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Whenever any of us get together outside of the Reunion and Senior Trip gatherings, it's a newsworthy event. All across America there are small groups of us meeting when the opportunity arises. Sometimes we meet in a restaurant or in each other's homes. Send your pictures when you do this so that we can share with everyone in the class.

Congratulations to Joy (Calvano) and Dave Lawrence who celebrate 34 years of marriage on January 10.

 I’m sure the last thing Harvey Pearlstein expected this year was this unique gift from his thoughtful daughter. It brought a big smile to my face. It looks like Harvey will be enjoying it too.

Judy Cottrell Wolter is a grandmother again. This is Nicholas Henry Wolter born on December 15 at 11:05 a.m. to Lori and Eric Wolter. He is also welcomed by his big brother and sister. What a great Christmas present!

A night out with my classmate from Levittown, Carol Manning , her husband, sister Judy and her husband and of course Rich! Had a great time. Music as well as dinner!!!!

Pat McCauley Mangels
Sun City Center, Florida
Left to right: Carol, Pat, Judy

Congratulations to Doug and Trudy Greener who became grandparents to twin boys on September 11 at 1:55 p.m. Son Eitan and daughter-in-law Dalit show off the new arrivals.

Marge Mennette Wares is seen here holding her great-granddaughter Jazmyn on her lap. On the left is her granddaughter Paula with her arm around Marge's mother. On the far right is Marge's daughter Donna. Five generations of a beautiful family! 9/13/17

Congratulations to Carol Dunne Creal and Norman Stout who will be married sixteen years on September 15th, 2017.

Happy anniversary to Paul and Florence Banikiotes who celebrate 48 years of marriage on August 24th.

Anniversary wishes go out to Barbara (Steinman) and Dennis Bengels who celebrate 52 years of marriage on August 13th.

Best wishes to Joan (Gale) and Ed Wilson who celebrate 27 years of marriage on August 19th.

Best wishes go out to Steve and Phyllis Ross who celebrate 49 years of marriage on August 10th.

Congratulations to Pat (Pandolfi) and Sam Cox on their 48th wedding anniversary on August 9th. This picture was taken on July 11th which was Sam's 76th birthday.

Frank Curtin's daughter Becky served three years in the Army after graduating from college.
 She is now doing an internship in the US Navy as well as starting law school.
 The shirt she is wearing is in honor of her father. Frank is a retired NYC fireman.

Hi Marcy, Alan and I traveled to Bangkok. We celebrated our 52nd Anniversary (June 2017) on the Eastern and Orient Express thru Malaysia to Singapore then flew to Bali.
The highlights were the people and the food. We now know that carrot cake is not just dessert but also an egg and daikon (radish) main dish very popular in Singapore.
Wishing the class of 1961 good health and enjoyment in whatever you are doing as we all approach 75!!

Our classmate Kevin Kinnaly will be buried at sea courtesy of the US Navy.
There will be a memorial service at Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island at 10:00 A.M. on August 9th. RIP Kevin.

Honey shared this story with me and I asked permission to share it here with all of you. When she was eleven, her father came down with polio and was in a wheelchair the rest of his life. It's just the kind of human interest story that you see in newspapers and it touches your heart. How great that Honey's mother was able to be part of this. 7/05/2017

I went to a wedding on LI last weekend and passed Kathy's (also Mine, Betty Zeitler, Regina Kerr, Al Hope and Dennis Foley's) homes. We all lived in the same 'subdivision' (not sure they called it that in the 50's) and one of my brothers drove my Mom and I past and took pictures of all the homes we lived in years ago. We even went to the 'home' my Dad lived in (Holly Patterson) Uniondale. He passed away there in 1973 and there was a plaque on the wall that my brother remembered. We asked about it at the front desk and they didn't know anything about it (much younger employees) but said we could look around, which we did. I guess if you work in a place and pass by something each day you do not really see it..... this was on the wall at what was the main entrance years ago. We were so happy to see it was still there. Very touching, but sad, to remember my Dad spent so many years paralyzed from Polio.
My brother asked if they ever decided to remove the plaque, could he have it.... I was amazed it was still there after all these years, especially since no one seemed to know who he was....

On June 22 Laura (Allen) and Dick Lally will celebrate 21 years of marriage. This photo was taken on their wedding day. We wish them many more years of happiness.

Congratulations to Susan (Amrhein) and John Mulligan. On June 19th they celebrate 41 years of marriage.

Best wishes to Judy (Cottrell) and Glenn Wolter who will be married 51 years on June 18th.

Congratulations to Pat (McCauley) and Rich Mangels who celebrate 54 years of marriage on June 16th

Congratulations to Bob and Billie Lent on the birth of their latest grandchild. Derek
Weston Lent was born on June 9, 2017 weighing in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and was
20.5 inches long. Nice shirt Grandpa.

Best wishes to Carol (Manning) and Sal Del Prete who celebrate 53 years of marriage on June 7th, 2017

Congratulations to Phyllis (Peckman) and John Purkey who celebrate 19 years of marriage on May 22.

Congratulations to Larry and Peggy Carballo on the birth of their great grandchild Rielyn. She looks right at home in Great-Grandpa's arms.

Passover Greetings 2017


Dear Family and Friends,

It looks like our little family is waiting at the bus stop for the ride to Jerusalem. It should be pretty fast and comfortable and undramatic, not like our ancestors several thousand years ago. While we're waiting, let's bring you up-to-date with what's been happening with us.

Beginning in the north, in the Haifa suburb of Tirat Carmel to be exact, Dalit and Eitan moved into their own apartment six months ago. It's only a short walk from Dalit's parents, where they were living for over four years, but it's a big step towards independence and family life.

Dalit is working as an Emergency Room nurse in Haifa's Rambam Hospital, where her shifts turn days into nights, and nights into days. This is what hospital nursing is all about. On top of this, Dalit is also finishing her thesis on hospitalization and the elderly for her master's degree in Nursing from Haifa University.

Eitan is also closing in on his degree in Bio-Chemical Engineering at the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology. He still has a few more courses to complete, but is also working part-time in a laboratory doing research on medical marijuana. He is sending out his résumé and has had several job interviews.

Dalit and Eitan adopted a little brown puppy shortly after they moved into their own apartment, and now "Robin" is already a part of the family. They are both dog lovers, so this was kind of expected. The Greener brothers grew up with our wonderful dog Chomps (who died in 2006) here in our apartment in Pisgat Ze'ev.

Aharon is keeping busy with several archaeological projects, mainly a post-doctoral fellowship at Haifa University's Institute of Archaeology, where he is working on stone tools from the Timna copper mines and other sites. He is also working on the publication of several different stone tool assemblages and other articles, as well as at the Temple Mount Sifting Project lab. Although he turned 40 this year, he has decided to postpone his mid-life crisis.

Melanie is busy at work at the Public Affairs Department at Tel Aviv University. She is in charge of the University's international social networks and other marketing efforts that ensure donations continue to flow in. She exercises regularly, runs a writing group, and is working on her second book about women and migration, writing mostly on her train commutes to north Tel Aviv.

Amitai is in second grade and has many friends. He likes to practice his soccer skills whenever he can and to play with his brother. He has an active imagination and reads a lot, mostly in Hebrew and is also getting better in English. For his recent 8th birthday, he invited his family, including grandparents and Uncle Eitan, to a soccer game at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem.

Yadin is a rambunctious 4 1/2-year-old. He is a ball of energy and character and has lots of friends in his preschool. He is showing promise as a director, producing the family Passover play which means getting everyone to practice in earnest ahead of the seder. He is learning the letters from his brother and has deep thoughts about life. Once a week, Yadin goes to an after-school music activity, and he is quickly becoming the most cultured member of the family.

<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Amiel, in Washington, DC, is still enjoying traveling the world with his Greener Travel Agency. Upcoming adventure vacations include Green Cuba (May), Alaska (July) and Costa Rica (August). Ami also keeps busy with part-time teaching and translating Hebrew, as well as enjoying DC city life to the fullest. He remains active in many Jewish community events.

As we write, Ami is in Greenland as a guest of the Tourism Ministry to visit some of the more remote villages. Whoever named it "Greenland" was playing a joke on the rest of the world. Maybe "Iceland" was already taken. Ami will celebrate the Passover seder meal on the way home in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

Trudy hasn't had any major changes these past few months, unless you count her entry into a new decade. She celebrated with a weekend away with the family, and Ami flew in from the US as well, to direct the wacky skits the boys think up for birthday celebrations and weddings. She left her new choir, and actually returned to her old-new choir that had resuscitated itself. She also decided to take care of her cataracts, which were finally beginning to interfere with her "quality of life," as the doctor put it, and is just finishing up the second procedure. Though it hasn't rid her of glasses altogether (she's been wearing them since age 11!), the world is brighter and clearer these days. Otherwise she continues with her volunteer jobs, babysitting, book club, and crafts (including another panel of Stitching the Torah). Makes for full days.

Doug is enjoying life as a semi-retiree, although there always seems to be those pesky deadlines that should have vanished five years ago. There is still work in advertising and fund-raising, writing (mostly for his Israel Brews and Views web log), gyming and jogging, keeping current with the world of Israeli craft beer, listening to music and reading, and pub crawling with wonderful friends. (You might have noticed a preponderance of beer-related activities in that list. Thank God!)

Right after Passover, Doug is traveling to Florida to spend some quality time with his mom Goldie, who recently turned 99, and to see his brother Hal. Goldie is appearing in a book being published shortly called We the Resilient: Wisdom for America from Women Born Before Suffrage, short profiles of women born before 1920, when women got the right to vote in the U.S. Doug is then flying to New York City to visit old and true friends, enjoy the city and drink some good beer.

On Passover eve, while Ami enjoys a seder in Reykjavik, and Eitan and Dalit will be with her family in OUR north, Trudy and Doug will be hosting Aharon, Melanie, the boys, and Melanie's mom Joyce from Montreal.

As Passover week coincides with Easter, we all wish you a wonderful spring holiday season, and a lazy, hazy, crazy summer to follow.

Wait a minute. Here comes our bus. We have to get on. Wish you can join us!

With Love From
Doug, Trudy, Amiel, Aharon, Melanie, Amitai, Yadin, Eitan

Best wishes to Bob and Billie Lent who celebrate 48 years of marriage on April 5th. Wishing you both many more years of happiness.

On March 3rd Honey (Murway) and Tom Cottrell celebrate 54 years of marriage. It must be all that traveling that keeps them looking so young. Here's to many more trips and many more years of marriage.

Seth Tierney is the son of our late classmate Tom Tierney. Ryan is Tom's grandson. I'm pretty sure Tom has a ringside seat to these games from heaven.

Ryan Tierney chose to play lacrosse at Hofstra University where his father, Seth Tierney, is the team's head coach.
CLICK HERE to view a short video!

Congratulations to Arlene (Brambora) and Ron Campbell who celebrate 54 years of marriage on January 19th. That's their daughter Sandi on the left. I think we are looking at our longest married couple. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Best wishes go out to Joy (Calvano) and Dave Lawrence, who celebrate 33 years of marriage on January 10. Wishing you both many more years together.

 It is inspiring to know that some of our classmates still have parents living. For most of us, we have lived without our parents for years and still miss their presence in our lives. On March 11th, Judy Cottrell Wolter's father will be 92 years old. He still lives alone in his own home in Virginia Beach. This picture of him and Judy was taken last year on his birthday.

I just had to share this great picture of Honey and her ninety five year old
mother. (the power lifter and line dance instructor!) They were having brunch
this week. 12/25/16

Does anyone recognize this Salvation Army bell ringer? Barbara O'Connell Lawrence had a great experience volunteering and said the people she met were all so friendly. Something did not seem right to my New York eyes. These volunteers are usually dressed in bulky coats with hats and scarves and gloves. I guess things are different in Florida. Classmate Janet Columbia (in red) treated her "girls"- granddaughters, daughter-in-laws and daughter to a Christmas tea in Portland Oregon. The weather there was snow and ice for two solid weeks but thankfully cleared up so they could do this. Janet's daughter-in-law made the hats for everyone. Thanks to Lois Christensen Bish for sending this with permission from Janet to post here. Love all those smiling faces!

Anniversary wishes go out to Vic and Maryann Sassone who celebrate 52 years of marriage on November 28th.

Hi Marcy,

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May we all enjoy this special day with our families.  And may you all be happy and healthy too.

 I wanted to send you “before & after” pictures for our 45th Anniversary (November 19th), but I still can’t locate our old wedding pics in the “great wall of boxes” in our basement.  We’re still getting settled in our new house after moving in August.  And Patt keeps me busy with other chores.  At least, I can attach this recent pic of us at one of our favorite local places.


Robert & Patricia Levine


Congratulations to Lou and Barbara Chanin who were married 42 years on November 7th. Apologies to Lou who had to go through boxes in his cellar looking for his wedding album. He never found the album but did find these photos. Thank you Lou!

Best wishes to Jerry and Irene Murphy who celebrate 32 years of marriage
on November 17th.

Irene and her daughters with Jerry and his sons. They always reminded me
of a scaled down version of the Brady Bunch!

On October 29th Pat (McCauley) Mangels and her husband Rich
 had dinner with Carol (Manning) Del Prete and her husband Sal
at Cypress Creek Golf Club in Sun City Center, Florida.
They texted me this photo. The Mangels are on the left.

Hello Marcy,

Yes, I did receive your email reminding me about the long overdue wedding picture.
 Have been very busy lately, but I finally made the time to get this done.
I have attached two pictures, one (above) was taken taken a "LITTLE" while earlier as I'm sure you can tell,
 some time in 1962 as I am wearing my Air Force uniform. The other (below) is of our wedding in 2003.

Happy 13th wedding anniversary to Joe and Valerie Garofalo on October 19th.
 Theirs is a happy reconnection story that was 40 years in the making. We wish them many more years together.

Congratulations to Jeff and Carol Chasan who celebrate
 twenty three years of marriage on October 9th.
 Wishing them many more years to come.

Hi Everyone,
I've attached the evite to the annual Gracie Square Art Show. Oct 1-2, 2016
The show is in Carl Shurz Park.
It's on York Ave between 78th and 84th sts.
I'll be in booth 68
If you can't make it, that's okay. It's not a requirement! Steve Bitel

Best wishes go out to Carol Dunne Creal and her husband Norman Stout
 who celebrate fifteen years of marriage on September 15th.
 It was a small wedding so there were no wedding pictures.

Hi. Here's a photo of Bob Levine and I in Connecticut last week.
 I was East for my brother's 80th birthday and I drove up to Connecticut
 to have lunch with Bob and Patt. I am happy to say he's the same old Bob.
 Hope you're doing well. Harv

Best wishes go out to Joan (Gale) and Ed Wilson, who celebrated 27 years of marriage on August 19th.
 There are no wedding pictures for her to share because the weddingalbum was lost on a move years ago.
She says she's fine with it since Ed can't look at the pictures and realize how much she's aged in 27 years!

