress of Jewish Studies, saw Shakespeare's "Richard III" in the park, and drank their way through the 10th Annual Jerusalem Wine-Tasting Festival and the 9th Annual Jerusalem Beer Festival -- on two consecutive nights!

Ami will soon be joining the family in Israel as we get together for the New Year festivities. Melanie's mother Joyce from Montreal is already here. All of us extend our greetings to all of you for a New Year of peace and plenty, when the balance of the world begins to shift from the forces of venality and chaos to the forces of beneficence and justice.

Doug & Trudy

Ami & Gabby

Aharon, Melanie, Amitai & Yadin

Eitan & Dalit

Hi Marcy,

My brother and his wife are on Long Island for a week (out in the Hamptons) and they drove by our old house in Levittown yesterday and sent me this picture. We had a typical cape cod, and you can see the house next door (partly) is still an original. My parents were in that house for over 40 years and do not know if the people who bought from them are still there, but clearly the old house is long gone.

Lois Christensen Bish

Much thanks to Steve Ross for the new IPhone app. http://runpee.com/, however I just uploaded their newer version where no running is involved called http://sitandpee.com & that works fine for me because I just don’t care anymore.

Going forward I’m sure we can look forward to many upgrades & new apps. including but not limited to:

runcrap.com: similar to runpee except it vibrates 5 minutes after eating at Taco Bell or a whole grain breakfast. If you cannot run then upload http//:sitandcrap.com.

diaperBoy.com: This app. operates on smell recognition software & will alert you that it’s time to change that bad boy. Also will be available in diaperGirl.com in January 2014.

DoIknowyou.com: Face recognition app. that will alert you that you’re speaking with your spouse or other close family members or in some cases looking in the mirror.

Now if I can only remember where I left my phone.

Russ Mulroy

PS: Someone please text me as the vibration is the only “action” I get anymore.

Thought I would share this smart phone App-can come in handy:


Steve Ross


Click on the article above about Levittown. I received this article in the mail today from my college roommate who lives in Connecticut. She's originally from Rosedale but has lived in Connecticut since we graduated in 1965 and naturally visited my parents' home in Levittown in the sixties. I intended to scan the article but after doing a search of the headline, I was able to find the article online. There was much discussion our fiftieth reunion weekend about our old homes. Most of us did a drive-by and found our former homes unrecognizable. Progress is inevitable, but at the same time, it's a little sad.

Hi Marcy....

Hope you're doing well. After 27 years in our house in Naperville, we're moving into a 55 & over community a few miles from here. My wife needs a house with no stairs and I've had it with maintaining the lawn and clearing the snow, so we're out of here. The new place is just 7 miles from my oldest daughter and my grandsons and we've got a number of friends who are living in that community, so we're looking forward to the move.

My new address, effective 8/1, is:

21134 Windsor Lake Way
Crest Hill, IL 60403
Cell: 630-308-0412

As always, thanks for the great job you do with the website. Take care.

Harvey Pearlstein

For those of you on Long Island who may be interested in going here on Friday, June 14th. If you do go, bring a camera and take a picture with Steve Bitel for our informal gatherings page. Click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom for Steve's information.

Participating artists Flower Power fundraiser for
Nassau Conservation District - -

While I have not kept up with all that happens thru the LMHS web site I decided it was time to take a look. Since I have just retired last month it seems that I do have "some" time to just veg. What really inspired me was the e-mail from an "ole" friend Roni Cojac and her inspiring comments about her dad. My parents turned 94 6 months ago and while Mom is slow going and pretty much hanging in there, Dad mainly suffers from back and leg pains but is on his third computer and if he was at a crap table or a horse race I would not hesitate to duplicate his bets as he is as sharp as ever. While they recently moved into an assisted living that was more for the dining privileges than anything else.

Wow and pickle ball, two months ago I never heard of it but since it has made its way to the surface in Arizona, while still no facilities that I consider nearby I have my eyes open for when it becomes local to me. In the meantime I have enjoyed retirement at the local Bridge studios playing 3-5
time a week. If I knew retirement was this good I would have done it 20 years ago :-).

Hello and best wishes to everyone out there.......

Jeff Chasan
Sent from my iPad

I am moving Carole Singer's yearbook picture to our Gone but Not Forgotten page. I was unaware that she had passed a couple of years ago until Stu Blick recently told me. I checked the death records to obtain the date of death, but could find no obituary on her. As always, anyone wishing to pay her tributes may do so. Carole lived in East Northport, NY and was the owner of Carole's Corner, a jewelry store in that town.

I'd like to share two videos of Honey Cottrell's 91 year old mother at weight lifting events. The first one showcases four weight lifting grannies. Edith "the Ego Killer" is Honey's mother. The second video was sent in by Honey's brother Gary Murway. Did I mention that Edith also does line dancing? Wow!!!!



I want to expand on the fact that my dad will celebrate his 100th birthday in November. In addition to playing Pickle Ball 2x each week, he lives independently, drives, works out at least 4x each week, facilitates current event groups- doing hours of research on the computer, is a spectator at his great grandson's sporting events AND has a girlfriend who is 86- Saturday date night is a movie and dinner!

All of this after losing 2 wonderful partners and moving from Charlotte to Atlanta 6 years ago.

He has survived multiple surgeries, 4 types of cancer, and the removal of a kidney.

I share all of this because he is such an inspiration and role model for us. When asked how is he doing..."everyday is my bonus day and I am doing great".
Submitted by Roni Cojac Mintz

I sent an email to Laura Allen Lally to thank her for her booster check and also told her that I did a Google image search on pickle ball because I had never heard of it before she mentioned playing. She wrote back with this interesting note. It made me wonder how many of you still have parents living. I do know that Celeste Vives, Barbara Bockmann, Doug Greener and Honey Cottrell still have mothers living in their nineties and of course Roni Cojac's 100 year old father. Is there anyone else who still has parents alive? Since most of us lost our parents years ago, it's amazing to hear about those lucky enough to still have parents with us. Please share if you are one of the fortunate ones.

Hi, Marcy, I'm happy to help keep the website going. I got a note from Roni Cojac Mintz, saying that her 100 year old father still plays pickleball in Atlanta! That's inspiring! I had not heard of pickleball until I moved here 6 years ago. The USAPA website has videos, etc, showing the game. By the way, while I do check my Yahoo email, I usually use Lauralal92@juno.com. Maybe you can change it on the yearbook listing. Thanks for keeping us all in touch, Laura

I thought all of you might enjoy seeing how Honey and Tom are celebrating their 50th anniversary and Honey's 70th birthday. They will end their trip by visiting their grandson and his parents in Germany. What an exciting life they lead.

Left Tampa 2:45 on Saturday April 13th arriving at the MS Vienna, our cruise ship in Budapest, Hungary approximately 17 hours later, Sunday the 14th at 1:30 PM local time (7:30 am Tampa time)

Viking River Cruises provided a relaxing buffet lunch before giving us an hour walking tour (aka a Jet Lag Killer) of Pest, the City on the west side of the Danube. Upon returning to the boat, Tom and I unpacked, showered and relaxed before joining Anthony, our tour director, for a briefing prior to our welcome aboard dinner. Since all 170 passengers have traveled long distances, I am sure it will be an early night. Tomorrow the plan is to take a city tour (including both Buda and Pest


After a delicious breakfast we climbed aboard bus 22C for a driving tour of Pest and Buda. A beautiful city on both sides of the Danube. Buda is very hilly where Pest is flat. Buda has the castle, Turkish Bath Houses, the beautiful Matthius church and the Pest side has St. Stevens Church, The Parliament Building along with the second largest synagogue in the world, which houses a Holicost museum, and the city zoo has an elephant house that resembles the Taj Mahal. Impressive!

Click on each of the two pictures above to enlarge

After lunch we walked the Pest side visiting the huge market, and took many photos including the metal weeping willow tree in the courtyard of the Synagog. Each leaf has the name of one of the 400,000 Jewish people who were deported to the concentration camps. On the waterfront bronze cast shoes memorialize the people who were thrown into the Danube by the Communists.

After dinner there was music and dancing in the and at 9pm the MS Vienna left the pier for our trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. The trip will take 17 hours and the weather is forecast to be sunny so tomorrow we will spend a good portion of our cruising time on the sun deck.


During breakfast we had a great view of the first lock. Our boat joined two other river cruising boats sitting in the lock watching the water (and the boats) rise up to street level and then go through the other end of the dam. Interesting.

After lunch we enjoyed the remainder of the morning on the sun deck enjoying the beautiful weather until 2:30 when our tour director, Anthony let us know the bus was waiting. We were not too impressed when the local guide took us to see the castle as it was stark and unimpressive. The drive past the Embassies was more interesting. Unfortunately we could not get a photo of the American Embassy which is a scaled down replica of the White House in DC. After a drive around Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, which only gained it's independence 20 years ago and is now part of the EU, our bus dropped us off near the entrance to the Old Town, which was by far the best part of this day tour. The history and comical statues in this area made it a picturesque walk. From the old town it was a short walk back to the boat and Happy Hour.

Dinner was excellent, as always, and afterwards we were treated to a group of local Hungarian singers, dancers and musicians. Not everyone appreciated it but it was typical of their entertainment.

Tomorrow we will be in Vienna.....

Marcy, I finally got around to mailing Russ a check for the website. I am continually amazed at how wonderful it is. The diverse lives of our classmates fascinates me. I know I'm not alone in finding it almost impossible to believe that we're pushing 70.

We're wrapping up our "season" here in FL, and will soon return to our summer home in NY's Finger Lakes region. I've become a devotee of "pickleball", a sport somewhat like tennis crossed with ping pong, but on a smaller court, using paddles and "wiffle" balls. Fortunately, we have a pickleball "club" upstate, and I will continue my ladies' golf outings, despite the fact that my golf game refuses to improve, maybe because I don't practice !

I wish you and all of LMHS '61 a joyous and healthy Spring.

Laura Allen Lally

My copy of Phil Margolin's new novel "SLIGHT of HAND" arrived today. Glad someone was paying attention to Mr. Hawkey!

Steve Ross

I would also like to point out that Phil's books are available on Kindle. You can download books the day they hit the stores or preorder them and they will be delivered to your Kindle automatically on the day they are released. I ordered one called "The Gift of Seeds" by John Clinton Gray, Division Avenue 1964 graduate. Many of the short essays take place in Levittown where Gray grew up. Here is a review:

Gift of Seeds is a collection of stories as diverse as we are. Through the author’s vivid descriptions, we feel what it’s like to grow up in Levittown, Long Island, America’s first planned suburb. With him, we survive swimming lessons and bullies, polio shots and pranks. We fall in and out of love, get back up, and find the real thing. Along the way, we encounter spiders and elephants, get acquainted with birth and death and grief, experience joy and pain, and learn about being human. The essays are poignant, funny, insightful, real. Written in a voice as old as yesterday and as fresh as tomorrow, Gift of Seeds could be everyone’s memoir.

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday

Dear Marcy,

Thank you for my Birthday card...you are a sweetie. It is 70. I vividly remember early elementary school in learning to count 1-10...but 1-70, no way....Ha!Ha! I'm not complaining...I love it.

I'm finally back at the gym again and singing "Standards and Classic 50's" with some bands at supper style clubs in Knoxville....It's been 29 months since my first cancer surgery and 12 months since the last...next lab work in June...in December I was again 0.00 PSA reading...I've never wanted to be a zero in my life, but now zero's are something to look forward to...Ha!Ha!

Marcy, I need your help please. I've been going through our LMHS '61 website and reminiscing....but I can't find the biographies that so many people mailed in...in what area or section will I find them please? The website looks great and I must add, so do you! Thank you for all you do in keeping love and memories alive.

Love ya,

Brad ..."One Lucky Elf"

If there are others besides Brad Scott who can't find the classmate bios (alumni pages), click on the yearbook link from the homepage. The bios are in blue under the title "What have you done since 1961?" If you click on a name, the bio will appear.

On another note, if anyone knows of a classmate celebrating an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, I would appreciate knowing the date so we can post congratulations here on our site. We all love to share in your happiness.

Congratulations to Honey and Tom Cottrell who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on March 3rd!

Hi Marcy,

Goodness, it's been a tough year all around due to the consequences of Hurricane Sandy and the loss of property to so many classmates.
Virginia held its own as that has not been always the case.

I hope you are doing well in all areas. As always, thank you for the wonderful task of keeping us updated. As a result of really looking at my information per your request, sure enough, mine needs correction for both the address and email as I am now retired.

Gloria Sciole (de Lama) 4501 Timber Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23188

email gloriasciole@hotmail.com

Be well Marcy, especially stay healthy and happy. Goodness, I was one of those that entered a new decade of 70. Nevertheless, life is good.

Gloria de Lama Sciole

 That Was the Year That Was

As 2012 draws to a close, most of us realize that the things we take for granted like electricity and heat can be taken away at the mercy of a storm. So many of our classmates on Long Island and neighboring communities lost not only power, but possessions as well. Our hearts go out to all of you who had to suffer after Hurricane Sandy changed not only lives but the landscape of our youth.

Looking back on the horrific events of 2012, especially the recent tragedy at a Connecticut elementary school, makes us realize what an ideallic childhood we had growing up in Levittown. The events our own grandchildren see played out on the news are burdens that we were spared. We had the freedom to ride our bikes all over Levittown. Our parents didn't worry. The only rules at my house were that we had to be home in time for supper and then return indoors when the lampposts came on in the evening. It was the same for every kid in our neighborhood.

We lost one classmate, Irene Zarck Carballo this year and three former teachers: Mr. William Bimbie (Spanish), Coach Lawrence De Simone and Coach Nick Balitsos. And for quite a few classmates, this was a landmark year as they celebrated their 70th birthdays. The majority of us will face that prospect this coming year. It doesn't seem possible. The phrase "time marches on" takes on new meaning as we enter into this phase of our lives.

The thing I love best about this class is that so many continue to find opportunities to visit old friends fifty one years after graduation. Those who no longer travel exchange emails or get on the phone to keep in touch. In my youth I never dreamed this would be the case. I'm glad I was so wrong.

Please take the time to look in our yearbook section and make sure your information is updated- especially email addresses. Honey and I had a number of returned birthday greetings this past year because the email address was no longer valid. The email addresses we had were definitely valid at reunion time. If you have relocated, please send us your new address. And most importantly, please continue to send us your news and pictures. It's the reason people keep coming back to check the site. It's been more than seven years since we set up a class website, fearful it might be a flash in the pan. Thankfully you have all kept it going and it's kept us all connected. We couldn't exist on the web without Bob Benson, who has maintained this site from the onset. Our faithful boosters deserve recognition. It saddens me that I can no longer do a picture collage of them for the coming year because the old programs I used for years are no longer compatible with Windows 7 on my new computer. Finding and learning a new collage program may be too much of a challenge for me at this stage of my life.

Wishing everyone in the class a happy and healthy 2013 and please continue to keep us posted on your lives. We do care.


Dear Friends,

What a wonderful way to start the New Year 5773! We are happy to let everybody know that Aharon and Melanie just had a second child, Yadin Moshe, a new brother for Amitai, born September 12 (25 Elul).

And in a few weeks, we will celebrate the wedding of Eitan and Dalit.

Looking aside for the moment from these two happy events, we would also like to bring you up-to-date with family happenings.
We'll begin with Ami in Washington, DC. During the past year the Greener Travel Company has had some major successes with organized tours (http://www.yelp.com/biz/greener-travel-washington). The August tour to Costa Rica for young Jewish professionals was the largest ever, with 17 participants from North America and Europe. Greener Travel (love that name!) also plans and runs specially tailored tours for individuals and groups to Costa Rica, and will be expanding to other countries in 2013. (http://www.costaribbean.com/).

Ami also finds time for his teaching duties (Hebrew and Jewish Environmentalism) and enjoying Washington life with girlfriend Gabby. He will soon be attending the important Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference in Monterey, CA.

Aharon, Melanie and Amitai returned to Israel in June from an academic year in Athens, where Aharon did research on his Ph.D. thesis as a member of the American School of Classical Studies. Towards the end of their stay, they traveled to the island of Hydra, where no motorized vehicles are allowed, and to the deep Peleponnese, with the Mycenaean palace of Nestor at Pylos, castles and ruins, and one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece - voidokilia (ox belly).

Amitai recently started in a new nursery school for this year. He particularly likes the pre-Shabbat ceremony on Fridays and the picture of Prime Minister Netanyahu on the wall! After growing up in an English-speaking family and spending a year attending a Greek nursery school, Amitai now has to get down to learning Hebrew. He loves to sing songs in Hebrew, as well as English and Greek. It is a nice coincidence that his teacher was an emissary to Saloniki several years ago and can speak Greek (as well as English) to him.

Amitai was so excited about becoming a big brother that he started talking to the baby even before he was born, and shining a flashlight on mommy's stomach. He's already given his new baby brother a plastic T-rex as his first present, and promises to teach him all about dinosaurs as soon as he can understand. We are all excited that Melanie's mom and grandmother are coming for a visit next week.

Did we mention that Eitan and Dalit are getting married? As they begin a new life together, they are also heading towards new careers. Dalit is beginning her second year of nursing studies at the Ruppin Academic Center. Earlier this year, Eitan was accepted into the Bio-Medical Engineering program at the Technion in Haifa, Israel's Institute of Technology. He has a very difficult and demanding four years ahead of him -- beginning right after the wedding! During the summer, Eitan worked as the resident medic at the E-Camp, treating hundreds of hi-tech campers from Israel and abroad.

Trudy has found that her schedule has continued to be a widely varied mix of volunteering at the Free Loan Association and the JSPCA, babysitting for Amitai, enjoying Jerusalem's cultural events, folk dancing, and more wading through accumulated papers and pictures. Recently she has been busy with all the preparations for the holidays, the new grandson, and Eitan and Dalit's wedding. And somehow she manages to find time for her varied craft projects in knitting, crocheting and papercutting.

Doug takes umbrage at people who ask him if he's "growing old gracefully." There will be time for all that. Right now nothing he does is graceful. That goes with the territory. He's happy to keep away from doctors (mostly), to have some gainful employment, and to have time for reading, writing, exercising and frequenting pubs with good friends. Doug visited Ami during his June trip to America, and had a wonderful time seeing Washington, visiting museums and accompanying Ami and Gabby to some beer-blessed nightspots.

This summer, Doug took Trudy to the first-ever Mateh Yehuda Beer Festival, where she was able to find a brew she actually enjoyed. So even at this age, life can hold some nice surprises!

May we have a few more of them in the New Year, and may our two happy events set the pace for a year of good tidings for all.

Doug and
Trudy Greener
Aharon, Melanie and Amitai

Dear Marcy,
The months have slipped away again since I checked our website but I just have done so and was saddened by much of the news. I have also recently heard that Ray Kavanaugh (I'm really not sure of the spelling), my 12th grade teacher, was at home in Garden City during the storm, and due to a tree falling on a gas line (again, I'm not positive of the circumstances) his house was leveled by the explosion that ensued. A neighbor pulled him out and from what I've heard he barely was injured at all, but I don't know where he is now and I was wondering if anyone else had any information. I've run into him occasionally over the years--in the library!--and he was doing well until his wife died a few years ago, after which he seemed very frail.

I wish you a very happy holiday and a HEALTHY 2013! Fondly, Barbara Steinman Bengels

I immediately went to Google when Barbara sent this very sad news about one of our former teachers. There was nothing about where he is now, but I did find pictures of the house on Fox News and CNN:



It doesn't mention the name of the owner , but it matches the address we have on him in our faculty listing. If anyone hears anything further, please let us know.

I received this from Fank Barning, Division Avenue class of 1960. It was sent to him by Heidi Perlmutter, a LMHS alumni.
Heidi Inez Perlmutter

Some very sad news about my friend and '59 graduate of LMHS, Grace Califano Polgrean Schaub who passed away Wed. November 14, 2012. Also a graduate of Hofstra University, '63 I think. We were friends in HS and sorority sisters (Wreath and Foil), and good friends all these years. Can you help me get this onto a Levittown Memorial HS Blog or some such social network. Grace's brother is Ernie Califano, a super baseball player in his time. Thanks, Frank. Let me know ... Happy Thanksgiving, let's give thanks for what we have in these hard times world wide.

Hi Marcy, please share

Wishing everyone happy holidays from Atlanta, GA.
I am hopeful that my LMHS friends were not personally affected by "Sandy". We have lifelong friends who live in Merrick. Unfortunately, 2 cars and the first floor of their home...under water.
As we approach Thanksgiving I enjoy touching base with all of you and continue to be grateful for the years we had together at LMHS. We were and are very fortunate to have these memories.
My children (43 and 41) still keep up with their high school friends. I only hope my 4 grandsons develop these attachments...who knows as they are getting old enough to enter the world of texting!
Alan and I recently returned from 3 weeks in Argentina. If you are getting the travel "itch" Argentina is a 10hr flight from Atlanta but only a 1 hour time difference. The people are wonderful, grateful for tourism. Food- plentiful. The best is Iguazu Falls, glaciers in El Calefate and the penguins in Puerto Madryn. Oh! the wine (malbec) in Mendoza.
Warmest Regards, Health to you as we approach 2013.
Roni Cojac Mintz

I am sad to pass on this news to classmates. At the same time I am so grateful that Ernie Brodsky visited him and videotaped that interview for all to see at our 50th reunion. Some of you on Long Island may wish to attend his services which are listed below. Thank you Al Scarpellini for sharing this news with us. His picture will be added to our Gone But Not Forgotten page and we welcome any comments there from his former students.

Bill passed away yesterday 11-6-2012. I am not sure If you were the one that came to his house last year to encourage him to go to the reunion. I am his neighbor and friend for 47 years. Please pass this along to his students.

William E Bimbie
age 78
Claude R Boyd/Cararozzolo Funeral Home
1785 Deer Park Ave
Deer Park. NY 11729
Monday 11-12-2012 2pm to 4:30 PM
7PM to 9:30 PM

I can be reached at 631-940-6053

Alec Scarpellini

LMHS is being used as an emergency shelter after the extensive damage caused by Mega-Storm Sandy.
Steve Ross

Congratulations to Stu Smith who became a first time grandfather on October 23rd. Granddaughter Brook Lynn (is there a hidden meaning in that name?) is doing well and Grandpa will be sending pictures soon.

I received this note from Iris Kogel after sending her birthday wishes. What a great gift she received and I'm sure Rheva enjoyed flying to Hawaii as much as Iris loved being surprised.

Hi Marcy - Thank you for birthday greetings. I am just now checking my email since Sept. 7th...my husband surprised me and for my birthday. He flew Rheva in for the occasion. I was shocked. She only stayed for four days but we had a lot of fun. I think it will take her several days to recover from such a big trip for so little time!

Love, Iris

Hi Marcy

I got this in my mail yesterday. Mr Lauterbach tracked me down through the LMHS website. I wrote a tribute to Mr B. for the obit. It was a pleasure to write it. He was a wonderful man and a great coach.

Rich Smith

Hi Richard,

 My name is Jordan Lauterbach. I'm a writer for Newsday on Long Island. We're writing an obituary for Nick Balitsos, who passed away earlier this week. Through my research, I found that you played for Balitsos at Levittown Memorial HS.

If this is accurate, would you be able to tell me a little bit about what you remember about your old coach? How was he to play for? What do you remember most about him?

Also, what year(s) did you play for him.

Thanks so much and I apologize if this is the first you're hearing of this news.

Jordan Lauterbach

Hi Marcy,

I hope everything is okay with you. We're on this e-mail list which sends us a word a day. This week, the theme is Latin words which have worked their way into English. Look what came in today. Mr. Hugh O'Donnell, where are you?

Doug Greener
ne plus ultra

(NE ploos OOL-trah, NEE/NAY pluhs uhl-truh)

noun: The ultimate or the perfect example of something.

From Latin, literally, not further beyond. Earliest documented use: 1637.

It's said that the Pillars of Hercules at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar had this Latin phrase inscribed. It served as a warning to sailors not to go beyond the limit of the known world. The national motto of Spain, on the other hand, is "Plus ultra".

"The greatest car in the world, the automotive ne plus ultra."
Jonathan Carroll; The Ghost in Love; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 2008.

Explore "ne plus ultra" in the Visual Thesaurus.

I received these notes from Rona Selsky, LMHS65 and Max Pozen LMHS59. The obit is posted on the Gone But Not Forgotten page and we welcome any remembrances you have so we can put them on his Obit Page.

Hi Marcy,

I just received news that Lawrence Desimone, the phys. ed. teacher and long time basketball coach at Memorial, passed away. His wife worked in the same school district as I did. There will probably be an obituary in Newsday tomorrow or Sunday, which I will forward to you for your website.

I was thinking Russ Mulroy would want to know, so please forward the info to him.

Address for condolences....Rosemarie Desimone
12 Josephine Blvd.
Shoreham, NY 11786

Hope all is well with you and yours. Everything is fine with me. Rona






For those of you who have Homebox on Demand, there is a documentary (54 minutes) called "Hard Times" which follows the lives of some of Long Island's unemployed. There is a good portion of it that discusses Levittown and some of its residents. It's worth the time to watch, if only for the nostalgia.

Dear Marcy,
   I know you are not going to be happy because we forgot to take some pictures but I wanted to let you know that Sandy (Parrish) Duvall, her husband Del and I had a great visit and dinner last week. I am still working selling quilting fabric in Florida but now spend several months a year selling in Colorado. I have a condo in Littleton about an hour from her. Sandy and her husband were very lucky to escape the Waldo Canyon fire that destroyed 346 homes and killed two people in Colorado Springs. They were forced to evacuate for a while but because of the valiant efforts of multiple fire departments their home was spared. It is amazing to see home after home burned to ash. I have a customer who got out with the clothes she was wearing and her computer and is now living in a Marriott. Although Del is retired, Sandy is still working in the real estate field. It was great to catch up. And neither of us looks a day older than 17!
Steve Weissman

Steve is right. I'm not happy to hear about the lack of photos, but very pleased to hear that our classmates are still meeting up in various parts of the country. I had not heard from Sandy in a while and had no idea about the fire. I'm so grateful that their home was safe. Next time Steve, a camera please!!!!

Hi Marcy,

Hope this finds you well. I deeply regret telling our classmates about the passing of our friend and classmate Irene Zarck (Carballo) on Friday July 6, 2012. Her passing was sudden after a very short illness. I know our classmates all join me in wishing her family our prayers and sympathy.

Helene Doctoroff Erb

Condolences to Sandy Parrish Duvall on the passing of her mother. I know they were very close and this has to be a rough time for her. Sandy can be reached at sandu5@aol.com. Thanks Stu for sharing the news

Hi Marcy,
I just got this e-Mail from Sandy Duval on the passing of her Mom...
Those class mates that remember Sandy's Mom and Dad will agree they were special folks..
Stu Smith

-----Original Message-----
From: Sandra Duvall <sandu5@aol.com>
To: SSmith3300 <SSmith3300@aol.com>
Sent: Mon, May 28, 2012 3:37 pm
Subject: hi

Just a note to tell you that mom passed away early this morning...
I know you were always one of her favorites.and thought you would want to know.
Hope all is well with you.

Dear Family & Friends,

It started out with just a little stumble. I hardly noticed that one foot didn't exactly touch the ground when it should have. Maybe I was just tired.

Trudy and I were taking an afternoon walk on the last day of Passover. When I couldn't ignore it anymore, I sat down, laid down, on a bench. A passing woman asked, "What is it? Low blood pressure?"

"That's what I was thinking," I answered. "Are you a doctor?"

"I'm a nurse. Here, have some water, and potato chips for the salt. They're kosher for Passover. No legumes."

The imbalance stayed with me through all that day and the following Saturday. In the evening, I told a neighbor doctor and he suggested I go to the emergency room at Hadassah Hospital at Ein Karem; he wrote a referral letter. Before we left, we were invited by our new upstairs neighbors, Israelis of Moroccan background who have just returned from Florida, to join them for some traditional post-Passover Maimuna delicacies. How could I say no? We've been living in Jerusalem for 36 years and nobody has ever invited us to a Maimuna. And now, when we are invited, the stairs don't stand still for me to walk up. At last, Trudy and I eat our first mufleta. And right after, took a cab to the hospital.

The Hadassah Hospital emergency room is 90% waiting, not unlike, I imagine, emergency rooms around the globe. The mission is to find out what is making me dizzy. After a night of tests, and waiting, there's no answer. All the tests are negative. We are sent home with the warning that if the symptoms worsen, like the room spinning around or ringing in my ears, we should return immediately.

When I woke up, the room wasn't spinning but twisting -- counter-clockwise -- and there was not a ringing in my ears but a hissing. Why was I not surprised? Back to Hadassah we rode. I took the same tests, with different doctors, but with the same results. Zip, nada. As we sat in the waiting room, I noticed that every spot on the floor or wall turned into a cockroach or caterpillar, and they were all crawling to the left, but not getting anywhere. What strange wildlife at Hadassah, I thought. As we approached midnight (I told you it was 90% waiting), the neurologist returned to say that since everything else was negative, they can't rule out a minor stroke. (Yikes! Me?) I would have to be hospitalized while other tests are conducted. The acronym biggies: CT, MRI. Trudy took it much worse than I did. After a tearful good-bye, I was admitted to the Neurology Ward.

Only there were no empty beds in that ward. At 3:00 a.m., the nurse in charge was calling up all the wards asking if they had any empty beds for around a dozen people who needed hospitalization. A bed for me was found in the Ear, Nose and Throat Department.

