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Another trip down Memory Lane from Charlie Vogt (Facebook: LMHS Classes of the sixties forever young). Covering our books was mandatory. I don't think I ever used this book cover and stuck with the old brown paper bag covers made at home. But the picture does bring back memories. 8/20/14

I was delighted to see this on Facebook (LMHS classes of the 60's forever young). It came from Charlie Vogt and he graciously is allowing me to share. This was the last menu we ever looked at since it was June 1961. I'm always astounded at the things people save. I was never one to save this kind of item, but fifty three years later, I have to say I'm so glad other people did!

Gardiners Avenue School - 4th Grade, Room 208 - 1952-53
My apologies to those classmates I could not identify and those with (?)'s
Rows going diagonally left to right:
First Row: unknown female, John Pepper(?), Ann Brown
Second Row: Madeline Seidelle, Diane Lapinskas(?), Janet Fosdick, Iris Kogel, Carol James(?)
Third Row: unknown female, Haydn Slomack in Cub Scout uniform, Linda Levy, Edie Diener, Laura Allen
Fourth Row: unknown female, unknown female, Charlie Bilello, Henry Burnor
Fifth Row: John Piazza, John Mosbrook(?), unknown male
Back Row Standing: Bob Goldbach, Bill McNiff, Bill Leitner, Bob Lent, Frank (Sonny) Vigilant, Mr. Louis, Charlie Toes, unknown male, Danny Garr,
Charlie Rehwinkle, unknown male
Submitted by Bob Lent


I think your group will enjoy this. I found it on the Wisdom Lane group on Facebook. It was posted by Carol Findlay, Sandy's sister.

Rona Selsky Class of 1965

Mr. Gallo's Abbey Lane 4th Grade Class PM Group.
Contributed by Lois Christensen Bish   Click Here for Lois' notes.

Hi Marcy,
Sorry it has taken me this long to send that third grade picture that Joel Chesnoff mentioned.

Submitted by Lois Christensen Bish
Grade Three Abbey Lane

Submitted by Steve Ross - Click on Picture to Enlarge
Grade Three Gardner's Avenue - Mrs. Hoffman

Abbey Lane - 1952-53 - Grade 4
Submitted by Pat Pandolfi Cox

Abbey Lane Grade 5
Submitted by Pat Pandolfi Cox

 This is Gardiners Ave. School, Miss Clark's class (we loved her), third grade. Next to me (third row fourth from the right), behind teacher is Laura Allen. Third from right in that row is Edie Diener (I think). Janet Fosdick is first on left in third row from bottom. To the right of Linda Levy (second row) is Maxine Broad and then Ann Brown. All the way to right in that row is Elsie Schmidtgall .. In top row, second from left is Robert Lent. Haydn Slomack is first on left seated on floor and Billy McNiff is in front of teacher. Submitted by Iris Kogel Chapman

Abbey Lane School - 4th Grade, Room 112 - 1952-53
Teacher Mr. Gallo

Carol Ross, Gerald Carroll, June Ryan, Jeff Dill, Jane Copeland, Joseph Migianio, Sandy Parrish, William Langdon, Diane Masler, Everett Beckman, Helen ??, John Cohen, Beth ??, George Hayes, Georgine Searing, Carol Cooper
Submitted by Carol Cooper McComisky

Gardiners Avenue School - 4th Grade, Room 206 - 1952-53
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Wisdom Lane  - 4th Grade, Room 105 - 1952-53
Picture submitted by
Sandy Parrish


School ?? - Teacher Mr. David Brock-5th grade - 1953-54
June Ryan, Bruce Angus, Carol Ross, Everett Boeckman, Patricia Zieran,
 Joseph Migianico, Jane Copelan, Richard Cohen, Diane Masler, George Hayes, Phyllis Feingold, Less Gross, Douglas Gibson, Ralph Foose,
Hanna Lee Goldberg, Gerald Carroll, Georgine Searing, Mary Jane Lucia,
Jeff Dill, Meri Klein, Carol Cooper, Elaine Cooke, Steven ??
Submitted by Carol Cooper McComisky

Gardiners Ave - 5th Grade,  Room 210 - 1953-54
Submitted by Joe Vicinanza

Gardiners Avenue School - 5th Grade, Room 214 - May 1953-54
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Gardiner's Avenue School - 5th Grade, Room 212 - Mr. Kantor - 1953-54
 I remember making those paper Mache sea creatures. I never finished making my pelican! Names of classmates (not in photo order): Ellen Kobrin, Ann Marie Brown, Madeline Seidell, William McNiff, John Piazza, Charles Rehwinkle, Iris Kogel, Robert Lent, Joan Cary, Charles Bilello, Janet Fosdick, Evelyn Aloisio, Catherine Ogden, Haydn Slomack, Debby Miller, Marilyn Rajkovich, Diana Lapinskas, Linda Levy, Faye Kaylor, Kathleen Scottreggio, Robert Rubenstein, Janet Columbia and me (Laura Allen).
Submitted by Laura Allen Lally

Gardiners Ave - 6th Grade - 1954-55
Submitted by Joe Vicinanza

Gardiners Avenue School - 6th Grade, 1954-55
ted by Warren Hechinger

Wisdom Lane School 1955-56 - 7th Grade
Lets Play "Who Do You Know"
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Photo sent by Sandy Findlay

Hi Marcy – just discovered these photos…how much fun!
This is strictly from memory –
2nd row – me, Judy Baggett, Lois _____?,Kathleen Scottoregio(sp)
3rd row – Sandy Jack, Lynn (maybe Hudson?), Sandy Findlay (of course) and Sally Ann Banks
Do these match up with any other?

Susan Amrhein Mulligan

Wisdom Lane 7th Grade
Submitted by Honey Cottrell

Wisdom Lane, 7th Grade - 1955-56
Submitted by Sandy Parrish (Duval)

Wisdom Lane - 7th Grade
Sent by Stu Smith. Stu is in the first row- fifth one over, sitting next to the teacher.
My Goodness - Another chance - Will they never cease?

 Jonas Salk Homeroom 9th grade
 Top row left to right: Pat Clancy, Ann Marie Brown, Sally Pittman, Liz Sucher, Diane Dobbin, unknown female
 Middle row: Barbara Bockmann, Marilyn Blumenthall, Dorothy Willner
 Front row: Toni Salometo, unknown male, Jerry Murphy (in vest), Evelyn Aloisio
 Submitted by Barbara Bockmann

The unknown male on the Salk picture next to Toni looks like
GARY STEIN. He took the pictures for our Year Book.. Ask Toni if I'm right !!
If so, then I know that just my current memory is going and I fit the senior moment category because the far memory stays longer...
Stu Smith

Tell Stu not to worry, he's right, it is Gary Stein--as for senior moments, I didn't recognize Liz Sucher, who lived down the block from me and used to walk with to school. I'll trump you one senior moment Stu!!!

Oh my. Looked older then than now.
Sally Pittman-Smith

Barbara, who contributed the picture, found the list of who's who in that pic. The unidentified male is Steve Bacharach, who moved before we graduated. (Sorry Stu and Toni- not Gary Stein) That is not Diane Dobbin in the back row, but Kathy Pia. So much for the memories of those of us who collectively worked on identifying everyone.


LMHS classroom picture sent by Phil Smith. He's in the first row, first seat on the left.
Another chance to play "Who Do You Know" - You know where to send your answers!