Marcy....Del and I got together with Joe and Valerie Garafolo in Port CharlotteFlorida last week....had a short but fun visit...also got to visit
with Roger Anicelli but neglected to take pix....my bad.I think Valarie and Joe may have some other pix...it was
pouring when these pix were taken but we had a great time!
Sandy Parrish Duvall

Best wished go out to Steve and Phyllis Ross who celebrate 48 years of marriage on August 10th. We wish them many more years of anniversaries.

Congratulations to Pat (Pandolfi) and Sam Cox who celebrate 48 years of marriage on August 9th. The second picture was taken in the spring of 1990 when Pat got back into her wedding gown for old times sake. We wish them every happiness on their special day.

Hi Marcy, was in South Dakota renewing my driver's license. Stopped by Sturgis to replenish my
T shirts. This pic of Irene and I is by Devil's Tower Wyoming. Moving on to new places.
Jerry Murphy

Dear Friends,

Now it's official.  The Senate of Bar-Ilan University has confirmed that Aharon Greener is a Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology.

It was a grand evening when Trudy and I were joined by Melanie, Amitai and Eitan to see Dr. Greener awarded his Ph.D. diploma while a giant slide of his name, face and research project was projected above the stage. [See photos attached.]

A dream come true for every Jewish parent.

Actually, no.

Oh, I'm ecstatic and proud that it happened.  But it wasn't my dream for Aharon from the moment of his conception.  Nor for my other two sons, for that matter.

When Trudy and I came to Israel, I consciously rejected several Jewish stereotypes which were born of the Diaspora, or at least of the North American Diaspora.  Maybe I'll write about some of them another time, but for now I just want to mention one: The parents who push their children into academic fields which they may not want or be suited for.  "You can be anything you want as long as it's a doctor or a lawyer," as the old joke goes.

I remember being perfectly at ease with the boys choosing any path in life for themselves.  Oh, Trudy and I wanted them to do the best they could in school, and we helped out in every way possible: with homework, attending PTA meetings, getting extra help where it was called for.  But it never became an obsession.  In fact, it's no secret that neither Ami, Aharon nor Eitan were sterling students at any time through the end of high school.  Their marks were no more than average.  I was not at all certain that they would be pursuing academic educations. 

When each of them started army service, we had no idea what they would be doing at the other end.  Yet it was in the army where they all found directions.  Ami, who served in the Nachal Corps, combining military service with agricultural work on a kibbutz, developed his interest in the animal kingdom and the ecology.  Aharon entered an army competition on the Land of Israel and Military History – and reached the finals!  The army gave him time off to study, and I think for the first time he discovered the connection between hard work and success, something he never found out in high school.  Eitan passed the very difficult course to become an army medic after he developed an interest in medicine and biology – all while he was learning how to blow things up within the Engineering Corps.

I watched in awe as Ami got a degree in Biology at Hebrew University and a Master's in Environmental Planning at Wageningen in Holland; Eitan, after a false start or two, was accepted to the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, in the Bio-Chemical Engineering department, one of the toughest engineering programs in the country, and is on his way to graduation; and Aharon went through his BA, MA and Ph.D. in Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies at Bar-Ilan University.


So, congratulations to Dr. Aharon Greener, and to Melanie, Amitai and Yadin.  May this be the start of a successful and satisfying career.  And to all my academic sons, who were pulled by their desire to learn and to succeed.  Not pushed by their parents.


Doug 7/11/16

Congratulations to Judy (Cottrell) and Glenn Wolter who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this week (June 18th) on a cruise of the Rhine River in Europe.

Congratulations to Susan (Amrhein) and John Mulligan who celebrate 40 years of marriage on June 19th. There are many ways to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary, but this one takes the cake. Susan Amrhein Mulligan got out her wedding dress and posed for pictures. She's one of the few people I know who can still fit in a dress forty years later. She claims the zipper only got halfway up her back, but you would never know that looking at these pictures. Look at that tiny waist! I love John's sense of fashion.

Congratulations to Laura (Allen) and Dick Lally who celebrate 20 years of marriage on June 22nd. By the time I asked for a wedding picture, the Lallys were already in their NY summer home and the wedding pictures were in their Florida home. Next year I will ask earlier. This picture was taken at my house ten years ago.

Anniversary wishes go out to Roni (Cojac) and Alan Mintz who will be married 51 years on June 26th. The second picture was taken at their 50th anniversary last year.

Ann-Marie Adamec Coady drove from her home in Georgia to Stewart, Florida to visit Marilyn Lerner Workman. Here they are visiting friends in Stewart.

A few days later Marilyn and Ann-Marie took off for the Florida Keys to enjoy a few days of girl time. It did rain for a couple of days but eventually the sun won out as you can see with Marilyn's sunglasses and Ann-Marie's great sunhat. These two photos were taken in Vaca Key. The girls return home on the 14th.

Congratulations to Pat (McCauley) and Rich Mangels who celebrate 53 years of marriage on June 16th. The recent picture of them was taken last month in China.

Congratulations to Barbara (O'Connell) and Trent Lawrence. who celebrate forty eight years of marriage on June 27th. There are no wedding pictures from that day. When Trent found out he was being shipped to Viet Nam they found a justice of the peace and got married without any fanfare. No pictures were taken, but as Barbara says, the most important thing was that he made it home safely.

Congratulations to Maryann (Lavery) and Harry Turk who celebrate 34 years of marriage on June 26th. We wish you both many more years together.

Congratulations to Sandy (Parrish) and Del Duvall who celebrate 46 years of marriage on May 16th. Wishing them many more years of wedded bliss.
Dear Friends,

Spring again! It seems that as we are slowing down, time goes by even faster.

It's time to concentrate once again on the Festival of Freedom that begins in only a few hours. No other story of national liberation has had an effect on world events like the Exodus from Egypt.
National leaders of all races, cultures and religions have compared themselves to Moses, their people to the Hebrew slaves, and their narrative to the parting of the Red Sea.

The Greener clan will not celebrate the Passover seder meal together this year. Aharon, Melanie and the boys, and Ami, are in Montreal to be with Mel's mother Joyce, grandma Lucy, brother Jason and other family members. Doug, Trudy, Eitan and Dalit are gathering in Jerusalem with neighbors and friends.

But we all join together in wishing everyone a happy and festive Passover and a wonderful springtime to follow.

On a more micro-level, here's what we have been doing:  CLICK on following pictures to enlarge!

Ami in Washington, DC, is busy with Greener Travel (http://www.costaribbean.com/) , bringing adventurous tourists to Costa Rica, Alaska, dog-sledding in Maine, and is now considering
expanding to Cuba. Ami continues his kinetic lifestyle, both in Washington and often traveling to New York for business and fun, and to Florida to visit Grandma Goldie.

Aharon's big, bigger, biggest news is that his doctoral thesis was accepted and we now have a Dr. Greener in the family. What a pleasure and satisfaction (and relief) it brings us all. Congratulations to Aharon, who has been working very hard on this for years, and now can begin on his career in earnest.

Aharon is also finishing up his term as the Director of Programming at the Albright Institute of Archeology in Jerusalem. In the winter, he took part in the excavations at the Timna copper mines, where he researched the stone tools used for mining and gave a paper on the subject. This summer, he participated for three weeks in the excavations at Tel e-Safi, the Biblical city of Gath, and recently led a tour of the Albright fellows to Jordan, where Melanie joined him for part of the time (Doug and Trudy pulled babysitting duty!).

Before they flew to Montreal, Aharon, Melanie and the boys were in southern Florida, where they had emotional visits with Great-grandma Goldie and Uncle Hal. They then went to New York City and visited the Museum of Natural History (where Amitai lost his second front tooth) and saw the Statue of Liberty. They stayed with Doug and Trudy's young-old friend, Delia Edoga. Amitai was obviously smitten by the Big Apple and told Delia he wants to stay in New York for "14 months."

Melanie started a new job in the public affairs department of Tel Aviv University, responsible for strategic communications to the foreign media. She is also a busy mom for Amitai and Yadin.

Amitai is seven years old and in the first grade, where he ranks reading and writing as his favorite subjects. He can spend hours reading books, but also loves his after-school soccer and judo activities. He has traded his interest in dinosaurs for a passion for soccer. His favorite team is Katamon, a minor league Jerusalem team.

Yadin is a rambunctious three-and-a-half year old who rivals his brother in his knowledge of dinosaurs. We expect that his English will get a big boost from his trip to the US. Last month he was an excellent Batman for Purim – just in time for the box office hit movie!

Back in Israel, Eitan and Dalit are living near Haifa while he is edging towards completing his studies at the Technion in Bio-Chemical Engineering and working part-time on a project to explore marijuana use in treating cancer. Dalit is working as a nurse in the ER in Rambam Hospital and studying for her Masters at Haifa University. Dalit was honored to be chosen to work as an assistant for one of her courses. They are now also apartment hunting and hope to be able to move into their own home by the summer.
Doug and Trudy recently returned from a wonderful four-day visit to Munich, where they were the guests of the Jewish Museum for the opening of a new exhibit commemorating the role of Jews in the Bavarian beer industry. They also drank prodigious quantities of an Israeli-German collaboration beer which was unveiled at the exhibit opening, and visited with Doug's old friend from Georgetown University days, Chris Kraiker and his wife Sybille. It was the first time Trudy agreed to go to Germany, and she must admit that she had a good time. She even liked the collaboration beer!

Back home, Trudy is continuing with her various activities – editing, singing in the Meitar Choir, volunteering at the Israel Free Loan Association and for the Jerusalem SPCA, taking courses at Pardes, and finishing and starting various craft projects.

Semi-retired Doug is still doing advertising and direct mail, while he writes his blog on Israeli craft beer (www.IsraelBrewsAndViews.blogspot.co.il) and other projects. More recently, he has begun to give lectures on the history and customs of brewing in the Middle East. He finds this a surprisingly enjoyable outlet to share his passion for beer. Other activities include: Reading, listening to music, attending lectures, pubbing with friends, cooking, and assorted physical exertions at the local gym.

With love to you all,

Doug & Trudy


Aharon, Melanie, Amitai & Yadin

Eitan & Dalit

Congratulations to Bob and Billie Lent who celebrate 47 years of marriage on April 5th. The recent picture includes their grandson. 4/1/16


Hi Marcy,  Val and I recently spent 10 days in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, 6 days at our time share and then 4 days with Sandy & Del Duvall at their home.
Some of the pictures were taken in the La Iguana restaurant which is in the building that used to be the home of Richard Burton during the filming of the movie "The Night of the Iguana". It just so happens that Liz Taylor had a house directly opposite his on the other side of the street (how convenient for them at the time), so they had a bridge built between the two houses.
It was great to meet up with Sandy & Del in Puerto Vallarta again (in March in Sunny Mexico rather than in Snowy Colorado Springs).
After we returned home to Florida I discovered that I had left one of my favorite shirts at Sandy's house. She told me that she found it and will keep it safe for me. She thinks that I forgot to pack the shirt, HA HA I don't forget anything ------------------what was I saying, oh I remember, it was no accident.
We may just have to go back to retrieve the shirt that I FORGOT .

Marcy, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping us all connected through the class website.
If you ever get to come down to the west coast of Florida for a visit give us a call, we do have a spare bedroom.

Thank you, again, hope all is well with you and your family, Joe & Valerie


Congratulations to Doug and Trudy Greener who will be married 47 years on March 23rd, Wishing them both many more happy years together.


Doug Greener visiting his 98 year old mother in Florida on February 16, 2016.
I love the big smile on her face. 3/15/16


Congratulations to Mary Ann (Lavery) and Harry Turk who are expecting their third great-granddaughter. As you can clearly see from this sonogram, she is going to be a beauty. This technology was not available to us when we were raising our families. Nor did we have any clue as to the gender of the baby. We have seen so much change in our lifetime.




Congratulations to Honey (Murway) and Tom Cottrell, who celebrate fifty three years of marriage on March 3rd. Wishing them many more years of happiness!

I just had a pleasant surprise from three former classmates. I got a Facetime call from (left to right) Joan Gale Wilson, Pat McCauley Mangels and Carol Manning Del Prete. They were having lunch in a restaurant in Florida. It was good "seeing" them and hearing their voices again. Joan was visiting Carol, and Pat recently moved very close to Carol. I hadn't seen Joan or Carol since the 50th reunion and Pat since the 2005 reunion. How nice to have a ray of sunshine on a cold rainy day here in New York. The Golden Girls were, of course, enjoying natural sunshine. 2016-02-25


Hi Marcy,

It's Pat (McCauley) Mangels. I know it's been some time since we have been in touch. We no longer live in California, and have moved back to Florida. We are now on the west coast in Sun City Center, (Kings Point). We are loving it here and enjoying all the amenities.

Today I reconnected with Carol Manning. She lives here 5 months out of the year. We spent 3 hours catching up on our lives after high school and then we went down memory days at LMHS. We plan on getting together again real soon.

My new address is:
2035 Hartlebury Way
Sun City Ctr. Fl 33573
Phone: 951-733-9017


This picture was taken at the Oklahoma Memorial where we stopped on our move to Florida.
I hope that when Pat and Carol get together next time, they will take a picture for this site! 2/12/16


Marcy.....Ann is here visiting for the week...Thought you would like to put this on the website.......Honey will be visiting me on Wednesday, so I will send more pictures to you....Hope you are well.....Marilyn

Left to right: Ann-Marie Adamec Coady and Marilyn Lerner Workman
February 8, 2016 Stuart, Florida.
How nice that Ann-Marie will be there for Marilyn's birthday on the 9th!



Day two of Marilyn's birthday celebration brought more people to Stuart, Florida. The big surprise was a visit from Marilyn's daughter that everyone kept secret until she arrived. Honey made the four hour trip from Tampa after having lunch with her sister who lives twenty minutes from Marilyn. Gail Sorenson (class of LMHS 62) also joined the mix. Her ashes leave no doubt that this was Ash Wednesday. I'm glad Honey brought her selfie stick.
In back, Marilyn Lerner Workman, Ann-Marie Adamec Coady, Honey Murway Cottrell
In front, Marilyn's daughter Karen and Gail Sorenson. 2/11/16

Congratulations to Arlene (Brambora) and Ron Campbell who celebrate 53 years of marriage
on January 19th. We wish them many more years of happiness.