And there I stayed for two days while tests were performed and taken. Except for the occasional unsteadiness and dizziness, I didn't really feel "sick." But once you're admitted, you have to play by the rules. So I put on the hospital pajamas, took my medicine and got hooked up to the perpetual drip infusion. This last, I was told, was mostly distilled water and was to keep my body clean and hydrated. Good, I said. Not so good, I thought, as I found myself running to the bathroom every half-hour.

Hospitalization also means visitors, with gifts. My good friend Shelly came that first morning, and later Trudy visited with our friend Len from New York, who was in Israel for Passover. Visits are truly wonderful for patients. They break the boredom of a hospital stay, and they bring you people who will listen to you speak about your incapacity (such as it is) with new-found expertise. Len and I were loooking forward to going out after Passover to catch up on some beer drinking, but he ended up visiting me in the hospital instead!

One of my roommates spoke only English with the health staff, and when I asked about his accent, he told me it was Croatian. He was a field worker for Catholic Charities assigned to the West Bank and Gaza. The poor man had his thyroid gland removed and had a hole in his windpipe which he had to keep covered in order to talk. His career in overseas aid had taken him around the world, including Afghanistan and -- Sierra Leone. His face lit up when I told him I was there back in 1963, practically pre-historic as far as he was concerned. We spoke about the places we both knew, and he confirmed that really nothing has changed. Some development took place during the 1970s and '80s, but all was destroyed during the 1990s civil war. We celebrated his birthday while I was in the hospital.

To get a good look at what was going on inside my head, I had my first CT and MRI. Perhaps a few words about the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) might prove of interest. The MRI department at Hadassah works around the clock, to accommodate the great demand for examinations. On my seconf\d night there, I was woken up at 2:00 a.m. and wheeled down to the room. The technician asked me if I had any metal objects on or in my body (including a heart pacemaker, aneurism clips or shrapnel!) since these would be torn out by the powerful magnetic field. She warned me that the examination, though lasting just a few minutes, was very loud and that I shouldn't be frightened -- though that was exactly the effect her warning had on me. In the end, it wasn't as bad as she described, but the narrow tube that your body is slid into makes it unpleasant for claustrophobics and impossible for the obese.

I can't even begin to explain how it works. Apparently, if you put body tissue inside a powerful magnetic field, all the protons in the cells line up, while a radio frequency gets to resonate together. The computer uses this to produce a photo of amazing clarity of every tiny vein and artery. Thus, my doctors were able to determine that none of mine were blocked, ruling out a stroke of any significance.

But if not a stroke, and not a problem of the balance mechanisms of the inner ear, and not neurological, then what made me dizzy and keeping company with imaginary creepy crawlers? In the coming weeks and months, I have to see a few more doctors and take a few more tests. Maybe there will be answers. Maybe there never will be. In the meantime, the healing process seems to have kicked in, as the doctors said it might. I find it very exhilarating to feel a bit more strength, a bit more security, each day. I still find myself walking unsteadily at times, but I'm trying to return to my usual routine as quickly as possible. Last night, Trudy and I went out to celebrate Independence Day to a nice restaurant and then to an open-air concert and folk dancing (which I wisely sat out).

To those of you who knew about my brush with infirmity, thanks for your prayers and good wishes. For those who didn't, well, I wrote this to let you know. No need to be concerned now. I'm going to be okay.

To all, a happy Independence Day.

Doug Greener
April 2012

I too got the invite for July 21st. A number of years ago a similar one took place and our class was given a reserved location at the Park.
I recall having an enjoyable time. If others were interested and we could get our own spot, I would attend.
On an other note, I just picked up a copy of Phil Margolin's latest novel "Capitol Murder". I read his last book and it was a great read.
I normally go for Sci-Fi, but our classmate, besides an impressive CV, is very talented.
Steve Ross

Dear Marcy,
Thanks to the reunion (which is almost a year ago!!!) I've regained my friendship with Roberta Witlin Hirsch--a very real pleasure. Roberta dropped me a note today as she was heading out to a Danube cruise asking if I was planning on going to the annual class picnic. First of all, is one planned and secondly when and where would it be? Surprisingly my husband said he'd be happy to go--if it fit in with her summer travel plans and our babysitting.

I'm about to finish one of my happiest semesters at Hofstra, teaching an Honors College class in "The Golden Age of Science Fiction." The kids are absolutely wonderful and eager to learn and I still find it hard to believe that I'm teaching something I've loved since I was 12 years old. Yes, I'll be sad when it's over--but I also have a stack of books I've been saving for the summer--and a presentation to give at the WorldCon in Chicago this summer about SF writers' advice to parents of gifted kids. (Again, I'm living in a dream world come true!)

I hope the new year has been kind to you--and send you and my our classmates my love. Barbara (Steinman) Bengels

I also received a query about this picnic from Stu Smith, who questioned whether the person sending out invitations was a classmate of ours. He is not. The picnic is an annual event held on Long Island (Eisenhower Park) for LMHS alumni. It is NOT a class picnic! The only person I have ever known to go was from the class of 1960 and he said that it was a "younger" crowd with people from the classes of the eighties. That was a few years ago and things may have changed since then. It could be an opportunity for small groups of our class living on Long Island to get together in a larger crowd of LMHS alumni. If you didn't get an invitation via facebook or Classmates.com, contact me and I will forward you the invitation if you're interested.

Hi Marcy,

Just a note to let you know that the gad-about Garofolos were just down in Puerto Vallarta with us a few weeks ago. They were heading back to New Jersey and then a day later heading down to their new house in Florida next door to Roger Annicelli. Joe took pictures but probably hasn't been on line since he left. LOL
We had a nice visit and our kitchen was finished so we were able to have dinner at our house this time. I am back in Colorado now but my hubby tells me he is not coming back until Spring! Hope all is well with you and so happy to have this hotline to our class!

Sandy Parrish Duvall


Recently I have located the LMHS Class of 1961 web site. It seems you all are doing a great job in gathering and uniting members of that class. For a few years I was part of that class. I moved from Merrick to Wantagh in 1957, joining the 9th grade class at Salk, then on to LMHS until December, 1959 when, in the middle of our Junior year, moved to Winter Park, Florida where I graduated in the WPHS Class of 1961. I played on the LMHS golf and tennis teams of 1959 and still play those sports today. At LMHS I was your classic nerd, graduated in 1965 from the University of Florida with a BS in physics, followed in 1967 with an MBA degree. I recall classmates Nancy Ryen, Bill Leitner, Steve Bitel, Judy Vosca, Claudia Byrd and a few others. Unfortunately I have read where some are now deceased. Marianne, my wife of 45 years, is a 1961 graduate of Mineola High School. After a diverse career I retired in June, 2000 to Dawsonville, Georgia at the southern end of the Appalachian Trail where we reside on the shores of Lake Sidney Lanier. If any classmates want to re-connect I can be reached at dbergen44@gmail.com . Thank you for the job you are doing.

Dick Bergen

I forwarded this to Steve Bitel and Judy Vosca since I'm not sure how often they check the site. Hopefully Dick will hear from some of you. It's always nice to know people are finding us on the internet. It gives me hope we'll someday hear from more of our missing classmates.

Hi Marcy,

I want to add my voice to the chorus of how great a job you're doing in keeping our website interesting and current -- and nostalgic at the same time.

Perhaps you can publicize this on the website about my son Ami in Washington, DC. Anything which would give his tours to Costa Rica more exposure will be helpful. Maybe there are some among our fellow alumni who would be interested in a great vacation in Costa Rica.

Ami was just chosen "Guy of the Week" on GatherTheJews.com, a news and events site in Washington, DC. You can read his interview here:


He speaks mostly about his tours to Costa Rica and his own traveling predilections and activities in Washington. Please do have a look. And please forward it to anyone else whom you believe may be interested.

A good week to all,

Just when I had almost given up on our missing list, I receive a phone call out of the blue from Patricia Calvano who now goes by her middle name Joy and married name Lawrence. A few months ago she received an iPad from her husband and finally learned how to use the internet and send email. She discovered Google and did a search on her maiden name. That's how she found our website and discovered she was on our missing list. She decided to let us know she is still alive and fill us in on her life. Joy lives on Cutchoque, Long Island. She has one son, age 48 and an eleven year old grandson and an eight year old granddaughter. She has already connected with Marilyn Lerner and asked me about many of our old classmates. She has an excellent memory for someone who has not kept in touch with anyone for over fifty years. She even remembered that we used to walk together to Jonas Salk School in ninth grade, something I had long forgotten. We spoke twice on the phone and I asked her for a recent picture for our then and now section and she sent it out while we spoke. We will post her contact information on our yearbook page and add her picture to the then and now. Best of all we will remove her name from the missing list!

Click Here to View or Download Honey's PDF
I received permission from Honey to post this New Year's message. I want to share it because Honey is truly inspirational. I get exhausted just reading all they do in one year!

Hi Marcy........just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, a belated Happy Birthday, and to say thanks for the great job you continue to do with the website. For those of us who don't live in the NYC area or get back there on a regular basis, the site is a great way to stay on top of what is happening with our fellow classmates.

It was great to see you at the reunion. Take care and have a wonderful 2012.

Harvey Pearlstein

That Was The Year That Was

Another year has passed, and for the class of 1961 it was a most memorable one. Our long talked about 50th reunion actually happened. Classmates traveled from nineteen different states and as far away as the American Virgin Islands. Despite the distance, people came in from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Illinois, and Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. The most impressive part, I think, is that a sizeable number attended this one who had never attended any reunion before. They were reconnecting with folks that they hadn't seen in over fifty years and from the conversations, you would think that no time had passed at all. We all became teenagers again. What fun it was for me to go around taking pictures that would build up our then and now section. I carried a list with me of attendees that had no pictures on the site and happily checked off every single one as they smiled for the camera. Thirteen new faces were added to that section. Those who attended will have warm memories for years to come.

Over the years forty eight of our classmates have passed away. This past year we lost Lew DeWeese. It makes us stop and think how fortunate we are to have made it this far. Condolences to those of you who lost spouses, children and parents this past year.

As with every year, 2011 brought several retirements, relocations and one marriage (Stu Smith). It can be a daunting task to re-find those of you who move. Giving me your new information and email addresses is something I appreciate more than you know. This past year we found Bob Lent and Kassie Frenzelas and Evelyn Aloisio found us on the web herself. Another person who found us on the web was Edmond Butler, the grandson of our former vice principal. They shared the same name and he has the same name plate on his desk that once sat on his grandfather's desk at LMHS. He was very pleased to see our faculty listing which keeps his grandfather's memory alive. I scanned him some pictures of his grandfather from our yearbook which he shared with his grandmother who is still alive. It's nice to be able to touch someone's life with memories from the past.

Special thanks to all who worked on our reunion this past year, to every classmate who shared pictures or news for the site, to all who attended our reunion, to our wonderful boosters and to Bob Benson who does all our posting in a timely manner. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year. Keep those pictures and updates coming. Without your updates and news, this site would be nothing. Never underestimate how much your fellow classmates are interested in what's going on in your life.


I received this very interesting article from Rona Selsky, LMHS class of 65. For those of us who took a tour of our old streets and homes while on Long Island this past June, it will ring true.

Click Here

I am always amazed at the energy some of our classmates have. Their willingness to take on new careers at this age just blows my mind. When Marilyn Lerner Workman moved to Florida a couple of years ago, she became bored with retirement. She talked to a friend who suggested she try real estate. She took courses, got her real estate license and then landed a job at a nearby agency. She lives in Stuart, Florida which is about 30 minutes north of West Palm Beach. So if you're thinking of retiring to that area, she would be the perfect choice for your real estate agent. She not only knows the area well but also loves the Florida lifestyle. In addition, she has the contacts to connect you with a realtor in any other part of Florida. Just let her know what area you want to look into, and she can supply you with a real estate agent for that city. I can personally attest to her work ethic and those who know her will tell you she's personable and fun to be with. Marilyn's email is wworkmanmarilyn@aol.com and her phone number is 772-288-5010. Her cell number is 631-379-8477.

Dear Marcy, at this time of year my thoughts often go to family and friends who help make life a better place and help to create wonderful memories that sustain us during good and not so good times. With this thought in mind I want to wish my Levittown Memorial Class of 1961 a happy holiday season and a healthy 2012. Our June 2011 50th class reunion gave me memories that I still enjoy. I wish you all a 2012 of time spent with special people who enhance your life at the moment and become memories for you to cherish.

Roni (Cojac) Mintz

Thanksgiving Greetings from Your Website Committee - Click Here to play

Hi Marcy,

Just a note to let you know of our latest address change, from: 127 Mecca St., Port Charlotte, Fl. 33954
to: 17221 Elder Av., Port Charlotte, Fl. 33954

We recently sold our beautiful home on Mecca St. (in this housing market, that was no small feat), but I credit my creative wife, Helen, a former real estate broker in New York, with a very attractive ad on Craigslist to procure a buyer for this home. We were extremely lucky to be able to sell this home (built during the boom in 2006) for a very nice profit.

We'll be living in the new home I built, which is next door to a very upscale, older home that I built in 1990 and recently purchased by Joe Garofalo and his wife, Valerie. Our new home is smaller, has many amenities (I call it the Palazzo) and is much more suitable as a retirement home. The home sits on two acres of well manicured grounds.

Joe Garofalo is currently here and starting to move into his new home. We had a bbq last Sunday (10/30/11) with Joe & Val and were fortunate to have Larry Carballo and his wife, Peggy, stop by and join us on their way home from St. Pete. My sister, Linda, and her husband James Gaspari, were also our guests. BTW: Linda was a graduate of LMHS, class of 1964. I think Larry will send you some pics of that get together.

I appreciate you making the change in address....perhaps other classmates will drop in on us. They're always welcome.

Thanks, Roger Annicelli

I received this from Russ Mulroy:

Condolences to Susan Amrhein Mulligan on the passing of her younger sister Nancy after a long illness. "Nancy was a role model for our entire family", said Susan. She was 65.

I just wanted to follow-up on Steve Ross's post. I also thought Doug Greener's update was great, God bless him and his family. I liked Steve's comment about rope climbing in gym class. I too disliked it and Coach Al Chase on several occasions told me that I was lucky that I was on the basketball team so he couldn't fail me that quarter in P.E. In closing I wanted to say that I was fortunate enough to play against Steve in baseball for many years in Forest City and he was a very slick fielding first baseman as well as a great hitter (for the benefit of your two athletic sons).
Bob Lent

It was great to read Doug Greener's update. I still remember him wearing an LMHS T-shirt at the 2005 reunion. When Doug signed my yearbook he wrote "You are a rare combination of brains and brawn". This comment has generated much laughter from my two athletic sons, especially considering that I equated climbing the rope in Gym class to water boarding. Once again, a huge thanks for a fantastic reunion.
Steve Ross

For those of you in the NYC/Long Island area, our classmate Steve Bitel will be part of the Gracie Square Art Show:

When: Saturday, October 1 at 10:00am - Sunday, October 2 at 6:00pm

Location: Carl Schurz Park, East End Ave. & 86th Street

This is one of the premier annual outdoor art shows in NYC. Steve will be in booth 16 out front on East End Ave.
If you do go, please remember a camera and send pictures to me for the informal gatherings section.

Dear Friends,

Forty years ago earlier this month, Trudy and I walked off the boat in Haifa and became Israelis. I could say it was a beautiful day, as early September days almost always are, but I really don't remember. I risk sounding like Maurice Chevalier singing with Hermione Gingold the great Lerner and Loewe classic "I Remember It Well" from Gigi.

"That dazzling April moon."
"There was none that night -- and the month was June."
"That's right. That's right."
- - -
"You wore a gown of gold."
"I was all in blue."
"Am I getting old?"
"Oh no, not you."

"How strong you were,
"How young and gay,*
"A prince of love in every way."
"Ah yes, I remember it well."
[*For those not old enough to remember the original meaning of this word, please ask your parents.]

Memory apart, it's been quite a trip. Twists and turns and bumps along the way, but I don't think we regretted for a moment having made it.

"You're moving to a war zone," is what some friends told us in New York. And I suppose we were; maybe we still are. But for those of us who believe that our people have a future, this is the only real estate where it's going to matter. And we have made ourselves a part of it.

Along the way, we have produced three wonderful sons who amaze us every day; acquired a lovely, fantastic daughter-in-law, and now Amitai, our second generation sabra, the same familiar-foreign child that I was to my immigrant grandparents.

We are surrounded by caring friends and fill our semi-retired days with interesting and mostly meaningful activities. We are blessed with good health and, astonishingly, the continued friendship of people who remember us sailing out of New York harbor on that shiny day forty years ago. (Or was it under a cloudy sky?)


So, with forty years in Israel behind us, we are looking forward to the start of 5772 in a few days. As we write, the Greener family is even more dispersed than usual.

Eitan is in the U.S. introducing his girlfriend Dalit to the wonders of the Old Country. Their three-week vacation started in New York City, as the sign says, "home of six professional sports teams, and also the Mets." For Rosh Hashana, they will be with Uncle Danny and Aunt Carole, Shana, Ami and Gabby in Cleveland, and then travel to southern Florida to see Grandma Goldie and Uncle Hal. Eitan and Dalit are working temporarily for the Natali Health Service while they chart their future plans.

Aharon, Melanie and Amitai flew to Athens at the end of August for an academic year, begrudgingly leaving behind the summer demonstrations and protests in Israel. They are now witnessing the Greek protests and strikes due to economic turmoil and breakdown.

Aharon is doing research as a fellow and member at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. He is working on his doctoral thesis on Aegean and Cypriot pottery that was imported to Israel during the Late Bronze Age. He hopes to take advantage of the time in Greece to better familiarize himself with the local sites and pottery.

Melanie is working for Kenes International, the Israeli organizers of conventions and congresses, as a brand manager overseeing the marketing of international medical congresses. Her taste for Greek food - cultivated amidst the Greek community of Montreal - is now being indulged at the many local restaurants near their home in the Kolonaki neighborhood. During their time abroad, Melanie plans to write more actively and now blogs at perpetualnomad.wordpress.com.

Amitai goes every morning to the Kyria Maria nursery in Kolonaki and is trying hard to memorize his friends' new-sounding Greek names - Nikos, Adonis, Eleni and Evelina. He loves to go there, and also loves meeting the green and red men at the crosswalk. As far as we know, he is not shouting "Yasoo" and breaking more plates than usual. The family looks forward to frequent visits by their families and friends, most imminently by Bubby Joyce on Rosh Hashana. In November, Grandpa Doug and Savta Trudy plan to visit for some babysitting duty.

Ami in Washington has been keeping busy with his eco-tour company, the Costa Rica Caribbean Experience, visiting the area and leading groups three times since last Rosh Hashana – including a four-day backpacking trip with his girlfriend Gabby through the Corcovado National Park. This winter he plans on expanding the scope of the tours, and has recently hired a marketing director to help with the expansion. Next year he plans to start offering environmental group tours to Alaska, Canada and Israel.

He continues to teach this year – giving a course on Judaism and the Environment in a local synagogue, and teaching spoken Hebrew in another. He still lives in DC's vibrant Adams Morgan neighborhood, and enjoys all that DC and its surrounding nature have to offer, mostly camping and hiking. This summer he saw Trudy and Doug when they visited the U.S., and this Rosh Hashana he and Gabby will be joining Eitan and Dalit in Cleveland.

Trudy is still feeling her way around retirement and, like many of her friends, doesn't know how she managed to find the time to work all these years! She enjoys her leisurely cup of coffee in the morning, but has already picked up two volunteer jobs - with the Israel Free Loan Association, which she has been donating to over the years, and with the Jerusalem SPCA. The work gets her out of the house, but at least she doesn't have to fight rush hour. Rehearsals will be starting after Sukkot for a Gilbert & Sullivan production of "Trial by Jury" (which she learned as a young lass from her older brothers!), and she's promised a neighbor to start on a walking regimen with her - to begin with, to walk off the holiday meals! She also has an assignment from a friend for a papercut design, among her craft projects, and is slowly going through years of documents, letters, etc. Enough to keep her busy!

Doug is having difficulty being less busy. Although he's unofficially semi-retired, he's blessed with some really great clients who make business a pleasure. Aside from that, his days include some reading, writing, listening to music, hard-core exercising, shopping and occasional pub crawling with friends. He would like to do another stint of volunteer reserve duty by next spring. He and Trudy just spent a two-day weekend with a hiking club on the Golan which included a six-hour hike down (and a little bit of up) Mount Hermon. It was classified as "moderately hard," which it probably was -- for some of the younger participants! The Greeners got the aches out by using liberal amounts of arak and liniment.

In closing, we wish all of our wonderful family and friends a great New Year, when our dreams become reality for the good.

Doug Greener
Aharon, Melanie and Amitai

Marcy - sorry these are so late....Del had second knee replacement right after we got home and so these have lingered in the system. We thought the reunion was fabulous and even the spouses had a good time. Del still can't get over how tight we are as a class after all this time.
Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!

Sandy Parrish Duvall

Sandy's pictures will be posted on the 50th reunion page

Dear Marcy,

I do not know if this appropriate or not, or even how to go about it. - However, it would be appreciated if the passing of Jimmy Greenleaf could be put on our site - somehow.

He graduated in 1960 and a lot of alumni a year before as well as a year after knew him. He was definitely a part of my high school years as we went to 3 proms together. Here's a few in our graduation class that knew him:
Honey Cottrell, Kathy LoMedico, Betty Csontos, Lorraine Devito, Carol Manning, Louise Denardo - I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them all right now. (Deceased that knew him: Arlene Trimboli & Bob Heller.)

He passed away August 21 from bladder cancer; his picture and obit follow.
Born: August 16, 1941 - Died: August 21, 2011
Visitation: Wednesday 2-4 and 7-9 PM
Greenleaf, James A. of Ronkonkoma, NY on August 21, 2011 in his 70th year. Beloved husband of Sue. Loving father of Arlene Zegel (Jason), Jennifer Rizzo (Eddie) and James E. Greenleaf (Erin). Dear brother of the late Joan Harker. Cherished Grandfather of Justin, Sean, Gavin, Liana, Connor and Shane.

Reposing Moloney’s Bohemia Funeral Home, 1320 Lakeland Ave, Bohemia, NY. Visiting Wednesday 2-4 and 7-9 PM. Private Cremation, Nassau Suffolk Crematory, Lake Ronkonkoma, New York.
Memorials: In lieu of flowers please make donations to: Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, 4813 St. Elmo Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814.

Thank you Marcy,

I received this from Rona Selsky LMHS class of 1965. I know many of you spoke with Kay Porter at our 2005 reunion and her picture is on our site from that reunion. Here is the link that Rona refers to: http://www.sayville.com/news.asp?news=379

While driving into Sayville yesterday I passed a small park named Kay Porter Park, so I just did a little google research...it is named after "our" Kay Porter, former guidance counselor at LMHS. She was one of the faculty members who came to our "Classes of the 60s" reunions in 2000 and 2005. If you google Kay Porter Park you can read the articles and see pictures of her.

Happy 70th birthday to Bob Benson, the 1959 LMHS alumni who does our posting. Six years ago this Labor Day weekend we started this website after Russ Mulroy contacted Bob to ask him if he was interested in doing our site. (He does his own class of 59 site and that's how Russ found him) At that time we were hoping to stay afloat at least a year so that we could post the 2005 reunion pictures and contact information for reaching our classmates. When so many classmates revealed that they had long ago lost their yearbooks, we wanted to get the yearbook pictures up there too.

The site turned into so much more with classmates sharing their news and old pictures. It has enabled many of us to reconnect with old friends and even meet outside of scheduled reunions. Without Bob we would be more isolated from each other. So thanks Bob, and many happy returns of the day!

Thanks, Marcy!

It has been a pleasure working with you and the LMHS61 Committee these many years. I have come to know your Class as well as my own (LMHS 59). Here are some interesting Facts & Figures on this website as of August 15, 2011:

First "Update" Listing - July 24, 2005 (All are still available)
Total Emails Exchanged - 8,573
Emails from Marcy to me - 5,116 (That's 71/ month average or over two every day)
Emails from me to Marcy - 3,136
Web size - 165 MB (Size on disk = 193 MB)
Web Folders - 605
Web files - 9,774 (Many of these are individual pictures)

July 2011 was your 50th Reunion - So:
Unique Hits in July 2011 - 5,223
Pages Viewed in July 2011 - 11,048

To LMHS 61 Class Members:

As you can see, this has been a very large effort over the past 6 years which, I believe, could not have happened without the love and dedication Marcy has for this project and to you - her Classmates! I can truly say I wish I had a "Marcy" for my Class of 59!

Bob Benson


Thanks for all the LMHS reunion pictures, they were great to see. I would have loved to join the fun, but I was retiring at the end of June and had to be there to train the next lucky secretary.

My 3 sisters all live on LI and I did go back at the beginning of July for a 2 week visit, my brother Tom from Kansas also joined the family reunion. We took a ride into Levittown to see our old house and we visited the Slate Lane pool. We stopped at LMHS to see the exhibit, but we were there on a Tuesday and they only open on Wednesday. It was amazing to see what folks have done with the old Levittown homes, we hardly recognized our own house.

Hope to be around for the 55 year reunion, now that I'm retired I am foot loose and fancy free..when I'm not babysitting one of my 9 grandkids......

Take care, thanks for all the hard work you put into the LMHS site.
Janet Columbia

I'm happy to take another name off our missing list. Quite some time ago I found Kassie Frenzelas in California. I had an address but no phone number. I sent her a letter and never heard back. I never posted her information on the site because I wanted her permission before I did that. Recently I found her sister in Pennsylvania and left a message on her machine asking Kassie to contact me. Kassie finally called me today and we spoke for a good hour. She told me she did receive my letter but it was at the time her mother was sick before she died and there was too much on her plate at that time to contact me. But she did look at our site and loved it. It even inspired her to go to her mother's attic and find her old yearbook which she hadn't looked at since high school.

Kassie is retired after working for TWA for years. I found an old picture of her online that she said I could use for her then and now picture, even if it is outdated. She says she's definitely interested in attending a 55th reunion if we have one since she's never been to one before. Taking names off that missing list is one of my favorite things to do.

Marcy --

I'm very sad to tell you that Lew DeWeese passed away two weeks ago while recovering from surgery. I'm going to miss him; we had just recently re-established contact after 48 years.

Lou Chanin

We will move Lew to the Gone But Not Forgotten page and welcome any tributes from classmates for that section. I checked the death registry and found the date of death is July 11th. I could not find an obituary but will keep trying. I'm so glad we were able to get Lew's recent picture from Lou Chanin for our informal gatherings section. I'm sure it must mean even more to Lou to have this memory.

Marcy, Thanks for all of your hard work to make the 50th reunion fantastic. Please change my contact information on the lmhs website when you can. My address is the same, phone is 540-353-3558 and my e-mail is this one, seaspraysprings@aol.com. Was so good to see you friend.!

Arlene (Brambora) Campbell

Hi Marcy,

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Arlene Brambora and I had a great time talking about the reunion. She had a wonderful time and by the time we finished chatting, I felt like I had been there. I also enjoyed the wonderful pictures you posted on the web site - fabulous to look at. The gal and guy group pictures are wonderful....good idea.

And who knows,maybe I can make the 55th!!!! Thanks again.

Love, Lois Christensen Bish

Hi Marcy,

A really big thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this reunion a memorable experience, you, Helene, Honey, Ernie, Russ, Larry and Steve. Also a special thank you to you and Murph I can't believe that you and Murph had to talk me into attending. I had such a great time, including seeing old friends and really enjoyed myself, in case you didn't notice. In closing, the answer to the question, "is he howling???", you bet I was howling check out all of the beautiful ladies that were around me.

Bob Lent

 I'm sad to report the passing of another classmate, Jolain Kiss McKinnon. Last year I found her in Pennsylvania while doing people searches for our reunion. Honey called her and she asked that we not publish her information on the site. She stated that she was not interested in going to the reunion. Carolyn Nelson contacted me to say that Jolain's name was listed on the Levittown alumni page of Facebook as deceased. I checked with Social Security death index and obituary archives and confirmed that this was true. She passed away on December 19, 2010 in Pennsylvania. We will move her picture to the Gone But not Forgotten page and as always welcome any memories of her you may want to share.

I just realized that your name was not on the name & email list that I collected at the reunion and consequently I did not send you any pictures!
You were one of the main reasons we had the event in the first place! I and the rest of our class can't thank you enough for all the work you do on our behalf.

I sincerely apologize. I will send them to you as soon as I finish this note.
Feel free to post any of the pictures you choose on our web site.
Best Wishes
Steve Bitel

First of all I want to thank you and everyone else that worked on the reunion. It was great and I had a wonderful time that I would not trade for anything.
thanks again.
Jeff Chasan


Thank you to all--Marcy, Helene, Steve B., Ernie, Honey, Russ and to everyone else who made the LMHS 50th Reunion so memorable an occasion for Alan and me. Being included among such a warm and generous group of friends meant the world to me. I will always feel honored to have been a member of the class of '61.


Jessica Joseph Gest

Marcy --

Thanks for saving the diploma from Saturday. I'll get it next time we meet. It was a real fun time and I hated to leave early. I'm going to check out your photos on the site. Met some old aquaintances and talked to some people more there then I may have in all of High School. How about that!

Lou Chanin

A quick note to let you know how terrific the Reunion was. Thanks to all the planners for a fantastic job. My non LMHS friends find it hard to believe how close we are after 50 years and how lucky we are to have such a great website. I look forward to future gatherings and hope we can have another before the 60th. I have been in contact with several of our classmates who could not attend and I plan to "Nudge" them next time.

