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William Nunley may have started out as the operator of Rockaway Beach's carousel, but he went on to become the owner of several popular amusement parks from Staten Island to Baldwim. His largest park, Nunley's Happyland in Bethpage, was opened posthumously in 1951. The year-round recreational spot included a 20,000 square foot building which housed a three-row Dentzel carousel and a German crafted A. Ruth & Sohn organ, among other rides and games. The building featured reclaimed glass doors from the 1939 New York World's Fair French Pavilion that were removed during the warmer months allowing patrons full access to outside rides. Adjacent to Happyland was Jolly Roger, a popular restaurant with which the park became synonymous. Patrons were able to enter the restaurant through an enclosed walkway without having to leave the park grounds. When William's wife Menam passed away in 1964, the park switched hands and names. Smiley's Happyland expanded on Nunley's park by adding a mini-golf course, which was encircled by a mini-railroad, as well as a batting cage. The cessation of New York's blue laws meant lost revenue and reduced patronage, but the local amusement park soldiered on until finally shutting down in 1978.

He was born in Essex and was one of the 900 English immigrants to arrive in New England and Long Island along with a friend named John Strickland. Strickland was given 400 hundred acres of land from Peter Stuyvesant who passed on to Captain Seaman by way of the 1664 Jerusalem Purchase. His land whose boundaries would include southwestern Levittown (as we know it) and most of Seaford and Wantagh. The Feb 1st 1664 ( Jerusalem Purchase ) was with the Takapausha and other Indians from the Massapequan and Merrick Indians. Captain Seamans farmhouse was called Cherrywood and was located where the current shopping center is located and was the 1st white man to live in what we now call Levittown.. On March 1st a Quaker businessman named Valentine Hicks oversaw the first arrival of the 1st locomotive. The founding fathers of Hicksville began selling land to German businessmen which opened the way for the influx of potato farmers to work the land known as Island Trees in the fields Levitt would create our Levittown and names so Jan 1st 1948.....just wanted to share, I found interesting reading about Captain John Seaman.

I lived not far from Seaman's Neck Road and now that name makes total sense. I saw this on Facebook LMHS classes of the sixties and wondered why we didn't learn about this back in our school days.
Marcy 4/17

From Facebook LMHS Classes of the Sixties


I saw this on Facebook and had to share. It was posted on the classes of the sixties and titled "the crossroads of our youth". I immediately sent it out to Brad Scott, who lived on Abbey Lane, and then decided it should be seen by all of you as well.
Marcy - 2015-03-12


I worked in Mays for three summers and probably spent most of my paycheck back in the store. I met fellow workers from Division Avenue and Island Trees high schools and lunch every day was at Wilfred's Coffee shop or the counter at Woolworths.

Three Images submitted by Marcy

More stores in the Mays Shopping Center. Note the cars in the picture.

Submitted by Stu Smith
Click here for great memories:

Lost Long Island

These three pictures were sent in by Stu Smith. Those were the days!
Roosevelt Field Mall
Wetson's - Our "Hot Rod Hangout"
Jahn's - the restaurant to replace the calories lost in the Roller
These three pictures were sent in by Gino Lynch. Remember then?
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Meadowbrook Theater
Mays Department Store
Bethpage Farmers Market

For those of us who grew up on Long Island, we know it can be a beautiful place full of history - both personal and societal. We received this slide show of Long Island from Dotty Dorsa. It is in the WMV format which should play on most computers. It will take time to load - so be patient. Take a look - it will bring back memories!


You should be given the option to view or download this movie. We would suggest that you download it - it is faster that way and you can watch it again any time you wish.

Something I ran across from 'years ago'! - Just thought you would enjoy! Just a blast from the past! Submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani

Times Square Store

Zorn's Poultry Farm

South Village Green Pool

3000 Hempstead Tpke

Park Bake Shop

Levittown Bookmobile

Levittown Roller Rink
Where did we eat in 1961 besides the LMHS cafeteria?
Wilfred's Coffee Shop
Jolly Rogers
Jahns Ice Cream Parlor
Torino's Deli
Howard Johnson's

Who has pictures?


Marcy, remember when the "Kitchen Sink" at Jahn's cost $6.00 in 1961? I just called the original Jahn's today in Richmond Hill, Queens & asked what it costs now. Are you ready? $48.65 !!!!

Russ Mulroy

Where We Ate Around Levittown:

In the King Kullen shopping center was the Luncheonette (where Barbara & I hung around - great hamburgers and fountain sodas). Had the Wantagh Diner on Sunrise Highway & Wantagh Avenue. My son, Bill, loved the photos of Wantagh on the site, and he remembers as a little boy, the Carvel's as a stand-along building. We are lucky today some of the grocery stores sell Carvel cakes - but the store itself didn't make it, the family (youngsters of owners) didn't want to run it. So we lost it many years ago - folks in the south like Dairy Queen better than Carvel. What do they know? There was a Italian place on Merrick Road just past the entrance to Wantagh Causeway (to Jones Beach). It had a Windmill - good pizza (can't think of it's name) and we also visited the JBH too! If I can think of anymore, I will let you know. I will keep you posted and have a great day. Take care and give the little ones a hug & kiss from me.
Love ya,
Carol Anchor Zachmann

via Email 10/12/06

J W Mays - Where many of us had our first job.

The Village Greens

Levitt Ranch - Earlier models had no carports

Before the trees grew and the garages were all carports

Original Levitt kitchen

Ice Cream trucks were an exciting thing when we were kids. You could hear their bells two blocks away.

Compare the prices on these Levittown homes today with the prices on the original homes that Jerry Murphy sent in.
Contributed by Pat Pandolfi Cox.

The Jones Beach tower, now a familiar Jones Beach State Park landmark, was modeled on the campanile of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice. It is 200 feet high, made of brick and stone, and houses a 315,000 gallon water tank for storage of water from four deep wells, each over 1,000 feet deep.

Here's something for those of you raised in the
Wantagh section of Levittown, take this link:

Wantagh Daydream

submitted by Lorraine Cuomo Shibani
Click on the link above and enjoy the memoriesl
Take notice of those cars.





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