Wedding Day Congratulations to Joy (Calvano) and Dave Lawrence who celebrate thirty two years of marriage on January 10th. Best wishes for many more years of happines

Pictures Put In 1/3/2016


I took this photo yesterday at Mark Michaels annual magic show.
He gave me permission to send it to you for the website.
His granddaughter, Sofia, is assisting him
Steve Ross

Here is one Here is one with grandson Brandon as well

Harvey Pearlstein met up with his favorite Los Angeles Dodgers player Clayton Kershaw in Las Vegas. Now he can say that he did win in Vegas.

Wedding Day Congratulations to Vic and Mary Ann Sassone who celebrate 51 years of marriage on November 28th. Wishing them many more years of happiness.

Pictures Put In 11/30/2015


  Classmate Phil Margolin (on left) meets up with Chuck Greaves (LMHS class of 1974) at the Men of Mystery Writers Conference in Irvine, California on Sunday, November 15th.  


Congratulations to Mary Ann (Lavery) and Harry Turk on the birth of their latest great grandchild. Adilyn Marie Boynton was born on October 26th at 10:47 p.m, She weighed in at 5.13 pounds and is 18.5 inches long. 10/28



Congratulations to Lois (Christensen) and Roy Bish who celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary on October 3rd. This picture was actually taken a year ago on their 50th anniversary. I can't believe the timing on this. I sent out several requests this past week for anniversary dates and a picture if possible. I had no idea Lois' anniversary was just two days away when I sent that email. So glad I didn't miss it! 10/05


  Congratulations to Brad and Cindy Scott who celebrate sixteen years of marriage on October 23rd. Says Brad, "I loved Cindy's calves and she loved my voice". Wishing them both a happy anniversary. 10/01  


Congratulations to Bob and Billie Lent on the birth of their newest grandchild Aiden. Born on September 19th at 6:03 a.m., Aiden weighed in at 7 lbs. 1 oz and is 22 inches long. I wonder how long it will be before Bob has Aiden on the basketball court? 9/24


  Belated anniversary greetings to Steve and Phyllis Ross who celebrated 47 years of marriage on August 10th. I wish I had asked him the date just a little sooner. If anyone else has an anniversary coming up, please send me the date.  

Dear Family and Friends,

We're a little behind in sending out the family report for this season, but we don't want to wait with our New Year's greetings.

A Happy New Year to all!

Doug & Trudy

Congratulations to Judy (Cottrell) and Eric Wolton, who celebrated 49 years of marriage on September 2nd.

Susan Amrhein Mulligan spotted her first celebrity at a yard sale.
 That's Joy Behar from The View.
 Susan says she was hoping to spot Paul McCartney, who had been seen around town.
 It's so great that phones have cameras these days or moments like these would never be captured.


Belated congratulations to Pat Pandolfi Cox and her husband Sam who celebrated 46 years of marriage on August 9th.
They are seen here having dinner at Beachtree Cafe in Islip.


Hi Marcy,
Carolyn Nelson and I had a wonderful lunch together and got caught up on the
latest. Whenever we meet, we pick up right where we left off. It's always
GREAT for us LMHS gals to get together.
We knew you would want a photo so here it is.

We hope all is well with you and the family.
Pat and Carolyn


Hi Marcy, Alan and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on June 26, 2015. I read that many of our classmates shared their 50th anniversary celebrations and wanted to include that we had a ring and marriage blessing ceremony followed by a dinner dance party hosted by our children and grandchildren. Our wedding cake was duplicated and topped with our original cake topper. A bonus was my 101 year old dad blessing us again.
Regards and good health to all.
Roni (Cojac) Mintz


  This past weekend, the LMHS classes of 65, 66 and 67 held their joint reunion on Long Island. Only one teacher was able to make it Friday night and that was George Lathuras, seen here on the left. For many of us, he was our 10th grade social studies teacher so I wanted to share this photo. He was also at our 2005 classes of the sixties reunion and I know many of you got to talk to him then. It's nice to know he's still going strong. 7/20  

  Jerry Murphy tries his luck at a Montana golf course. The Murphys are still on the road and by now they should be in Idaho. They return home to Arizona in October. 7/20  

Congratulations to Barbara (O'Connell) and Trent Lawrence who celebrate 47 years of marriage on June 27th.

Congratulations to Mary Ann (Lavery) and Harry Turk who are celebrating 33 years of marriage on June 26th. Says Mary Ann, " Thirty three years and still smiling!" 6/26/15


Congratulations to Susan (Amrhein) and John Mulligan who are seen here celebrating 39 years of marriage. We wish them many more years of happiness.


I love this
Feel free to post on our site
Steve Ross

I think we can all relate. in my case, I bypassed my three kids when they gave me an IPhone and took lessons from my eleven year old granddaughter. Grandkids are so much more patient and so eager to share their knowledge! I also discovered they know more than their parents. 6/26/15

Congratulations to Sandy(Parrish) and Del DuVal on their 45th wedding anniversary. We wish them many more years of happiness.

Hi Marcy.....Betty Csontos Shuster took the photos when she came to visit us in Stuart, Fl on April 20th.....Please post the first photo of us on the website....the four of us, and the one of Betty and I on the motorcycle. Betty and Chuck were on their way to Key West on their motorcycle.....Thanks....Marilyn
Left to right: Tom and Marilyn Workman, Betty and Chuck Schuster

Marilyn Lerner Workman and Betty Csontos Schuster

For those of you who live in the Levittown area, an art exhibit of classmate Louise DeNardo Cassano will be on display for the month of May at the Levittown Public Library. There will be an artist reception on May 15th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. If you do go, please take a picture of yourself with Louise and send it to me for the site. I'm always amazed at how much talent our class has produced.

Barbara O'Connell Lawrence celebrated her 72nd birthday by jumping out of an airplane! Her husband Trent gave her what she calls the best birthday gift ever. This is someone who was afraid to walk to the edge of the Grand Canyon and look down. She said it was a totally different experience. I'll take her word for it. I am so impressed.
Click here to see the actual video of her skydive: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISHJ-rPlNv4)

Hi Barbara,
Happy birthday and great job !!! You're my hero (not the sandwich). In all the years I've been piloting my own aircraft (some 6,000 with combat time)
I would never think about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. But knowing you all these years and the great horse woman you are, I wouldn't think
anything less of ya Ma'am

Keep the blue side up...
Stu Smith


Dear Friends,

I was never called an "evangelist" before, but maybe the shoe fits.

I met Lee and Ginger Heidel from Savannah, Georgia, when they came here last week as guests of the Ministry of Tourism to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon (and shorter runs). Lee writes for the websites Brew-Drink-Run, devoted to beer and jogging, and The Manual, The Essential Guide for Men.

They found me through my blog and asked me to introduce them to the Israeli craft beer scene. I did my best in the limited time they had in their packed schedule.

Lee wrote about our brief encounter, which you can read here:

Interesting reading, but it makes me blush.

Doug  3/25/15



Years ago on a trip to Florida I saw a group of older women shopping in a mall. They were all dressed in red and purple and every one of them had on a red hat. I wondered what that was all about but lacked the nerve to ask one of them. A few days later in a Florida departmernt store I saw a Red Hat Society section in the womens' clothing department. So I asked the saleswoman and she explained about the group and told me they sell a huge amount of red hats. Imagine my delight when a couple of years after that Pat Pandolfi Cox told me she was a member of this nationwide group. Here's a picture of Pat dressed for a Red Hat Society luncheon in Florida a few days ago. Any other female classmates out there who belong?


Thanks to Facebook postings of Louise Denardo Cassano, Sandy Parrish Duval was able to see that the Cassanos were in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Sandy contacted Louise about trying to get together there yesterday. And I put my two cents in reminding them to take a picture for this site. It all worked out beautifully.
Standing: Sandy and Del Duval
Seated mauro and Louise Cassano

Dear Friends,

Once again, Jerusalem is snowy white. The U.S. mid-Atlantic gets covered in snow every week and in Washington DC they're having public snowball fights, but we get six inches of snow and the city shuts down and it's a national event. We've been having more winter storms recently. Maybe it’s global warming; I don't understand such things. Trudy is preparing lovely meals for our Shabbat and I will be opening a bottle of Maredsous Trippel abbey ale from Belgian for lunch tomorrow. It's the last of the bottles that I got from Melanie and Aharon on my birthday a year-and-a-half ago.

Trudy took the attached photo from our window this morning.

Shabbat Shalom and a good weekend to all,

Doug Greener


On Saturday evening Steve and Phyllis Ross went to a performance of "Shatner's World" at CW Post College on Long Island. William Shatner held a meet and greet for trekkies and in Steve's own words, "Phyllis and I beamed in". I'm thinking I don't need to label the people in this photo.


Hi Marcy and Happy New Year to you and all the class of 61..

I'm planning to retire the end of March 2015 and head for the wild blue yonder in search of Snoopy and the Red Baron.

Attached please find a PIC taken Jan 1, 2015 of me and my newly painted toy.
71 and still flying !!!

Keep up the great work with the site..

Stu Smith

As the Christmas tree peeks over the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem,

Doug and Trudy wish all of our friends a

Merry Christmas!


From Louise DeNardo Cassano
This is her own artwork.

Hi, Marcy. I hope all is well with you and your family. Last Friday Rheva Mason (Thomason) and I met with our
spouses David and Peggy for dinner and then an evening with Philip Margolin at a book signing for his latest mystery
novel. He was very impressive and made the experience quite enjoyable. Attached is a photo of Rheva, Philip and
me at the event. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Larry Carballo

For those of you who don't know, Phil Margolin is one of our classmates and a New York times best selling author.
His latest book is "Woman With a Gun".

Received a surprise on our doorstep this morning & after opening it realized it had come from Brad Scott. In an email recently Brad discussed how he misses Long Island & felt we had as well, although we go back often, & told me to “look out for a couple of packages in a few days”. Upon opening the 2 cartons it turned out to be an antique map of Long Island as well as a frame to put it in.

Carole & I put it together within 30 minutes & hung it on a wall adjacent to our sunroom in a great spot.

This is without doubt an “expression of friendship” from an old & true friend & I wanted to share this with our Class of ‘61 friends as well.

Russ Mulroy

Congratulations to Marilyn (Lerner) and Tom Workman who celebrate fifty years of marriage on October 3rd. They are still a very happy
looking couple today! Click on each picture to enlarge. 10/01/14

Sometimes we do get more than we bargained for. Roberta Willensky Klein went to see "Love Letters" on Broadway. Getting her
picture taken with the stars Mia Farrow and Brian Dennehy was an unexpected bonus. What a treat!
Submitted by Roberta Willensky Klein Click on each picture to enlarge. 10/01/14

Dear Friends,

As the year 5775 dawns, we can hear the great blast of the shofar heralding in the New Year. But we can also hear the still, small voice -- perhaps a prayer for a better (or at least not worse) year, or a resolution to make an improvement, or a kind word to somebody who could use one.

After a summer of great blasts and shrill sirens, we appreciate the quiet times even more as the New Year begins. Let's see what we've been up to.

Back in the Old Country, Washington DC to be exact, Ami recently got back from leading his eighth Jewish group adventure trip in Costa Rica – 17 cool Jews and nine days of hard work! Next year his company, Greener Travel, has Jewish group trips planned to Maine (dog sledding), Baja California, Trinidad, Alaska and Costa Rica.

Earlier in the spring he attended a conference of the International Ecotourism Society in Brazil’s Pantanal region (better wildlife viewing than the Amazon!), which might be a destination for a future tour of his. July saw him heading to the Mexican state of Baja Sur, where he went diving for the first time with sea lions. This was an exploratory trip for a 2015 group tour that will include ‘glamping’ ("glamorous camping") on a desert island in the Sea of Cortez, petting gray whales and snorkeling with whale sharks.

Earlier this summer Ami hosted Doug and Trudy in DC. He still lives in the vibrant Adams Morgan neighborhood, and would like to see more of his family visit him there!

Over in Modi'in, Aharon is still on the brink of handing in his doctorate. He is establishing an exciting new fund to support archaeological research in Israel. He is also working on revitalizing Dig the Past (digthepast.org), his program for youth in America. A few times a week, he works on the Temple Mount Sifting Project (look at the wikipedia entry for the Temple Mount Sifting Project). When he's not busy with archaeology, he has been going to the gym frequently.

Melanie has been progressing on her first book and looking for a publisher since leaving her job at Kenes last spring. She has also been taking advantage of her free time to revamp her blog, perpetualnomad.wordpress.com. Now that the kids are back in school and pre-school, she has started looking for a new job in PR and branding. She recently took part in the annual swim across the Sea of Galilee.

Amitai (5 1/2 this week) is excited to have started kindergarten. He feels he has moved up in life, learning to write and read letters and numbers, and playing more sophisticated games. This summer he learned to swim by himself, a momentous achievement of which his instructor (Melanie) is very proud. Now he goes to a gym class once a week. His knowledge of the dinosaur world continues to expand. Melanie and Amitai traveled to Montreal in August for cousin Bruce's wedding, where they also saw life-size dinosaur reconstructions.

Yadin recently turned two and jumps, runs, climbs and dances around his world. He speaks in full sentences in English and is starting to catch up in Hebrew. He is not far behind his brother in identifying dinosaurs and has an extraordinary talent for soccer and a great sense of rhythm. He has made many friends at his new pre-school. Both boys are avid book-lovers.

Up north near Haifa, Eitan and Dalit are beginning their third and fourth years, respectively, at the Technion (the Israel Polytechnic Institute) and the Ruppin Academic Center. Eitan, who is studying bio-chemical engineering, also took courses during the summer semester. At this stage, his courses are becoming much more practical-oriented than the general subjects he took during his first two years. He has also started going to the gym!

Dalit is getting ready for her last year of nursing school, which will include an internship in one of the area hospitals. During the summer she continued to work as a student nurse in the Emergency Room of Haifa's Rambam Hospital, sometimes pulling the arduous but interesting night shifts.

Trudy and Doug flew to the U.S. in June, visiting great-grandma Goldie in southern Florida, where they arranged for her to have round-the-clock care after she suffered a very minor stroke a month earlier. After they both had a wonderful visit with Ami in DC, Trudy went to see her brother Dan and family in Cleveland, while Doug went to New Jersey and New York to spend some quality time with old and precious friends.

Trudy is continuing her round of activities. She is putting the final touches on the Hebrew-English phrase book – hopefully it won’t be outdated by the time it actually goes to print! During the summer months she worked on writing and producing a calendar for the Jerusalem SPCA, to be sold as a fundraiser; this year’s topic was purebreds. It was lots of fun to research the history of the different breeds, though less fun to note how many of them end up abandoned and in the SPCA Shelter. In August, she sent off her completed Sefer Torah stitched verses, to which she added a decorative border patterned after an embroidered tablecloth her mother had given her. Choir has started up again, and after the holidays she will add classes and folk dancing. Not to forget babysitting for Amitai and Yadin, of course – including making Shabbat challahs again with Amitai one vacation day!