Steve Ross

Dear Marcy,
I want to thank you so much again for the wonderful memories you've helped us recapture--and make for the future. I had a great time and only regretted that I couldn't have joined everybody the next day. I think that everything was wonderfully planned to include as many people as possible (the price and location was excellent, and for those of us who don't drink, it was thoughtful to set things up so that we didn't have to subsidize those who do). I've always thought that our class was a terrific one--and our 50th reunion (!!!!) only emphasized that.

Barbara Steinman Bengels

Thank you to Helene, Honey, Ernie, Marcy, Russ and all who made the 50th Anniversary such a tremendous success. Every detail was attended and carrried out beautifully. Part of the excitement and enjoyment for me was seeing the reactions of so many who hadn't been to previous reunions. It was wonderful seeing those people (I'm sure I missed some) and seeing those others who I've seen over the years once again. I also enjoyed seeing the reactions to the LMHS building, hearing the reminiscences and watching the excitement and witnessing the nostalgia that exuded during the museum visit. My husband and I love Levittown and we're always happy to share all of its attributes with others, but to have had the opportunity to share it with a group for which Levittown is part of each individuals' personal history was great fun. Loved the video with Mr. Bimbi. What a nice touch. Thanks, Ernie for having the determination to knock on his door and pursue that. Would love to see it from the beginning some day. Despite aging, the class of '61 remains an energetic and interesting group. Let's keep it going. I'm looking forward to the 60th!
Louise (DeNardo) Cassano


Hello to All,

Alan and I are home in Atlanta after spending 4 days post LMHS 50th in NYC.

For the past year+ I was reading about the plans - Friday night dinner at an Italian restaurant and a pizza luncheon at LMHS (Atlanta pizza is mostly tomato sauce, cheese on something called crust but certainly no oil dripping) AND visiting with classmates from 50 years ago. Sounded fabulous.

Friday night was definitely a moment in time. I loved the circle “that’s what friends are for”. As I scanned the circle, I was back to our 4 years together at LMHS. I think it is funny that most of the women said, “None of us have changed”. If I recall there were mirrors at the restaurant!!!! Guess we left our glasses at the table.

Saturday was special. We were very impressed at the condition of the building and the amazing programs that take place within these walls. The museum was an unexpected surprise. I believe the kitchen table and chairs came straight from our Forest City house. My parents sold our house in 1978 and it is still owned by the same family and looks beautiful. I took photos to show my 97-year-old dad who still lives independently AND drives (at night) AND has a girlfriend.

To the fabulous planning committee, a sincere THANK YOU. The attention to detail every step of the way helped to create an amazing experience for all of us. The “graduation ceremony” was such a cute touch.

To all my classmates, thanks for making the effort to attend the reunion and create an atmosphere of joy.

Roni Cojac Mintz

Hi Marcy,

The reunion was truly wonderful thanks to the planning and hard work of yourself, Helene, Russ, Honey, Larry C., Ernie, Steve B and et all. Thank you, we all appreciate your efforts and the results.

'Came home today and scanned the website and realized you could use some additional pictures which I've attached. 'Hope these are of some use.

I read Stu Smith's story regarding the parking lot gate. When I first drove into the lot, I wondered, just for a second, what would happen if the gate was ever locked. Well, now I know! LOL.

Once again, Patt & I congratulate everyone involved in making the reunion "memorial".
Bob Levine

Hi Marcy,
To answer your question, the Jones Beach pics were taken Saturday afternoon after the school luncheon.

Funny story: Dee Gross picked up Roger Anicelli and wife, me and my wife and we went out to Jones Beach in her car. We met Gino and other classmates out at the beach.

After a fun filled day walking and talking Dee dropped us back at LMHS. I left my car in the parking lot and when I got there to retrieve it, the gate was locked and naturally no one was in the school to let me out. I called 911 and they sent the police out to the school. When the car arrived the officer said that he had no contact information for the school. Within a minute of the police coming a Levittown School Security truck pulled up to save the day. The Police Officer asked, "who called you??". School Security said the call that came from 911 to the police radio was being monitored by School Security and they responded in a flash.

It seems that someone didn't get the memo that said, there is a class reunion at the school and don't lock the gate until all the cars are out.

I guess they responded so fast because they were glad to get rid of me 50 years ago and when they found out I was back and it was my car in the lot, they figured we better respond as fast as we could and get him back out of town.

All and all, it was a wonderful day and lots, and lots of fun !!
Talk to ya soon,

Stu Smith

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Helene, Ernie, Honey, Marcy and Russ for everything to make our 50th Reunion such a blast from the past! And also thank you to all the alumni who came together to make this so much fun - from Gino and Murphy who travelled from CA to everyone who still lives on "the Island".

It is hard to put into words what fun we had at this gathering. Let's get together again real soon, even in an informal manner.

And remember, if anyone is in Williamsburg, VA, give a call. We have plenty of guest quarters. Plus our boat to go sailing in Hampton Roads and the Chesapeake Bay.

Love to all,

Eileen (Wolff) and "Husband" Michael Turner

Hi Helene,
By now you have come back down to earth and I want to say, as always you did a wonderful job heading the team, pulling things together
to make our 50th reunion something special..

Be well and let's do this again next month !!

Stu Smith
PS: Marcy, I will be sending you out the pics I have from Friday and Saturday...

Dear Marcy,

This is for the entire reunion committee, and especially Helene. Thank you all for a delightful weekend. It was so good to get together,renew friendships, share memories, catch up on current lives, and know we are young at heart, and constantly getting better!
All your planning provided a very cherished event, which all attendees will warmly treasure.

Laura Allen Lally

Hey guys (Honey, Russ, Helene, Marcy, Ernie)
Cannot say thank you enough. What a wonderful get - together, affair, re-union.
All of you did such a wonderful job & it certainly did not go unnoticed. What work, what co-ordination. Hope I did not leave anyone out!
A real Success!
Thanks to all of you.
There is nothing like renewing old friendships . . . . .or even making new ones. Just a very wonderful weekend. Thanks for all your effort - it is absolutely APPRECIATED!
Lorraine Cuomo (Schibani)

After years of talking about it and months of planning for it, our fiftieth reunion finally took place in Levittown. Despite some rainy weather Friday night, it was all smiles inside Domenico's restaurant. Carol Lutz spent Friday night in the former Meadowbrook Hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction Friday afternoon. Imagine flying in from Oklahoma for an event and getting sick just hours before that event begins. That did not stop her from checking out of the hospital Saturday morning so she could at least make the luncheon at the high school. Valerie Garofalo was able to attend just two weeks after double knee replacements. That's the kind of determination our class has when it comes to getting together.

We owe a big debt of gratitude to Helene for stepping up to the plate when no one else would. There was a period of time when some of us thought a reunion would not be taking place. Helene's attention to detail made everything run smoothly from beginning to end. Ernie Brodsky was Helene's right hand man who accompanied Helene on the trips to Domenico's for menu planning etc. and his wife Joann worked with enthusiasm on some of the projects too. Russ Mulroy personally hand picked every song that the DJ played. Honey Murway Cottrell collected our funds and kept track of the spreadsheet telling us who was paid. She also made our badges, mailed out the invitations to the classmates without email and was relentless in sending out reminders to those who did not respond to the invitations. We also owe a big thank you to all of you who made phone calls to classmates. Those phone calls paid off. They brought up our number of attendees. And thank you to Larry Carballo for making the arrangements at the Holiday Inn in Plainview for many of our out of town guests.

A few of you have already started to send me pictures and for that I am appreciative. It will take some time to catalog and label the pictures so they will be going up on the site a little at a time. So keep checking for more as the days go by. They will be divided up into Friday and Saturday pictures. A special thanks to Steve Bitel who took individual shots of classmates getting their "diplomas". From beginning to end this was a very memorable and nostalgic weekend. I was amazed at the number of our classmates who had never attended another reunion in fifty years but showed up for this one. So many of them told me they regretted not coming in the past. Thanks again one and all for coming out and helping us celebrate this unforgettable occasion.

One last minute update to report. We are now up to 123 people. Gerald Matis and his wife as well as Dee Gross King will be buying tickets at the door. I checked Levittown weather and I suggest you bring an umbrella. Hopefully you won't need one but rain is the forecast. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night.

Well wishes go out to Valerie Garofalo (wife of Joe). Val is having double knee joint replacement surgery on Tuesday. She will have a two or three day hospital stay followed by two weeks of rehab. As Joe says, it is cutting it close but she still plans on making the reunion.

As we get closer to the reunion weekend, it might be a good idea to check the site regularly in case of any last minute news. Helene has asked that everyone make the effort to arrive on time (8:00 pm). We will be having the class photo shot before eating and we'd like every classmate to be in it. Late arrivals may not get in the photo. As the date draws closer, I will put directions to the restaurant on the site. It is still not too late to send a check to Honey if you plan on going. We love surprises!

Hi all,

This is my first reunion and I am so excited. It is hard to believe that 50 years have gone by. I have re-connected with Judy Cottrell Wolter and we will be coming together. I have been living in Sayville since 1977. My husband Stan decided to practice here and is still actively doing so. I have two married sons David and Adam and four fabulous grandchildren. I can't wait to greet and meet all of my classmates and hope I can recognize you and you me.


Toby Wolff Klausner

Hi Marcy
Wow isn't it great. I hope more sign up. I wanted to tell the alumni that they can send table requests to my e-mail address. I will do my best to make everyone happy.
If they need to be as far away from the DJ please let me know. I will work it out. I would appreciate it if all request start as soon as you know. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PREFERENCE I WILL SEAT EVERYONE AT A TABLE.

Thanks again Marcy for everything.

I spoke with Helene on the phone today to clarify what she is planning for our seating arrangements. She is going to do a seating chart by tables as you have all experienced at weddings. In order to make sure that you can sit with friends, you will have to email her (Heleneerb@verizon.net) or call her by cell phone (516-547-6867) to put in your requests. She also needs to know who would prefer to be away from the music. (I'm one of those folks!) and who would like seating as close as possible to the bathrooms. You can also tell her any other special needs you might have due to health issues. She stresses that your requests will be private and she will try to accommodate your wishes. She has already started this seating plan so it's important that you get your wishes to her as soon as possible. Those who don't respond will be seated by Helene. She wants you to keep in mind that this seating will be in effect for the buffet dinner, but people can mingle and sit down at other tables after the meal so you will get to talk to everyone. I know that not everyone looks at this website daily so please let your friends know to check it.

Dear Marcy,

It was so wonderful to see the update on our LMHS site - that we have, indeed, reached our minimum . . . . . . WOW - all of you, who have made this work must feel so proud. What a 'classy' class we have . . . .. . . ..I'm sure all are very excited and looking forward to this wonderful evening together. (Plus lunch and the visit to the MUSEUM.)

Honey must have been thrilled to find all those checks and relay all the info to you.

Hats off to all involved . . . . . certainly a monumental task. I realize it is NOT easy getting commitments. At our age, we really do not know what tomorrow brings. This event certainly brings a lot of SMILES and renewals of old friendships to everyone attending.

Thanks for making this such a success.

Love &andsee you June 24th - with BELLS on. - LOL.

Lorraine (Cuomo)

Well fellow classmates, I've been looking at this website for the last 10+ days and there is nothing new. Someone must have something to say. Or, are we all waiting for Honey to get home from Europe and open her mail to see if she's got the big "90"? I'd love to see the total go up, but I'd also like to hear what's happening to you all.
Me, I had my big 68th this week. How is this possible? I'm just a kid!!! Marcy called me--to remind me? And, we all think she's such a nice person!!!
I've got my ticket, rental car and motel room, now all I have to do is loose that extra 50+ pounds by June 24th--but, I'll start my diet on Monday.
Folks, this is the only 50th high school reunion we'll ever have. You have less than 2 months to make your plans. I can understand that it's expensive for those who have to travel a ways, but you Long Islanders, just have a short ride to join us and it'll be fun. If I can travel from Florida....
See you all soon.
Toni Salometo

It has been slow on classmate news. Remember that I don't make the news. I wait for it to come to me. No one is looking forward to Honey's return to the States more than me. The suspense of what her mail will hold is killing me!

Hi Marcy,

Having a wonderful time. So happy I received an e-mail from Marilyn Workman and she is definitely coming to the reunion. She has been in touch with April Haglund and I think that is what helped make her decision. Also heard from Regina Kerr and she is thinking about it. I asked her to send you her current address as she lives in Westbury NY and she says we have her listed at S.C. But hopefully when I return to Florida there will be many checks waiting for me.


Honey will be in Germany from April 12th to May 3rd. Her mail will kept at the post office during that time. There will be no paid postings for this three week period but you can still safely send your checks to her. When she returns I will update the paid ticket list. We are both very confident that when she returns we will have met our required 90 minimum tickets. We wish her a great vacation spending time with her grandson. I know she's looking forward to retuning home to see what surprises are in her mail. Don't disappoint her! Send your check now.

I can still add names to the who's coming list, so if you decide that you are coming, let me know and we'll put your name on the list.


A mention on your 1961 website would be appreciated.

I will be writing here on a regular basis. Thanks to Tim Lavey for the photo. The next story to be used, I presume, will be about the 1963 Levittown Poppy Queen competition. It has already been submitted.
Frank Barning


Frank Barning is a 1960 graduate of Division Avenue High School. He also does a blog on early Levittown life that you might find interesting:


Hi Marcy,

Looking through the school daze pictures on the class website there's a picture of Mr. Kantor's 5th grade class submitted by Laura Allen that I'm in, but my name isn't on the list. I'm in the first row right side of picture. Guess I was pretty forgettable. It was my first year at Gardiner's Avenue from PS 77 in Brooklyn. I was recently in Orlando with Lois Christensen Bish and I have a picture of us I'd like to send you. Could I get your mailing address and I'll get it out to you?

Wish I could join all of you at the reunion, but I'm retiring at the end of June and I can't be gone until after July 1st. Hope everyone has a wonderful time. My home email address has changed - nonna711@live.com school email address Janet_Columbia@beaverton.k12.or.us

I've never really looked extensively at the site until today, and you've done a great job Marcy. I was sad to see how many of us are gone, pretty scary....
Janet Columbia

Honey & Marcy,

I can't believe it has been 50 years since we graduated LMHS. Time flies by when you're having fun.

We sold our home on the East end of Long Island in 6 days at the appraised price to the VP of Cablevision. My wife Emmy (first graduating class from MacArthur) felt isolated out in Southold.

We are finishing the winter in our home in Vero Beach, Florida and then closing on our new home in Kent Island, Maryland just across the bay from Annapolis, Md. where our son and his family live. We will be snowbirds for a while.

I'm keeping busy between the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the golf course trying to stay out of trouble.

Unfortunately with the new house I'm not going to able to make the 50th reunion. Just too many things going on and we're going to try to spend a lot of time with the grandchildren this summer.

Give my regards to all my classmates.

Bob Stickle

Honey received this note from Bob Stickle and we will be updating his new address and email.

I just wanted everyone to know that Honey will be away from Monday, March 28th to Tuesday, April 5th. This does not mean that you can't mail your reunion check to her. The post office will hold her mail while she's away and it will be safe. What it does mean is that there will be no paid postings on our site during this time. We will resume posting the paid people after her return and with any luck she will come home to more checks in the mail. We are very close to our required 90 tickets so if you haven't yet paid, now is the time.

Thanks to all of you who have been making phone calls. People without email may hesitate signing up because they don't know who's coming. Callers should read off the who's coming list on the website to them. It could make a difference.

Hi, Marcy...My info is totally changed.
My new address is: 5413 Rick Husband Drive, El Paso, TX 79934..Home phone is 915-881-4234. My son Matt is in the Army stationed here at Ft. Bliss. He had a little girl last March so Bruce and I moved here from Southern California to help care for the baby. He's being deployed this year to Afghanistan for a year and when he returns, they'll probably head east ..Bruce and I will stay in El Paso. It's hard to have your family scattered all over the place. I wish I could make it back for the reunion but too much stuff going on here. I hope you all have a wonderful time..
xxxooo Gail (Siegel) Jamison
p.s. cell # shown on yearbook page is no longer viable. My email address is: holy1.urholy@yahoo.com


Hi Marcy: Joan Wilson (Gale) class of 61. Thank you for all you do. We live in NC, and we will be coming to the BIG Reunion. My husband Ed will be with me. Carol DelPrete (Manning) and I have stayed friends all this time. Lorraine Cuomo and I have also stayed in touch over the years, in fact I just spoke with her, what a blast. We look forward to being at this wonderful occasion. I will send a check to Honey Cottrell in Tampa.
Joan (Gale) Wilson

Hi Marcy,

I just came across a long lost envelope of high school memorabilia. I had received the envelope in 2006 from Joan Gail (Wilson); but I put it in a safe place so I wouldn't lose it — HA HA! I decided to send it out to you immediately before I had a chance to lose it again.

Valerie and I will be in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, for a week (3/19 to 3/26), we will be visiting Sandy (Parish) & Del Duvall while we are there.

There is more news; we bought a house in Port Charlotte Florida. Roger Annicelli is our next door neighbor. In fact the house we just purchased from its third owner was built in 1990, by Roger Annicelli the first owner. We have not moved yet; have to get our house in New Jersey ready for sale.

Looking forward to our 50th reunion (the 60 & 70th also). I would like to thank you and Helene and Honey for all the work you are doing in organizing this reunion.

Thank you again, Joe Garofalo

Joe's Package came to my house by mail. I will be sorting through the pictures and newspaper articles this week. I will give credit to Joan since they are hers, but thank you Joe for taking the time and trouble to mail them to me. Some are duplicates of pictures that are already on the site and I won't be using them. I want pictures of the meeting with Sandy and Del! The Murphys will also be visiting them when they get back to Colorado.

Dear Marcy,

I must take some time-out here to thank you and all who are involved for doing such a wonderful job - getting our 50th re-union together. What an undertaking! What a class!

Thanks to you, Helene, Honey and God knows who else - we're all about to enjoy a wonderful MILESTONE. Hats off to all involved.

Since I've realized that this affair was really going to happen . . .. . . ..I've trained myself to go to our site at least once or twice a week. WHAT A SITE . . . . .WHAT EFFORT! It is just so wonderful to browse through each & every heading/link - it takes me sometimes hours to enjoy and absorb everything in front of me. Wow - GREAT JOB done by all involved. THANKS THANKS THANKS!

All of the above has inspired me to try to locate old classmates/friends/relationships/acquaintances through our high school years. I'm happy to say I'm 'nagging' a few! LOL!

The bottom line here is that whoever can enjoy the old memories & friendships should attend. Especially getting to see the LEVITTOWN MUSEUM at the Luncheon. Wow! BRING A CAMERA for sure.

I realize an awful lot comes into consideration here . . . . . ..financially as well as physically. Hoping all that know about this event & can physically attend - will do their best to be part of this WONDERFUL MILESTONE in all our lives. Congratulations to all of us - regardless of attendance - hey, we made it.

Once again, thank you all who have made this come together.
Lorraine Cuomo

 After placing an ad in Newsday about our reunion, I received an email from a photography studio who offered to take a group photo of all the alumni (not guests). There is no charge for this service. Individual classmates can purchase an 8 by 12 color photo at a cost of $20.00. There is no minimum order so it's there for those who wish to have a keepsake of our 50th. You don't need to buy one in order to be in the picture. You would just fill out their envelope addressed to yourself and the photo would be mailed to you in two to three weeks.

Helene has asked that I let you know how important it is to come to the restaurant on time. (8:00 p.m.) She wants this not to interfere with the dinner so they need to get in and out quickly. Anyone coming late would not be in the group photo. What better incentive to arrive on time? I'll put a reminder here closer to the reunion date for those whose memories are not what they used to be.

I was just browsing our website and saw that there is one phone number associated with my name that needs to be deleted. I retired from work in 2000, so please delete the 380-4538 office number.
If you can, please add the mobile number: 757-871-0160. That is the one we will use when we are sailing up this summer and have the sailboat on the mooring or hook while we are visiting LI for the reunion. I'm really looking forward to this, and have sent emails to some of the gals I used to pal around with. Thanks for all you do.

Eileen (Wolff) Turner

Dear Marcy,
I finally had time last night to check up on my old friends and came away both happier and sadder: reading about Liz Sucher broke my heart, but hearing that you've reached Kathy Scottireggio Armitage -- and that she still remembered our wacky days together at West Side Story-- made me feel like a kid again! I did want to mention that I've changed my e-mail address to profbengels@gmail.com, and am very much looking forward to our big get-together! Between now and then, I expect to be doing a great amount of babysitting for our newest granddaughter, finishing up a semester teaching a new course at Hofstra, preparing to deliver a paper at the International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts (about the childhood of a large number of science fiction writers!), and hopefully getting to Europe on a trip that will be very wearying for us older folk. All of this is exciting--and exhausting, but nothing is like seeing old friends again.
Thanks again for all your efforts. You need a very big hug!

Barbara Steinman Bengels

Hi Marcy !
Thanks for fixing the typo...
I feel sooooooooo much better. I think the next stop for me is the 'NUT HOUSE' but, that won't be until after the reunion.

Just a little note: I will be getting married on March 18, 2011 and my new bride will be at the reunion.

Talk to ya soon,
Stu Smith

Congratulations to Stu. We are looking forward to meeting his bride in June. Stu can be reached at ssmith3300@aol.com . Fifty years after graduation and our classmates are still living life to the fullest.

Good morning Marcy !!
We need more snow.. The stuff that's on the ground down here is getting dirty !!

Because I'm and ANAL retentive person, I want to point out an typo on the 50th reunion list
Barbara Van Valen Elsherbini- Paid (1) Fri & Sat.
If you look at the last letter in Barbara's name the 'i' is in 'BLUE' not 'BLACK'.

Sorry for be'n such a pain but, I think they have a name for people like me out there.
I also think I would make a good case study for someone going for their Doctorate in Psychology ... :-)

I hope we get a few more classmates on the reunion list so that we can get this project in the air by June....


Stu Smith
Good grief! I'll bet you were the only one to notice this huge error. Obviously when Barbara's name was taken off the newest paid in blue the switch to black ink was not totally completed. It's still early and I do believe we will sign up more classmates. Honey plans to send out reminders to those who still need to pay and those who have not responded to the invitations. But at this point there is no urgency. Not a week goes by that she isn't receiving a few checks in the mail. I feel confident that our classmates will come through. They always do.

As of today we have sold 57 tickets to our 50th reunion. We still need 33 more to meet the required 90 minimum. Fortunately we still have sufficient time to do that. Helene mailed me a clipping from Newsday that lists upcoming reunions on Long Island. I sent Newsday our information in the hopes that some of our missing classmates still live on Long Island and can contact us if they see it. They said it would appear on Sunday, March 6th for those of you that subscribe to Newsday.

Honey has been busy making our nametags for the reunion. They look wonderful! Alumni will have their names in large black type with our LMHS logo. Guests will have their names in red and a small panther head so that we can easily identify whether that familiar face is a classmate or a guest. Nametags will be encased in plastic with a pin on back and you can pick them up at the door the night of the dinner. Believe it or not, she has finished every nametag of those who paid so it will be easy to keep on top of the job as new checks come in.

For those of you who got a chance to look at Liz Sucher's tribute on the Gone But Not Forgotten section, you know that she was a published poet. Her sister says that anyone interested in buying her collection of poems can do so through her at a cost of $18.00. The sister's email is sakk@mindspring.com.

Dear Marcy,

Browsed through 'our' site this morning & was so impressed - wow! It actually took me over an hour. I still have more to discover on it . . .. . . .and will after lunch today. I do not think I have visited the site for well over a year now. It just gets better & better.

Yes, I will be attending our 50th. It sounds so exciting & will get my check out to Honey before the end of this month.

Thanks to you, Helene, Ernie & all the 'behind the scenes' organizers . .. . . . . .we will be enjoying a wonderful 50th Reunion. Thank you all! I just cannot believe it's "50 Years".

Sincerely looking forward to this wonderful event, seeing all of you . . . . . . . & sharing old memories. -

See you then.
Lorraine Cuomo Schibani

Hi Marcy,

Just a short note to tell you to count me in for the reunion, it sounds like it will be a great time and something I can't miss. Thanks to Helene, Honey and you. As they say "the check is in the mail".

Bob Lent

Hello, Marcy,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been working through a former co-worker to try to get better rates for our reunion weekend. We have come up with the Holiday Inn in Plainview with a rate of $129.00 per night. The posted internet rate is $153.00. Our rate is based on a minimum of 10 rooms for Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25. The Holiday Inn is about 8 miles to Levittown, has a lounge and restaurant and I believe was the site of our 20th reunion. I would like to post something on our site asking our classmates to contact Kerri Pavan (SEE BELOW) to make their reservations using "LMHS-61 Reunion" as the GROUP CODE. I have made reservations for Ronnie, Helene and myself and I believe Rheva will also stay there. I can also be contacted at lcarballo@live.com or on my cell at 954-647-1193.

Thank you for your continued assistance,
Larry Carballo

Kerri A. Pavan
Director of Sales & Marketing
Holiday Inn Plainview
215 Sunnyside Boulevard
Plainview, NY 11803
Tel: (516) 349-1240
Fax: (516) 349-7408
Email: kpavan@ablehotels.com

Hi Marcy,

Thank you for doing such a great job as webmaster for the LMHS class of 1961. I have been pretty far removed from things since the 20th year reunion in 1981. Those 30 years have gone by so quickly. I am hoping to be able to make it back for the 50th reunion.

I have attached a listing for the What have I been doing since 1961 Alumni Page (the several family pictures are a little large but I could not figure out how to make them smaller) and a recent picture for the Then & Now section. Also, if you could add our family business web-site www.ardconsultants.com to my yearbook picture that would be helpful.

Additionally, I noticed that Marjorie Sussman Davis is listed as missing. I have found what I believe to be a current email address for her on our college web-site. It is margedavis@hotmail.com. I have not seen her since our college days 45+ years ago but will contact her about the reunion and hope that she will be able to attend.

Again, thank you so much for your great work. I will be sending a donation to the treasurer and look forward to the possibility of re-connecting with people during the reunion.

Paul Banikiotes
8963 Furrow Ave.
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Thanks Paul. I did find Marge's email on the Cornell alumni site a few years ago and read something she had contributed to the alumni newsletter when she retired. I emailed her at that time telling her about the class website, but I never heard back. I am not sure if she's not interested or whether she ever got the email. It was not returned to me so I assumed the email address was correct. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did. Thank you for the pictures and the alumni page. With luck they will be posted later this week.

Hi Marcy and Jerry,

Thanks for updating all of my information on the website Marcy. Also thanks to you Jerry for providing Marcy the "Now" and "Informal Gatherings" picture, I'm still trying to figure out the camera. I really enjoyed our lunch and appreciated you bringing me up to date on a lot of our classmates as well as yourself.

Bob Lent

Nice to see you & Honey finally found Bob Lent. The CIA has nothing on you two!

It was nice to read that Bob speaks about the 108-89 win over Lawrence because he was a very important part of that victory almost 50 years ago next week. Most of the ink goes to the guys who score the points but it was Bob & Ron Emmerich that night who truly stood out. Bob's terrific defense, ball handling and passing in that game still stands out in my mind. Without Bob Lent we don't beat Lawrence that game!

Russ Mulroy

Hi Marcy and Honey,

I would like to thank you for your efforts and persistency in "finding me" I really appreciate it. I would also like to thank all of the classmates that have worked so hard on this website and continue to work hard in keeping the class updated and together. The website is great and I really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with all of the notes and different pictures of my classmates, and towns of Levittown and Wantagh, as well as the more current information. One press clipping on the website is of significant importance. For many years I have told my two sons of the thrashing we put on undefeated and first place Lawrence High School of 108-89; they had a hard time believing it, especially the score, even though they appeased their old man and said they did, but now thanks to Mary Yancey (Pike) I have the documentation to prove it. On a more somber note I'm sorry to hear of the passing of many of our classmates who are "Gone But Not Forgotten". My updated information is as follows:
address - 6240 N. 13th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014-1735; Tel. no. (602) 703-8101; e-mail: rlent42002@yahoo.com. Date of birth 12/17; married 42 years on 4/5 to Billie; 2 two-legged children not living at home; 2 grand-daughters; 7 four-legged children (dogs) letting us live at home with them; I retired on 12/17/2010.

Bob Lent


I just saw my name in the "Missing" file of this class. I never got to go to LMHS as my career Navy father was transferred to Rhode Island where I lived for over 40 years. I did graduate in '61 from Hope High School in Providence, RI.

I'm Maureen Jenkins Patt. I've been married for almost 49 years ( this April ) and am the mother of 3, two guys and one gal; grandmother of 5, 4 guys and 1 gal. In May of 2004, we moved from the coast of Rhode Island to the west coast of Florida to a small town north of Tampa.

I enjoyed seeing the yearbook photos and remember some of the people listed, especially Patricia Clancy Roden. Now I have her address & phone number thanks to you. It's been far too many years since we've talked to each other.

Maureen J. Patt


Hi Marcy,
Just found this website and noticed I am among the "missing". Here's my info: Evelyn Aloisio Gordon, 4 Homestead St., Sudbury, MA 01776
It was fun to look at all the pictures. Great work!
Thanks, Evelyn

Hi Marcy,
Happy and Healthy New Year,
Hope all is well. Your letter to the Alumni was great. I thank you for all you are doing to keep our class informed and together near and far. I wish you the best and I am anxious to be with you and all our class members in June. Lots of fun to come. It is great seeing the checks coming in. I know we are on the way to a great weekend.

Love and my best to all,

Hi, Marcy,

As the Director of Communications for LMHS, I am letting you know my new address which will be as of February 1, 2011.

It is 327 Cedarwood Drive, Mandeville, LA 70471.

I'll be leaving here on January 27 and it should take 2 days and a few hours of the third (total of 22 hours away) to reach my destination, but the furniture won't arrive until a few days after that so I'll be staying with my sister. My friend, Cindy, is driving down with me which I think was a lovely gesture on her part, and one for which I will be eternally grateful to her for.

My cell shall remain the same at least for a while, and if or when that changes I'll let you know. Email won't change. Wish me luck!!



Just viewed the website and wanted to commend you on the year-end letter. It is great and inspiring. Makes me want to find more classmates. I will start again next week. Hopefully Santa brought some of our classmates either computers or laptops and they will go online and find us. Running out of time….. June is fast approaching and hopefully many more checks will arrive in my mailbox.

Hope you have a very Happy New Year.



First let me wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2011.

I saw your year ending message on the class website and I once again wanted to thank you for all of the work you do in making the site such a great place to visit. I know I speak for every classmate who has seen the site when I say, "Great job!".

See you in June.

Harvey Pearlstein

That Was the Year that Was

As 2010 comes to a close, many of us eagerly await our 50th reunion in June. One year ago at this time, we had no date, no place and nothing more than a hope that a reunion would actually happen. Thanks to Helene for stepping up and finding an affordable weekend right in the heart of our old stomping grounds. For some the Saturday luncheon will be the first opportunity to set foot in our old school since graduating fifty years ago. At this time a number of people have already sent their checks in to Honey and others have assured us that they will be coming and have saved the date. We're hoping that more checks will start rolling in after the holidays.

It is always sad that every year we lose more classmates. This past year Betty Hudson Purcell, Cathy Ogden Dumrauf and Lillian Schmidt passed away. We also learned of other passings that took place in the last couple of years when invitations to the reunion were sent out.

On the bright side, one of our classmates earned her four year college degree this year, one was married, several retired or became grandparents and another was the successful recipient of a heart transplant. Good news like that is a joy to report.

More and more classmates are joining Facebook and have joined groups like LMHS alumni or LMHS Class of 61. That's been a great help in finding lost classmates. This past year two of our alumni (Audrey Pettit and Kathy Scottireggio) actually found us on the web and now are off our missing list. We were also lucky enough to find Marilyn Chotiner, Marlene Ginsberg and Christine Ianello. When invitations went out for our reunion one downside was that some of the people we had located in the past had moved again and had to be "refound". That's to be expected since retirement often means a move to a warmer climate. I am always grateful to those who let us know of email changes and new addresses. Keeping track of everyone is a huge task.

For those of you who haven't sent a picture for our then and now section, please make it your New Year's resolution. This is especially important in a reunion year when recognition of faces may depend on whether we have a current photo to aid us. And a very special thank you to all who have sent news and pictures. You make our website a community whenever you share and it keeps us all connected. As always, our boosters play a huge roll in keeping this website financially sound. Thanks to you we can always meet our monthly bill. Lastly, thank you Bob Benson, LMHS class of 1959 for maintaining our site. After five years of handling our photos he says he feels like he knows most of you.

Warmest wishes for a healthy and happy 2011. Hopefully I'll see many of you in June.


Dear Marcy,
I am officially retired!
Plan to travel, do home projects with an end point of an emergency room visit to stop bleeding, play with computers and media toys, and spend my kids  inheritance.
Steve Ross

Congratulations to Judi Loewe Long who was married on October 23rd after many years of widowhood. I believe she was the first of our class to be married- the day after graduation. Her first husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack in his fifties. Despite our age our classmates are not afraid to try new experiences. We wish her much happiness.

I was thinking of having a golf outing while at the reunion. Could you put something on our website to see if there are folks that would be interested in playing a round at Bethpage sometime before or after the reunion. I would like to get an idea of how many would be interested. I know Smitty and Lou Chanin will play and I have contacted Kevin Farrell. I know there are other golfers so I just want to test the waters.

Jerry Murphy

If anyone is interested please contact Jerry at gwmurphy44@gmail.com. When we have a date and time for this outing, we will post it here.

Hi, Marcy –

I tripped across your web site following a totally unrelated link – and found my 17 year old self staring back from the yearbook page! Kathleen Scottireggio (Scotti) then, Kathy Armitage now.

I didn’t actually graduate from Levittown Memorial but I did spend sophomore and junior years there - family issues precipitated a move to Staten Island in November of senior year, where I’ve pretty much been ever since. I graduated from New Dorp High School that June.

Those years were quite a blur for me, so I don’t have as many memories as many of you do. Mostly I remember chorus, especially because I still sing in two choruses and am very grateful for the skills developed in high school. I also get a memory-zap when I clean out my junk drawer and find my GCettes pin. The concert records are long gone, though. Wish I had them.....

I vaguely recall putting on a variety show or two with Pat Heinsohn and Haydn Slomack and spending more than one Saturday afternoon at the stage door of the Winter Garden with Barbara Steinman and probably Pat, waiting to sneak into the second act of West Side Story. BTW, I last saw Pat in the mid-80s and was saddened to read of her death.

I’m sending some pictures I found – all from junior high and before. Many of the people in the pictures were also LMHS grads. My mom was always quick to make chocolate chip cupcakes and take out the camera in those days, so many of them were taken at my house on Saddle Lane.

Thanks for the memories.


Hi Marcy and Honey,

I hope you guys and families are well.

I'm actually considering coming to the reunion. It's quite complicated logistically -- and I have two quick questions: What is the address of the old LMHS building? Where is it located in relation to Domenico's? I've given myself a lot of time to make arrangements, so it really is possible.

Thanks a lot,
Doug Greener

I sent directions to Doug and at some point closer to the reunion I will have them on this site for all to use. What a tribute to our class that a classmate would travel all the way from Israel to join us. Some of you may remember that he also came to our 2005 reunion. Barbara O'Connell (Virgin Islands) also plans on being there. Our classmates never cease to amaze me.


Reaching out at reunion time can have its drawbacks. Honey called Hank Wright and reached his wife, who reported that Hank passed away on December 17, 2008 after a motorcycle accident. I remember how happy he was to be found a few year back and to reconnect with Phil Smith after more than forty years. We will be moving him to the gone but not forgotten section on the yearbook page.

Checks have started to come in for the reunion and we will soon start posting the paid attendees on this site. New searches had to be done on the classmates whose invitations were returned as undeliverable or whose emails bounced back. So we have updated a number of classmates with new contact information on their yearbook page. Thanks to Honey for all her work in making phone calls and keeping track of all the changes. There's more to collecting money than meets the eye.

Condolences to Pat Pandolfi Cox on the loss of her ninety three year old mother on October 5th. Although I haven't seen Mrs. Pandolfi in over fifty years, I remember her with warmth and fondness. She always made you feel welcome in her home and she will be sorely missed by Pat and her sisters. Pat can be reached at pattyjazz@aol.co

Honey has begun to send out emails to all classmates with the information on where to send the reunion money. If you haven't kept us updated and have changed your email address, you may not get a mailing. Below is her message with prices and where to send your checks. Information will be going out in the mail to those who do not have access to a computer.


Friday June 24, 2011

Place: Domenico's Restaurant in Levittown
Time: 8 -12 PM

On each table: (red tablecloths with black napkins):
Bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms
Garden Salad dressing on the side
Rigatoni a la vodka
Eggplant Rollatini
Grilled Chicken Breast
Sole Francaise
Chicken Parmigiana
Rotini Primavera with Garlic and Oil
Roasted Potatoes
Occasion Cake
Unlimited Coffee, tea, iced tea, regular and diet soda
Cash Bar
Cost per person including food, tax, bartender & DJ: $50.00

Saturday June 25, 2011

Lunch in the LMHS lunch room!!
Domenico's will supply & deliver Pizza, wraps etc. Water & soda will also be available.
Cost per person: $12.00.

There hopefully will some nice surprises during lunch but we're still working on that.


LMHS 61 - 50th Reunion

Send to:
Honey Cottrell
15104 Roundup Drive
Tampa, FL 33624

Please indicate your guests name (if applicable) on the check.
Visit the Class Website

Click on 50th reunion for updated information and see who is attending

Look forward to seeing you in June!


Dear Marcy,
I hope all is well--and was excited to get my note from Honey today about the reunion. I just wanted to verify that my husband Dennis and I do expect to come, and I'll be getting my check in the mail for the dinner. (Although Dennis lived in Lynbrook, he knew Mark Michaels, Ted Richman, and Dick Broder through Eagle Scouting; what a small world!) I'm not quite sure yet about the luncheon--and do I have to let you know that now? (I may have to head out to Kansas for a conference around that time but haven't gotten the dates confirmed yet.)
So far as my "news" in concerned, my youngest daughter just had her first child, a little girl named Wesley Alessandra--so we're happy as can be! (We have a 10 year old granddaughter and a 6 year old grandson from our oldest daughter.) I'm still teaching at Hofstra (in February I'll be starting my 43rd year there!) and was interviewed as part of their 75th birthday celebration. If anyone wants a good laugh please go to oralhistoryproject@Hofstra.edu (maybe ohp@Hofstra.edu?) and select "Slide Show." You'll have to browse through important graduates, such as Nelson DeMille, but eventually you'll get to "Barbara Bengels"-- and can make fun of my harlequin glasses when you see some of the old pictures on the website.
Please send my love to everyone--and best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.
Fondly, Barbara Steinman Bengels
P.S. Another exciting event of this year was my having part of a study I've been working on published as the lead article in The New York Review of Science Fiction. (I interviewed 55 SF writers about the encouragement they did or didn't get from their parents, teachers, librarians, etc.-and received some very funny and poignant responses back. It's been very interesting and great fun! It also reminds me of how many of my teachers discouraged me from reading SF as a kid! Who knew I'd be teaching it on a college level--for forty years?)

Deciding about the luncheon can be done at a later date and a separate check for $12.00 can be sent in if you do decide to go. In the near future we will be marking those on the list of attendees as paid once Honey gets the check and will have that posted here on the website 50th reunion page. It's hard to believe our 50th reunion is only eight months away!

It has been too long since I visited the website and caught up on what all of us are doing. Thanks to everyone who is working on setting up the reunion. Yes, count me and "Husband" in for coming to the 50th reunion next summer. We are planning to sail our boat up to New England again (sailed up there this summer and loved it so much we are ready for a repeat) and will schedule our cruise so we will be nearby for the weekend of the festivities. Don't know what I can do to help from here, but let me know if there is something.
Eileen Wolff Turner

Hi, Marcy,

 Long time since we spoke. My fault. I tried to email Gloria Russo at the sites in the yearbook but both came back undeliverable. Is there another address for her?

I'm really looking forward to the reunion next summer. I can't believe it's been 50 years. I probably can't do much to help from down here but if you think of anything that will help please let me know.

Regards, Larry Carballo

Those are Gloria's correct email addresses. The mystery is why they sometimes work and other times do not. I seem to recall she told me to try the Fort Scott email during the work day and not at night. And if I remember correctly, that one won't take attachments. But it is the one she always communicates with whenever I do hear from her. Keep trying.


 Betty's married name was Purcell. She was laid to rest yesterday at St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale. I checked to see if there was an obituary and couldn't find one. She had 2 children, Anthony and Linda. She had three grandchildren, all boys. She had been divorced for many years but her ex predeceased her. I'll look for photos of her in my many years of albums. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

 Ardy Clay Oley

 I received a note today from Ardy Clay Oley telling us that her dear friend and our classmate Betty Hudson passed away today. We will be moving her name to the gone but not forgotten section and welcome any remembrances of Betty that you might want to share.

Dear Marcy,

Why is it when it comes to our birthday, some of us are like children? To the point...my birthday is September 25th not the 26th. Would you please correct this for me? Also, if possible, put an X next to my name on the 50th Reunion List. I would like to help in anyway needed, especially since I live only about 33 miles away from the restaurant. Be well.

Sincerely, Carolyn Nelson

Dear Friends,

Our New Year greetings are getting out a little late this year. But, then again, September also came late this year. It normally starts three to four weeks before Rosh Hashana, but this year it started only one week before. No matter. A year is a year, and 5771 has already begun.

The old year hasn't been bad to our small family. As it fades into history, this is where we are:

Ami is still in Washington DC, but he beat the heat this summer by traveling to Alaska for the first time in his life, with his girlfriend Gabby Hirz. They were wearing parkas in July as they climbed Mt. Alyeska! Ami keeps busy developing his international tourism projects, including the Costa Rica Caribbean Experience (see http://bit.ly/cuHNKO) which combines visits to the coasts and a Jewish-run eco-farm in the highlands, and his own Sustainable Israel Tours, which provides unique environmental tours to Israel and the region, with the first tour announced for March 2011. There's a website under construction at: http://sustainableisrael.com/

Aharon and Melanie just moved to their new apartment in Modi'in. They have more room, fresh air, good commuting to either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, and a nice nursery school for Amitai. Aharon is continuing to work on his Ph.D. thesis and several other activities, including running Dig The Past in the U.S. (www.digthepast.org). His article on "The Symbolic and Social Meanings of the Intermediate Bronze Age Copper Daggers" was accepted for publication in the prestigious Palestine Exploration Quarterly in London, scheduled for next year. Melanie has started to work in the Tel Aviv office of the Association for Civil Rights, and she enjoys the convenience of commuting by train.

Amitai began to walk -- and run -- during a trip to Canada and the U.S. this summer. He says a few "pre-words" and knows how to make lots of animal sounds. He runs to see the poster of the big black horse when he visits Savta and Grandpa in Jerusalem. A lively, lovely kid in all ways.

Eitan is getting a few more months' experience as an intern with the Red Star of David, working in the Netanya area. His girlfriend Dalit Zaguri is also extending her internship in Kfar Saba. They both are living with Dalit's parents in Haifa, which is a convenient distance to where they both work. They are looking at November to finish with their internships and final exams -- and then the real world awaits. Eitan continues to be an avid follower of the fortunes of Israel's national basketball and soccer teams, as well as his beloved Betar Jerusalem soccer team.

Trudy just got back before Rosh Hashanah from a good visit to the States. One brother had a significant birthday; she reconnected with some old friends from camp(!) and college; and she attended a family bar mitzvah in Baltimore. She's is trying to wind down her job at Pardes in the coming months so she can devote more time to helping with Amitai, finally pick up on all her unfinished craft projects, take some of the clutter out of the house, have more time for visiting friends, and then find part-time work/volunteering to keep her busy! She would also love to get back to singing in some form or other (assuming anyone will still accept

Also during Trudy's trip, she, Ami and Gabby, and Aharon, Melanie and Amitai all converged at Goldie's condo in Century Village for a two-day partial family reunion. Great-grandma Goldie was exhausted at the end -- but was thrilled to see Amitai and the rest of the family.

Doug isn't about to retire just yet. He's still at work most days, but also finds time for a pretty hectic schedule of exercising, writing, attending various lectures, and frequenting pubs old and new. He's very pleased with the flowering of native Israeli micro (or boutique) breweries. So much beer; so little time.
In closing, we'd like to point out how difficult it was to compose New Year's greetings in our highly opinionated family.

We were going to say "Sweet," but Aharon said, "What about these multinational conglomerates that are chopping down the rain forest to plant sugar cane plantations?"

We were going to say "Healthy," but Eitan the paramedic said, "What, you want me to sit around twiddling my thumbs the whole year?"

We were going to say "Safe," but Melanie said, "You're always talking about the military and security. What about individual rights?

We were going to say "Peaceful," but Doug said, "We don't want to give people any illusions."

We were going to say "Prosperous," but Ami said, "Why is it always about making money? Gimme a break!"

We were going to say "Relaxed," but Trudy said, "Wonderful .. . . but what about me, with all the cooking and cleaning up!"

So we decided to take the lowest common denominator and wish everyone of you a "Good New Year" -- and you can interpret that any way you want.

Doug and
Trudy Greener
Aharon, Melanie and Amitai

Hi Marcy,

I hope you and your family are doing well.

I have a new address: 2911 PHARR ROAD SOUTH, NW; BOX 1433; ATLANTA, GA 30305..NEW E MAIL: thedaph1@gmail.com; phone: 404 384.0274.

Thanks for keeping us together.



PS: Sonya Shrednick no longer lives in GA. She's relocated to her aunt's condo in Fla.



I am no official retire, well, sorta... I still do a little contract work to earn travel money. We are really looking forward to the reunion next year!

Keep up the great work on the web site!

Vic Sassone

Marcy please add us to the list for the reunion, sounds like it will be a great time.

Kevin & Rosemary Farrell

I'm delighted to report that Kevin Farrell had a successful heart transplant on June 22nd. The donor heart was young and healthy. Kevin was up and walking around in two days and discharged after ten days. On July 2nd he had lunch out at a Chinese restaurant with his wife Rosemary. Just amazing! His doctors said he should be ready for golf by October. We wish him a long and healthy life. Kevin can be reached at Kevpetfar@aol.com

I'm sad to report the loss this week of another classmate. Frank Barning (Division Avenue class of 60) wrote to let me know that Cathy Ogden Dumrauf passed away on Saturday. I checked online and found her obituary, which is posted on the "Gone But Not Forgotten" page. Any memories of her are welcome for her tribute page.

Dear Marcy,

Was so excited to find this website of our class of '61. Have attached my then and now pictures and will provide further information later when the excitement abates somewhat. The lovely gentlemen with me in my "NOW" photo is my husband of 43 years John Michael O'Donnell. I am looking to, and will definitely attend, our 50th reunion next year.


I immediately called Audrey in California upon receiving this email. Two days prior to this I had been doing people searches on her without any luck. After an hour and a half on the phone we are now caught up. She retired last year as an administrator in nursing. She and her husband have one daughter and a seven year old granddaughter. She is very excited about the 50th reunion. She found our site by doing a search on class of 61 reunions in the hopes that our class would be doing something for our 50th. She has not been in contact with anyone in our class since graduation. However she came close sometime in the late sixties when she was home visiting her parents in Wantagh. She fell asleep on her mother's chaise lounge in the backyard. Gloria Russo was also home from Kansas visiting her mother. She stopped in to see Audrey but Audrey's mother didn't want to wake her up and so she missed out on seeing an old classmate. Gloria, I'm wondering if you remember this? Audrey would like to do an alumni page and the picture of her husband that she spoke of will go there as we try to keep then and now pictures as individual shots.

Thanks to Honey we now have another name removed from our missing list. She communicated with the sister of Christine Ianello on Facebook and discovered that Christine was also on Facebook and had joined in the hopes of finding lost high school friends. She is now Christine Amato and lives in Centereach, NY. Her information is now on her yearbook page.

I'm happy to announce that we have removed another name off our missing list. Marilyn Chotiner had an unusual last name so I did a search on the last name and found a family tree site listing her marriage to Jerry Currier. Once I knew her married name, the rest was easy. I gave Honey the number and asked if she wanted to make the call. Here is what she learned:

Just spoke with Marilyn – they have just moved into a new house so new address is 430 Heritage Court, Charlottesville, VA 22903 phone 703/307-4056 (I think it's her cell phone) and birth date is 12/22/43. She was very pleased to be found and will check out the website as soon as they get unpacked and all set up. Once she sees it she may send more info and will let you know if she can make it to the reunion. She has not been in touch with anyone from LMHS since graduation as her entire family moved to MD right afterwards.

You are amazing, I have been looking for her and never came across it. Was the family tree site GENI? I put info on their site hoping classmates would find me and maybe get in touch. Nothing like that has happened, but my nieces and nephews, some of which have never met, are in touch via that and FB.

Going to be doing some traveling this fall, but thought I would set up the bank account late October and start getting people to commit and pay for the reunion. I take my laptop when we travel, so there will be no problem keeping up with who is going to attend and who pays, etc.

Take care – and great work with Marilyn. Guess it is hit and miss with the internet, just like how I found Marlene…. Maybe we'll locate everyone at some poin

To all our dear friends,

It's been a very long 4 weeks. My family and I thank you for the prayers you have said for our brother Michael. Michael passed away in his sleep Saturday morning, ending his long battle with lung cancer... He left two sons Michael, John and a daughter Nichole, and two grandsons, with one more on the way Jordyn, Michael the fourth and Tylor, to be born July 9. They are doing fine for now and will continue to adjust with God's guidance. Life moves on... Thanks again for all the prayers, May God Bless you.

 Mary Mennette Mattson

We send our condolences to Mary and Margie Mennette on the loss of their brother Michael.

Thanks for all the awesome work you do for the Class of 61. I plan on coming to all activities for the 50th reunion. I think I've even got my husband interested. He loves Domenico's. Hope to see you there. By that time I should have at least 19 Grandchildren and 1 great-Grandchild. By the way my birthday is June 22nd.
Carol Lutz Smemoe

Please convey my congrats to Stu on his newest car--he's a beauty (blue, it must be a boy). I can't imagine the time and energy it took to do the work, but the results are worth it. It's lovely. I'd ask to drive it, but I don't think I could get in and certainly couldn't get out. Nice work Stu.
Toni Salometo

Hi Marcy,

Any word on the summer picnic ??
Attached please find a picture of my new baby. It's a 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite. Back in the last century, one of Barbara O'Connell's boyfriends had one. I pleaded with my Dad for one and he said, 'NO'. You will get yourself killed in that thing. Hence, no Bugeye.. Turns out Dad was right !! It's a real religious experience driving a car with drum brakes. From 60 the car will stop in just a little under 300 feet and that's if I have a new pair of sneakers on.. It's a far cry from today's cars with disc brakes that can stop in just under 125 feet from the same speed.
Stu Smith

There were not enough yes responses to cover the cost of the park grounds fee so it looks as if there will be no picnic this year. Thank goodness our 50th is just one year away this month.

Hi Marcy. Hope all is well with you.

Both Bob Levine and Mark Michaels called me recently about attending the reunion next summer, and I'm planning on being there, so add my name to the list.

I'm enjoying retirement, particularly now that the good weather has returned. I just got back from visiting my money in Las Vegas and had a great time. I'm looking forward to a few months of golf and spending time with my grandsons.

Have a great summer!

Harvey Pearlstein

To our dear friends, I am asking you once again to say a prayer for my brother and his family. As you know my brother has been fighting the effects of his brain cancer for 3 years. Well, this week he went in for another test and they found a tumor surrounding his heart and lung. The sad news is this one can not be treated. Michael will not be with us for long. God will embrace him and take him home before the sounds of summer are gone.
Mary Mennette Mattson

Kudos to Toni Salometo for achieving the distinction of being our oldest classmate to graduate from college. Although she earned her associates degree years ago, after retiring she set out on a course to get that four year college degree. There were many interruptions along the way, including a move to Florida, but she finally achieved her goal at the age of 66. Follow your dreams classmates. It's never too late.

Dear Honey,

Thanks to you and others that have worked to make the Levittown Memorial High School website a reality! It was quite a trip down memory lane, bringing 50 years up to the present moment! Somehow it is hard to believe a number in our class are no longer with us….

Perhaps I missed it but what would be great to see are updates on what people are doing now or some highlight over the years. For example, --As for what I have been doing at least for the last 30 years can be seen at my organization’s website: www.legacyintl.org just look for me under “who we are”. I wanted to make a contribution to humanity and this is how I express it. Greetings to all my classmates.

My home address is 1067 Rising Star Drive, Bedford, Virginia 24523; birthday is April 27. Attached is a recent photo for the site. Please spell my last name with an “e”. Thanks again for your efforts.

Marlene Ginsberg

Thanks to Honey for finding Marlene Ginsberg on Facebook. With pleasure we can remove her name from the missing list. Honey contacted Marlene, told her about the site and asked for her birthday and contact information. Above is Marlene's response to Honey's email. Marlene may have overlooked our alumni pages on the yearbook page which tell what people have been doing since graduation. We invite Marlene to send us her bio so she can have an alumni page. That goes for the rest of you too!

Congratulations to Michelle Curtin, daughter of Frank and Rona Curtin. Michelle just graduated from medical school and will start a three year residency in Columbia, South Carolina.

In response to queries from Bob Levine and Stu Smith about another picnic this summer, Frank says he will do one again if there is enough interest, but it will be simpler this time around. Last year there was too much food. Since there is a park fee that must be paid in advance, he would need to know that we have enough people to share in the cost of the fee and food supplies. So drop a line to the website if you want to attend. I'll let you know if we get enough responses to start making plans.

Coach Goes to Denver on a Lacrosse Crusade - NYTimes.com

This article is about Bill Tierney, Tom's youngest brother. My younger brother went to Cortland with him. I know Tom's son is the lacrosse coach at Hofstra.. A real dynasty!!!
Submitted by Rona Selsky
LMHS Class of 1965

HI Marcy

Just had a chance to check out the LMHS website - The plans for the 50th sound great! Helene has worked her magic once again! I can hardly wait to see everyone again!
Just have to tell you that I ran into a couple in Mexico and the wife was doing what Helene has done but for her 60th class reunion. Let me tell you she had her hands full - most of her class were in wheelchairs, on walkers and otherwise incapacitated. She had to make special transportation arrangements and find a flat place for all the walkers.
...so I'm here to tell you guys - GET ON THE STICK AND COME TO OUR 50TH REUNION because the next one, we may all not be able to get to!!! I mean it Harvey!! and Hank, and Ilene T, Richie M.,the BAND, the football team, the earstwhile cheerleaders.... and the rest of you dudes and dudettes. This one is important. It may not be quite our last Hurrah, but it's getting close. So thanks Helene for all you are doing, and thank you folks who keep the website alive.!!! AND THE REST OF YOU GUYS START PLANNING NOW FOR NEXT YEAR!!

love ya - see you then!
Sandy (Parrish) Duvall

Dear Friends,

The Wells Fargo stage coach drove through Jerusalem a few days ago and threw down a package of old New York Timeses. So I was able to read a very serious article on the "darker mood" in Israel on our 62nd Independence Day (April 20 this year), where because of our political situation, "the sense of celebration this year is muted" and we are "profoundly worried."

It's a shame the writer -- I think a very respected journalist or else why would he be representing the New York Times in Israel -- wrote about our muted celebrations before Independence Day. Had he waited a day or two, and actually gone out to be with the people on the street, he would have seen that the mood was significantly different from his description.

I think that before I give you my immensely more accurate eye-witness account, I should just point out my wariness with any journalist who reports something like, "The mood in this town is . . . ." or "Gotham is a city in mourning today" or the like. Not only does it sound pompous; it's basically meaningless, expressing more what the writer thinks should be than what really is. True, cities can be physically destroyed or crippled by natural or man-made disasters (Chernobyl, New Orleans, Port au Prince), but political events in themselves do not dictate city-wide moods.

No matter. Trudy and I went out on the eve of Independence Day to a nice restaurant and then walked over to the Jerusalem City Hall Square for an outdoor song concert. Three middling famous singers gave us two hours of Israeli golden oldies. If the crowd was profoundly anything, it was loud. There they were singing and dancing in the aisles and looking like they were having a great old time. A group of American college students near us were shifting and sliding to the beat, looking real cool and pulling in Israelis who passed by. A bunch of girls behind us held up a big Israeli flag as they sang and danced with the music. And over on the other side of the square, people joined hands in a huge circle and danced the hora with all their might. During all this, a firework display started behind us and we all turned around to "ooh" and "aah" and cheer.

After the concert was over, Trudy joined hundreds of others for folk dancing in the square, while I went home. (I never learned how to do anything more sophisticated than the old two-step hora.) As I was walking back to the bus, I was struck by the fact that Jerusalem was full of ignorant people who don't read the New York Times. They were parading down the street, some singing, many taking part in the venerable Israeli custom of spraying artificial snow on passers-by and hitting them with squeaky plastic hammers. This year there were also humungous blow-up balloon hammers as well. I find it less strange to see adults acting like kids than to see teenagers acting like kids. Teens have this thing about staying "cool," which I understand, but on Independence Eve they were stepping out of character and whooping it up without a drop of self-consciousness.

I got home after midnight and one of the neighbors was having an obscenely loud party in his yard. I was tired, and I must admit that in such situations where people are so inconsiderate, I have no hesitation in calling and complaining to the police. Not for nothing am I known as the "Jerusalem party pooper." So I did. The desk sergeant informed me that there was nothing to do. "Independence Eve is the one night of the year when you can make all the noise you want all night. There's no law against it." I never heard this because I never had to face this situation before. How strange that this hadn't happened in previous years, when the national mood wasn't so "muted."

In the morning, after a short night's sleep, I went to a festive service in the synagogue. If anybody was "profoundly worried," he didn't look it. I can't swear that no one had any personal problems, but the mood was one of the most upbeat I have ever seen -- for our synagogue, at any rate. We are not known for our litugical enthusiasm. Later in the day, we went to have our traditional vegetarian barbecue in the park behind the King David Hotel. All around us were hundreds of other depressed families charring their mammal meat, relaxing in the sun, drinking beer, kicking around a soccer ball, and generally doing what they always have done every Independence Day. Eitan joined us and left for his shift on the ambulance, and other friends came over as did Aharon, Melanie and Amitai. We ate, relaxed, talked, argued, had a baseball catch (that always attracts spectators) and watched an air force fly-by. As the day ended, we retreated into our dark moods. Our friend Mike Horton caught us on the attached photo, which clearly shows our apprehension as we face the future.

A blessed, prosperous and peaceful 63rd year to us all.

Doug Greener
Go to "Informal Gatherings" for Doug's latest Family Picture.