Doug is doing his best to keep dotage at bay by staying active in mind and body. No day (except Shabbat) would be complete without either a visit to the gym or jogging around the neighborhood. Something must be working because bus drivers and ticket sellers regularly ask for proof of age before giving him a senior discount. Ah, what pleasure that brings!

Doug's time also includes a little gainful employment (advertising and fund-raising), listening to music, reading, attending lectures and shows (mostly with Trudy) and, of course, blogging about good Israeli beer (look for the blog at IsraelBrewsandViews.blogspot.com). The waning days of summer brought the Jerusalem beer and wine festivals, and the super Tel Aviv beer festival -- and Doug was at all of them with camera, pad and pen.

In closing, we wish all of our family and friends a wonderful New Year and the start of a beautiful autumn-time and winter. We offer our still, small prayer for the New Year to see good people coming together to put an end to terrorism here and all over the world, and for all of you to have a year of good family and friends, small pleasures, and delicious food and beverages.

Doug & Trudy Greener


Aharon, Melanie, Amitai & Yadin

Eitan & Dalit


Louise and Mauro January 2014
Congratultions to Louise (DeNardo) and Mauro Cassano who celebrate 50 years of marriage on September 20th.
 They certainly don't look too much different today despite the passage of fifty years.

Congratulations to Steve and Phyllis Ross on the birth of their first grandchild. Leo weighs 7 pounds 12 ounces, has blond hair and looks like his dad according to Steve. 8/26/14

  CLICK HERE to View Video using Apple Quicktime

We've seen the challenge done on TV, but here's one of our own stepping up to the plate. Honey Cottrell was challenged by her son so she felt she had to do it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 8/25/14


Finally got to visit with Gino and spent a delightful day with him at his home and then a quick visit to the Marina where he has his boat docked. Hopefully we can return next year and go out on his boat. He wanted to take us out on this trip but we had not allotted enough time for that experience. Wait until next year.

Jeff Chasan

Click on each picture below to enlarge


That's me and Scruffy at Glacier Lake in Montana. Yeah, I know, I know. which one's Scruffy?

From the traveling man-Jerry Murphy. He got together with Bob Lent last month and forgot to take pictures! I think this is a peace offering.
We're in Glacier Park and it's more spectacular than any picture. After all my years of traveling, the U.S.A. has more to see than any place I've ever been.



Dotty Dorsa Read attended her grandson's wedding and posed with Geraldo Rivera, who just happens to be family. With her permission, I am sharing this with all of you.


Hi Marcy...Just sending a picture from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where Joe and Valerie Garafolo got together with
Sandy and Del Duvall.....know you're always threatening about pictures! ha ha
Joe and Val are down for a visit at their timeshare and we are in town for a while at the house.
Just beautiful down here! Hope all is well with you.

Sandy Parrish Duvall

Thanks Sandy! Glad you remembered the picture. Now could you ask Del to give Joe smiling lessons while you're spending time together?

Pat Pandolfi Cox shared this ad she found in Oprah Magazine. For those of you who don't know, the famous Sarabeth name is that of our classmate Beth Shapiro. She owns a chain of restaurants and her products are sold everywhere. Check it out: Sarabeth Ad

My sister Gladys-anne Pandolfi Mize (LMHS '77) and I spent a day in Levittown. Took a walking tour of the neighborhood. Here is a photo of our home on Turn Lane.
Submitted by Pat Pandolfi Cox

Photo of TomTierney's old house on Blossom Lane. Submitted by Pat Pandolfi Cox
What Pat didn't mention when sending me these for the site, was an interesting fact she mentioned on the phone. On that walking tour she took with her sister, they took a wrong turn and got temporarily lost. Lo and behold they recognized the home of Theresa Caputo, otherwise known as the Long Island Medium. Her home is shown on every episode of her TV series. They even saw a blond lady leave the house but were too far away to recognize the face. I watch the show just to see familiar places in Levittown such as Zorns. I know others of you do as well.
Pat old home looks very much the same- at least recognizable. I did a driveby of mine on the 50th reunion weekend and never would have recognized it. That was sad.
Marcy 2/20

The annual Christmas dinner is still taking place almost fifty three years after graduation.
Seated :Ann Marie Adamec Coady, Betty Csontos Schuster
Standing :Mary Mennette De Luca, Marge Mennette Wares, Dotty Dorsa Reade
January 4, 2014
Submitted by Dotty Dorsa Read


The photo is from the famous photographer Mike Horton, taken just after our recent snowstorm. The red arrow in the background points to the Church of the Nativity.

The wishes are from me.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Doug Greener

Jeff and his wife just returned from a trip to New York from Arizona. They had dinner with Ernie and Joanne Brodsky.
Note a much older than I, Ernie and Joanne Brodsky along with myself and wife Carol.
Submitted by Jeff Chasan.


I have shared that my dad was having his 100th birthday in November 2013. This photo was taken last week. In addition to a Comedy Club party for 75 people, dinners and brunch, a tree was planted at the Community Center in his honor. The mayor of Dunwoody, GA. gave him a key to the city and he was written up in most local papers.
I am sharing this photo of my husband Alan, me and my dad for all to see how fabulous 100 can be! He is standing, gave a short speech and enjoyed a lunch for 50 people and a trivia game about his life. A model for all of us.
Which leads me to wishing all of you a happy, healthy holiday season.

Roni Cojac Mintz

Where's Waldo? Can you find two of our classmates in this collage on the topic of diversity? The photo is by Steve Bitel and the collage (15 feet by 12 feet) will be on display, billboard sized at the Grand Campus of Suffolk Community College October 14th to Oct, 17th. Those still living on Long Island might enjoy seeing this in person. If you do go, take a picture of yourself by the billboard. Now who doesn't recognize the classmates?

Celeste Vives Holden and I met for lunch near our homes in upstate NY. We shared good memories, news of friends and family, & many laughs. Another good time thanks to this website! Laura Allen Lally

Jerry Murphy sent ths photo of him and Bob Lent on a Phoenix golf course. Jerry never fails to find a golfing partner, no matter what state he's visiting

Lorraine Cuomo's Wedding to Joe Schibani - June 30, 1963. Far upper right - Carol Manning Delprete; Third in from upper right - Louise DeNardo Cassano. Congratulations to Lorraine and Joe on celebrating fifty years together this month.

Hi, Marcy,

Our group had another 'reunion' last week, in Myrtle Beach. Here is our group photo for our LMHS web site. We had great fun, lots of laughs and reminiscing. Hope all is well with you and thank you, again, for all you do for our class.

Betty Csontos Schuster

Margie Menette Wares, Dotty Dorsa Reade, AnnMarie Adamec Coady, Mary
Menette DeLuca, Carol DiGregorio Caporale, Marilyn Lerner Workman, Betty
Csontos Schuster, MaryAnn Lavery Turk, Pat Lachet Krall.


Sitting with my 95 year old mother is my brother Hal (MacArthur High School graduate 1968), who came from Miami, and behind him my son Ami and his girlfriend Gabby, who came down from Washington, DC.

Thanks to Honey Cottrell for submitting this photo sent to her by Doug Greener. As some of you might know, Honey's mom is 91 and actively involved in senior power lifting competitions!


Dear Friends,

Yadin Moshe, our second grandson, is now six months old and has a bubbly personality. Strong lungs too. His parents chose his first name (which means "He will judge") because he was born just before Rosh Hashana, the Day of Judgment ("Yom Hadin") and because of their great respect for Yigael Yadin, an early Israeli military leader and a scholar who laid the foundation of Israeli archaeology. Although he enjoys his baths and floating on water, he was given the middle name "Moshe" because that was the Hebrew name of Doug's late father Milton.

After a rainy and kind of slow winter, spring is in the air again. Pesach is already here and with it our family reports and greetings.

Eitan and Dalit Zaguri were married in October in a wonderful wedding in Netanya, on Israel's Mediterranean coast, with the huppa canopy overlooking the sea. The ceremony itself had a pleasant informality which was set by the rabbi, a former teacher of Eitan's at his pre-army academy. There was yummy food and booze, and the joy of the newlyweds was infectious, as everybody joined in the dancing, which included a Sephardi henna ceremony, with great enthusiasm.

Uncle Danny and Aunt Carole, cousins Shana, Jon and Marcia, and Ami and his girlfriend Gabby, as well as Len Wasserman, a dear family friend from New York, came from the U.S. to join us. Uncle Abi and Aunt Ellen had it the easiest, coming from Netanya, while everyone from Jerusalem and Haifa battled Thursday evening traffic to get there on time!

Eitan and Dalit are now living near Haifa. Dalit is in her second year of Nursing studies at the Ruppin Academic Center, and Eitan in his first year of Bio-chemical Engineering at the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology. Because Dalit often leaves to go to school before Eitan wakes up, and Eitan often comes home after Dalit has gone to sleep, they are sure to see each other only on Shabbat!

With Yadin now on the scene, Aharon and Melanie are also finding their lives a bit more hectic. When they're not busy with their daily routine, they hike in the nature surrounding Modi'in, and recently took a family vacation to the desert of southern Israel. Mel is still on maternity leave, planning to return to her job at Kenes Media, organizers of international conferences and conventions, shortly. Besides the time with the two boys, going to the gym and organizing playdates, she is progressing with her literary projects with a writing group she started.

Aharon is now writing his Ph.D. thesis in Archaeology for Bar-Ilan University, intent on finishing by the end of 2013. As a recipient of a President's Scholarship, he was honored to receive a ticket to attend President Obama's speech last week in Jerusalem.

Amitai is progressing in so many ways since the family returned from Greece. His Hebrew is improving (the third language that he's had to cope with), and his love of books and storytelling just keeps growing. Moving on from his interest in dinosaurs, he now likes to read about all the world's non-extinct animals, especially birds. Last Friday he celebrated his fourth birthday with a chocolate Batman cake, family and friends.

Yadin's smile stops everybody in their tracks. He's beginning to interact with people in a much more active way, and can flip from his stomach to his back by himself. He eats a growing number of fruits and vegetables with gusto. Yadin watches his big brother with curiosity and admiration, waiting for the day he can run around the park with him.

Over in Washington, DC, Ami continues to work hard on his travel company, Greener Travel, specializing in Jewish group tours – and expanding from Costa Rica to offer a “Frozen Chosen” trip to Alaska as well as wilderness trips to Pennsylvania and the Adirondacks. Ami also teaches Hebrew and Jewish History at a local synagogue, and is active in the local Jewish community. Gabby continues with her work as a lawyer with the Department of Justice, traveling often to the Midwest on tax-related court cases.

Gabby recently moved in with Ami to his Adams Morgan apartment. When spring comes they plan to help renovate and fix up the small community garden near the colorful DC mural on the side of their house, which is a local tourist attraction. Ami and Gabby recently celebrated three years together; a few weeks later Ami organized a surprise party for Gabby’s birthday. Earlier in the year they spent a week in Paris on the way to Eitan’s wedding in Israel – a city Gabby lived in when she was younger.

Trudy and Doug are enjoying their retirement and semi-retirement. In February, they went on a lovely vacation to New Orleans (first time for both of them), walked along the mighty Mississippi on the levee tour (Doug told the guide if he wants the Levy tour, he should come to Jerusalem), and heard some great jazz in Preservation Hall. From there Trudy went on to visit her brother Nahmy in northern Florida for a couple of days, and then joined Doug in southern Florida to celebrate his mother's 95th birthday. How did we celebrate - by going out for kosher Chinese!!! We were joined by Doug's brother Hal, and Ami and Gabby. Ami put together a wonderful CD from old photographs and greetings from the grandchildren, and even the great-grandchildren got in the act.

Trudy still enjoys being able to have a leisurely cup of coffee most mornings. She continues her volunteer work and attends an Israeli folk dancing club (for the fun and the exercise). She is very busy now helping a close friend maneuver through the bureaucracy and move into a Senior Residence. She is also having fun trying to figure out how to use her new Kindle present for her alumnae Book Club. She also enjoys her papercutting and knitting, though she is hard put to find more "clients" who haven't received a sample of her work!!! Trudy and Doug both baby-sit for Amitai and Yadin on a regular basis.

Had you been in New Orleans in late February, you would have seen ol' man Greener walking along the banks of Ol' Man River. Doug also just keeps rollin' along. The only sweatin' and strainin' he does is at the local gym, although he does lift that bale carrying home fruits and vegetables and other goodies from the market every week. He hasn't toted a barge in a few years, but he still can be called upon to do some super ads and direct mail fundraising. If he gets a little drunk every now and then, he normally doesn't land in jail, but face down on his own bed. And tired of livin'? No way. Too many good things going on and too much still to do.

Like, for example, trying to figure out why Passover eve has never been this early (March 25) since 1899(!), and that it won't happen again until 2089, and thereafter -- never! No matter. This vagary of the Hebrew calendar just gives us a unique opportunity to wish all of our family and friends a wonderful springtime holiday season, with Passover and Easter in logical conjunction. May we all enjoy our feasts and festivals surrounded by loved ones, good food and pleasant booze.

Doug & Trudy
Aharon, Melanie, Amitai & Yadin
Eitan & Dalit

On March 3rd Honey (Murway) and Tom Cottrell will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. This landmark is something that very few achieve in their lifetime and that makes it all the more special. They are an example to all of us. They raised two children, doted over grandchildren and great grandchildren and traveled the world together. Would you believe that they met during a fire drill on the grounds of Levittown Memorial?

Happy New Year, Marcy. The week before Christmas we were able to have some friends over for a BBQ at our house in Coral Springs. Pictured below from left to right are: Roger and Helen Annicelli, Valarie and Joe Garofalo, David and Rheva (Mason) Thomason and Larry and Peggy Carballo. We intend to do this again soon in Port Charlotte where Roger and Joe live. It's a good group and it is fun to recall the "good-old-days".
Submitted by Larry Carballo

Hi, Marcy,
 Attached is a photo for posting to our web site. AnneMarie was in town for holidays and a few of us met for dinner.
 Pictured: Carol DiGregorio, Dotty Dorsa, Anne Marie, Margie Manette and myself. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Submitted by Betty Csontos 12/30/12

Merry Christmas!

A Jerusalem scene from:

Doug & Trudy Greener

The following pictures show the devastation caused by "Super Storm Sandy" to our beloved Jones Beach. It is significant this Thanksgiving week reminding us to be thankful for the times we spent there over the years. Hopefully, it will be returned to it's former glory!

I asked to hear how our Long Island classmates survived Hurricane Sandy. Here is Stu Smith's account. The pictures speak for themselves. The important thing of course is that he and his family are safe. If you know Stu, you know his reaction to all this is typical of his upbeat personality. He always handles the worst scenarios with a sense of humor and faith in the future.