That is Paul in the "unidentified person" picture with Warren Hechinger in "The Way We Were" section. He did work for the DNC as their Political Director until he died of a massive heart attack on Sept 24th, 1992 in Little Rock, Ark. We were married in Aug of 1966 and split up in 1974. He leaves my daughter, Jessica Dylan Tully and her half-sister Miranda Tully whose birthdays fall on the same day: July 19th, Jessie was born in 1970 and Miranda in 1980. Paul went to Trinity Prep and then to Yale (undergraduate) and Univ of Penn Law School (1972) but was friends with a lot of LMHS folks from elementary school and sports. It was sad that he died before Clinton was elected because he worked for other Presidential candidates, none of whom won, but he never saw Clinton's (and his) victory.

Hugh O'Donnell went to LMHS, I believe - I'll ask him, he just friended me on Facebook; and his dad was my Latin teacher: Mr.Hugh O'Donnell.

I just though I'd fill in some of the blanks.

Heidi Perlmutter, LMHS class of 1960 (I had lots of friends in the class of '61)

Hi Marcy,

Count me in too.   Mark Michaels and Steve Ross called to remind me to visit the LMHS website and to advise me about the plans for the reunion.  Please advise me of when and to whom to send in a check for both Patricia and myself.  And how about another summer picnic? 

The website looks great.  Thanks for your continued efforts.

Bob Levine

  At this time no account has been set up to collect reunion funds. Honey Cottrell has volunteered to do that, but Helene feels there is no need to start collecting money until early November. The advantage of going with a smaller place is that no large deposit (usually thousands of dollars) is required to hold the date. We will use the website to announce where to send the money when the time comes. Many thanks to those of you who are making phone calls to friends about the reunion so that everyone keeps that date open on their calendars. Honey has been contacting people on Classmates.com as well. For those of you who know classmates who are not online, a phone call to them with the date would be appreciated. Together we can spread the word and help to make this reunion a huge success.

Hi Marcy

I happened to be looking at the lmhs website ( terrific job!) the other day and I noticed that the email address listed for me is obsolete. Could you please change it to the current address: mikes616@optonline.net in the offchance that someone might want to contact me. I also have a Facebook page as well as a Facebook page for my practice ( Mark Michaels, Architect). Many thanks!

Mark Michaels

ps- I've been calling some old classmates trying to convince them they MUST come to the reunion next June!

I am not a member of your class but did attend Salk with a number of your classmates. I went online to check out your website and see how many names I remembered. Reading your emails I saw Kathy's name. I am sad to say that she passed away from cancer about 5-6 years ago. She was married to John Morton and left behind a daughter Susan.

Barbara Nagle Matis

I checked out Kathyrn on the Social Security Death index and found this information to be true. I will look into finding her daughter so that she has the option of getting that Girl Scout handbook recently found in her old home. We will be moving her picture to the Gone But Not Forgotten page.

Hi-My name is Leslie and my brother Greg is in the process of tearing apart his house in Levittown on Club Lane to do some reconstruction. When he tore apart the ceiling he found a 1956 Girl Scout Handbook with the name Kathryne Carll written inside, also written was pack 333 Wantagh NY. I did a classmate search and her name came up on this site-which makes sense since she probably would have graduated from a levittown school in about 1961. He would love to return it to her and Im sure she might like to have it for an old keepsake. Are you able to help me out with this?? Any help that you could provide would be appreciated!
Thank you very much--
Leslie Maillette
603 775-0030

This is a wonderful story and I'm disappointed that Kathy Carll is one of our missing classmates. I tried finding her in the past but don't know her married name. Is there anyone out there who knows her married name so I can do a people search? Does anyone remember if she lived on Club Lane? I will write Leslie and ask her if she'll keep the book just in case we get lucky and find Kathy. Any leads you can provide will be most welcome.

Dear Marcy,

I am Elizabeth Sucher's younger sister Alice. I just came across your wonderful Web site for LMHS '61 today. What an incredible thing you all have put together. I wanted to fill you in more about Elizabeth. She passed away on Jan. 13, 2000 from lung cancer. She lived in Santa Rosa, CA and is survived by her husband, Dayle Carlson and daughter, Sarah Carlson and by me and our mother Sylvia who is now 97. She would have absolutely loved this Web site. I don't have time right now but I would love to give you more information about her at some point.

Sahib-Amar Khalsa (formerly Alice Sucher)

Marcy, Hope all is well with you and your family. I was watching the news and wondered if anyone knows how Gino is. I remember several years ago the problems he had with a mud slide and hope history hasn't repeated itself.
Regards, Steve Weissman

I spoke to Gino and he is fine. There was a mudslide about a mile away from his home, but his property was untouched. The county did a lot of work after the big one that hit his neighborhood and that work seems to be doing the trick. In addition he had backhoe work done on his property that would divert the mud away from the house if the large trench dug by the county overflows. He says the creek that runs through his property is free of debris so that is a good sign. They have had torrential rains and even hail, but no mud. He said to say thanks for asking Steve.

 I received a call from Helene today with a progress report on plans for our 50th reunion. She went to Domenico's today and put down a deposit so our date of Friday, June 24, 2011 is official. She said that we will have a private entrance to our room there that is accessible from the back parking lot. No need to walk through the restaurant to find our spot. She saw the room and said it was perfect for our needs. She picked out black and red (school colors) tablecloths and the buffet menu with choices to suit everyone. They will supply a cash bar and the bar tender. Those who chose to drink will pay for their own and can take care of tips. There is a party store in that shopping center that will be used for our decorations and balloons. There is a place for our banner to be hung and signed by all who attend. She also contacted the DJ and he has us down on his calendar.

She also got permission for us to use the former Levittown Memorial School on the day after the reunion. There will be a janitorial fee for the use of the cafeteria. The owner of Domenico's gave Helene a special rate of $5.00 for sandwich wraps at lunchtime. We can also visit the Levittown Museum in the basement of the school. Those who went there in 2005 know it is well worth the time to see this museum. Helene feels that rather than adding the cost of Saturday's outing to the reunion ticket, that it should be a separate fee paid only by those who plan to attend. That way, anyone not choosing to go will not have to pay for those who do attend. It will also give her a more accurate count on the number of sandwiches to order.

Mark your calendars now and if you haven't committed to going, do so soon.

I heard from Tommy Mueller (LMHS 1958) today with the sad news that our classmate Lillian Schmidt passed away yesterday from Parkinson's disease. We will be moving her to the Gone But Not Forgotten page. As always, anyone who would like to share a memory of her is welcome. I will include the email that Tommy received from Lillian's brother John and a prom picture.

 Honey has been reaching out via Classmates to possible siblings of our missing classmates. Unfortunately she heard from the brother of Barbara Ryan Myers that Barbara passed away from cancer in November, 2000. She left behind three children. We will be moving her to the gone but not forgotten page, Feel free to share any memories you may have of her.

I just received a letter from Dick Hawkey with good and bad news: the good news is that hes been busy seeing plays with his wife; the bad news is that his dear friend Ray Kavanaugh lost his wife this past summer. He was married to Clare Sullivan who also taught at LMHS. He said that Mary Loonam (who was my gym teacherand a very compassionate one considering my very negligible skills---) also died recently. Since getting Dicks letter, I ran into Ray at the Garden City Libraryand Ill bet hed love to hear from anyone who had him. Hes living in Garden City and Im sure his address is available online. (His sad news was that Dicks brother had just died. Dick still lives at 7 No. Nancy Place in Massapequa and would, Ill bet, also love to hear from former students.) I might also add that I would never have been an English teacher if it werent for Dick Hawkeyand I was thrilled when he became an adjunct at Hofstra for a good number of years. Every time I ran into him in the halls I felt as though I were 16 again!

Finally, I wish everyone a wonderful 2010!!!!

Barbara Steinman Bengels


Was stunned to receive your Christmas card! I am here in New Jersey since 1968, and living in Highland Lakes since 1987, when I married Ed, husband # 2. Life before him is not open for discussion. Between us, we have 5 grown offspring. And 4 grandchildren. All scattered. I have a son in Wisconsin, a daughter in Florida, and another daughter in France, just outside of Geneva. My 2 grandsons are there, and I have been flying over to Geneva once a year since 1997. They are here visiting now, so I am keeping this short. Ed's daughter lives in Delaware, and his son lives in Pa. He and his wife have given us our 2 granddaughters. You can add the information below to your website, and I have attached a recent picture, taken this year when I was in France. I am still working, and the retirement word is not yet in my vocabulary! Just an ordinary life. Nothing remarkable.

Judy Voska Plocharski
413 East Lakeshore Dr.
Highland Lakes, NJ 07422
email: jplo@warwick.net

I have been in touch with Sally Pittman and Chickie Goldberg. It was a jolt to learn that Nancy Ryen and Debby Miller have died. Sally, Nancy and Debby were my closest friends, and Chickie lived at the end of my street in Wantagh. She and Debby remained close friends. I know that Barbara Farrell married Alan, who is/was a cardiologist here in NJ. However, I don't know if she wants anything further revealed. Some of us just want our lives pretty much kept to ourselves.

So, how DID you/Honey/whoever find me? The website mentions that you tried contacting my son - he doesn't have a facebook -who did you contact, and how?

Hope everyone is well and happy.

Best Wishes for a Happier New Year!


I was delighted to hear from Judy, especially because I have not had much luck in the past when sending letters to missing classmates. Phone calls have always proved most effective but since her phone is unlisted, I sent a Christmas card with a note and our website information. Obviously she was pleased to be found and wasted no time contacting Sally and Chickie.

As to Barbara Farrell, Honey contacted her brother Carter on Classmates and he passed on the website information to Barbara. She did look at it and told Carter she would contact Honey with her information, but when that didn't happen we figured she wished to remain private.

I found Judy doing a people search on Judith Voska and it listed that name as an aka for Judith Plocharski. The age was right so I did a phone check on her which revealed her address but not the phone. It's rare when I get any luck using a maiden name, but this time it paid off. I didn't really expect to hear back so this email was a nice surprise. The son Scott was listed as a relative. I googled him and found someone with that name on Facebook. Apparently it was the wrong Scott. Welcome back to the fold Judy! This now brings our new total to 25 missing classmates found in 2009. What a great way to end the year.
Via Email 12/30/09

That was the year that was....

Another year has come to an end and we hope that 2010 will be a happy and healthy year for all of you. This past summer a group of us got together for a class picnic. Three of the classmates who came had never been to any class function since graduation and it was heartwarming to see how easily they fit right in with everyone as if no years had passed at all.

We lost one classmate this past year, Arline Gruber Kaplan. Sadly though, because of stepped up people searches, we learned of many more passings that took place over the years and our gone but not forgotten page has grown larger than any of us ever wanted. This past year we worked on adding the date of death under their pictures and would welcome any remembrances of these classmates you might wish to add. We also lost one teacher, Mary Loonam.

Many of you became grandparents this past year and at least one I know of became a first time grandma. It was also a year for retirements and relocations. As someone who has lived in the same house for forty two years, I find it amazing that people our age can pack up their homes and move to another part of the country. Cleaning out closets is a big chore for me. But cleaning out a home? That is a remarkable accomplishment and I marvel at the stamina that some of you possess.

It was a banner year for finding lost classmates. It was our best successful search year since before the 2005 reunion. We owe a huge debt to Honey Murway Cottrell, who spent countless hours on the phone and on the computer contacting people on Classmates and getting their information. Facebook opened up another avenue of search and we found missing classmates there too. We are down to fifty four missing souls and truth be told , we do know where some of them are but will respect their wish for privacy. We welcomed twenty four people back into the fold in 2009: Grace Squance, Suzanne Handwerker, Steve Strauss, Dolores Dragna, June Ryan, George Schieber, Merrily Nappi, Karin Weinberg, Jane Lynch, Elinda Guardino, Roberta Willensky, John Hughes, Dorothy Monroe, Phillip Campanaro, Doug Castoldi, Helen Kehlbeck, Mary Lynn Graham, Paul Allen, Herb Baynon, Bonnie Schatz, Norman Levi, Dorothy Willner, Ilene Tetenbaum and Maddie Seidelle. The majority of these folks have had no contact with anyone from high school since graduation and a good many of them have reconnected with long lost friends. Three of them even had the opportunity to meet former classmates in person. It doesn't get any better than that.

As 2010 approaches, interest in a 50th reunion in 2011 is picking up. We've had offers of help and have provided a place here on the class website for people to express their opinions. Hopefully by the end of 2010, we will be further along in the planning stages and our list of committed people will grow.

Thanks to all of you who have sent your news, pictures and kept us updated on email and address changes. I hope more of you will keep us posted in the coming year. Thanks to our boosters who provide us with the means to update frequently. We can be proud of our class!
Via Email 12/29/09

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am spending December at my condo in Littleton (Denver) and wish all at LMHS a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Thanks for all you do keeping us updated.
Via Email 12/11/09

Gino asked me to relay this message to you ~ he pulled the plug on his computer and decided that he'd rather write a letter with a pen than to type via email. He turned off his internet service and deleted his email address. So if you want to get a message to him either write him a letter or call him direct. If you need his info contact me.

Bob Lenci

I received this email from Gino Lynch's brother. I know that many of you have him in your address book so take a minute now to delete his name. He can still be reached at the address and phone listed on our yearbook page.
If Andrea Gilmore or Laura Allen are in your address book, please note that there are new email addresses for both of them listed on their yearbook information page. The old ones should be deleted from your files.
I sent a birthday greeting to Larry Caraballo at his work email and received a response back that he retired on November 19th. I also tried to send the greeting to his alternate Hotmail email but that too was returned. If you are in contact with him, please find out his new info. It's important that we keep our files up to date so close to a possible 50th reunion. Thanks to all of you who do keep us informed when your information changes. It's a huge help.
Via Email 12/9/09

Hi Marcy,

I have an updated picture for then and now and a new email address for the lmhs61 web site, and I understand Im to send the picture to you.

The picture is attached (from 2008). The new email is falcon444@verizon.net

Hope all is well, and thanks for your loving care of our memories!


Vic Sassone
Via Email 12/3/09

 Condolences to Lois Christensen Bish who lost her mother in September. Lois came down with pneumonia immediately after her death and wound up in the hospital herself So often caregivers neglect their own health, especially when things are at a crisis stage. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Thanks to Roberta Witlin Hirsh, who sent an old birthday photo that led to two more classmates back in the loop. I emailed Roberta and asked if she knew the married names of Ilene Tetenbaum and Maddie Seidelle, both of whom were in that old photo. Although she has had no contact with either of them in more than thirty years, she did remember the married names of both. I found Ilene in Syosset, NY and she was pleased to know that several people had asked about her. She's a retired art teacher who now works in real estate. Ironically, the only person she has kept in touch with is Maddie Seidelle. They speak twice a year on their respective birthdays. I found Maddie in San Jose, California. She and her husband moved there seven years ago to be closer to their son. For thirty years she was a clinical psychologist with her own practice. After retiring she moved to California and took a job as a school psychologist. She retired from that job this past June. The information on both these classmates is now posted on their yearbook pictures and we welcome them back to the fold.

The funny thing about these two finds is that Honey and I had agreed to take a break from people searches until after the new year. She's in Germany visiting her son and his family and both of us were disappointed that our most recent finds were just not interested in reconnecting with anyone. Maddie and Ilene made up for their less enthusiastic classmates.
Via Email 12/1/09

Hi Marcy. First, l want to thank you again for the terrific job you do with the web site. It's great! I'm sure every classmate who checks the site is very appreciative of your efforts.

I retired at the end of March. I spent the spring catching up on a long list of projects around the house, and split my summer between the golf course and my grandsons (9 & 5). We had a great time! With both of our daughters living in the area, we never planned on moving when I retired, so I guess we'll stay mid-westerners until the end.

I keep in touch with Bob Levine and Dick Broder, but being able to stay up to date on what's happening with many of our classmates is wonderful. Again...thanks. Have a great holiday!

Harvey Pearlstein
Via Email 11/30/09

Today's Newsday obituary lists Mary Loonam, a former LMHS girls' phys. ed. teacher, who passed away yesterday. The obituary on the gone but not forgotten page has a link for anyone who may wish to send their condolences to the family. According to the yearbook picture, she was also an English teacher, but I have no memory of that.

On another note, Bob Benson (LMHS 59), who does our website called me today after viewing Toni's comments on the 50th reunion. He told me that our website has the capability to do an online questionnaire that would go directly to me. This would save me the massive job of emailing a questionnaire to all our classmates who are online. I welcome feedback as to what questions we should ask and I would like to keep it short for easy tabulating and record keeping. I ask that you sign it and add your email address. I will provide a place for comments in your own words if you choose to do that. Anonymous forms will not be tabulated. I will work on this questionnaire in the near future so get any feedback on must ask questions to me. I still intend work on a list of those who are definitely committed to going as well as those who are willing to work in some capacity. Some of you have already let me know and I hope more will do so soon. We can't get started without some working numbers.
Via Email 11/17/09

Hi Marcy,

It's been too long since I visited the website. WOW! You guys are amazing. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU ALL (Y'all as we say in the South.)

2009 has been a challenging year for me. I went through a nasty divorce and lost my home, etc. Something like that does help put things in perspective. Thank God for my daughter, son-in-law and so many dear friends. Their support kept me somewhat sane.

I still do catering. I swore I'd never follow in my mother's footsteps. Yet, here I am. We focus on corporate. However, private events are still a large part of our business. I really enjoy my event planning business.

I'd love to help with the 50th. How about Atlanta? There's so much here. We might even find a very reasonable venue.

After 38 years in Georgia, metro Atlanta, I'm looking for a major change. The San Fran area is very appealing. I do miss the ocean. If anyone has a suggestion I'm wide open. I am employable in the food arena. My 2 dogs and I can pack our things and be ready to move with very short notice. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

My new address is: 330D Winding River Drive; Sandy Springs, GA 30350. No land line. However, the cell is: 404 384.0274.

Holiday blessings to one and all.

Love and big hugs,

"Chickie" Lee Goldberg Dennis

PS:; Debby always wanted info about Judy Voska. Has she been found?

So far no one has stepped up to the plate to take on the task of coordinating the 50th reunion. The class of 1959 had their 50th this past summer at the Marriott in Uniondale where we had the 2005 reunion. The person who did the coordinating lost $3400.00 out of his own pocket because they did not get the minimum number of tickets sold, despite verbal commitments from classmates who never sent their money in. The cost of the tickets was $160.00 a person and they still lost money. The group rate for a block of 20 hotel rooms at the Marriott was $169.00 a night for those who came from out of town. Anyone bringing a spouse had to shell out $658.00 if they stayed just one night and $827 if they stayed two nights. This didn't include air fare. You can see why so many people backed out when reality set in. In these days of financial uncertainty, I don't see how holding a reunion on Long Island would be feasible. On the other hand, I don't have any alternative ideas that I know would be less expensive. One thing I can say from experience- the person in charge of the reunion must live nearby to the place holding the event. To do so from a distance is stressful and impractical.

I did receive a host of documents from Bill Keleher (husband of Michele Axman) who was on the committee for his own 50th reunion this past summer. The one suggestion he gave me was to start now on the people searches and get the missing people back in the loop before the reunion. With Honey's help I have done that and we will continue to do so. They were able to do the reunion for $100.00 a person. It was an outdoor event- chicken barbeque dinner held about fifteen minutes from Albany, NY. They arranged a shuttle from a nearby Comfort Inn which charged $150.00 a night for out of town attendees. I know from past experience working on picnics that a number of you don't do outdoor events for health reasons. It is almost impossible to please everyone.

I welcome similar feedback from any of you who know of places that hold affordable reunions and what their minimum number of attendees would be. Chickie, please do look into Atlanta and let us know. I would like some feedback on what folks think is a reasonable price. The goal is to get as many people as we can to attend.

As to Judy Voska, yes, I did find her in New Jersey. I have her married name and an address, but the phone is unlisted. I found her son on Facebook and Classmates and Honey contacted him but got no response. I was hoping to send Christmas cards with the website info to Judy and several other missing classmates that have no phone listings. I have not had much luck in the past writing snail letters so I procrastinate doing that. Stu Smith kindly offered to pay house calls to some of our missing classmates on Long Island with unlisted phone numbers. He was able to verify that they are our classmates, but we still can't post their info. Both Honey and I were disappointed in the number of people who chose not to have their whereabouts known. Some at least took the website information for viewing and others didn't even want to see it. But as she said, the ones who were thrilled to be found made up for the disappointments.
Via Email 11/14/09

Dear Friends,

Don't come looking for me between November 15 and December 3. It's my army reserve (milu'im) time again. Yes, I'll be joining my volunteer unit for another 12 days somewhere along the old green line. Until now, you may have noticed, I've been doing this in the summertime. You would think I'd continue, but oh no, that would be too easy. This time I have chosen to endure some rain, wind and mud to make it more interesting.

(Actually, I have nothing against the summer, but for various reasons I've had to postpone my reserve duty several times, until today. And that means it's going to be a little colder and wetter.)

Trudy said that volunteering for reserve duty makes me feel young. I guess it does. As we get on in years (a kinder way of saying that we "get older"), as we get on in years, things that we can no longer do with agility, ease and consistency become relegated to our "memories" tray. It could be anything; no need to detail. The memories are nice, there's no doubt, but they belong to a different lifetime. I suppose old age can be defined as a time when everything -- or almost everything -- is but a memory. The thing is to keep as much as possible in your "still-can-do" tray. Now, most Israeli men my age have memories about reserve duty; a mixture of fondness and good-riddance, as memories often are. But for me, the army reserves are not yet memories. And if that helps me feel young, so be it.

As I've written before, one of the main goals of the volunteer reserve unit is to give younger conscripts more chances to get home on leave. More soldiers on base = less needed at any one time.

Since this week is the twenty-fourth anniversary of the passing of my father Milton Herbert (Moshe Chaim ben David Leib), I began to remember that he also did volunteer work to help soldiers, or in his case, veterans. After we moved to Levittown in 1955, he would take the long drive one evening every week or so to Suffolk County's north shore to volunteer at the Northport VA Medical Center. He would entertain the hospitalized veterans, many of them suffering from "shell shock" (now called "post-traumatic stress"), more than a decade after World War II ended.

Now, for my father, entertainment was playing cards and telling off-color jokes. The wounded veterans, I would guess, appreciated both far more than song-and-dance routines. So my father was always a popular visitor. I imagine him showing up in the wards and the patients shouting, "Hi Miltie," "How ya doin', Miltie? Come over here." And for a short hour or two, he would help them forget their pain, their loneliness and their isolation.

That's much more than I do. But it's comforting to know that at least we're on the same page, that there's something else we share.

Doug Greener
November 2009
Via Email 11/12/09

Hi Marcy,

So good to hear a voice from the past. My birthday is March 22.. The picture I sent You was taken Copenhagen, Denmark. What a great City that is.! My husband Harvey, and I and nine friends took a trip of a lifetime. St. Petersburg, Russia was the highlight of the cruise part of the trip. Other ports, we visited were Helsinki Finland, Stockholm Sweden, Gdansk Poland, Tallinn Estonia, and Oslo Norway. The weather was beautiful and we were so thankful that we were able to take part in such a magnificent excursion. After the Cruise, My husband and I flew to Dusseldorf, Germany and then to Amsterdam which was every bit as amazing as the cruise. The full trip took 19 days.

Now, back to reality,

I am married to my Husband and best friend for forty-five years. We moved to South, Florida. in 1973. I spent my younger years as n Art teacher, developing programs for at-risk and latchkey children, and later as a senior center coordinator for City of Lauderhill, Fl.. I am a mother of three wonderful children and the grandmother of three grandchildren. They all live close by so I am super-busy at all times..

Hope this gives you a little glimpse of my life.

Dorothy Willner Waroff

The search for our missing classmates is progressing nicely. Honey spoke with Norman Levi in Boca Raton Florida and she said he was excited to hear that we have a class website. His information will be found under his picture in the yearbook section. Please take the time to look over our missing list on the yearbook section. If you have any information at all on anyone there- last known state, married name on the females or a contact number on a relative- please help us. For every person we do find, there are ten or more phone calls that are dead ends. Some of the leads provided by classmates have made all the difference and we welcome your help.

Via Email 10/9/09

Hi Marcy,
Effective October 15, 2009, my new address will be 5142 Miles Grant Terrace, Stuart, Florida 34997, telephone no will be 772-288-5010. My cell phone no. is 631-379-8477.....we are going to try Florida for one year and have rented our home here.....and will be residing at our home in Stuart full time. Looking forward to retirement in Florida. Thank you again for the wonderful work and all that you do for the class of '61. Without you, we wouldn't have this wonderful web site.

 Marilyn Lerner Workman
Via Email 10/2/09

Good afternoon Marcy
This is the first time I have been on line since I left for New York on July 27 .I have not been sick or even had a cold in many years and the one weekend I was really looking forward to I had a case of pneumonia , followed by double pneumonia ,and then a hernia operation on my birthday!
I did get to my brother's in Bayside but our plan fell apart because my brother had to work and I took the bus from the Port Authority to Middletown, and got a room at the Hampton Inn. I contacted a cousin I had not seen in years, went to Chester and Monroe. Later that afternoon I felt really bad so I changed my flight and went back to Las Vegas . My daughter picked me up and I spent 4 days in the hospital with pneumonia, was released and had two follow ups -a physical and x rays . I thought I was doing ok and while taking a ride with my son I had to go to the hospital at the Air Force base because I could not breathe. This time it was double pneumonia and another 5 days in the hospital. The doctor in charge of my case decided to operate on my umbilical hernia.
Now I am back home taking 11 diffrent medications, mostly vitamins and I guess unless there is another picnic next year we have about a year and a half to get ready for the 50th.
Kevin Kinnaly

Many of us wondered what happened to Kevin when he didn't show up at our picnic in August. I knew he had plane tickets so it was surprising that he wasn't there after coming that far across country. I emailed him later that week to ask if he was ok and did not hear back until now. Apparently he had good reason. We wish him well and a speedy recovery after all that he's been through. The only thing worse than being very sick is being sick away from home.
Via Email 9/27/09

Hi, Marcy,
Thanks so much for remembering--I have a great photo of June Ryan and me for the site.

Here's my saga (aka "excuse")

At the end of June we sold our home, expecting to close on the new home within a few days. Well, that all fell apart the night before we were to sell our home, when our bank pulled back its mortgage commitment on our purchase because of a technicality with the HOA of the gated community where we were purchasing. I won't bore you with the details, but all our possessions went into storage and we stayed with my daughter all summer and just moved into our home two weeks ago. In the interim, I got together with June, but I was reluctant to start loading photo software, etc., on my daughter's pc so the photos are still on my camera card. Meanwhile, I have shared emails with Grace Squance and we will talk after I have some time to get settled in. Meanwhile, here is our new address:

2 Charley Lane
Middle Island, NY 11953
contact info remains the same.

I will get the photo to you soon, and thanks again for all you have done.

Betty Csontos Schuster

Via Email 9/27/09

Kudos to Honey, who once again is doing a great job attacking that missing list. She spoke to Herb Baynon in Brooksville, Florida and learned that he was a teacher on Long Island for thirty five years and has three daughters that still live on the Island. Anyone wanting to reach him can do so through his wife's email which will be listed on his yearbook page. With this newest find we have whittled our missing list down to 69 and all the recent finds have energized us both to keep hacking away at that list. Honey's husband Tom jokingly calls us stalkers but truth be told many of our recent finds have been busy reconnecting via email, phone calls and in two cases (June Ryan and Jane Lynch) in person visits. That alone is reason to keep at it. My weekend was not as successful as Honey's. I called three different numbers and found no one at home. But I will continue to try.
Via Email 9/20/09

I love it when it rains in Tampa. Honey found another missing classmate, Paul Allen, in NYC. His information is now on the yearbook page. There is also a work number change for Roni Cojac Mintz and a new email and phone number for Russ Mulroy.

Hi Marcy,

I was just checking our the LMHS site and saw several references to our classmates who are now in the medical field and remembered something that happened to me back in 1973. My dad was very ill with cancer here in Syracuse at Upstate Medical Center, and he had contracted an infection that had the doctors stumped so that they sent for a specialist who dealt with locating the sources of infections. The doctor walked into my dad's room and he and I looked at each other with a sense of recognition. He checked the name on my dad's chart and then asked me if my name was Celeste. Turned out it was Joel Strom. He found the source of my dad's infection, for which we were most grateful, but I never saw him again. Another small world moment.

Keep well. Celeste Vives Holden

Hi Marcy
How are you doing? I haven't heard how and what is new with our classmates recently. I guess I am due to go on our website!!

Excitement here is that I will become grandmother for the first time within a couple of weeks. I am exercising to be strong and have stamina and hope that when he starts crawling and running around, I can keep up! Much love,
Iris Kogel Chapman
Via Email 9/11/09

While Honey worked from Florida I set out to check old LMHS class lists in the hopes of finding people through their siblings. I found a Bob Kehlbeck who did turn out to be the brother of Helen Kehlbeck. He gave me her number and I found out she lives in Pembroke, MA. Helen recently found out about our site when her daughter Googled the name Kehlbeck and came across her mother's name on the missing list. She never contacted us because she doesn't use a computer. However she gave me her husband's email address if we need to contact her. Helen also gave me the number of Mary Lynn Graham Leonard in West Sayville, NY. Mary Lynn has an unlisted number and doesn't want her information on the site, but anyone wanting to reach her can contact me. She doesn't use a computer, but her daughter has one an she will look at our site.

Helen also told me that Bill Smyth worked with her husband and he passed away in 2001 so we will be moving him to the gone but not forgotten section. If you have a memory of him, please share.