Hi Marcy,

Attached please find a few pictures of what the Atlantic did to my wife 'Sandy's' house..
Her house is four (4) blocks for the ocean and four (4) blocks from the bay. We were lucky, we only had two feet of water from one end of the house to the other.

The two cars in the driveway were filled with water up to the top of the steering wheel. My Mother-in-law's car was under water.
I have a shot of a water line on the side of the house. The fence is six feet high.

The shot of the garbage is just half of the stuff that was removed from the lower floor of the house. In the past few weeks be had the lower floor gutted to the studs and all the floors ripped up.

Don't mess with Mother Nature !!

We are all in safe and happy.. In a few weeks we will be replacing all the old stuff with new stuff !!

Talk to ya soon,

Sandy & Stu Smith

Click on Pictures Below to Enlarge

This shot of the Jones Beach tower was taken when Governor Cuomo toured Long Island's coastline from a helicopter. It shows that the beloved sandy beaches of our youth are totally destroyed as a result of Hurricane Sandy. There are still homes on Long Island without power. I heard from some of you that power is now back for you. If you have power back and want to share your experiences with us, drop me a line. Pictures are welcome too. Thanks to all the classmates from other states who asked how things are going in New York. We all have ties to Long Island and care about those still living there.

Frank Curtin and his daughter Becky on October 15th, 2012. Frank drove to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas (4000 miles round trip) to spend some time with his daughter who is stationed there. Frank turned 70 this past July but he doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Grandpa Stu Smith holding his first grandchild Brook Lyn born 10/23/12 at 8:14 p.m. She came in at 5 pounds even.

Stu's daughter Jessica. Mother and baby both doing well.


 Last month Frank Curtin went down to Long Island to visit his old neighbors. On the way there he paid Ernie Brodsky a visit and they had lunch in a diner before returning to Ernie's house. When I heard about this after the fact I gave him a hard time because he didn't bring a camera. He told me that Ernie did take a picture with his cell phone so I contacted Ernie and asked him to forward the picture to my cell phone. Thankfully he did just that. Keep that in mind classmates when you meet up with each other and don't have a camera with you. Cell phones will capture the moment for all of us to share. We all enjoy seeing your visits. 10/01/12

A getaway to Savannah, Georgia A good time was had by all.
Carol DeGregorio Caporale, Dotty Dorsa Read, Ann Marie Adamec Coady, Pat Lachat Kreiling.
Submitted by Dotty Dorsa Read

Hi, Marcy,
Sorry for the delay. Here is a photo of AnnMarie Adamec Cody, Betty Csontos Schuster, and Dotty Dorsa Reade taken last month. AnnMarie was in town
 and Dotty and I met her for dinner. Thanks!

From Betty on 8/9

Kootanai Falls, Montana - July 4th, 2012

Irene and Jerry Murphy - They sure get around, don't they?

Hi Marcy,

We are having lunch in Davenport, Florida where the girls are spending a
week. I drove over from Tampa. What a fun day. Going in the pool now.
 Dotty Dorsa, Honey Cottell, Betty Scontos, Marilyn Lerner (seated) Mary Ann
Lavery, Pat Lachet.
May 7, 2012

I think this is the photo the girls had put on the keychain. I had loaded in some photos from Betty or Marilyn’s camera into my I Pad while I was there. Submitted by Honey Cottrell.
Click to enlarge.


When Pat Pandolfi Cox was visiting her sister in Holbrook, NY this month, she got together with Barbara Bockmann Ippolito (on her left) and Carolyn Nelson (on her right) for lunch at the Holbrook Diner. She took this picture with her cell phone and sent it to mine while they were eating. I warned her in advance that I expected a picture for the site. I'm so glad she remembered.

Jerry, Irene and " Scruffy" Murphy came to our house for lunch on Saturday, March 30th, while they were staying In Tempe. We had a great time and hope to see them again before they leave for the north. As always Marcy and Bob and the other committee members thanks for doing such a great job in maintaining this website. Submitted by Bob Lent on 2012-02-02.

Frank Curtin is proud to announce that his youngest daughter Becky (June 2011 summa cum laude graduate of SUNY Buffalo) has enlisted in the Army. Becky is doing her Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Frank and Rona will be making the trip in May to see her ceremony when she finishes Basic Training. 2012-03-26

Presidents' Day is a holiday for Lou Chanin who still works. So he Frank Curtin and I had lunch in New Paltz. It lasted close to four hours. Take special note of the catsup stain on Frank's shirt directly below his glasses. That's what happens when you slap a new bottle too hard to get the catsup moving. I laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes. Frank's comment was, "that's why I always wear red when eating out".

It has been an exceptionally mild winter here in New York. Some of you may have read about the bitter cold weather that Europe has been experiencing. That's why I had to share this photo of Honey Cottrell's grandson Nolan, who lives in Bitburg, Germany. It was taken on the way out the door to school on a two below zero degrees morning. I hope for Honey's sake the weather warms up before she and Tom arrive there next month.

Laura Allen Lally and Iris Kogel Chapman
Maui, Hawaii
December 11, 2011

Dear Marcy,

Wishing you and the Class of '61 all the best for 2012.

I'm enclosing a photo taken of Iris Kogel (Chapman) and me when Dick and I went to Maui earlier in December. Iris was a fun and gracious tour guide. Then we went to her lovely home overlooking the ocean, where we had a wonderful time, meeting her husband, son, and precious grandson. Iris and I had been e-mailing for several months, and our finally getting together was as if we'd seen each other just last year, instead of 50 years ago.

I owe you and the website committee a big "Mahalo" (Hawaiian Thank You), because our getting together never would have happened without LMHS61.org. You've kept us young at heart, and in touch with each other in a way that is the envy of many of my current friends!

Laura Alien (Lally)

I received this letter and picture by snail mail from Laura Allen Lally. We missed Iris at the reunion in June and hopefully this meeting made up in some small way for her absence. Seeing an old friend after 50 years (in a setting like Hawaii no less) is one of life's joys.

While visiting our family on Long Island for Christmas, Helene stopped by to wish everyone well.
Submitted by Russ Mulroy - 12/31

Hi Marcy,
I hope all is well with you and your family. Peggy and I recently met with Roger and Helen Annicelli and Joe and Valerie Garofalo for a Sunday BBQ at Roger's house in Port Charlotte, FL. Joe and Valerie are next door neighbors to Roger and Helen. It was a very pleasant afternoon and we expect to have many more like it. I have attached some pictures of our get together.
Regards, Larry Carballo

Larry, Roger & Joe

Val, Joe, Larry & Roger

Larry & Peggy

Joe, Larry & Roger

New Neighbors Roger and Joe

Marcy, Peggy and I just spent a most enjoyable afternoon with Roger and Helen Annicelli.
 Attached is a photo of us at dinner. I think we will get together with them again next month.
 Regards, Larry Carballo

Janet Columbia (Oregon) visited Lois Christensen Bish (Florida) a few months back and Janet snail mailed me a picture of that get -together, Both of them have not only kept in touch all these years, but they also have found the time for frequent visits. What sticks out in my mind is that Lois emailed me after the visit and said that she and Janet "laughed themselves silly" the whole time. It doesn't get any better than that.
Submitted by Janet Columbia

Hi Marcy,

Norman Levi and I know each other since we were toddlers in NYC. Both families moved to Forest City in the early 1950’s. Norman and I attended Gardiner’s Ave thru LMHS together. We lost touch and thanks to the website reconnected. Norman and his wife recently traveled from Florida to Georgia to adopt a puppy.
We made plans to see each other. This was the first time we saw each other in probably 50 years. My family (11) and the Levi’s (2) had dinner together at our home on Friday, Aug.5, 2011.

Please share.

Roni Cojac Mintz

Four days after our reunion I said my goodbyes to the Murphys, who were taking off for Maine. Knowing that next summer they plan to go to Alaska again, we all figured it would be at least two years before we met up again. I was pleasantly surprised two days ago when they called from Portland, Maine and decided to stop here on the way back to California. One of the funny stories they told was about sending Frank Curtin his birthday card this year. Last year they were here on Frank's birthday and we all gave him cards with a dollar bill in it, just like he got when he was a kid. This year they mailed him a card from Maine with two quarters in it, given the state of the present economy. That totally cracked me up. Second amusing story: after breakfast this morning at a local diner (we all went up in their truck), the Murphys started hooking up the truck to the RV. I realized my keys were missing from my purse and called the diner in the hopes that I left them there. Unfortunately I had not. Thank God they had not yet left and my keys were in their truck on the seat. Those keys were five minutes away from a road trip to California. Timing is everything.

Hooking up the truck before departing

Had some Photoshop Fun with Steve Bitel's great portrait of Frank
Steve Ross
Just in time for Frank's birthday- July 20th!

Frank Curtin, Lou Chanin and Jerry Murphy at Marcy's house (June 16th). The talk centered around next week's reunion and the "old days". The weather has been beautiful and the long range forecast for next week looks good too.



The photos from my recent get-together with Lew DeWeese in Florida are attached. Lew and his wife Pat, and my wife Barbara and I. I look a foot and a half shorter but its only about a foot.

Good Memorial Day Weekend -- Lou Chanin

I'm thinking of riding my jack-a-lope from Cheyenne, Wyoming to the reunion. Whatcha think?
Jerry Murphy

Hey Murph,
No way you would make it to the reunion by June 24th, but you would save on gas.
Bob Lent

I think the zoning laws in Levittown would have a problem with you parking this thing in the restaurant parking lot. Of course if you buy him a reunion ticket, how could anyone complain? Marcy

We had dinner with Sandy Parrish and her husband Del when we passed through Colorado Springs. Great fun and beautiful house.
Submitted by Jerry Murphy

Irene and I had lunch with Bob Lent and his wife Billie in Chandler, Arizona before we leave for parts east. April, 2011
Submitted by Jerry Murphy

Left to right: Del and Sandy Duvall, Joe and Val Garofalo

Hi Marcy,

Valerie and I got to spend a week at a time share in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, 3/19 to 3/26. While we were there, we had dinner with Sandy (Parrish) and her husband Del Duvall.

We also went to see their gorgeous new home (not quite finished yet), and the views from their house overlooking the water are fabulous. However my new and yet untried camera did not capture what we were seeing. I guess we will just have to go back, again ------- and again.

Janet Columbia with her nine grandchildren
Submitted by Lois Christensen Bish


Hi Marcy and Mates

I was married this past Friday 3/18/2011.
Attached please find a pic of the happy couple taken at Christmas.
Will send a pic of the wedding day when I get them.
All three pictures submitted by Stu Smith.

Wedding Picture 1

Wedding Picture 2
Congratulations to Stu and his bride Sandy. You'll get to meet her at our 50th reunion in June.

Hi Marcy,  I received a phone call from Betty Csontos-Shuster to say she would stop by on her way to the other coast of Florida.. She just left. We had such a nice visit, but too short. Betty is coming to the reunion in June and will check with some of our other classmates who have not decided yet. Hopefully more people will respond. Was a fun time but Betty has a couple of hours drive to her home on the other East Coast so couldn't stay any longer.
Submitted by Honey Murway Cottrell on February 12, 2011


I thought I would forward these to you. They are some of Betty Csontos original paintings. I was so impressed by how pretty they are that I asked if she minded if I shared them. She did not mind. I am always amazed at the things some of our classmates have done. Didn't know if it is something that might be posted to the website or not, but did think you might enjoy seeing them. Art is the reason she was in the Tampa area as she and a friend were taking a watercolor class.


Click on each one to enlarge.

As promised, I met up with Bob Lent today (February 2nd) in Casa Grande, AZ. Very unflattering photo but who cares. We had fun and reminisced. Bob is seriously looking at coming to the reunion. Depends on airfares. I'm in Arizona but Irene is still in California rehabbing her knee. She is scheduled to get here in 10 days,.Yeah!
Submitted by Jerry Murphy

Gale & Mariyn

As promised here are photos of the mini reunion today (1/27/11), in Ellenton, FL. Had a great lunch and visit with Marilyn Lerner-Workman and Gale Shadwick-Sorensen (Class of 62). We spent the entire afternoon reliving our LMHS days. What a fun day! Left to right: Gale, Honey and Mariyn

Submitted by Honey Murway Cottrell

Hi, Marcy. Last Friday, Helene, Rheva and I had a get-together with some family members for a pleasant dinner in Coral Springs, Florida. See picture attached. Regards, Larry.
Left to right: Larry and Peggy Carballo, Helene Doctoroff Erb, Rheva Mason Thomason, David Thomason

Dear Friends,

A funny thing happened on my volunteer reserve duty this year: 20% of the volunteers at my base were from the Bronx.

There we were -- 15 somewhat elderly volunteers on a small post of the Home Front Command within the Jewish village of Alei Zahav in Samaria -- and five of us were native English-speakers, including three from the Bronx. What are the chances of that?

I know Bronx boys have a reputation for being tough, rivaling even our compatriots from Brooklyn. But that wasn't us. The other two (not me) could more accurately be described as "gentle giants." Both of them came to Israel and live on kibbutzim. Uri, the eldest (my age, actually), was only 17 when he immigrated. He lives on a non-religious kibbutz in the Galilee where he runs a bed-and-breakfast. He's a high ranking officer in the reserves. Bennett, a decade younger than us, lives on an Orthodox kibbutz that is now undergoing privatization and he is seeking a new career direction.

The presence of real landsmen made this tour of duty especially pleasurable for me. We three Bronx Bruisers had a common language (English is not enough), a common past and common geography -- even, in one case, common acquaintances.

So dis is we tree posin' fuh da pitcher. Right afta, we went tuh eat, and den we come back and had a real nice tawk. Don' get any idears aboud us goin' soft or anything. Faget abat it!

Doug of the Concourse

Carol Cooper Mc Comiskey, Carol Lutz Smemoe and Martin Smemoe

Gerry Mc Comiskey, Carol Cooper Mc Comiskey, Carol Lutz Smemoe and Martin Smemoe

In October 2010 Carol Cooper Mc Comiskey and her husband, Gerry were planning a cruise in the Caribbean and Carol Cooper Mc Comiskey told her friend Carol Lutz Smemoe and her husband Martin about it and this was the result. We hadn't seen each other for about 27 years. We had a great time on the cruise and it was like being in a small town. We would meet almost every day, sometimes several times. I think we are both now planning to come to the reunion in June. Click on each picture to enlarge.

Jerry & Irene Murphy stopped by to visit us in the Carolinas for a few of days in August & we had dinner one evening at The Fish Market restaurant in Baxter Village, Fort Mill SC.

Celeste and Andrea, both as good as ever. Andrea and I intend to be at the Class of 1961's 50th, next year.

Celeste Vives Holden and Andrea Gilmore Brannelly (Utah) get together for a visit in NY

Frank Curtin and Scruffy Murphy enjoying the violin music.
Both pictures submitted by Jerry Murphy

One evening after eating out we returned to the Murphy RV where Irene entertained us with beautiful violin playing. She studied violin as a child because she was made to do so by her parents. She hated carrying that violin case to school. After finishing school she never played again. Over the years she came to regret that decision but didn't do anything about it until she saw the movie "Bucket List" a few years ago. She made her own bucket list and taking violin lessons was high on that list because she knew she would be very rusty after such a long absence. She was very nervous playing because outside of Jerry, Frank Curtin and myself were the first persons to hear her play as an adult. I felt honored! I'm so glad she saw that movie.

On Tuesday Frank Curtin met us for breakfast at a local diner. Here is the birthday boy opening birthday cards from us. Everyone knows that Frank likes a dollar bill in his cards. It brings back the excitement he felt as a kid opening birthday cards with a whole dollar in them! Pat Pandolfi Cox even mailed him one. Pat never forgets those details from our past. 7/21

Submitted by Jerry Murphy
Joe Garofalo, Marcy McNally Fall, Irene and Jerry Murphy

 On Sunday Joe and Val Garofalo drove up from New Jersey. We had lunch out and came back here for dessert.

Lou (Cakeman) Chanin supplied us with this cake.

Above Right - Six weeks after their visit on the way to Maine, the Murphys are back again at Marcy's. With temperatures in the nineties and wicked humidity, Jerry and Lou Chanin were hitting golf balls on my lawn.
Frank Curtin and Jerry.


Above Left - Of course the class banner had to come out.
Lou, Marcy, Jerry


Left - The Murphys and Frank


Former classmate and now new neighbors in SCCL, Robin & Richie Hecht out for dinner in North Carolina with Carole and I. Went back to our house later for dessert & coffee.
Submitted by Russ Mulroy

Once again the traveling Murphys are paying me a visit. They are the easiest houseguests I have ever had- no towels, making beds, hogging the bathroom Their RV sits in my driveway and it even has a washer and dryer! Lou Chanin lives about a half hour from here and he joined us for dinner. It was the first time he had seen Jerry since graduation. The two former members of the LMHS golf team have plans tomorrow for a round of golf- their first time playing together in 49 years. The weather has been perfect. They have been traveling in excessive heat and humidity all the way from Branson, Missouri and were delighted to have a respite from all that. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Lou Chanin lives about a half hour from here and he joined us for dinner.

Note the cake that Lou brought to dinner.

The chefs

Irene, Jerry, Lou

Irene and Jerry

This is what June Ryan Frances has been up to. I had the pleasure of meeting her for lunch last year when she popped in from Oregon. Hopefully she will be attending our 50th reunion. (Bedazzling, no doubt)
Betty Csontos Schuster

Fashion Show feat: June Frances Designs- June 12th


June 12th at CultureWorks
The work of June Frances, bead artist extraordinaire, will be showing at Cultureworks, on June 12th from 8 p.m. till midnight in a runway venue with her dearest friends modeling 20 of her pieces to African music.
June has been doing bead art since the 70's, and has been dedicated to perfect her art which shows in these pieces. She designs each piece and makes her own cording, which creates a uniqueness not seen before. She uses materials from yard sales and thrift stores, so much of this work is recycled and quite beautiful.
The event will feature live music by The Vida Girls; with Michael St. John, Krista Nicol, and guests. Alonzo Moore and Emily Abrahams, courtesy of Dancing People Company will perform a duet. Also Carolyn Myers and Kendra Laughly from the Hamazons, with Dana Knoke from Playback Theater will be doing improv comedy.

Doug Greener & Family on Israel's 63rd Anniversary in 2010 (Click to enlarge)

Hi Marcy, Valerie and I spent a week down in Puerta Vallarta Mexico. We met up with Sandy and Del Duvall, for a dinner and lunch. We had a wonderful time visiting with them, also got to see their new home which is "almost finished". It's high up on a hill-side with a spectacular view looking out at the ocean.
Joe & Val G. 3/24/10

On January 5th we leave for Arizona and parts east. Our faithful travel companion Moose went to heaven last December and we recently adopted a new traveler from the rescue. His name is Scruffy and he sure is. We'll be visiting lots of folk next year and Scruff loves folk............and dogs, cats, squirrels and anything alive.
Jerry Murphy

I expect to see the Murphys in April if all goes as planned. If anyone else sees them, I expect pictures.
Via Email 12/23/09

Hi Marcy,

Had a fun lunch with Suzanne (Handwerker Andersen) today. Decided that we might do it again in the spring and possibly add more people. Sue showed me the first page of her yearbook that has a note stating "We the undersigned will meet in front of LMHS on this date at 8PM when it falls on a Sunday". Five of us signed it. Too funny - guess we have missed the date more than once or twice.
Submitted by Honey Murway Cottrell

Hi Marcy - after I wrote you on facebook I was going through old emails and came across yours. Here is a photo for the web site. I have been in a heavenly state since he was born. I get to have and to hold him just about every day for about an hour or so...when he starts rooting, I bring him home to his mom. What a gift and a blessing to be able to watch him develop from newborn to infancy and to see his awareness of the world and himself expand each day, to feel him as pure love, pure trust...this grandmother thing is more awesome than I ever could have imagined. love, Iris

Congratulations to Iris Kogel Chapman on becoming a first time grandmother! Sounds as if Davy has Grandma wrapped around his little finger. Just as it should be.
Via Email 11/4/09

Here I am in my souped up new ride before peeling out. It's Carole's & my way of contributing to a cleaner America.

Russ Mulroy

While staying at our daughter's home on Long Island for our grandson's confirmation, Helene stopped by for a few hours on Sunday, October 25th & visited with Carole and me. We had an outstanding time.

Betty, Marilyn & Maryann

Betty & June

June Ryan

Hi, Marcy,

Thank you so much for enabling June Ryan to contact me several months ago. June was on Long Island for a few days from her home in Oregon and we were able to spend a few hours together. We hadn't seen eachother since high school graduation so we had lots of catching up to do. It was wonderful reminiscing about our mutual friends and life growing up in Levittown. Here are two pictures for our web site.

Also attached is a picture from a recent last-minute get-together with MaryAnn Lavery. MaryAnn came up from Myrtle Beach to visit her daughter and, although it was on very short notice, Marilyn Lerner and I were able to have dinner with her.

Many thanks again for helping friends keep in touch.

Betty Csontos Schuster

Hi Marcy,
Hope you can tell from the photo attached w/ our new SC "tag" on the car that we're officially Suthin' & lovin' it all here.
More photos will follow.

Hi guys,
This is the reason that I've been out of touch for the last couple of weeks--a pretty good excuse, actually, I think! Sonya was born on Friday, Aug. 29 at 9:32pm. She weighed 6lbs, 12 oz and was 19". She and Sami are doing fine. Alan and I are tired, but still functioning, and are very happy.
Jessica Joseph Gest

Art Katz LMHS 59, Roni Cojac Mintz LMHS 61 and New Paltz 65 and Jeff Katz LMHS 62 and New Paltz 66 in Atlanta 2009
Submitted by Jeff Katz

Dear Marcy,
Here is the photo you asked for. Vicky (Gabrysiak) and Bill Schulte are on the left, Dennis and I on the right. (Ah, to be young again!)
I received a note from Jane Lynch today and will answer that next. Thank you again! Submitted by Barbara Steinman Bengels.

Mike Cusack, class of '60 was in town for a college reunion & spent the day with Carole & I.

Submitted by Russ Mulroy

Marcy--we saw Celeste last Sunday evening at her place in Camillus. Here's a picture of the two fine-looking ladies from the Class of 1961. Photography courtesy of (Regis High School) Class of 1955.

Always a pleasure,
Jack & Andrea Brannelly

Andrea (Gilmore) and husband Jack, who live in Utah, were in NY for a family reunion. They always make it a point to stop and visit Celeste in upstate NY. We can all take a lesson from their book. Old friendships should always be a priority when we travel.

Hi Marcy,
Here are some pictures that I have on the camera now. Use what you want, I'll send more as our trip progresses. I included one picture from our 15 day trip to Egypt in March of this year. I have a lot more of Egypt and from our 21 day trip to Italy in September of 2008. Let me know if you want some of those. I intended to send this out to you last night, but we bought a new laptop running VISTA for the RV and it doesn't work like my desktop with EP PRO. I'll probably have to send out multiple emails due to the large size of the picture files.
Joe & Val G.

Via Email 5/29

Joe and Val Garofalo and Sandy Parrish DuVall with husband Del

Joe, Val and Sandy

Sandy, Joe, Val

Val at the summit of Pike's Peak

Val, Del, Sandy

Sandy and Val

Hi Marcy,

Last night (5/13/2009) I got together with Roger and Helen Annicelli for dinner. They came in from Fla. for a vacation in New York. We also connected with John Garofalo, Joe Garofalo's brother (class of 63). Attached please find a few pictures of the event for the web site. Talk to ya soon,
Stu Smith

Left to right - John Garofalo, Helen Anicelli, Roger Anicelli, Stu Smith
Click on the two pictures below to enlarge them.

Roger, Stu and John

Roger, Helen and John

As Esther Kaufman Singer indicated in her email (updates) that she was having dinner with Pam Prince, I wrote her and asked her to bring a camera and ask a waiter to take their picture. Happily, she did just that. Pam is on the left and Esther is on the right. What a good feeling to know that our website was able to reconnect two old friends.

I finally downloaded my pics from September. We stopped in Ventura to see Gino on our way home from Alaska.
Submitted by Jerry Murphy

The annual Christmas dinner for the girls
Seated: Dotty Dorsa, Gale Shadwick (LMHS 62), Helene Doctoroff, Betty Csontos, Carol De Gregorio
Standing: Marilyn Lerner, Margie Mennette
Submitted by Marilyn Lerner Workman

Dear Marcy.....enclosed please find photo of Tom and Patty Tierney, Ann Marie Adamec and myself at the Bette Midler show at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas on November 14, 2008 in celebration of Ann's 65th birthday.

Submitted by Marilyn Lerner Workman

Ann Marie with Tom and Patty

Ann Marie with Tom

When Pat Pandolfi Cox visited her sister Jeanie in the Villages, she contacted old friend and classmate Jeanette Kozlick Arceo,who also lives in that Florida community. The two had lunch and caught up on many years of news.
Submitted by Jeanette Kozlick


Hi Marcy,

I'm happy to report that my reserve duty went fine, and I think I did proud for all 65-year-olds (though I was not the oldest in my group!). We were assisting a platoon which was guarding a checkpoint near the old Green Line and doing patrols along the security fence. Luckily, things were mostly quiet on my watch. (Unfortunately, a few days after leaving the army, I slipped on the street and sprained my ankle. So now I'm walking around with a cast and crutches and friends think it's a war injury!)

I'm attaching two photos: one is me at the checkpoint, and the other is in the dining room where, you will notice, I am proudly holding the LMHS thermos mug that I got at the 2005 reunion. It was great at keeping the hots hot and the colds cold.

Click to enlarge

Best regards,
Doug Greener

I thought you might like to see this picture of Janet Columbia whose birthday (65th, too) was in June. This is a picture of her and ALL her grand kids on her birthday. They all live pretty close to her so she gets to see them often which is wonderful.

Submitted by Lois Christensen Bish

Recently Tom and Patty Tierney flew into town and got together with Richie and Nelsi Smith & Carole and myself for dinner at a place called Jackson's in Commack.

Following dinner, the Smiths invited us back to their home for dessert and coffee. Great company and a lot of laughs were had by all.
As Smitty said, "there is no substitute for good friends". Amen!

Click on pictures to enlarge.

L to R Carole, Tom, Patty, Richie, Nelsi & Russ


Pat Pandolfi Cox and Marilyn Lerner Workman
Submitted by Pat
For the story behind this chance encounter, see Updates May 25th.

This picture excludes Mary Ann Lavery Turk, since she was not there this day at the pool.....

All three pictures submitted by Marilyn Lerner Workman

 Hi Marcy......hope this is good for the website....At least it includes the 9 of us.....we had a great time as always....
Left to right seated: Ann Marie Adamac, Carol DeGregorio, Mary
Mennette, Maryann Lavery -  Left to right standing: Betty Csontos, Pat
Lachat, Marilyn Lerner, Margie Mennette, Dotty Dorsa

Hi Marcy......glad to hear from you and hoping what I sent you will be fine....the last picture excludes me, since I am taking the picture. We rented the same unit as last year and had wonderful weather and a great time was had by all.....Love, Marilyn

For those who have asked, yes, the Murphys did reach Alaska. With the price of gas and their size RV, that in itself is amazing. If you want to see more pictures of the countryside up there, email me and I will forward them to you. He sent too many to post, but clearly they are enjoying seeing all the sites.

Hi Marcy,
I would feel most honored to have my daughter's photo posted on the site of that wonderful group of people...LMHS '61. After 15 years, these homecomings never change...they never become just a matter of picking someone up at the airport and bringing them home. These people are so very special. No matter what one's politics are, there is such a feeling of excitement, togetherness, pride. This country is so very fortunate to have them, and their families. You asked if I could say a few words. It's impossible..I'd write an entire essay! Her name is Petty Officer Christina Althea Xanthaky, and her Unit is MIUWU 202 (Mobile Inshore Underwater Warfare Unit) It is a Navy Combat Unit. They guard the oil platforms, and patrol the gulf between Kuwait & Iran. Right now they are undergoing demobilization. After that she will have a little rest, then new orders, and she'll be going back to the Middle East. While in Kuwait, Christina received numerous medals, new Certifications (including Combat Field Lifesaving, Expeditionary Warfare Pin). In case you couldn't tell, we're extremely proud of Christina, her shipmates in the Navy, and all of our Military. One of my favorite gifts from this deployment is a cloth made of a piece of cami jacket fabric embroidered with a recipe for Stuffed Camel! One Medium Camel...4 lambs...20 chickens (roasted)...150 eggs(boiled)...40 kilos tomatoes...salt & seasoning Stuff eggs into tomatoes...stuff tomatoes into chickens...stuff chickens into lambs...stuff lambs into camel...Roast until tender. SERVES 150 PEOPLE!! Enjoy!!

 Hugs, Sandra Findlay Xanthaky xoxoxo

When Sandra sent me this moving photo entitled "My Baby's Home", I asked her if she would mind if I shared this with all of you and if she could write a few words explaining the story behind the picture. Happily, she complied.

Rcvd 6/27/08

Hi Marcy,
Again, we had such a great time with Brad and his wife in Tennessee. I hope they come out to Southern California. They have talked about it and
if so, I am going to try and get some of the others together for a weekend reunion.