We have now removed another three off the missing list and both Honey and I are following other leads that may bring in more. I told her last night I am so happy to have her helping me on this. If I'm having an unproductive day, she might not be. Yesterday was a bust for her, but I got lucky.
Via Email 9/11/09

Hi Marcy---
I received your email about Frank Esposito and was so very glad you sent it. I do read the website but I haven't in awhile so I missed it. I wanted to write and thank you. It was a nice article and I was thrilled to learn just how much he was to so many people. Thank you again. The last time we talked you asked me to send an updated picture to post to the website and now I'm ready to but I still have trouble downloading from my files, so if you want one or more I'll send it by REAL MAIL if that's ok but I need your address again. I hope to hear from you and I'll check the website more often, I promise . Hope to hear soon.

Craig Shafer
Via Email 9/11/09

Is there really a kinder, gentler New York City?

It seems I've been living with the urban legend of "the uncaring New Yorker." The legend was born in 1964 when poor Kitty Genovese was repeatedly stabbed and left to bleed to death in Kew Gardens while her neighbors, around 40 people, allegedly witnessed everything but neither came to her aid nor even called the police. The legend was strengthened by those apocryphal stories about people falling down sick or injured on the sidewalk while genteel pedestrians carefully stepped over them, afraid to become involved. And it was sealed in stone during the 1977 Blackout, when an orgy of looting, vandalism and arson brought out the worst in the New York soul.

On my recent visit I had no reason to expect anything different.

The first sign of a changing mood happened during an especially turbulent rush hour in the subway. A young mother pushing a stroller found herself looking up a stairway as a waterfall of humanity descended in her direction. Even an empty stairway would have been a formidable climb for her; fighting against this stream was impossible.

Suddenly, as sincerely yours watched while deciding how (or maybe if) to help, someone came from behind, picked up the stroller and plunged headfirst into the torrent. Miraculously, like the Red Sea, it parted, elegantly and completely, as the woman ascended effortlessly towards her destination.

A few days later, I was on my way to buy a bottle of wine for a dinner party on the Upper East Side. Near the wine store, I noticed a young woman talking on her cell phone suddenly shout, "What's happening? Are you all right?"

At first I thought she was talking to the other person on the phone, but I followed her gaze and saw that an elderly man had fallen on the sidewalk. She ran over to help him stand up, and only left him when she saw he was well enough to continue on his own.

"Wow. What's going on?", I thought.

I walked into the wine store and the lovely good Samaritan came in right behind me. I ordered a red wine, as instructed, while she asked for help in choosing a dry white. The salesman suggested a pretty pricey bottle -- and offered to let her taste it before deciding. He opened the bottle and looked at me: "Would you like to try some too, sir?"

"It's the young lady's wine," I said.

"Oh, please," she replied.

The salesman poured us some wine and I held up my glass.

""I'd like to make a toast," I said. "To you, for the great kindness you showed just now outside the store."

Her face lit up with 50-50 surprise and delight.

"And to the city that keeps on surprising me," I added. "This time, surprisingly good."

Now, I know that two incidents do not a New York spring make. But if an urban legend can be born by displays of human callousness, perhaps it can be laid to rest by many little acts of kindliness.

Doug Greener
September 2009

Via Email 9/11/09

This Labor Day weekend marks the fourth anniversary of our website. I remember well the tedious job of scanning yearbook pages and cropping out individual pictures so that we could have a place for all those classmates who lost yearbooks to see the faces that would rekindle memories. When we started there were many missing alumni who had no contact information under their picture. Every year we find a few more people, but I predict that this will be a banner year.

On this particular Labor Day weekend, it was pouring rain in Tampa, Florida. Honey Cottrell decided it was a perfect time to spend a day doing people searches and making some phone calls to see if she had found the right classmate or a stranger with the same name. She left a lot of messages on answering machines and is hoping at least some of those people will return her call. The end result of a full day on Saturday is that we now have contact information on Philip Campanella, John Hughes, Dorothy Monroe and Doug Castoldi. We also have updated information on Carol Lee Eckardt Daniels who is moving in two weeks. Their information can be found on the yearbook page. I told Honey that I'm hoping for more rain in Tampa. She plans on making more calls this week. Way to go Honey!
Via Email 9/9/09

If you send an email to a classmate and it's returned to you, before you contact me, check the yearbook page to see if a new one was updated there. I don't always report every time someone changes their information. Both Buzzy Testagrossa and Al Lehrer have new emails but the addresses and phone numbers remain the same. We have added information for several newly found classmates: Roberta Willensky Klein, Grace Squance Pellegrini, Suzanne Handwerker Andersen, Elinda Guardino, and Jane Lynch Todd. There's a new address, phone and emails for Terry Beital Richman and her husband Ted Richman, as well as Sally Pittman Smith. There's a new address for Russ Mulroy with more info to follow. They can all be found on the yearbook page under the picture of the person you want to contact. Thanks to all of you who have contacted us when your information changes. It's a tremendous help with the record keeping.
Via Email 9/4/09

Hi Marcy,
It was great to talk to you last Friday. I have heard from Barbara Steinman Bengals. I was also in my office on Tuesday when I got email from someone in our class. It was Roni Cojac Mintz who works in the same hospital system as I do. She came to the office to see me. It was like being 17 again. She said that she was going to email you but I thought that I should also let you know in case she got busy that night.

Jane Lynch Todd
Via Email 9/3/09

Marcy, I just got an email from Ellen Kobrin (who has been hospitalized twice this past month, poor thing) saying she is sure that Carolyn McGrath died but thought it was from some congenital heart problem. Jane Lynch Todd also wrote back to say that Roni Cojac works right near her--but I'll bet she'll write and let you know that too.

In any case, I also wanted to tell you that I've found a cache of school newspapers from both LMHS and Wisdom Lane. If you'd like to borrow them and use whatever you want for the website, I'll be happy to mail them to you but would like them back when you're through. Just let me know--and send an address.

It's definitely bedtime, so I'll say goodnight--and thanks again for helping so many of us re-connect!

Barbara Steinman Bengels
Via Email 9/2/09

Hi Marcy, after reading the updates and noting that Jane Lynch Todd MD lives in Atlanta. She is affiliated with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta where I have worked for 28 years!. We emailed each other and today she was seeing patients at the hospital campus where I work....I called her cell... and within 10 minutes I was standing in her office! Now that was a nice moment in time for both of us.
Roni (Cojac) Mintz

Wow! Do it again with a camera in hand!!!!!! We'd love a picture for informal gatherings. What a small world we live in. I told Jane we had quite a few classmates living in Atlanta and she was surprised to hear that. Thank you Barbara Steinman for Jane's last name.
Via Email 9/2/09

We are indebted to Suzanne Handwerker Andersen for taking the time to snail mail Honey an article she saved when Frank Esposito passed away in 2000. Honey then scanned it to me so we could use it as a tribute to Frank on our gone but not forgotten page. I was reminded of the day I found Craig Shafer after doing a people search. The first person Craig asked about was Frank Esposito. Craig was new to our school and Frank was the first person to reach out and befriend him. How I hated telling Craig that Frank was deceased. He then told me the story of Frank inviting him over his house and showing him a scrapbook of newspaper clippings on the NY Yankees. Craig, an avid Yankee fan himself, was so impressed with this idea that he started his own scrapbook that he keeps up to this day! How I regret that Frank never knew this. What a legacy he left behind. Take the time to read this newspaper article. It will be well worth your while.
Via Email 9/2/09

Hi Marcy,
Checked the website this am and see that you moved Carolyn McGrath to 'GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN'. Did you find out anymore as to when she passed ?? ( can't believe she is gone)

Another request.. I'm looking for someone in the class of 1958.

Janet Dick, married name Power or Powers, Husband's name Robert.. Last address was somewhere in Fla. Hubby worked in Aerospace..

Janet had a sister, Louise Dick class of 1957 and a Brother Mark Conway class for 1959..

I tried some searching but turned up blanks..
Maybe I could take that crash course 'search 101' and give you and Honey and hand.......

Talk to ya soon !!
Stu S.

I mentioned to Barbara Steinman that when I called Jane Lynch, I was going to ask her about the rumors that Carolyn had passed away years ago. They were friends and neighbors who both lived in my neighborhood. Unfortunately Jane did not know that Carolyn had died, but did confirm that Carolyn was being treated for lymphoma at NYU Hospital around the time that Jane was in medical school. Barbara, however did confirm that Carolyn is deceased. They both went to Hofstra and in fact Barbara still teaches there. Barbara is tracking down a friend who can give her some details. I realized that the reason I could not find Carolyn on the Social Security death index is that she had never worked and still in school when it happened. The reason I resisted putting her name on the gone lost is that there were so many different versions of how and when she died, that I questioned whether it was a rumor. I'll pass on more information on this when I have it.
Stu, I will try to help you on your search. You asked me to do this a few years ago. I could not find these people on the LMHS class lists. But I will try again. In the meantime Honey has found Roberta Willensky on Classmates. More on this when we have all the updated information.
Via Email 9/1/09

I'm happy to say that another lost classmate has been found. I found Elinda Guardino in Las Vegas and she was excited at the chance to view our website. She has not been in contact with anyone in our class since high school but she is going to dig up her yearbook which she has kept. I laughed when she told me she has to walk the dog at 4:00 am with temperatures there in the 100's. She said she will send a picture for our then and now. I spent a good deal of today making phone calls after doing people searches and not having any luck. But finding Elinda is just the push I need to keep going.

Via Email 8/31/09

Hi Marcy, moving out on 9/1. Our new address will be:

52110 Longspur Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29707
Please place the new address in both Yearbook & Treasurer sections.

When I have our new e-mail address & phone #, I'll forward both to you.

Via Email 8/31/09

Thanks to Barbara Steinman for giving me the married name of Jane Lynch. Jane was the editor and chief of our school newspaper, the Spotlight. I found Jane in Atlanta , Georgia where she is a doctor in the field of pediatric cardiology. Her patients are children with severe cardiac problems. She was married the last year of medical school and says she will probably work a few more years before packing it in. She asked a lot of questions about classmates and will be looking at our site to learn more about others. She mentioned that just last week she was thinking that it must be twenty years since she had any contact with anyone from high school. I'm sure that's about to change. It's a wonderful feeling to remove names off that missing list.
Via Email 8/28/09

Another person from our missing list has been found. When Honey spoke to Suzanne Handwerker on the phone, Suzanne gave her the married names of Karin Weinberg (we used to call her Candy in high school) and Dorothy Monroe. I remembered that Phyllis Peckman had asked me to find Karin but I didn't know her married name and I promised Phyllis that we'd let her know if we ever found her. So I asked Honey to relay that message to Karin when she called. We are still working on Dorothy but the married name we now have hasn't yielded a Dorothy. I can't tell you how much I appreciate Honey's work. I gave her a crash course in people searches 101 and she's a quick study. With two of us working it should go a lot faster and I think this will be a record year for finding lost souls.

From: Honey Cottrell

Just spoke with Karin and she was very happy to be found. I gave her both Phyllis Peckman and Sue Handwerker's phone numbers. Karin has never used a computer, so has no e-mail address, although after our conversation she is thinking of having her daughter or granddaughter teach her how to send and receive e-mails and get on our website. Very exciting.

Her address is 8111 NW 100th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33321 and phone number is 954/721-6229 and birth date is 9/24/43

Thanks for all your good detective work. Wish the Dorothy we found was the correct one. Maybe I can call Sue this weekend and she can pronounce the married name for me. We may just be assuming it sounds like McClusky because of her spelling.
Via Email 8/27/09

Here is an e-mail I received from Sue (Handwerker Andersen) this evening.

Was nice to talk to you today . It got me to thinking I remember when I heard Bernie Kaplan died I wrote the date in my yearbook Feb 17 1963 I think it was an accident but not sure - also Frank Espositio Nov. 6 2000. His sister sent me the tribute from the paper I will fax it to you or Marcy if you want. Just send me either fax number. No I don't have a fax, but I can send it. Let me know if it's something you can use Talk soon.

I think it's amazing how the recent find of lost classmate Suzanne Handwerker Andersen has lead to so much more information. She gave us married names on two classmates and that enabled us to find Karin Weinberg and some leads on Dorothy Monroe. Now she's been able to fill in some of the blanks on the gone but not forgotten page. If anyone has a married name of a female on the missing list, please send it to me. That information is invaluable in doing searches. Thanks to all of you who supplied date of death for our deceased classmates. We are slowly giving them the tributes they deserve.
Via Email 8/27/09

Dear Marcy,
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. The message that never got through to you was to say that we had just been up to New Paltz the week before to see a play my 9 yr. old granddaughter was in (the cutest chicken I ever did see!) and I was wondering where that was in relation to the picnic. The outcome of your birthday email was to get me thinking about old friends--and tomorrow we're getting together with Vicky Gabrysiak Schulte for the first time in at least 20 years (again in New Paltz); I also was inspired to track Vivian Goldberg Auslander down and got caught up with her via email. (I'm still trying to track down Jane Lynch Todd--but so far to no avail.) In any case, I thank you again for the invaluable service you provide--giving us a piece of our youth back!

Fondly, Barbara Steinman Bengels

I asked Barbara to bring a camera for her meeting with Vicky. I hope she's able to do that. I'm pretty sure that I found Jane Lynch and will call her this weekend. I knew that Jane became a pediatric cardiac surgeon and that she went to Tulane Medical School. Years ago I tried finding her on the Tulane alumni site, but I didn't know her married name. Armed with a married name supplied by Barbara, I was able to track Jane down. Hopefully soon we will have her information and Barbara will be able to reconnect.
Via Email 8/27/09

Hi Marcy,
I was sad to read about Ellie Greenwich. She was my junior counselor at West Hills Day Camp on Long Island in the 1950's, although she was only 3 years older than me. She was 15yrs old and I was 12yrs old. She played guitar, taught us songs and was such a friendly, outgoing person. She had an impact on me because I actually contacted her many years ago when her show "Leader of the Pack" was on Broadway in NYC. She invited us back stage and was so gracious with her words and time. I wanted to share my memories with others who may recall Ellie during her teen years.

Roni (Cojac) Mintz
Via Email 8/27/09

Ellie Greenwich is an alumni. She moved to Levittown when she was 11 and had her own band in high school. This was submitted by Frank Barning Division Avenue HS, class of 60

Ellie Greenwich, `Chapel of Love' co-writer, dies
By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY (AP) - 6 hours ago

NEW YORK - Ellie Greenwich, who co-wrote some of pop music's most enduring songs, including "Chapel of Love," "Be My Baby" and "Leader of the Pack," died Wednesday, according to her niece. She was 68.

Greenwich died of a heart attack at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, where she had been admitted a few days earlier for treatment of
pneumonia, according to her niece, Jessica Weiner.

Greenwich, a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, was considered one of pop's most successful songwriters. She had a rich musical
partnership with the legendary Phil Spector, whose "wall of sound" technique changed rock music. With Spector, she wrote some of pop's
most memorable songs, including "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "River Deep, Mountain High." But Spector wasn't her only collaborator.

She also had key hits with her ex-husband Jeff Barry, including the dynamic song "Leader of the Pack" (years later, Broadway would stage a
Tony-nominated musical with the same name based on her life).

"He was the first male I could actually harmonize with," she once said.

Greenwich was a native of Brooklyn. While she garnered her greatest success as a songwriter, Greenwich started out as a performer. She
performed in talent shows as a child, and by the time she was a teen, she had her own group, called The Jivettes.

She went to college, where she met Barry, and shortly after graduation, began working for songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, where she got her break. She had her first chart success with the Jay and the Americans song "This Is It," which she wrote with Doc Pomus and Tony Powers.

She also had success with Barry as the duo The Raindrops with the songs "What a Guy" and "The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget."

Greenwich also worked as an arranger and singer, a role that saw her working with artists including Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

She is also credited with helping Neil Diamond get his start and was a co-producer of early Diamond hits "Cherry, Cherry" and "Kentucky

"Ellie Greenwich was one of the most important people in my career. She discovered me as a down-and-out songwriter and with her then-husband Jeff Barry co-produced all my early hits on Bang records," said Diamond in a statement. "She has remained a great friend and mentor over the years and will be missed greatly."

Among the more famous songs she wrote are "Baby I Love You," "Do Wah Diddy" and "Look of Love."

Greenwich is survived by a sister, brother-in-law, nephew and her niece.

On the Net:

Via Email 8/26/09

Hi Marcy

I got an email from one of our classmates who mentioned the '61 website so I took a look and found that I need to send updated information as the address you have is a couple of moves ago for us. Had no idea the website was so thorough. Just spent an enjoyable 20 minutes looking at it. What a hoot! You are doing a great job.

I am Terry Richman (Beital)
810 Johns Orchard Lane
Wilmington, N.C. 28411

Married to Ted Richman
Same address

I will send you another picture though. Looks like the one you have of me was grabbed from my office website and it is one I have never liked. We will see what we can dig up.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Via Email 8/21/09

Hi Marcy,

Just a quick overview of my meeting with Betty Csontos at the Lakeland Diner in Bohemia. It was so lovely to see her after all these years. Also got to see Helene Doctoroff at Chachama in Patchogue where she works as well as a goodbye breakfast with her and Ernie Bodsky at the Massapequa Diner....So much love!!!!

June Ryan Frances
Via Email 8/20/09

Honey has been working hard going through the Classmates website and finding people signed up for our class who are on our missing list. She was able to get a married name on Suzanne Handwerker, an old friend of hers from high school. Sometimes that's all it takes to find our female classmates. Although finding people on our missing list is a rewarding experience, finding an old friend is priceless.

You were so right. It was her and we spent almost an hour and a half on the phone. So much fun. So many memories came back. We actually had a pact (as noted on our senior pictures) that we would meet in front of LMHS when June 25th was on a Saturday. Probably happened a few times already.

I think she lives about an hour away. We hope to get together soon. Will attempt to contact the others that live in the area also and maybe next month we can have a mini reunion. Will keep you posted.

Her e-mail is memaw6226@aol.com birth date is November 15, 1943. Address 9265 Basil Street, Brooksville, FL 34613. It was so exciting to speak with her. So many memories came back. She is so excited to hear about the class and see the website. Funny thing, she knows my daughter-in-law's father. They both drove school buses for the county they live in here in Florida. What a small world. I am simply amazed.

Thanks so much for finding her and for your diligence in keeping me motivated. It was all worth it.

Via Email 8/20/09

 An update on the search for Grace Squance. After a couple of emails back and forth with Betty Csontos Schuster, I was able to learn the names of Grace's children and a Florida property search on her son mentioned the married name of her daughter. In doing a search on the daughter, I found the married name of Grace and fortunately she had an unlisted number. I found her in Coconut Beach, Florida, the last place Betty knew her to be. She has had no contact with any high school friends and not long ago did an internet search on Levittown Memorial but did not find our site. Happily, she has it now. And Betty has her contact information. Grace said one of her children will send me a recent picture for our then and now. Thanks to Betty we have taken one more name off our missing list.
Via Email 8/13/09

Thank you for getting in touch with me. It was so good to hear from someone from my high school years. I have attached a recent picture of myself, & after looking at my high school picture, what a change. I have been in touch with Arnie Burkhoff and Lillian Smith Handleman. After so many years it was certainly nice to talk with them. Thanks again for forwarding the link for the yearbook.

I don’t know if you need this info. But if you do, my wife’s name is Monica & we have been married for 42 years. I have 2 children & 4 grandchildren. I worked for Nestle Foods for 43 years, retiring in 2008. If there is anything else you need to know, just e-mail me & I will get you the information.

Thank You
Steve Strauss
Via Email 8/11/09

Hi Everyone,

We have done away with our land line except for local calls and our security system. Our new cell # is 951-733-9017, if you are a verizon customer and you call us from your cell, there is no charge. Talk soon.

Pat McCauley Mangels
Via Email 8/10/09

Marcy, I just read of the passing of Arline Gruber/Kaplan. She was my sorority sister and we worked in Grants on the turnpike after school. Arline was the only one with a car and, in the summer, she would round us all up and we'd go to Jones Beach, then rush home, shower, and go to Grants. I was so saddened to hear she is gone. Another "sister" was Grace Squance, a very good friend of Arline's too. Grace and I were in each other's weddings, both had four children, and were good friends for years. Then Grace moved to Florida and we lost touch. I would be so thrilled if you could find her; she is my youngest daughter's godmother and I think of her often. She married Bob Liotta, and lived in Wantagh and then Bayport before going south. In Florida, she settled in Coconut Creek but that was many years ago.

On a brighter note, I met with June Ryan when she was here last weekend. Unfortunately, neither Lorraine Cuomo nor Helene Doctoroff could make it. June and I were buddies at Wisdom lane JHS! I'll send pics to post soon. Thanks for helping put us in touch.
Betty Csontos Schuster.

I did try to find Grace for Betty but had no luck. There is no listing for anyone by that name, age appropriate for a 61 graduate in the country. She could be remarried or deceased. I didn't find a listing on the Social Security Death index either. I asked Betty for the name of any brothers since there don't seem to be too many Squances in the country. Sometimes you have to follow any lead you can.
Via Email 8/10/09

Marcy, I tried to e-mail Gloria Russo about Fred Kemp, but the addresses given in the Yearbook section were both returned to me. Do you have updated info? Also, on the Yearbook page, we were forced to change our Skaneateles phone # due to an error made by Verizon. The new # is 315 707 7086. ( We can be reached at 352 350 2795 all year 'round ) Thanks, Laura Allen (Lally)

Both emails are correct on Gloria. The Fort Scott one was what I used this week and she wrote me from that one. I suspect she is away. I tried calling her and got the answering machine. If I hear any news on Fred, I will pass it on. Lots of folks have asked. I heard from Tony Moors, class of 60 and he knew nothing either.
Via Email 8/9/09

Hi Marcy and Frank,

That was a wonderful picnic and everyone really enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours. And some long lost friends (Michele and Jessica) showed up too. The food was even good! And so were the directions. I’m only sorry that Patricia was still in rehab from her knee surgery and couldn’t be there. She’s getting better and should be home in about a week.

We all know how much effort it took to put together. The organization, preparation, and execution were just great. Thanks to you both for a job well done (not the burgers, they were medium – as they should be). Please understand that everyone truly appreciated your work and the results.

Bob Levine
Via Email 8/6/09

Had a great time- You and Frank deserve a HUGE THANKS for your efforts. I think Frank should be our "Class Chef".
Steve Ross
Via Email 8/6/09

I hear the picnic was a great success. Looking forward to seeing pics. Lou Chanin emailed me and said you have a golf pic of us from the 10th grade. Have you posted it yet??

Just discovered Maddy Kline lives within walking distance of where I worked at Douglas/Boeing for the last 30 years, duh.
Will try and drop by and see her next week

Jerry Murphy
Via Email 8/6/09


 Hope the picnic (and the weather) was grand. I tried every which way, but was unable to reschedule things, and was sad to miss it. Don't know that fellow Fred Kemp, but OMG, my heart truly goes out to him. How can so many dreadful things happen to one person? Stay well, kiss the family, and enjoy each day. Hugs,

Sandra Findlay Xanthaky xoxo
Via Email 8/6/09

The Blue Dragons (Division Avenue HS) website had not been active for awhile but now it is back.

Here is the link. Year-by-year class listings are on the bottom of this page.

Frank Barning
Division Avenue Class of 60
Via Email 8/6/09

Hi, Marcy!

How did the picnic go? Thanks so much for your b'day greetings; you made my day! Incidentally, did you receive an e-mail I sent you yesterday? I'm not sure that it went through. Fondly, Barbara Steinman Bengels
Via Email 8/5/09


Just wanted to again say thank you to you for all your organizing and to Frank for his tireless efforts ( well actually he must have been pretty exhausted by the time he got home!) which made the Saturday 2009 picnic perfect! It was a wonderful time and everyone's warmth toward Alan and me will never be forgotten. We look forward to the next get together and seeing you all again.

Thank you, too, for my website birthday wishes! Love, Jessica Joseph (Gest)
Via Email 8/5/09

Thanks to Honey's work researching the Classmates website, we got a married name on Dolores Dragna. This enabled me to do a people search and I found Dolores Marcheschi in Prescott, Arizona. We spoke on the phone and she has not been in contact with anyone from high school since the 70's. She's retired, does volunteer work and has grown grandchildren. Another missing classmate is found. It can be addicting, this search for the missing, and now I suspect Honey is caught up in the process. Her husband Tom asked her the other day what she was going to do with her spare time once all the missing were found. I only hope that day does come to pass.

Another recent newly found missing person is June Ryan Frances in Oregon. She will be in New York this week and has plans to meet with Helene Doctoroff Erb. June says she will take pictures of that meeting and I'm looking forward to that.
Via Email 8/5/09


Thought you might enjoy knowing what a small world this is. Below is an e-mail I received from Charles Boeckman's brother Bill.

Hi Honey, I want to thank you for turning me on to that website for the class of '61. I found 2 pictures of my brother there. There is also a lot of other great old stuff. I really enjoyed it. I know we don't know each other but I believe we have a common friend-Marilyn Murway. My wife's son, Keith is married to her daughter, Debbie. That makes me grandfather to their children. I am also Ryan's godfather. Are you related to Russ? I'll keep in touch if I want to write up something about Charlie, but feel free to post his class picture in the Gone But Not Forgotten page. Once again, thanks so very much. Charlie's son is also very appreciative. He has very few pictures of his dad. Sincerely, Bill

I let him know that Russ was my brother, Marilyn is my sister-in-law, Debbie is my niece and the children he refers to are my great nieces and nephew Ryan is his godson. I know that doesn't make Bill and I related - but is still a neat connection, don't you think????

Have a great time at the picnic. I know you are in the midst of last minute stuff and hope you can relax and enjoy the picnic.
Via Email 8/4/09

 If there can be a down side in doing people searches, it would definitely be learning that a classmate has passed. Honey wrote to Charles Boeckman on Classmates. Charley's younger brother Bill wrote back to say that his brother died in 2004. We will move his picture to the gone but not forgotten page and welcome any memories you may wish to put there.

On another note, I spoke with Joe Garofalo, who told me that he called Maddie Kline when he saw the update on her heart attack. She told him that she actually had two heart attacks and spent four months in recovery. Several people did call her to wish her well and she's considering going back online and getting an email address to keep in touch. It's nice to know that we have such caring folks in our class. I don't know who the others are who called Maddie, but thank you. Never underestimate the impact you have when reaching out to an old friend.
Via Email 8/4/09

Hi Marcy,
Have a good weekend with everyone. Sorry I can't be there. My condolences to Freddy Kemp's family and a quick recovery to him. I saw Bonnie Schatz in then and now. Any info??? I'd love to contact her. I also had a great surprise this week. Another very dear(old) I mean young friend is found. She will send info to you. I will be seeing her soon . Keep up the great job. Hope all is well ...
Helene Erb (Doctoroff)
Via Email 8/4/09

Hi, Marcy.

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes complete with Mickey Mouse. I've gotten greetings from family, friends and my podiatrist whose card said "Be footloose and fancy free on your big day". Made me laugh!

I haven't told you in a while how I appreciate the work you and your cohorts do to keep the LMHS site going strong. I will venture a guess and say we have the best site in the USA! Go ahead and prove me wrong. Thank you all for your hard work, and even if I don't see you for a while you're in my thoughts. You're one of a kind.

Via Email 8/3/09

Hi Marcy, 

I was looking at the correspondence section of the web site and saw a discussion about whether Salvatore Evangelista was still around. There is a way you can check folks out. If they had a Social Security number, you can check the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). You can access it by going to www.rootsweb.ancestry.com and click on the SSDI link. It gives date of birth, date of death, where the number was issued, and sometimes where the death occurred. I used it a bit when I was chasing down who stole the bananas in my family tree. 

For example, I found out that Diane Dobbin, my high school and after flame/fiancé passed away on 05 Feb 1997 in Hillsborough, NH. Her real maiden last name was Harris, not Dobbin, as she had never been adopted by her stepfather. She found out late in her Sr. year. I also narrowed it down by her birth date. I last saw her in May, 1969 when she was married (Bolio) and I got pressed into service as babysitter for her then 3-month old daughter. 

Roger Folland Roger Folland

I have looked many times at the Social Security Death Index for missing classmates. Sal was not there. The information on it is not always accurate, but it is a useful tool. Now thanks to Roger we now have a date of death for Diane.
Via Email 8/3/09

The news regarding Fred Kemp & his family are truly tragic. He also lost a son in a car accident many years ago on Wantagh Pkwy.

I'm saying a prayer for Fred & his family & being thankful for each day.
Russ Mulroy
Via Email 8/3/09

Hi Marcy,
So my address is 278 Idaho St.. # 19
Ashland, Or. 97520
Phone 541 482 0441

My birthday is June 3, 1943
Thanks so much Marcy. It's been a blast getting in touch with dear friends from the past. Talked with Helene Erb, Lorraine Schibani, and emailed Ronnie Weisz. I tried to get in touch with Betty Schuster, but email came back as undeliverable. Lorraine says she'll get her in touch with me, or give me her current email address......I also sent a current pic of myself to Lorraine and Helene.
This is so cool!!!!
I am inquiring about Kappa Phi Delta sorority and wonder if my sorority sisters can get in touch with me on this.
June Frances
(used to be June Ryan)

Love, June

A huge thank you goes out to Honey Murway Cottrell for all her help on both Classmates and Facebook looking for missing classmates. She found June Ryan on Facebook, gave her our website link and in no time June had reconnected with friends by phone and email. Honey has written to quite few of our missing classmates who are registered with Classmates and hopefully she will hear back from some of them. Every time I get to remove a name from the missing list, I'm just tickled pink.
Via Email 8/3/09

Condolences to Steve Bitel, whose 93 year old mother passed away on Friday. He was missed at our picnic. Steve can be reached at SBitel@aol.com. See obit at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newsday/obituary.aspx?n=gladys-a-bitel&pid=130844705
There is an online guestbook there where you can send Steve and the family a message.
Via Email 8/3/09

Hi Marcy -

Lew DeWeese is doing just fine in Florida. I called him after 47 years!! E-mailed some others also.