Pat McCauley Mangels

Pat, Brad, Cindy & John

Brad in his LMHS
Varsity Jacket

Pictures submitted by Pat McCauley Mangels. She and Rich (from California) visited the Smoky Mountains and met up with Brad Scott and his wife Cindy.

Hi Guys,
Val and I are going to Egypt for 15 days starting March 25 2009. Is anyone interested in going? It's a land and cruise package including all air travel. The prices are pretty good. Click below for details. Call if you're interested: home phone 973-875-6703, cell 973-879-4624. Will not be home till Tuesday.

Smile, Joe Garofalo

Click Here For Travel Information

Thought you would like to see what's wandering through our back yard this summer...taken from my kitchen.!
Sandy Parrish DuVall

The first picture is me in Zion National Park. The other is Irene and me with our friends the Mannings, who are traveling with us to Alaska. The picture was taken on a floating restaurant in Coeur d' Aline, Idaho. I will have pics of us in Canada soon. Hope this finds you well. I didn't recognize Mike Bruey at 60. I remember him well from high school.
Jerry Murphy

Good morning Marcy,
It's 4:20 AM Monday morning and we leave for the airport in 45 min. to go to Montana. Just looked at the Washington DC pictures in the camera for the first time. We were in Washington DC with Roger and Helen Annicelli 3/31 to 4/4. They came up from Florida. I have a CARVEL story to share with you (while we were in DC), but do not have time now to do it justice. I hope these few pictures fill the void for the web site.
Joe Garofalo

Cherry Blossoms

Helen & Roger

Helen & Val

Roger & Joe

Here's Irene on the beach at Sanibel Island. I'm on the other end of the dog leash, walking "the Moose".

Susan Amrhein Mulligan, Lois Merringer (wife of Tom) and Tom Merringer (brother of Ronnie)

Another Florida get-together. Susan and John Mulligan visited us in our RV at Fort Meyers,Florida.
All 4 pictures submitted by Jerry Murphy

Helene Doctoroff Erb sent me this article on Louise DeNardo Cassano that appeared in the Levittown paper. Click to enlarge.

The following 5 pictures were submitted by Jerry Murphy

Mulligans & Murphys #1

Mulligans & Murphys #2

Jerry Murphy with Tom Merringer (brother of Ronnie)

Irene Murphy, Jerry Murphy and Susan Amrhein Mulligan in Florida

Helene Doctoroff Erb and Ronnie Merringer sometime in the 70's
Submitted by Helene

My daughter Christine is holding my granddaughter, Julia, who is 7 weeks old in this picture.
Thanks for asking,
Judy Cottrell Wolter

I found some pictures I took at the World Trade Center on 9-9, two days before 9-11. If you think they're interesting you can post these four on the website. In 2001 Irene and I visited Smitty (Richie Smith) and Nelsi. Irene wanted to see the World Trade Center. We were supposed to go into the city on 9-11 but my cousin talked me into going in on a Sunday, September 9th, to get "two-fers". I took these pics of the towers and the globe in front. When the towers came down the giant globe was badly damaged. After they recovered it, they moved it down to Battery Park where we took the "after" shot. Thanks to Smitty's procrastination, we were late going into the city and the World Trade Center again on 9-11. God said it wasn't our time yet.

Murf   Click on pictures to enlarge.

I thought some of you classmates might enjoy this slideshow sent by Pat McCauley Mangels. Just click on slideshow. You can stop it at any time.

Message from Pat McCauley Mangels :
Hi Marcy, Check out our photos from our trip, and let me know what you think. I am so glad that I was able to do it this way, as I was having trouble getting them to burn on a disk. Have a great Christmas and New Year. We will be leaving for Kentucky on the 27th when we return from our week at the b&b.

England -Wales-Ireland-2007
Sep 22, 2007
by Pat
View Album
Play Slideshow

If you are having problems viewing the Album or Slideshow, copy and paste the following into your browser:

Via Email 12/10/07

Hi Marcy,
The Italian Christmas Eve story brings back fond memories, except for Karen of course. Valerie is fine and only has two more Chemo treatments, and then she starts radiation. Hope you and your family are all well. We finally picked up our new RV, got home on Saturday, November 24th. See attached picture.

Love ya!!!!! Joe & Val Garofalo

Via Email 12/9

Click Picture to Enlarge

Honey Cottrell sent me this birth announcement and picture of Rose Salerno's new granddaughter that she received from Rose's husband Larry. Although it's sad to think she didn't live to see this beautiful baby, how beautiful it is that her name lives on in this grandchild.

Welcome the new Arrival of
Natalie Rose Salerno
born 11-18-2007 at 11:25am
7 pounds 4 oz
21 inches long
to Laura & Chris Salerno
and proud grandpa Larry

Via Email 11/21/07


I received the following article about Louise DeNardo Cassano from Lois Christensen Bish, sent to her by her sister-in-law in Missouri! What Lois sent me was a copy of the article (the original she mailed to Louise) and it didn't scan well so I went online to find the article. Lo and behold it appeared in every major city paper in the country. How wonderful that one of our own classmates has become a spokesperson for Levittown.

Pioneer baby boom community turns 60

By Frank Eltman, Associated Press Writer
LEVITTOWN, N.Y. — In 1951, 7-year-old Louise Cassano couldn't imagine a better life than the one here, where she rode her bicycle past rows of cookie-cutter houses, kids held backyard campouts in makeshift tents and nobody locked their front doors.
"It was an absolute ideal community," said Cassano, whose love affair with Levittown never waned -- she still lives in the Long Island town dubbed by some as America's first suburb.

Cassano is among the organizers of a huge 60th birthday party for the Nassau County town, set for Sunday and featuring high school bands, floats, local groups, war veterans and the fire department. Nearly two dozen original Levittown homeowners will serve as grand marshals.

It was October 1947 when developer William Jaird Levitt opened the first of what became 17,544 Cape Cod and ranch houses rising from blighted potato fields 40 miles east of New York City, handing post-World War II GIs the keys to their American Dream.

It was an instant success, a prototype widely chronicled and duplicated nationwide.

Cape Cods originally sold for $6,990; ranches were slightly more expensive. Each house had four rooms, a bath, an unfinished attic and amenities -- steel kitchen cabinets, Bendix washer, GE refrigerator, Hotpoint electric range.

None had basements, since excavations would have slowed the almost assembly line construction.

Today, "you can't get a house in Levittown for less than $400,000," Cassano said almost incredulously.

Virtually all the original houses have been renovated, in some cases making the original structure nearly invisible.

"It's to the point they're almost McMansions," said Polly Dwyer, president of the Levittown Historical Society.

Levitt initially prohibited blacks from joining the suburban exodus. After Supreme Court rulings and the civil rights movement, minorities were eventually permitted to purchase homes, but Levittown remains a largely white community.

"I think black people were hurt and offended by the blatant rejection, and simply when given the opportunity chose to go elsewhere," said Barbara Kelly, former director of the Long Island Studies Institute at Hofstra and author of "Expanding the American Dream: Building and Rebuilding Levittown."

Levitt also built "village greens" that featured a grocery store, pharmacy and other shops -- all within walking distance for women, since their husbands typically drove the family car to work.

Since those days of stay-at-home wives, Cassano has worked as a reporter for a local weekly for several years, started her own public relations company and served as president of the chamber of commerce. She and her husband, Mauro Cassano, have two sons, one of whom still lives nearby and sends his children to Levittown schools.

"There is a real genuine hometown feeling here and I think our generation was so involved and so enthusiastic about school, about the community," Cassano said. "We were all, every one of us, was very involved in activities in school, and for that reason I think that we all feel that we did something in terms of community."


An article from the Levittown Tribune. Standing at the podium is Louise DeNardo Cassano, LMHS class of 1961.

Community Celebrates

Levittown's 60th Anniversary

Levittown 60th Anniversary Committee, co-chair Louise Cassano welcomes Honorary Marshals Legislator Dennis Dunne, Sr., Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, Senator Kemp Hannon and Levittown Chamber of Commerce President Kevin Regan. Photo by Cathy Schaedtler


Sandy Parrish DuVall has made an amazing recovery from her foot injury this past year. Here she is with Del at the Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota. I reminded her that a new season of Dancing With the Stars is starting up, but she tells me that Del has forbidden her to get up off the couch while it's playing.
 (Click on photo to enlarge)

I had an unexpected email from a librarian in Indiana, who found our site on a Google search for yearbook pictures. She was creating a poster to ask patrons to donate old yearbooks to the library and wanted old pictures on the poster. She asked permission to use a few she chose and promised me a copy of the finished product with credit going to our high school. I sent a copy of the finished product to the classmates on the poster, but wanted to share it with all of you. My email to Joel Chesnoff was returned so if anyone knows his new email address, please send it to me so I can update our records. Thanks.

Click to Enlarge

A family reunion brought Andrea Gilmore Brannelly and her husband Jack to New York from their home in Utah. They took advantage of the opportunity and paid a visit to Celeste Vives Holden. As you can see from the smiles, it was a memorable day.
Submitted by Celeste

Sunday 07/15/07

To All;
After 2 weeks of bliss in Kauai, Romae and I arrived at LAX this morning @ 6:00 AM safe and sound! Got back to Long Beach, took naps, opened mail, watered plants - and we are very slowly coming around to reality. I took over 1200 photos (digital, underwater, and film) as soon as I go through them, we will circulate them around.

Thank you for your well wishes, blessings, cards, and all ~ we will be in touch as soon as we can.

We love you,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Romae Lenci

Congratulations to Robert and Romae. Robert is the brother of Gino Lynch. 

Honey Murway Cottrell and her husband Tom went to Germany to visit their son, daughter-in-law and most importantly their grandson Nolan. Click here to see a brief video of Grandma and Grandpa teaching Nolan how to blow bubbles. Listen to the sound he makes when he blows! Click below to see video.


Hi Marcy !!
Just wanted to send you a picture of my new project car. When she is finished I will be adding her to my stable.. For those that remember the British Invasion (not the Beatles or the Revolutionary War), she is a 1960 MGA 1600 that I found in a barn in West Virginia about three weeks ago. Dori and I shot out there late on a Friday night and arrived at the barn early Saturday the next morning. We looked in the barn, chased away the chickens nesting in the seats, took her out for a spin and she ran very well for a forty-seven year old car. After that ride with the wind blowing in whatever hair I have left on my head and feathers all over our clothes, we loaded her up on a trailer with chickens flying out from under the hood (Bonnet) and tail pipe and headed back to (Long-Guy-Lind) New York. With a little TLC she will be a show quality car by the summer of next year..
Enjoy and see you at the Picnic !!
Stu Smith

Hi Marcy,

Yet another picture to be added to our ever growing LMHS picture
library. I know Marilyn sent some to you. This is also from our Myrtle
Beach 2007 Reunion. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Dotty Read (Dorsa)

Another Myrtle Beach pic from Marilyn. Left to right: Carol DeGregorio, Maryann Lavery, Margie Menette.
Marcy....Mary ann didn't graduate with all of us because she left LMHS in her junior year....she has lived in Myrtle Beach, SC for the last 10 years and we have always kept in touch...If you need any further information, please let me know......see you soon....Marilyn

On June 7th thru June 11th the annual get-away for some of the LMHS girls took place at Myrtle Beach. Seated left to right are: Maryanne Lavery, Margie Menette, Carol DeGregorio, Mary Menette, Ann Marie Adamec, Pat Lachat, Marilyn Lerner, Betty Csontos and Dotty Dorsa.
Submitted by Marilyn Lerner Workman

Seated left to right: Ann Marie Adamec, Pat Lachat, Carol DeGregorio, Maryann Lavery. Standing left to right: Margie Menette, Betty Csontos, Marilyn Lerner, Dotty Dorsa.
Submitted by Marilyn Lerner Workman

Just thought you would like another look at my new grandson Baby Angelo. This Saturday is the service for Warren. I'll be there to represent all of us and I will take some photos.
Talk to you later. Gino

Warren Hechinger's ashes are to be scattered at sea by the Nautilus Society. I'm delighted that Gino will be there as a representative of the class of 61. I'm sure many of us will be thinking about Warren on Saturday.

Grant Michael Hamilton arrived yesterday at 09:30. He weighed 8lbs 11oz. and is very healthy. Here's a couple hundred pics of the first grandson in the Murphy family!!

Congratulations to Jerry and Irene Murphy who have been blessed with granddaughters, but now finally have a grandson.

Soaking up some sage advice, Carly, our youngest of 10 grandchildren at 9 mos., & me, on the right, at a recent Communion reception.
Wonder what's she's thinking ....?
Submitted by Russ Mulroy

Captain Doug (far right) and team

Just want to let you all know that the Wolf's Peak Fangs took part in Jerusalem's first Pub Trivia Quiz - and here we are. How did we do, you ask? Well, we came in last place, but there were only 15 teams, so it wasn't that bad. After looking at the other teams, I can safely say we were the oldest, apparently the dumbest, and certainly the drunkest. The Jerusalem pub scene has not heard the last of the Fangs!
Doug Greener
Captain, Wolf's Peak Fangs

Hi! To all of you. I am sending you a picture for the site . We are in downtown Wilmington, NC. My husband Ed and Grandson, Alec. It is really a good place to live. Behind us is the battleship NC. This is one of our favorite places to stop on a Saturday morning for coffee, and the farmer's market. I will be in touch with you by mail. Thank you for the great job with the website. Joan Gale Wilson

This is my new grandson Angelo. He is now three weeks old and when he was born his weight was 8.2 and was 23.3/4 inches long. Mom and Dad are doing just fine. Talk to you later. Gino
Three  pictures of Warren Hechinger's grandson (Charles Jack Melin or Charlie) was born on April 11th- two weeks early. He weighed six pounds five ounces and was seventeen point five inches long. Dena and David can be reached at:

1304 Shady Lane
Turlock, CA 95382-7267


Click on pictures to enlarge.


It was not easy talking Sandy Parrish into letting me share this news with other classmates. But it was just too good a story not to share because it shows us that we are not as old as some folks may think we are. In the end she had husband Del take this picture for the website. Frank Curtin clued me in to the comic strip of Blondie from this week's paper. If you're not distracted by the Colorado scenery with Pike's Peak in the background, you may notice that Sandy's foot is in a cast and she's on a rolly cart. Sandy broke her foot dancing with the TV show "Dancing With the Stars"! So if you watch the show, take it easy dancing along with the stars. Although she says she feels a bit foolish about how it happened, she definitely has a great sense of humor. She can't wait to get back to her aerobic dancing class!


Joe Vicinanza with his wife and daughter in Ireland.

Hi Marcy, Here's a photo I finally downloaded from my digital camera. Last October - Left to right: Stan Isaacs (husband of Debbie Miller), Sonya Shrednick Sherman, Chickie Goldberg Dennis and Debbie Miller Isaacs - met in Dillsboro N.C. for a quick couple of days.  I thought you might enjoy this.
Hope all is well, Chickie

It's hard to keep up with the traveling Murphys. Here they are in Prescott, Arizona. Before long they will be going down the Baja Peninsula to Mexico. Looks like life on the road is hard- no time to shave!

Hi Marcy !!

Hope your holiday is going well and that you have a great "New Years"..

Last night 12/28/2006 Russ invited me over to his home for a small get together.
Out of the past there sat "Artie Clark" ! I always wondered what happened to Artie. We go back to the 8th grade (Artie can be found in the way we were section of the "all boys class" pix in the last row ) and I haven't seen him in 45 years. Needless to say we all had a great time. I worked with Artie's Dad at Grumman until he died in 1972.

Attached please find the four pix from the get together.. (see below)

Enjoy and I will talk to ya soon..

Stu Smith

Russ Mulroy, Stu Smith & Artie Clark

Russ & Artie clowning around

Some great photos submitted by Warren Hechinger which he calls "A Christmas Visit". Tom Tierney, Jerry Murphy and Gino Lynch are the three little elves who paid a visit. Looks like a fun-filled day was had by all

"I was sitting around and surprise, Santa sent some little elves to help me enjoy the Christmas Holidays. They sang Christmas Carols and put-up decorations, adding to the joyous time."

Perhaps I exaggerated when I said little elves!


It's Miller Time

Annual holiday dinner for the girls
Left to right :Carol DeGregorio Caporale, Marilyn Workman Lerner, Betty Csontos Schuster, Mary Menette Mattson, Dotty Dorsa Read - Submitted by Betty Csontos Schuster

A while back Pat Pandolfi jokingly told some classmates that they should feel free to send her a Jaguar. Frank Curtin sent her the stuffed jaguar which was not what she had in mind. But who sent her the other Jag in this picture?
Tom and Patty Tierney watch a sunrise from the top of a volcano in Hawaii. Can you believe He complained about how cold it was up there?
The following four pictures were submitted by Pat McCauley Mangels & Judy Cottrell Wolter

Judy and Pat at the San Juan Capistrano Mission

Judy and Pat at the entrance to the San Juan Capistrano Mission

Judy & Rich Mangels (Pat's husband) at San Juan Capistrano Beach

This is the smoke from the fire that has burned over 40,000 acres a little east of us. Four firemen lost their lives and one was burned over 90% of his body.

When Tom and Patty Tierney visited NY in August they met Helene Doctoroff for lunch at the Embassy Diner on Hempstead Tnp
Submitted by Helen Doctoroff Erb

I had a visit today from Jeff Katz LMHS of 62. Jeff was in town for his fortieth reunion at SUNY New Paltz. I saw the 62 Echoes for the first time and he saw his brother's (class of 59) yearbook for the first time. We had much to talk about with two schools in common and he gave me two old pictures to scan into my computer that I will put in the way we were section. As always the time just flies when you talk about old times.

Hi Marcy,
   I'm attaching a picture of our classmate Brad Crook (and me), taken when he visited me here in Jerusalem last spring.  Brad and I spent a few hours catching up on 45 years (on Fast Forward) over a leisurely lunch.  Brad spent most of his working life in advertising (my field too), before getting "the call" and becoming a minister.  His church and congregation were in Suffolk county.
   Unfortunately, Brad suffered a heart attack shortly after returning to the U.S. from Israel, but has since made a full recovery, lost weight and is taking much better care of himself.  He and his wife Nancy just moved to Ft. Myers, FL, where he will continue with his Christian publishing work. Brad's e-mail is: Revbrad1@comcast.net

Regards to all,
Doug Greener

Does this varsity jacket look familiar?
Brad Scott models his old jacket which he's kept all these years.
If anyone else still has theirs, send a picture and we'll post it.


Tom & Warren

Gino & Warren
Tom Tierney hopped on a plane and paid a visit to Warren Hechinger on September 20th. He also gave Gino Lynch a call and Gino drove down to join his two old classmates. I think they're getting an early start on Halloween. Tom and Gino are in orange shirts and Warren's in a black one. Makes you wonder what pranks they are hatching.

This is a photo of our son John's surprise 40th birthday party, flanked by our daughters Nancy (l) & Susan (r).
Our other son Scot was at a Mets game. Submitted by Russ Mulroy.

The following 5 photos were submitted by Marilyn Lerner (Workman) at Tom Tierney's recent Informal Gathering

Tom and Patty Tierney hosted a little get-together for some alumni in July. These pictures were taken at Pinetop, Arizona at Tom's summer cabin.

Valerie and Joe Garofalo

Gino Lynch working at the pottery wheel. Gino made a piece of pottery for everyone at the cabin.

Marilyn Lerner Workman and husband Tom (LMHS class of 59)

Gino and the two Toms doing what they do best.

After the get-together in Arizona, the Tierneys and the Garofalos took off on a little jaunt to visit the Grand Canyon on the Grand Canyon Railroad. They raved over the scenery and the exciting ride. Valerie and Joe Garofalo with Tom Tierney

Joe and Tom

Joe deals with an unexpected visitor to the train.

Now I ask you. Does Patty look frightened?

Frank Curtin and I had lunch at my daughter's deli. I was pleasantly surprised to see my other daughter there with my two grandchildren : Frances, age two and a half and Atticus, age four months. Frances was a bit shy but got over it when Frank offered her potato chips. They share a common name. How many know that his real name is Francis?

Has anyone seen my ball?

What a shock. They managed to get some golf in! Tom looks happy.

Jerry and Irene Murphy visiting the Tierneys in Pinetop, Arizona July,2006

Lee Goldberg (Georgia) and Debby Miller get together in Long Island. The two classmates have remained close over the years and visit each other as often as they can

Neighbors in Naples, FL, Susan Amrhein Mulligan & Laura Allen Lally met in February '06 to chat about old times. Laura & her husband have since moved to "The Villages", also in Florida. Susan also has a home in Levittown. Submitted by Laura Allen.

April, 2006 Arizona - Partners in a golfing tournament -
Tom Tierney and Jerry Murphy

Hey Marcy,
Gino and I just got back from skiing at Manmouth Mountain, California. What a beautiful place. We had a reat time and I enjoyed the skiing and the comradery. Looking forward to Murphy coming over this week to play golf for a few days. Glad all is well with Atticus. Get those East Coast slugs working on some mini-reunions. Speak to you soon.
From Tom Tierney on 4/1/06

Charlotte Carr paid me a visit today. She lives a couple of miles from me. We're both avid gardeners. The gloves and shovel are because she was digging up some iris from my inexhaustible supply. We discovered each other last year when she came over my house with her neighbor, who happens to be a friend of mine. You never know when a classmate may pop into your life. From Marcy on 4/2/06

Sorry we don't have the picture of Frank and you when you had the layover in Phila. I realized that the quality of my scanner wasn't so good. Well, to tell the truth you both looked great to me. A little tired, but then, that's how you tell how great a vacation was. Enjoyed your Vegas tales, only wished I could have been there with you. But, you did bring me a little bit of it back. Thanks.
So where's the next trip? This time, maybe, you and Frank can pick me up in Phila.
Keep the faith.

Ed Note: On our return from Vegas we had a three hour layover in Philadelphia before getting a flight to Newburgh. Frank Curtin and I live near one another and made the trip together. Toni Salometo met us in Philadelphia and we had dinner in the Marriott there. It was a perfect way to end the trip! Perhaps we'll find another excuse to get together again.


Gino Lynch, Les Gross, Warren Hechinger - California 1986
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Jeff Chasan, Warren Hechinger - California 2002
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Home of Warren Hechinger - February 1986 California - Left picture - Standing left to right: Gino Lynch, Warren Hechinger, Ernie Brodsky, Jeff Chasan, Jerry Murphy - Seated: old girlfriend of Warren's, Phillipa Sobel (class of 1959), Irene Murphy.
Right picture - Same crew. This time with Jeff's wife in blue.

Summer of 2002
Get together at Ernie Brodsky's home on Long Island
Ernie Brodsky, Frank Curtin, Warren Hechinger

Les Gross, Jerry Murphy, Warren Hechinger, Gino Lynch
Marina Del Rey, California 1986
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Marina Del Rey, California Sept. 2003
Ernie Brodsky (NY), Warren Hechinger and Jeff Chasan (Arizona)

California Summer of 1980 - Gino Lynch
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

California Summer of 1980 - Gino Lynch
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Jerry Murphy February 1986
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

Jerry Murphy February 1986
Submitted by Warren Hechinger

For those of you who were unable to open up Brad Scott's pictures that he sent to the Update page, here is one from that batch. It took him days to get the lipstick off his cheeks and he jingled when he walked. This costume brings out the real Brad!



Lois Christensen Bish, holding our Echoes yearbook and sporting her new LMHS booster sweatshirt. She's standing on the dock in back of her home in Florida.

The grandson of Honey Murway Cottrell lives in Korea with his parents. Recently the Dallas Cowgirls visited Korea and fell in love with Nolan. He's going to love this photo when he's about sixteen!

View from the terrace in Sandy and Del's condo in Puerto Vallarta. Left-click to enlarge.

When Tom and Patty Tierney booked a flight to Puerto Vallarta they had hoped to meet up with Sandy (Parrish) and Del Duval. Sandy and Del have a place there where they escape the Colorado winters. How disappointed Tom was to learn that Sandy and Del were ARRIVING in Puerto Vallarta on the day that Tom and Patty were going back home. So they did the next best thing and met at the airport like ships passing in the night.
Left to right: Del, Sandy, Patty, Tom Nov. 16, 2005

Six old friends from LMHS get away together for a trip to Myrtle Beach in December 2004. Arriving at the Airport: Betty Csontos Schuster, Carol DiGregorio Caporale, Mary Ann Lavery Turk, Marilyn Lerner Workman, Dotty Dorsa Read & Ann Adamec

At Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach
MaryAnn, Carol, Dotty, Betty, Marilyn (photo taken by Ann

Out to dinner: Carol, Ann, MaryAnn, Dotty, Betty and Marilyn

Jerry Murphy, Richard Mangels and wife Pat McCauley Mangels

Irene Murphy (wife of Jerry) and Pat McCauley at RV show in Pomona, California.

Our roving classmate visitor is at it again. On the weekend of October 15th, Jerry Murphy and his wife Irene met Pat McCauley
Mangels and her husband Richard in Pomona, California for an RV show. Watch out classmates. He may one day be on your
Most classmates get together to relax and talk. But when Iris Kogel met Gino Lynch in California last month, they went on a hike in the Eastern High Sierras. The trail was steep and with the help of her experienced guide, Iris climbed twelve thousand feet to a snow peak. What's a girl from Hawaii doing in a place like this?.
The week before the reunion Gino Lynch paid a visit to Dee Gross in Connecticut. The shots above were taken the day of that visit.

He's at it again! Jerry and Irene Murphy paid a visit to Pat McCauley Mangels and her husband Richard on October 9th. The Mangels are RV owners who live in Sun City California, and Jerry was getting some tricks of the trade before he takes to the road in his new RV. Of course he had to check out their RV too.
Spring 2004 Battery Park in New York
    Jerry and Irene Murphy (California) visiting the Smiths
Richie and Nelsi and touring the city.

Dee, Warren and Gino

Dee, Jerry, and Gino

These were taken in December 2004. Dee Gross (Connecticut) was attending a wedding in California and decided to call old classmates who live in that state. Warren Hechinger, Gino Lynch and Jerry Murphy met Dee in a restaurant where they had a long lunch and spent most of the afternoon remembering old times.

October 22, 2004 - Sandy Parrish Duvall and her husband flew in to NY from Colorado where they live. They met Stu Smith in the city. It had been over thirty years since they had seen one another and they had a wonderful time over dinner. Stu lives on Long Island but works in the Mayor's office in NYC. Picture: Stu and Sandy

Andrea Gilmore Brannelley and her husband Jack stopped for an overnight at the Bed and Breakfast Celeste Vives Holden hosts in upstate New York this past August. Just another offshoot of that great reunion in July. Andrea (green top) and Jack live in Utah.

 In June 2005 I had a surprise visitor. Phil Smith called from the Thruway on his way down from Buffalo to visit his sister in Long Island. He figured an hour in New Paltz would be better than an hour of stop and go traffic hitting rush hour when he approached the city. That one hour turned into five hours! If I had known he was coming I would have weeded my gardens. Phil is a phenomenal gardener who puts me to shame.

June 2005 - Tom Tierney (Arizona) went to California, where he met up with Jerry Murphy. Together they visited Gino Lynch in Ventura County, California. As most of you know, Gino was a victim of that horrible mudslide in January 2005. His place is still suffering from mud problems but he's come along way from those first pictures we saw after the mudslide.

Becky Curtin and her Dad Frank, Celeste Vives Holden

Frank Curtin, Marcy McNally Fall, Celeste Vives Holden
The two pictures above were taken a few days before the reunion at my home in New Paltz. Celeste stayed with me to cut down on her travel time and break the trip up. Frank (who lives near me) came over so we could have dinner together and spend some quality visiting time before the crowded reunion.

The Smith reunion/June 2005 - Phil Smith was not finished visiting classmates. Three days later he met up with Stu Smith (no relation) in Long Island where they enjoyed lunch and more conversation.

September 18, 2005 - Gino Lynch went to visit his brother Robert in Long Beach, California. They went to dinner at the home of Jerry and Irene Murphy. Here Gino is seen with the Murphys in front of their house. Will you notice how many of these get-togethers Jerry Murphy is a part of? It scares me to think what will happen when he gets his RV on the road!

Labor Day Weekend Sept. 2005 - Jerry and Irene Murphy on left Tom and Patty Tierney (Arizona) on right in San Clemente, California

July, 2005 - Gino Lynch (California) in the home of Marcy McNally Fall (upstate New York) the week before the reunion. He's holding a painting he did that now hangs in my home framed. It's two panthers. I'm sure you all get the symbolism.


Yesterday (Contributed by Toni Salometo)


Tom Tierney and Iris Kogel in the home of Iris (Maui, Hawaii) in September 2005

The view from the home of Iris and her husband.

Group shot of us in Jerry's Caddy Eldorado. Warren Hechinger & Gino Lynch came the last day. Gino's son Cameron took this shot.

At Universal Studios: Jerry, Russ, Brad & a guy Brad picked up.

Warren Hechinger on Saturday Night.

Karaoke Nite: me, Jerry & Brad doing our feeble attempt at karaoke which was setup inside Jerry's house. We proceeded to mangle 25 or so classic oldies. We had to let Jerry sing ... it was his house.
In February 1988 Brad Scott and Russ Mulroy and their wives made a trip to California to Jerry & Irene Murphy's home.
The four pictures above would indicate that everyone had a very good time!