George Schieber is one of the country's top experts in medical economics, according to my friend who worked in the same field for the gov't. I am getting his info. and intend to e-mail him about the website. Is that the correct procedure??

Lou Chanin
Via Email 7/29

It's been a while since I took the time to visit the LMHS site. It's really wonderful that there are folks like you that take the time to keep the site updated. I am sure you know that there are many of us out here that appreciate your efforts and everyone else that contributes.

Just spoke to Steve Weissman about a 50th. I can see that's a lot of work. Frank's suggestion about Atlantic City sounds viable, although I have not found my way there from Arizona . Guess I am to close to Vegas. One would think that there would be a catering hall in the area that could handle a minimum less than 300. Regardless, wherever I will plan to attend.

The only negative to this web site visit was reading about the tragedies that the Kemp family is going throuh. My deepest sympathies to his family.

Jeff Chasan
Via Email 7/29

Hi Marcy.

I'm alive and well and living in the Phoenix, Az area where today's temperature is around 113 degrees, and no, it's not a "dry heat" today... humidity over 30%.


18419 N 132d Ave.
Sun City West, AZ 85375

I've heard that the Island has changed radically from my day. I served 20+ years in the Navy and worked as a Defense Department contractor, living in such places as Virginia, Memphis, Key West, Jacksonville FL, Southern California, Phoenix, and the Philippines. The last time I set foot on the Island was back in the Summer of 1972 when I made a quick trip across Brooklyn. My family moved away in 1971 so there really wasn't any real reason to go.

Roger Folland
Via Email 7/29

Hi Marcy

Hope you are well. We've been away on and off much of these last few months and were unable to follow the planning for next week's picnic. Michele Keleher just e-mailed me the directions which she'd received from you. Is it still possible for Alan and I to join you? We could put a $40.00 check in the mail tomorrow, but, of course, we will understand if we have missed the deadline. Just please let me know at your earliest convenience so that we can plan for the trip. Thanks so much. Jessica Joseph Gest

I contacted Jessica and she will be coming. I also heard from Pam Prince who will try to clear her weekend plans in order to attend as she just learned about the picnic. It's never too late!
Via Email 7/27/09

Marcy, Some bad news to pass on, Fred Kemp, class of 1960, lost his daughter-in-law and granddaughter in a car accident last week. New stories at http://www.morningsun.net/obituaries/x889022342/Teresa-LeAnn-Kemp
 and http://www.morningsun.net/obituaries/x592695013/Taylor-Charlotte-Kemp
 .. Fred suffered a heart attack last week. He is having heart surgery today at St John’s Hospital in Joplin, Mo. I don’t know of any site for the class of 60 and thought you might be able to pass this on.

Thank you, Gloria Russo Key

I passed this on to Tony Moors, who does the record keeping for class of 60. I'm sure he will pass it on to class members by email as he usually does when there's news.
Via Email 7/27/09

Good afternoon Marcy,
Thank you and Frank for the picnic directions. I saw the Email from Frank Barning the other day on the site. When I saw that he lived here in Las Vegas I tried to Email him but it did not work so I called him. We made plans to get together for breakfast after I get back from NY. I cannot remember why but my first year of high school I went to Division Ave. I guess that is all. See you soon.
Kevin Kinnaly

I also heard from Frank Barning telling me about the phone call. He promised me that he would bring a camera and get a picture of the meeting for informal gatherings. I love it when folks use this website to reconnect.
Via Email 7/24/09

Hi Marcy,
Frank Barning said to direct questions to you about missing HS classmates. Steven B. Strauss graduated in 1961 from Levittown Memorial HS in Levittown, but is missing. I thought you might have some information on missing classmates. Thanks... Lillian Smith Handelman

Thanks to Lillian I set out to find Steve. I work best when I know someone is looking for a classmate rather than just doing random people searches. I found Steve in New Jersey and he was very happy to learn about our class website. He promised to send a recent picture in and I hope he follows through on that. I also gave Lillian Steve's info. One more off our missing list!
Via Email 7/24/09

Thanks for the birthday card and music, you are amazing to do all you do...you are the thread that keeps us still connected after all these years and coming back for more!
Thanks to the birthday list I emailed Pam Prince- we share a birthday.....she replied...we are now connected!
Roni Cojac Mintz
Via Email 7/23/09

Sally Pittman-Smith will be moving to Willimsburg,VA next week. I gave her the contact information on Gloria Delama Sciole and Eileen Wolff Turner, who both live there too. I also notified Gloria and Eileen that Sally would probably contact them after settling in.

Marcy, Thanks for the news. That will be fun when we all get together.

I also wanted to let you know that I will NOT be able to make the August 1 picnic. My aunt is very ill in FL and I have to take my Mom down there to see her sister and that trip coincides with the picnic weekend. Am so sorry we will not be in NY; please tell Frank and all the others I send my greetings.

Be sure that Sally also has my cell phone number: 757-871-0160. Even when we are on the boat I usually have the chance about once a day to retrieve voice messages.




Thanks Marcy on letting us both know. I would love for the three of us to get together and hope that happens soon. Like Eileen, I will not make the picnic because I will be at the ocean in NC for a couple of weeks and that date falls smack in the middle. You will all be in my thoughts and I can't wait to view the new photos that will be posted. Marcy, you are so good at keeping us all informed and united, thank you again!

Gloria D. Sciole

Via Email 7/23/09

Hello Marcy.
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your website. It's great! I was in the class of '61 at Division Ave. My brother graduated from LMHS but that was in '57. Sandy Findlay, through Frank Barning on Facebook, shared your website address. It's terrific....I can't imagine all the work that's gone into it.

Roberta (Landry) Bremmer
Via Email 7/19/09

Best wishes to Maddie Kline Sanders who is recuperating at home after a hospital stay for a heart attack. Maddie doesn't have email but if you want to send a card or call, her address and phone number are on the yearbook page. I'm sure she would welcome hearing from old friends.
Via Email 7/14/09

Hi Marcy and fellow 1961 classmates,

I was scrolling through "my favorites" and clicked on LMHS 1961 website, something I have not done for a few years, probably since attending the combined class reunion. The updates are wonderful and take me back to fond memories. Although I was truly saddened to read how many of our classmates have passed away. On a brighter note, during high school I dated Arthur Katz, who was 2 years ahead of me. Much to my surprise when Alan and I moved to Atlanta in 1980 we saw Arthur and his family at a social event. We have kept in touch and recently had the pleasure of attending their oldest grandson's Bar Mitzvah at a synagogue that is one mile from our home. We still find it hard to believe that we live 2 miles from each other in Atlanta, Georgia for the past 29 years.

I continue to work, although I recently transitioned from full time to part time at our local Children's hospital. This allows for us to have more time with the grandchildren. In March 2009 we volunteered in Israel, Alan on an army base and me at the Hadassah Medical Center.

Regards to all, I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing things that bring happiness to you and your loved ones.

Roni (Cojac) Mintz
Via Email 7/8/09

Good afternoon Marcy,
Just to let you know that I think the new additions to the website- the jukebox and the other nostalgia link are great. I have started looking for flights around the end of July. I have tried to go to a Mets game every year since I retired. I just checked the schedule and the Mets will be home for 8 games. I plan on leaving :Las Vegas on the 27th and staying about two weeks. I called the Whites a few weeks ago and let them know I would be in the area. I have been looking at hotels on line but have not decided yet.
I guess that is all for now. I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend.
Kevin Kinnaly
Via Email 7/3/09

Marcy and the Gang,

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. We have spent the last month traveling through Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. We are currently in Vancouver and then on to Seattle before heading back to Boca. What's happening with the next reunion? Any definite plans? Hope to see ya then.

Via Email 6/30/09

Hi Marcy,

It's been some time since we corresponded. This has been a difficult two weeks for Rich and I. On the 14th of June, our middle grandson, Keegan, age 10 was killed in a bicycle accident 1/2 mile from his home. It is such a tragic loss for the whole family as Keegan was our little shining star. My son and his wife are having a very difficult time and Rich and I take one day at a time. The 3 boys were supposed to come to California on the 18th and stay for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we had the funeral service that day.

I would ask my fellow classmates to keep us all in your prayers as we go through this difficult time. Our Grandsons are the light of our life and it will be hard for us all to move forward for some time. Thanks all.

Pat (McCauley) Mangels
Via Email 6/26/09

Hi Marcy.

I know I am terrible about getting back to you. I am sending you the money for the picnic. My husband, Bill is coming too. He is on the committee for his high school reunion and has been after me to get with it. So, he suggested that the $20/ person might not be enough, because in the reunions he's hosted before, they always seem to fall short on the money. If you think you need more, please let me know. Meanwhile we will send in the $40 for us both. I spoke to Jessica Gest (Joseph). Even though she did not graduate from Memorial, she may come too. She is in Sweden for the month visiting with her two boys who are musicians there. I will hear from her and let you know or have her let you know if she and Alan can come. I have also been in touch with Jane Bacon (Aste) She might take a trip here this summer, but not sure if it will coincide with the reunion. Anyway I am looking forward to it. Suggestion: name tags - I'm not sure I'll recognize everyone. Can I bring anything, since we are local and can load up the car and help with whatever?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

 Michele Keleher (Axman)
Via Email 6/26/09

I passed the nametag idea along to Frank. We are hoping that $20.00 will be enough if everyone brings a covered dish or food item of some kind. The idea was to keep the price as low as possible. The money sent in so far has covered the $150.00 park fee but we still need to buy paper products, ice, hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls, etc. So send your money in if you haven't already done so. And if you think you would like to come but haven't let us know, do that as soon as possible. It's not too late to join us.

Hi Marcy,
I took a look at the LMHS web site the other day. I was shocked to see how many of our class have passed away.

But I did want to tell you that I thought the website was terrific. You do a marvelous job. It's like taking a walk back in time. Hard to believe that was the way it was. How things have changed. Long Island was a great place back in the day. Couldn't do it now though.

Thanks for your great work.

Richard Madri
On the Great Plains
Via Email 6/17/09

It was suggested by Bob Benson that we list the date of death under the pictures in the Gone But Not Forgotten section. I followed through on that and many dates are now listed. However, I don't have that information on some classmates, especially the ones who passed away years ago. In some cases the parent, sibling or spouse who gave us the news of a death is now gone. The deaths that occurred years ago have no internet records for obituaries. So I'm asking for your help. If you know the dates on anyone on that page, please forward that information to me. Maybe you kept a funeral card or an obit. Or maybe you know a relative who can supply this data. Years ago someone sent me a 1996 reunion record with addresses of those who attended. It listed the classmates who had already passed prior to 1996. If someone who worked on that reunion remembers any details or dates, it would be greatly appreciated if you shared this info with me. We owe this to our deceased members. Any old pictures of them or remembrances would also be welcome.
Some of you I know have given my email address to family members so that in the event anything happens to you, we would know about it. It's something to think about for those who haven't done this. It's particularly important for those who haven't stayed close to old classmates and to those whose spouse I don't already know. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.

I may be a little late on this one but Arline Gruber/Kaplan passed away last week. At one time Arline was my sister-in-law and always had a smile on her face and a unique way of making people feel like they were an important part of their life. Sorry to see her go.
Tom Tierney

I have moved her picture to the Gone but Not Forgotten page. As always we welcome any memories of Arline you may want to share. I tried to find her Newsday obituary, but there was no listing.

Via Email 5/31/09

Despite good intentions, I have been remiss in informing you when someone has a change of address or email. Our yearbook page now reflects new email and phone number for Jerry Murphy. There is a new phone number for Kevin Kinnaly. Esther Kaufman Singer has a new address and email. Carol Lutz Smemoe has a new address,phone and email. If you've tried to reach any of these folks unsuccessfully, then check out their yearbook info and change your address books.

Via Email 5/30/09

Good afternoon Marcy,

I just read yesterday's update mail and I realized I had not sent you my new phone # which is 702-569 6901. I also sent a check out yesterday for the picnic. I have been on line looking for flights and also hotel/motels in the Monroe or Chester area. I guess that is all for now.

Via Email 5/30/09

Hi Jerry, Irene, and Marcy

Val and I are currently in Colorado Springs, spending some time sightseeing with Sandy and Del Duvall. We're having a ball between thunder showers which have been an almost daily occurrence since before we arrived here last Saturday. We will be leaving this coming Saturday, heading to New Mexico then on to Phoenix to stop at Tom and Pat Tierney's house to pick up something we purchased in Sedona in 2006. Unfortunately they may not be home when we get there. Jerry, after Phoenix we're going through Las Vegas on our way to a stop at Yellowstone, how long will you be there. We will eventually get to Bozeman MT, to see Valerie's son. Marcy, I will be sending you some pictures following this email promise!!!!!! By the way could you send me a spreadsheet of the class roster with phone numbers and addresses if you have one. I would like to sort the list by state to see who might be close enough to visit on our travels, of course I would call before showing up on their doorstep (maybe).

Joe Garofalo

I sent out pleas yesterday to Joe, Val and Sandy for pictures of this get together so I'm looking forward to seeing and sharing them with all of you. Joe, I am forwarding this to Irene and Jerry since they have a new email address. It is posted on our yearbook section so add it to your address book. The old one is no longer in effect. Beware classmates. I am sending that spreadsheet to Joe. Of course you can always find the addresses and phone numbers on our yearbook section of this site. They were put there so we could easily reach out to one another.

Via Email 5/28/09


We're on our way to Yellowstone and have stopped here in Provo, Utah for a couple of days to have some things done on my motorcycle. Can you believe it, we parked next to a gal (Leah Gieir) class of 68 lmhs! You meet alumni everywhere. Whoda thunk. No pictures, sorry.
Jerry Murphy

Via Email 5/26/09

Hi Marcy,

I knew if I didn't do it right away, time would fly by once again.

Attached are 2 pictures. The "old" one is with husband Jerry (then boyfriend) in June 1960 at Jones Beach.
The other one is of me last summer (July 2008) at Gardiner's Bay in East Hampton.

It wasn't easy finding recent pictures of me since (1) I'm the resident photographer and (2) I am incredibly unphotogenic so the pix usually are terrible. This is the best I could do.

FYI ...... Remember that I told you that I was on the Yearbook staff, but didn't have my picture taken? Well, some of my artwork is on pages 7, 126, 132, 133. Notice MN in the designs on all but 126.

Anyway, keep in touch and I WILL get to write Lois. Interestingly, while searching for an old pix, I actually found 2 pix of her children, Tracy (who died) and Chris.

Talk to you soon, Merrily

Via Email 4/22/09

The pictures that Merrily refers to can be found in the then and now section and the way we were section. The only thing better than finding a lost classmate is adding their photos to our ever growing gallery. At present we have 140 "seniors" in our then and now collection. If you are not in there, please send me recent picture so you can truly be a part of this class website.

Hi Marcy,
I am pretty sure that Sal Evangelista passed away soon after high school. I think he was killed in a car or motorcycle accident.
Merrily Nappi got married right out of high school. I THINK her married name was Sanfino or something like that.
Pat Pandolfi Cox

Via Email 4/16/09

Pat may just be right about Sal. Salvatore Evangelista is not a common name and there is no one in the country with that name that fits the age span of a 1961 graduate. However, I am always leery of putting anyone on the deceased list unless it has been confirmed by a family member, obituary or a classmate who attended the funeral. On more than one occasion I have been told that a classmate was deceased who was very much alive. So please, if any of you know anything about Sal's possible death, let me know.
On a brighter note, Pat's information on Merrily's married name was correct. I called her in East Hampton, NY and she was delighted to be found and even promised a recent picture for our site. She was married in 1961 and she and her husband have four children and ten grandchildren. She has never gone to a reunion and lost contact with everyone. She asked about Lois Christensen and was very happy to have her recent information since she lost contact with Lois after Lois moved from Pennsylvania. Thank you Pat for that phenomenal memory. Married names make all the difference in finding our female missing classmates.

Hi: My name is Esther Kaufman Singer. Found our website and was very excited. I have seen Beth Shapiro, who is the owner of a famous restaurant in Manhattan called Sarah Beth's. Also having dinner with Pam Prince who I found through the website. I now live in West Palm Beach Florida for 12 years and wonder if any of our class is down south. I noticed a bunch are in Arizona and California. My e-mail is grandmaesther4@yahoo.com. I would love to hear from some of my old classmates. Richard Hecht and I have been in contact over the years. Our kids went to camp together.

I spend the Month of July in New York and the April Holidays also. Do we still have classmates on Long Island? Thanks

Esther Kaufman Singer..

Via Email 4/12/09

Added new page for the proposed Picnic in the Park 2009 (PIP '09).  The responses so far are posted on this page!
Created 1/21/09

 I have good news to share for those who like to have small gatherings in between the big formal reunions. Frank Curtin has secured an August 1st date for Bull Memorial Park in Orange County, New York, not far from where he lives. We have a pavilion from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. so we don't need to cancel in the event of rain. The pavilion seats sixty people which is probably more than enough space. The park has bathrooms and our spot is near a lake. There are no grills, but Frank will be bringing his own grill. Last year they instituted a no alcohol on premises law so we will probably have some sort of dinner on the Friday night before where those who want to drink and socialize can do so then.

He checked out surrounding hotels and there are two new ones in Middletown, NY- a short drive away, as well as many smaller ones in the area. There are several restaurants near the hotels: Chili's, TGIF and Outback to name a few. For those flying in, Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY is also a short distance from the park. Depending on traffic, it's probably a two and a half hour ride from the Levittown area.

Rather than catering this event we are suggesting a bring your own catered dish party. Those who will be flying in or driving long distances can stop at a food store and pick up a watermelon, dessert or anything that doesn't require transporting food in hot weather. Frank will bring his own chafing pans to keep things warm. We will set a nominal fee for paper products, ice and possibly soft drinks. The amount will depend on how many folks plan on attending. Those of us who live nearby will bring ice chests, catsup, mustard, etc.

Happily we didn't need a minimum number of people to secure the spot so it will happen no matter how many respond. But please let us know if you are interested and mark the date on your calendar. At a later date we will provide maps and hotel info for those who need that. Who's interested in making this happen?

Via Email 1/16/09

That was the year that was....

Best wishes to all of you for a New Year filled with joy and good health. Can you believe that this past year was a milestone for most of us as we joined the ranks of Medicare patients? How could that have happened when in our hearts we still think of each other as teenagers? Two of our classmates passed away in 2008. John Simonelli and Michael Bruey may be gone, but memories of them live on in many of you. Two of our teachers also passed on. Josephine Robillard and Alan Chasnov are no longer with us , but I'm sure that some of their lessons contributed to who you became as adults.

It's amazing that after forty seven years, we are still adding missing classmates to our roster. Sometimes they find the site on their own and other times someone remembers a clue or a married name that helps in the search. This year we welcome Craig Shafer, Kevin Kinnaly, Pat Lombardo and Pat Sowecke to our fold.

There was no class function in 2008, but small groups did meet in various places around the country and we're grateful to those who shared pictures with us for the informal gatherings section. For those who plan to meet with other classmates in 2009, please remember to bring a camera. Others enjoy your meetings almost as much as you do.

If you are making New Year's resolutions and you still have not sent me a recent picture of yourself, please do make that a resolution. We want everyone to be part of the then and now section. The rest of you can resolve to share your news or old pictures that we all can enjoy. Have a wonderful 2009!

Via Email 1/1/09

Good morning Marcy,
I just finished reading today's Newsday and found an interesting article about Levittown. I thought you might want to pass it on.
Kevin Kinnaly


Via Email 12/14/08

Check out this interesting New York Times article on Levittown sent by Doug Green.

OPINION | November 19, 2008
Editorial Observer: In Levittown, Old Myths Meet Hard Reality
Levittown, N.Y., once a national symbol of modest starter suburbia, is now a foreclosure hot spot.

Howdy Marcy, Que pasa? We're in the process of moving back into the house and of course it's been hectic. We're keeping the rv but will limit our travels. After Alaska, nothing seems all that interesting. We'll try and hit several national parks next year but for now we'll rest.

Seems like the lmhs website is slowing down or is it just me? Any more interest in a 50th reunion?? Have rv will travel!

Jerry Murphy

Jerry is right. I am not receiving as much news or pictures recently as I have had in the past. I don't make the news. It has to come from all of you. I know there are old pictures out there that could be shared and many of you have promised a recent picture for then and now. Now would be a good time to get going on your good intentions. Tell us what is going on in your lives-new grandchildren, retirements or small get-togethers of classmates. This site is only as good as the classmates who contribute news, pictures and updates on their lives. So please share.

Via Email 11/04/08

Hi Marcy,
I am back on line with a new computer and a new address. I've been traveling around the country for a few months from Cocoa Beach, Florida to New York and New Jersey back to North Carolina for a couple of days and then a trip to Austin,Texas. While visiting my sister in Texas, I decided to move to Las Vegas Nevada where my oldest son and my youngest daughter live so that is where I am now.
I like the weather out here during the fall and winter and I do not think I could take a northeast winter. I have not forgotten the pictures for the website. I am still working on it.
Kevin Kinnaly

Via Email 11/04/08

Dear Friends back in the U.S.A.,

From the way the Israel radio and TV are carrying on, you'd think the elections were going to be held here today. I just heard an excellent explanation of the Electoral College on the radio in Hebrew. That really throws Israelis into a loop since it sounds so anti-democratic. But, as the commentator said, that system has led to tremendous stability (more or less) for the past 219 years, while our "direct democracy" has seen governments rise and fall on the average of every two years or so.

So, I congratulate you today as you take part in the great "Chag Hademokratia" (Holiday of Democracy) that has people watching with envy from all over the globe. I know that representative governments have multiplied around the world in the last two decades, but the American democracy is the beacon which inspires them all. Candidates -- new or tried-and-true -- rise to the top based on nothing more than the votes of the people. And that's an amazing thing.

I already sent in my absentee ballot, as did Trudy and the boys. Ami lives in DC but still votes as a Floridian. Eitan complained that his New York vote isn't as important as his brothers' -- and grandmother's -- votes in Florida, but he sent in his ballot too, and I think he was as proud as the rest of us.

So, it's time for the people to have their say. Happy voting to you all!

Doug Greener

Via Email 11/04/08

An informative link for those classmates that have rabbit ears.

Speakers up and click on the link...

Russ Mulroy

Via Email 10/19/08

Marcy, The web site for LMHS gets better all the time, thanks to you and the committee. We are back in the Villages for the rest of the winter. We again changed our e-mail...hopefully we'll keep this one at both NY and FL homes. It is ladila2@yahoo.com. Laura Allen.

Via Email 10/17/08

My name is Bob Fetten and I'm the web master for levittownmemorial.org (Classes of 54-59) I received a request from Phil Blum (Class of '64) to post the item below on our website and thought perhaps you could add it to your site also for a temporary posting


American Legion Post 1711, VFW Post 9592, along with the Levittown/Island Trees Veterans Council will be unveiling/dedicating three plaques at Levittown Memorial Education Center (LMHS) on Monday Nov. 10th at 9am.

Each plaque contains the 33 names of Levittown/Island Trees residents who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq Wars.
A plaque will be mounted at LMEC (LMHS), Division Avenue HS, and MacArthur HS.

Questions contact Phil Blum
Past Commander Post 1711
e-mail: whale1@prodigy.net

Via Email 10/12/08

Months ago Annabelle Quigg asked me if I had any information on Pat Sowecke, but Pat was on our missing list. I made a mental note to put her on my search list. Fortunately she had listed her married name when she registered at Classmates.com so I could do a search on her. I found her business website (would you believe a llama farm?) and it had an email address on there. I then wrote to her to ask if she was the former Pat Sowecke. And so another name has been removed from our missing list.

Dear Marcy:

 I can't believe it ... yes, I am Pat (Sowecke) Drury!!!!  I'm in shock.  I've not been in touch with anyone since leaving high school and felt that part of my life was long over.  How wonderful about Annabelle ... she sometimes just comes to mind; she was a very special gal and I'd love to be in touch with her.  As to information, you can do whatever you'd like in regard to info/picture, whatever.  Arlene Samet (can't even remember if that was the correct spelling of her last name) was someone I was in touch with for a short time after graduation and did find out she owned a flower shop(s) on L.I. I shall check your website after our return from a 10-day trip north to visit a daughter on Cape Cod (with my sister from Centereach LI joining us).  If you have any other questions, or if I can do anything further, don't hesitate to let me know.

I still can't believe I'm writing this e-mail.  What a surprise!!!!!

Thanks again for taking the time to contact me

Best regards,

Pat Pat

Via Email 10/08/08

Hi - I am Dirk from Germany.
I want to publish a book with old photos "jukeboxes on location". I found the one photo at your website with Ms. Doctoroff.. Could I get the permission to publish that photo? Please get back.

Best wishes.

You never know who may stumble upon our site while doing a search for whatever interests them. I gave Dirk Werner permission to use this photo and next year when the book is published, our Helene will go international. At present he has 105 jukebox pictures and says that our old cafeteria jukebox is a 1953 Seeburg. Credit will be given to our school as the location for the picture. He'll let us know when the book is published. I'm sure Helene will want a copy!

 Hi Marcy,
Hope all is well with you.
Just thought you'd like to know -- Al Chasnov (bio teacher and, I believe, wrestling coach) passed away on Saturday. I saw the announcement in this morning's obits. His wife (my accountant) had told my husband and I in April that he had ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and, at that time, had fallen (while weight lifting - he was a nationally rated weight lifting champion and at almost 80 years old was still lifting) and was very badly injured. There was no indication of what caused his death, but there was no wake - only funeral services today and burial immediately following.

Louise DeNardo Cassano

Via Email 9/23/08

Thanks to Carol Anchor Zachmann for sending me the Newsday obituary of former phys. ed. teacher Alan Chasnov. You can view it on our Gone but Not Forgotten page and send your condolences to the family if you wish by clicking on the guestbook link.

Via Email 8/22/08

Please note that there have been some changes to the yearbook information on several classmates. There is a new email address for Jeanette Kozlick Arceo, but her address and phone remain the same. Toni Salometo has a new mailing address but her email and phone number remain unchanged. Lou Chanin has moved. He has a new mailing address and email change as well. Joan Gale Wilson has a new email address. Her other information is still good. It has been suggested that I let folks know when a change is made so that they can update their address books and I will try and remember to do that.

Thought this website was perfect for lmhs61....
Dick Beekman


Click here: FHS 1961 JUKEBOX


Click on the link above for an article on the movie "Pride and Glory", which is soon to be released. Our classmate Richard Hecht plays the part of a news reporter. So look for him if you see the movie.


Check out this link to view the obituary of former LMHS math teacher Josephine Robillard. She was also the mother of our late classmate Al. Thanks to Rona Selsky, class of 65 for passing this on to me. If you were a former student of hers, you may want to sign the Newsday guestbook that will go to the family.

Via Email 8/27/08

As some of you may know, my sister and her family and our mother live in Louisiana, the first town over the Ponchartrain Bridge from New Orleans called Mandeville. Well, Lee just told me that she and the others have booked some rooms in TX due to this storm, Gustav, that could very possibly hit New Orleans in a few days. The government is urging people to please do the same so that the police and other first responders could concentrate only on those who have no means to leave town. Could this possibly be??? I don't even want to think about it. Please cover them with prayers so that the track of this storm will go out to sea and keep everyone safe. Lee and John have just had their house painted, new countertops installed and all the kitchen painted in preparation for putting their house on the market. Great timing, don't you think? Thank you.

Celeste Vives Holden

Via Email 8/27/08

Although I'm certain Dr. Michael Cusack would not want this posted on a class website, I'm proud to do it. A 1960 graduate of LMHS, my best man at our wedding & my daughter Susan's God Father, Mike recently retired after 26 very exceptional years as athletic director at Wright State University in Dayton, OH.

I'm sure some of you remember Mike from that class & his baseball prowess as well.

Here is a link that pretty much says it all.


Russ Mulroy

Hi Marcy,
Just got back from seeing the birth of my 4th Grandchild.....an 888baby!

Arlene Brambora Campbell

Congratulations to Arlene Brambora Campbell on the August 8th grandchild. According to the Chinese, this child will have a very lucky life because of the birth date.

Via Email 8/13/08

Hi Marcy,

Hope all is well.  I have been checking the website and it's great.  You are doing a super job.  Everyone seems to be having fun traveling and so on.  Saw your new section on the 50th.  Hope it comes to pass.  If you need anything e-mail me.  I was in Florida  for my niece's wedding on my husband's side of the family. Hadn't seen them in years.  A great reunion. It's been a long time since we've connected.  I know you're busy.  Please keep in touch.

Take care Marcy,

Helene Doctoroff Erb Helene Doctoroff Erb

Via Email 8/13/08

Hi Marcy. I had a lovely lunch today with Laura Allen Lally at a great little restaurant, Joe's Pasta Garage, in Skaneateles, where I used to live and where Laura and Dick have a vacation cottage on the Lake. It was nice catching up again, and hopefully we'll be able to do it again before they pack up and head back to Florida. It's amazing to me how easy it is to be with someone who was in your life for 2 short years 47 years ago!

Celeste Vives Holden

If a second lunch date does take place, I will expect pictures! A camera is a must when old classmates get together.

Via Email 8/13/08

 I'm happy to say we can remove one more name off the missing classmates list. Arlene Claus Baranski is delighted to be back in the loop. She is living in North Port, Florida and can be reached at grandmaarly@msn.com. Thanks to Carol Manning Del Prete for directing me to Joan Gale Wilson for info on Arlene and to Joan for contacting Arlene and telling her I was looking for missing classmates. Arlene says she hopes to hear from some of you in the weeks to come.

Via Email 7/26/08

Dear Friends,

It never fails. Just before I go away, I get hit with a lot of extra work (This has caused one of my friends to say, "So, for the good of your business, you should schedule a lot more trips.")

This time, it's not a regular vacation, but a volunteer tour of reserve duty in the Israel Defense Forces - July 27 to August 7.

I've done this twice before, in 2002 and 2004. I was younger then, with a few more brain cells, more muscle and more stamina. But I was far from being the oldest in the group, and I kept telling myself, if they can do it, so can I.

Last year, in 2007, I tried again, but I broke my glasses on the first day and the army declared me a Clear and Present Danger to Israeli Troops - and promptly sent me home. Oh, the humiliation!

So this year, pushing 65, I'm trying again. As usual, I'm very nervous, I can tell you that.

First of all, I'm leaving with less than a clear conscience that all the work that had to be completed actually was completed. But all of the major items are under control, and I will be with a cell phone (050-595-0302) in case of emergencies. I normally do not use one, fearing the radiation and the banal conversations on the bus.

Then, there are the physical and emotional challenges. It doesn't matter if I say, "Well, I'm in pretty good shape for 65." The operative word (or number) is still 65!

Last, is the fear of leaving a pretty well-ordered routine that has until now (pfu! pfu! pfu!) kept me in comfort and health. Healthy vegetarian meals prepared to perfection by Trudy, beer, weight training and power walks, Shabbat rest, beer, being close to Trudy, regular community prayers, early to bed and early to rise, and beer - have been the pillars of my well-being and more or less under my control. Now, I face two weeks of being not a mover and a pusher, but a movee and a pushee.

So, well you might ask, why bother? Why put up with the stress, heat, dirt, disorder, lack of privacy (why am I called a "private"?), and possibly even putting myself in harm's way?

First, I enjoy being in the company of men and women (yes, there are women who volunteer for the reserves) who share my values of volunteerism and giving something back. That's about all we share, by the way. The volunteer unit has people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds, ages and political opinions. I also enjoy talking with the young soldiers who, from our point of view, represent the cream of our youth. Their innocence and enthusiasm can be very refreshing, and they share these qualities very freely.

There's also the feeling of being a little special and a little needed, which is always nice to know. Our volunteerism is a great ice breaker. The young soldiers can't get over that we're actually doing this. They give us places to sit down in the lounge and in the dining hall (well, maybe that's because of our grey beards!) and they're extra quiet and polite when we need rest.

We also play an important role in being elder statesmen when tempers might flare, such as at checkpoints. I've seen volunteer guys cool down a situation just by speaking quietly and calmly to the two sides. My English once came in very handy when a Palestinian couldn't understand what a young Israeli officer was trying to tell him.

And then, of course, I volunteer in the reserves because it's easier than living as a hypocrite. I am, as you may know, a security hawk who believes that peace in our region can only be achieved by military victory. How can I live with that opinion if it means no more than sending other people off to fight? We volunteers may not be in an elite combat unit, but by serving in the army, we have a clearer understanding of how our political positions might translate into reality. It gives "weight" to our opinions, be they on the right or the left. I know it does to mine. It might be "easy for me to say," but it gains significance when it's also hard for me to do.

So come Sunday, I'm off to hang my laundry on the old Green Line. And you: you-all can sleep soundly.

Thank you for listening. I needed to say that.

Doug Greener
July 2008

Marcy, Here's the website Irene has been working on. It's still a work in progress but I wanted to get it out before our trip was over. Feel free to put it on the website. I hope people enjoy it:


Jerry Murphy

Have a look at the Murphy RV Adventures. It's an incredible journey with amazing pictures. Kudos to Irene Murphy for putting this together in her "spare time".

Via Email 7/12/08

 I'm happy to announce that another name has come off our missing list. Classmates notified me that Craig Shafer had recently signed up there for our class. I did a people search and found him in upstate New York about an hour from Buffalo. I spoke to his wife Mary who gave me permission to list his information on the site and I gave her our web address for the site. Hopefully we will hear from Craig and get his email address since his wife didn't know it by heart.

Via Email 6/27/08

Hi Marcy.

I want to thank you for the phone call on Friday 6/13. To say it was a shock is putting it mildly, It was also a very pleasant surprise.

Let me tell you about myself. I was Petrina Lombardo in 1961. Now I am Pat Mallimo. My E-Mail address is pat1307@optonline.net, and my phone is 631-661-3614.

I would love to hear from all if I ever get this mailed. I also enclosed 3 pictures of us. Two are from last January in California and the other is on a cruise ship in Alaska last September.

Pat Mallimo

Via Email 6/23/08

Although using the name Levittown in question 34 was in my opinion poor judgement, I'm more amused than insulted simply because we all know what Levittown represented to each of us:

Our first home ( in many cases)
Our first backyard
Our first community
A safe place to grow & make friends

The sterotype of Levittown that apparently still exists today in some people's minds is almost laughable because they never had the experience we did. The rest of us know better.

Russ Mulroy

Via Email 6/19/08

I thought you all might find this interesting. What are your feelings on the subject? Are you amused or insulted? Click on the link below to see an article in Newsday that is causing quite a stir.


Via Email 6/18/08


Thank you for the quick response and noticing the date on the picture. I will have more pictures out to you this week. I joined the Navy in January 1962 so I must have been home from boot camp when that picture was taken. Before I forget, my birthday is September 23. I think I already told you that I discovered the l.m.h.s. site 3 weeks ago and I have been checking the site every day since .I look at the pictures and they bring back some great memories. I did have a 1961 yearbook and my brother's 1963 yearbook but I have not seen them in years. I did not have my picture in the book probably because I broke my leg in gym class playing soccer and spent most of the year in a full cast. I had the teachers come to my home three times a week .I guess that is all for now. I will get more pictures out to you.

Kevin Kinally

Via Email 6/16/08

I'm happy to announce that we have another classmate off the missing list. Petrina Lombardo recently signed up at Classmates.com for the first time. Fortunately she listed her married name which enabled me to do a people search. I found her in West Islip, Long Island. She told me it was the first contact she had with anyone from our class since graduation day and she is looking forward to viewing our website. Petrina has been married over forty years, has two grown children and grandchildren in NY and North Carolina.

Via Email 6/14/08

Earlier this past week,Pat McCauley emailed me and told me that she and her husband Rich were renting a cabin for two weeks in the Smoky Mountains. I told her that she should try and meet up with Brad Scott and his wife Cindy, who live in the Smokies in Tennessee. Since they didn't "hang out" together in high school, she was doubtful he would respond despite my insistence that Brad was "super-friendly". As you can see below, Brad has proved my point and plans were made to meet for lunch. I told both of them I would never speak to either of them if I didn't get some pictures for this website. Pat says I will get them but will have to wait until they return to California. I hope this exchange will serve as a model for the rest of us when traveling in the area of a former classmate's home. What better way to learn about a place than from a local resident. I am looking forward to those pictures.

Happy Monday
Hi Pat,
Great to hear back from you today...I'm copying "Ma Fall"...Marcy, as she reminds me very much of the qualities that "Ma Curtin", our deceased English teacher, had...my way of reporting into "Ma Fall" that I'm doing my "homework".....Pat, as you are aware, and I say this knowing Marcy is reading this, "Ma Fall" has been the glue that holds our "LMHS '61" website together.
Pat, your comment of our not being pals in high school reminded me of a quote from one of the first immigrants to become a millionaire in the late 1800's....he reflected that "While we didn't all come over on the same ship, we're all in the same boat"....I'm glad we were both there for the "experience"and are still alive today.
I went back and reread your bio...You and Rich have and continue to have a super life together....YEA!!!! Marcy has been after me to submit my bio..I'm not saying I've had an exciting life, but I might have to submit my bio in ongoing "episodes"; perhaps our visiting with you and Rich will get me started on my first episode rather than my epitaph...Ha! Ha!
In not knowing your schedule, I'm suggesting that we meet for lunch at 1:PM next Tuesday, 6-17-08, at "Smoky Mountain Brewery" in Pigeon Forge. I've attached the web page with directions and two links to help you. We are used to dining at their original location in Gatlinburg....this will be a treat in that this is one of the best dining spots in the Smokies.....their menu will give you a good look at their offerings. And the time frame allows for the lunch rush to clear out so we can hear each other talk.
Marcy said you planned to visit "Dollywood".....great choice....the waterpark is fantastic and good "down home cookin"....Dolly Partin also owns the "Dixie Stampede" located right on the highway. It's like a theater in the round...complete with dinner....the actors are horses and quite a "floor show".....if this interests ya'll, google Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge, TN to reserve tickets....it's about a three hour evening of fun and laughs. You might also want to visit Gatlingurg, approximately ten miles from Pigeon Forge. This is in the Smokies with "Ober-Gatlinburg", a mountain top ski area with year-round indoor ice skating rink and rental skates and great views...you can drive up or take a double chair lift or the country's second largest tram-car. If you do go to Gatlinburg, you'll be on HWY 441. This same highway will take you over the top of the Smoky's and down into Cherokee, NC.
From Gatlinburg, figure 1 1/2 hours each way....the sights are fantastic including plenty of wildlife. Cindy and I have made a full day trip out of it by a morning start in Gatlinberg/Ober-Gatlinburg, ice skating, picking up some subs at "Subway" in Gatlinburg and driving up to "Clingman's Dome", the midway point going over the top at 6640', and picnicing.....then driven down into Cherokee, NC....poke through some of the shops....get some desert and drive back over that afternoon, played around Gatlinburg and had a 5:PMish early dinner....enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have my e-mail address....here's our cells....both are free long distance either way...Brad 850-865-8405..........Cindy 865-335-0306....
Love ya!
Brad and Cindy


Hours of Operation:

Sunday - Thursday: 11:30 a. m. - 11 p. m.
Friday - Saturday: 11:30 a. m. - 12 a. m.
Price Range: $ - $$


A banquet facility is not available.

The Smoky Mountain Brewery, Pigeon Forge, is an attractive micro brewery facility located in Walden's Landing, a popular shopping area in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Smoky Mountain Brewery located at 2530 Parkway is an attractive micro brewery located on the Parkway in the center of the Pigeon Forge shopping area at The Shops at Walden’s Landing (formerly Ogles Water Park.) Plenty of free parking is available and the Calhoun’s On The Parkway is just a few steps away, 441/321 into Pigeon Forge. It is located between stop lights 2B and 3 on the Parkway.

General Manager: Christine Hurst

Via Email 6/11/08

Hi Marcy,

We hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for all your work on keeping the school site going. One of these days when I find some spare time (I don't know how I had time to go to work before I retired) I will send you some pictures for the site. Posting this invitation would be good.
Love Ya, Joe & Val G.

Information about their trip to Egypt is on the "Informal Gatherings" page

Via Email 6/10/08

As some of you know, Toni Salometo sold her home in New Jersey and set off to Florida in search of a condo. She is renting a furnished condo in West Palm Beach and her things are in a nearby storage facility until she finds the place she wants to buy. She's in a gated community called Century Village and there are currently 900 units for sale in that development. So it will take a few months to check out what's available. I changed her contact information on the yearbook page but keep in mind that the address is only temporary for the next few months. She will probably be able to keep the same phone number once she moves. At present she has no email address as she needs to change servers and set up her computer. She is adjusting to the ninety degree weather and does what needs to be done in the morning so she's not out in the afternoon heat. Her goal was to escape the cold winters of the north but there is a price in summer months! Kudos to Toni for managing all of this since the death of her mother in December.

Via Email 6/4/08




Via Email 6/4/08


I just finished a letter to Honey Cottrell letting her know I was still alive and well and living in North Carolina. I was in Levittown about two weeks ago and yesterday I decided to go on line and I found this great site. I had been looking for info in the past but all I could find at that time was the Division Ave site. I went there my first year 1957.

The following is my address: Kevin Kinnaly, 3005 Dalmation Dr. , Hope Mills, N.C. 28348 Phone#910- 689 -4457. I will have to send you the pictures you requested. My youngest daughter has a thing about the fifties and she has all of my old pictures. I looked at the missing list again and saw a lot of familiar names but no locations. I guess that is all for now.

No longer among the missing
Kevin Kinnaly

Via Email 6/1/08

Hello, this is to let you know that our new email address is ladila2@verizon.net  . Finally have gone to broadband! Thanks and jot this important address down!

Laura Allen Lally

Via Email 6/1/08

Hi Marcy,

I read Rheva's message about a Florida "gathering". Sounds good to me. Has anyone else responded? As always, we cannot thank you enough for all you do to keep the website so up-to-date, although it is always so sad to hear news of our classmates passing away.

Hope all is going well with you, your children and grandchildren. Thanks for your e-mails - I always enjoy them.

Take care

There have been no other responses to Rheva's query. If you live in Florida and are interested, please contact me or Rheva. I told Rheva I would help out from this end by posting any plans and information. She can't get started until she knows there is interest.

Via Email 5/31/08

I'm sorry to pass on the news that we have lost another classmate, Michael Bruey. If anyone wants to share memories of Michael, we can add them to a tribute on "Gone But Not Forgotten". Michael's niece can be reached at dncuthbert@hotmail.com.

Hello Marcy,

It’s with great sadness that I write you to inform you that my uncle, Michael Bruey, passed away on Monday, May 26, 2008 in Sea Cliff, NY. His sisters are Elfreda Ann Bruey- Larmony & Joanne Forlenza – Kramer. If there is any further information that you need, you can contact me.

~Danielle Larmony-Cuthbert

Via Email 5/28/08

Addendum to Pat Pandolfi's update email of May 15th. Pat called me to say that she is still at her sister's on Long Island. She was sitting at the pool today and heard someone say, "Hi,Pat!" It was Marilyn Lerner. Marilyn was visiting her brother who lives in the same complex as Pat's sister. Marilyn reports that the usual Myrtle Beach get-together of the "girls" will take place the end of June and she will take pictures for the site. I told Pat it was too bad she didn't get a picture of the surprise visit. She called back ten minutes later to tell me she grabbed a disposable camera, went back out to the pool and had someone take the picture. Mission accomplished. We'll have to wait for the roll of film to be developed, but eventually we will have it for this site. If you have experienced a chance classmate encounter of your own, please share the story with the rest of us.

Via Email 5/25/08

Hello, Marcy and Levittown Memorial HS!

I've just come across your site (when I Googled for the 1951 movie, The Thing) and think it's wonderful! I'm the webmaster of my high school's Class of '60 site at www.beltonclassof60.com . I haven't had a chance to look at many of your pages yet, but what I've seen gives me some good ideas. (Are you in Pennsylvania? Couldn't find out during my cursory review.) Our 1960 graduating class in Belton, Texas, had only 68 members, unlike your huge group.

Best wishes for continued success!

Jan Stoehr
Arlington, Virginia

I checked out Jan's site and she gave us a plug on her website. Since we come from the same era, much of our nostalgic items will have meaning to this class too. It's nice to know that some of your contributions (Russ' poster on The Thing) have led others to our site.


I can't help notice how many alumni now live in Florida. Do you think there would be an interest to have a L.M.H.S. "GATHERING" here?

Rheva Mason Thomason

The only ones who can answer Rheva's question are the Florida classmates. I will post your responses here if you're interested and then get back to Rheva. Let's hear from the Floridians.


I have returned from my visit to Atlanta. Mom is fine and I enjoyed the time with Gladys-anne and her family. We were out and about shopping and enjoying the good weather. Since then, I have had my eye surgery...cataract removal and new crystalens in each eye. I am seeing 20/20 and I am so grateful. I feel like a new person. I am driving again and can see where I am going! I also have the good mid vision and the fine reading vision without glasses. I am still visiting the eye doctor and have drops to use each day for the next few weeks.
Now on to the LMHS 57 story! I am still in NY at Jeanie's condo. She returned from Florida yesterday. Today I was out walking in the condo development and an old red and white Chevy Impala passes me and parks. As I approach the car, the driver is getting out so I tell him that I love the car and it reminds me of high school. I ask if it is a '57 or '58 Impala. He tells me to guess but tells me it is a 62. Then he tells me to look at the back of the car. His license plate is in a frame that says LMHS 1957!! I tell him I graduated from LMHS '61 and then realize he must be RAY Lerner! I knew that brother Don Lerner lived here as he and his wife (Diane Matzen...also LMHS) went on that group cruise from the condos and that is how Jeanie met up with him. Marilyn Lerner told me that her other brother had moved to Autumn Ridge and that she and her husband wanted to buy here also. Too funny! We stood by the car and reminisced and had a few laughs. He told me he is 70 years old. His class had a 40th year reunion and a 50th reunion and he was able to go to both. He and his wife travel but Autumn RIdge is his permanent and last home! He says I was "rich" because he had the cape cod Levitt house and we had the ranch! He said he had his yearbook and would get it out! So, I am sure we will talk again. Since Jeanie just got home last night and she is still out, I am eager to see if she has spoken with him at all.
How have you been? Imagine you are busy with the garden. I am glad it is spring. Sam went back to NH yesterday with our cats. Says it was warm today and the resort is looking good. The snow is melted and trees are blooming.
Sorry I have been out of touch.
Take care........Love,
Pat (Pandolfi Cox)

Via Email 5/15/08

Happy Thursday!!!
Hi Marcy,
I agree with your comment on updates that more written rememberances need to come forth to be included with "Gone But Not Forgotten". You're welcome to reprint my note to George's son (below) if you think it might help prompt some more rememberances of our dear classmates that have passed and new ones that will pass away.
Love ya,

Dear George S. Barhold.....
I'm taking the liberty of calling you George.
I was a member of the LMHS Class of 1961 and a teenage friend of your Pop, George.
Marcy Fall's preview to George's eulogy written by you prompted me to take a few minutes and read it. And then I read it again....and then I read it again....and again....the tears and emotion welling inside me. If I had been gifted with a son in my life, I would have hoped he would have been like you. Your love of your Dad radiated in each word you wrote and in each word I read. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your Pop....my old teenage friend. Your Dad was very proud of you as you were of him.
Thank you for allowing me to my revisit the memories of my teen years with George.
God loves you and so do I,
Brad Scott

Via Email 4/3/08


I am Arlene's youngest daughter Eileen Phelan LaFata. I used the link to "Gone but Not Forgotten" from the lmhs61.org page.

What would we need to do to put a tribute page together for my Mom. Should I have it made & provide you with a link? Please advise.

I really enjoyed seeing all of the photos, especially the ones of her friends that I knew by name, but never saw a photo of.
She cherished her years at LMHS. She saved her yearbook, and an autograph album from Division Ave too. I also have her "L" letter sweater and a handkerchief with the Panthers logo.


I received this email from the daughter of Arlene Trimboli. I answered it and told her all she needed to do was email the tribute and possibly some pictures to me or put the pictures in the regular mail as many of you have done. I look forward to whatever she sends. I would love to build up the Gone But Not Forgotten page and welcome any tributes you may want to do for a classmate on that page.

Via Email 4/3/08

I have more sad news this week. I received an email from the son of George Barhold letting us know that his father passed away on February 12, 2007. I am putting that letter, a most beautiful tribute from a son, on the Gone But Not Forgotten Page with George's picture. I know you will be as moved as I was by this very special testimonial to a loving father. George's son (also named George) can be reached at barhosc@bellsouth.net

Via Email 3/28/08

Dear Marcy,

I'm sorry to let you know that my John passed away March 13, 2008. He enjoyed talking to you and seeing his school buddies on the web.

Thank you.
Joann Simonelli

I received this sad news from the wife of John Simonelli. As some of you may remember, John was on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. He was very happy to catch up on news about old friends and see our website pictures. We will be moving John's picture to the Gone But Not Forgotten section. If any of you would like to share memories of John, I will add them to that section. His wife Joann can be reached at jodymay@optonline.net

Via Email 3/24/08

Marcy, I forgot to tell you that I emailed Roni Cojac to see if she and Alan were alright after Atlanta's tornado and she answered today saying that they had been away in Spain vacationing and didn't realize it had happened until they got home. They live 15 miles outside the city and they and their home were just fine.


Via Email 3/19/08

After viewing the tornado destruction to Atlanta yesterday, I sent emails off to Chickie Goldberg and Carol Anchor to see how they fared. Happily, all was well with Chickie, who is twenty miles north of Atlanta in Sandy Springs. Carol recently moved into a mobile home and that can be scary in tornado weather. Here is her reply. Good news all around.

All is okay in Athens. When the weather started to turn bad yesterday afternoon, my neighbor and I went with Christine to her house the next town south. My son, Joe, called and said it would be better if we got out of the mobile homes and went to a house and we took the dogs with us. When we got home later, no branches down, got lots of rain but no damages. This has been a crazy weather this season and spring hasn't even begun. Atlanta looks like a war zone. Saw pictures this morning of Polk and Floyd counties (northwest Georgia) near TN border. One house totally demolished killing the wife and severely injuring the husband, the other took the barn and slammed it into the house. Seeing all this, when your time is up, doesn't matter if you live in a house or a mobile home, you are a goner. Again, all if fine in Athens, Georgia. Thanks for thinking of me. Is Toni really sure she wants to move South? Seasons have really changed over the years. Take care and Happy Easter to all. Love ya,


Via Email 3/16/08

Thank you for giving me credit for finally finding my yearbook. I am ashamed it took me 20 years to find the missing tomb. To tell the truth it wasn't missing, I just didn't have the strength to sort through 10 boxes of books that I had shipped from Kansas City in '87 when I moved back east. Tucked in the front of it was the school newspaper that Barbara Steinman mentioned, as well as a copy of the class will and some sheet music I have no idea why I kept. (Did we have music at graduation or did we have to sing)?
It makes me happy to think Barbara enjoyed it so much. I am sorry for her loss.
Toni Salometo

Via Email 3/1/08

Dear Marcy--and Toni,
What a gift from the past that Spotlight article was! It truly made my day! And I particularly love the hairstyle and the glasses. I'm trying to
figure out how to print it up but hopefully my husband will be able to help me in the morning.

Marcy, I have to apologize for dropping out since our original correspondence. Sadly, my youngest daughter died in October and it's really
taken its toll. Melinda would have been 24 in November.... But life has its unexpected joys--and you've just provided me with one of
them. Thank you so much. (Incidentally, I've just begun my 41st year at Hofstra--and am still teaching science fiction this semester, and still
loving the theatre.) I'm certainly going to try to stay in touch now that you've "reeled" me back in.

Fondly, Barbara Steinman Bengals

Via Email 3/1/08


I can not believe how long it's been since I looked at the L.M.H.S. website!  Where does all the time go?   However on a more upbeat note...Our very own Beth Shapiro, is now the renowned "Sara Beth".  We had lunch together last spring in her shop in Chelsea.  She is great and has 2 wonderful daughters.   For Dennis Foley's family a little chuckle.  He gave me his I.D. bracelet at the end of our 9th grade year at Salk.  We were "Going Steady" for about a second that summer...until his mom made him call me to get it back!

Rheva Mason Thomason

You can check out Beth Shapiro's website at http://www.sarabeth.com.  Click on restaurants up at the top. We gave her a plug in one of the older updates a year or so ago but with new classmates being found every year, it never hurts to mention it again. I recall reading a few years ago that Oprah shipped in Sarabeth preserves from New York for one of her breakfast shows. Next time Rheva, please use a camera so we can add a picture to our informal gatherings section. use

Via Email 2/29/08

Hi friends, I finally have high speed internet and a new email address. 44Pepper@optonline.net Look forward to receiving your emails there instead of at aol.

 Love, Carolyn Nelson

Via Email 2/28/08

You never cease to amaze me. Do you sleep or spend the whole night dreaming up these ideas?
I just got a look at the new booster section. What a great way to showcase the boosters and recognize them for the tremendous contribution they make to the website and the class. Without them, it doesn't get done, because websites are not free. Content costs. I know you work for nothing, but a professional looking website like ours has to be maintained and is ever changing. Congrats Marcy--another Oscar-worthy performance.

Toni Salometo

Via Email 2/24/08

 Our most recent addition to Way We Were (Honey's wedding photo) came about by accident when she casually mentioned to me in an email that Betty Zeitler was her maid of honor all those years ago. I wrote back and told her that if she had a photo of that, it would be perfect for that section of the site. This got me to thinking that others in our class must have had classmates standing up for them at their weddings. If you have an old wedding photo with classmates in it, please do share with all of us. For those without scanners, photos can be mailed to my home address. Once I scan in it to my computer, I will return the photos to you by mail. Let's get those photos out of the albums and on our site where all can enjoy them.

Via Email 2/22/08

Just got back from seeing the George Clooney movie "Michael Clayton" and about 20-30 minutes into the film there is a scene with an actor playing an auctioneer and I recognized him immediately: Richard Hecht, our classmate. What a kick!

Russ Mulroy

Richard also appears in the 2008 film Pride and Glory. Michael Clayton is available on DVD. I rented it today.

Via Email 2/20/08

Had an occasion to check out the "About Us" section of the website and read Miss Curtin's remarks about the class in the last issue of Spotlight from our graduating class. I thought it was particularly perceptive of her to observe our class was a study in extremes (profound lethargy to high flown enthusiasm). Here we are 46 years from graduation and most of us were quite lethargic about our high school years and yet now are quite enthusiastic about hearing from each other and getting the latest news. Not only was she an excellent teacher but a very good observer of her students. And, we don't seem to have changed much. Although, we are now "Vintage 61..62..63...64..65....", like fine wine, we seem to get better with age.
Toni Salometo

Via Email 2/20/08

Hi Marcy,

The pictures Kathy sent are great! I was on the website yesterday and copied the one from her 11th birthday party and forwarded it to my Mom. She also enjoyed it.

I wouldn't have even known it was me in the other photos from Kathy, if she hadn't labeled them.

I have no recollection of another girl named Honey and a photo that Lorraine submitted shows her in a group.... I am such a 'Senior'.....

You are doing a really great job on the website - never ceases to amaze me - I love all the old pics especially.

Via Email 2/16/08

Hi guys,
Continue using ssmith3300@aol.com as my primary Internet service provider ..ISP.... ssmith02oak@yahoo.com will be my backup ISP. I will monitor both addresses for e-mail..

Thanks and have a great day !!
Stu Smith

Via Email 2/13/08

Hi Marcy,
Just read the sad news about Dennis J. Foley. But I have a funny story to tell the guys out there.
Way back in the last century, one night in 1960 Dennis Foley, Joe Garofalo, Vic Sassone and myself went to a movie in Wantagh. The movie was 'Room at the Top' (black & white). It was not a movie for well respected boys to be attending. The movie was a child's bedtime story by today's standards. Anyway, after coming out of the movie I got into my Dad's car and it wouldn't start (dead battery). Funny because while coming out of the movie we were looking around to see if anyone recognized us and Dennis said, "Wouldn't it be funny if the car didn't start?" Well, it didn't and I had to call my Dad to come out and save us. When my Dad showed up he had a smile on his face and asked, "Did you boys enjoy the movie?" I think we were more embarrassed than he was! But looking back I know my Dad was thinking, "THAT'S MY BOY !!"
Stu Smith

Via Email 1/29/08

Sad News....

You may remember that Kathy LoMedico wanted me to find Dennis Foley, her old neighbor and childhood friend. The Chicago listings were too numerous to pursue so I tried a new hunch when I realized he may have retired. Florida seemed a likely choice and I found a Dennis J. Foley, age 64 in Naples, Florida. I called Kathy and gave her the number. She reached Dennis' wife Margaret and sadly learned that Dennis passed away on November 8, 2005 from a pulmonary embolism. It was unexpected and happened very quickly. He and Margaret were married thirty two years ago and have one son together. He had three children by his first wife Geraldine. In 2000, his oldest daughter from the first marriage passed away. He lived in Naples for five years before he died and prior to that they lived ten years in Europe. We will be moving Dennis' picture to the Gone But Not Forgotten section and welcome any memories of him you would like to share. His wife has our website and I'm sure that would bring her some comfort.

Via Email 1/26/08

Hi Everyone,

Please note that I now have a new home phone number and it is 757 345-5998

Thanks, Gloria

Via Email 1/26/08

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy new year. LMHS '61 THE BEST!!!
Love to all,
Pat Pandolfi Cox

Via Email 1/18/08

Hi Marcy. I noticed on the LMHS site that you haven't found Hayden Slomack and I remembered that he went to Potsdam with Arlene Edelman and me. She and he were both at the Crane School of Music, so maybe Arlene knows. Just a thought.

See you later,

I found Haydn a few years ago in New York. He never returned any of my phone messages and the phone is always left on answering machine mode. Frank Curtin called him before our 2005 reunion and he didn't return those calls either. I'm always hesitant to post information on classmates without their permission so he will remain on the missing list. If we have a 50th reunion, I'll try calling him again.

Via Email 1/17/08

Thank you for the birthday message. My new address is 203 Pleasant Dr., Bay Shore, New York 11706 My new phone number is 631-665-4021. Have a happy and healthy new year.
Regards, Ernie Brodsky

Via Email 1/16/08

I received a phone call this morning from Helene Doctoroff Erb. She is having email problems but wanted to respond to Steve Weissman's update about Littleton, Colorado. Helene's nephew lives there and she wants Steve to contact her before he moves there. She will give her nephew's phone number and address and he would be happy to give advice about local businesses and places to go in the area. It never hurts to have a contact person in a new town. Helene visits there every year so perhaps another mini-reunion will take place too!

Via Email 1/11/08